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Josey, Joe, Little Joe which is funny as that's Bonanza & I'm sure I was named after the Clint Eastwood movie....

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-service dog -dog rescue

January 1st 2005

Dad. I just adored Dad. Loved it when he started getting better & healing & we could play fetch -- fetch anything.

Anyone disturbing Dad's rest & anyone trying to get him out of bed. Hated the hospice people. Door bells. Knocks on the door. Motorcycles. Lawnmowers.

Favorite Toy:
Tennis balls, balls of any kind. Dad's newspaper when he was done with it or those he didn't read -- fun to shred and I could clean it up & throw it away too.

Favorite Food:
Anything Dad was eating. Steak. Potato salad. Corn on the cob with the cob to play with. Favorite was babyback ribs though not just the bones and flatiron steak.

Favorite Walk:
In the trees around the house with a watchful eye on Dad sitting on the back stairs. Woods anywhere. Walking with Dad on or off leash.

Best Tricks:
Begging and jumping way up in the air for food. Helping Dad dress. Helping Dad get around the house.

Arrival Story:
I was a trained service dog there to help my Dad in his illness. Then Dad went to the hospital for his bacterial infection & ecoli & wouldn't ya know it in one of the best hospitals in the region, in the country some say (won't name it) in the good old USofA, Dad contracted spinal meningitis. God could things get any worse, so then I really had to help Dad out, be there for him to lean on me, help him with his bedroom slippers, bring him things like the paper and his bottled water (gingerly), help him get into bed. I was extensively trained. I loved Dad so much, so very much....

No wasn't a burglary. Dad thought of me and the doctors said oh no, the dog won't catch it. He will be fine. A few antibiotics and he will be protected. Yeah right. I became weak, increasingly weak but still so loved Dad. He was alone abandoned by the very hospice that filled out reports and said they were coming to see him. He tried calling him and they told him even though his insurance was paying now mind ya, that they would have him charged with harassment if he didn't stop calling. By the time he reached his insurance co. & got through to them (the hospice had told him he was mental) & they believed him I was going down hill fast. Dad made a vet's appt. but I never made it. Three days of sleeping and constant thirst over a weekend and early Monday morning the day I was to go to the vet, I passed away right at Dad's side my paws on him, my head right against his heart. Oh I so loved my Dad. They said it was a swelling of the brain like encephalitis or spinal meningitis. Dad was right there sleeping when I passed into permanent Dream Land over the bridge. I still watch over him, especially when he sleeps. Still love you Dad. Basenji kisses and hugs for 'ya... I'll be right here waiting hopefully years from now when your time to cross comes....

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I'll always love you Dad....

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The Last Leaf in Fur Angel Form by Josey Wales

Why hello there Jesse James....

August 26th 2009 11:49 am
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Why hello there Jesse James! Yes, you're right... I flew by & whispered in Dad's ear that you were wandering around in the woods somewhere being mistaken for a little fox because in a way you do look like one especially from afar just like me. And Dad thought I was a spoiled rebellious little boy dog, his fur child angel dog while I was still earth bound! Hey! I didn't start out spoiled the way you did! From Day One you were the most spoiled little doggy on this planet & quite rebellious when you didn't get your way! You were just IT and you knew it? How is it running around wild with a dog pack? Miss Dad? Know you do. Soon, hopefully, very soon you will be home & back with Dad & you can help guard him from the burglars & kids who are angry with him & who are upset because you have their X Men toys or Spider Man figures or whatever it is that you've decided is yours this time & have chewed up, but you just remember that Dad won't always take your side any more that sometimes those kids are going to win & you make friends with them, hmm? Meanwhile, I will be flying around to check on you running around with those Carolina Dogs. Augie says your group is the strangest even more whacko than his oddball pack. So do you think you're foxes and dig burrows or what is it that is so utterly odd & strange about your group? Already know so don't even think about barking untruths there Jesse James! Personally, I think it's the JRT cross in you that makes you such a rebellious little thing well middling thing. Dad's spoiled rotten little fox dog....
Flying Around your head, Josey Wales


Costume Party Marauders & Australia Tour

August 24th 2009 12:32 pm
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Thanks Dad! Now everyone can see how cute I am! Just a little vain, but am I not cute in my 1920's clothes, my golfing sports outfit that some wore as everyday clothes? Love you Dad & would anyway, but thanks! Now I feel like I fit in at parties though the angel dog thing is not bad at times & some do believe that all dogs & not just angel dogs should really wear their only fur with the only decoration a cute bandana or for the smaller doggies a dress or tie on outfit or something appropriate for the very small & cutesy ones. Most I ever liked in real life was a bandana or a sweater for when it got really cold, but that's about it! In virtual time, however, dogs are HuDogs & wear clothes.

Had a great time at the costume party & us angel dogs dive bombed Maxi with meatballs & bacon balls & had fun hiding from the Feds -- oh, it was a 1920's themed party & we were supposed to dress as gangsters or in the best 1920's fashion or come in our own fur, but I just didn't want to be just an angel dog this time though, of course, it's more than JUST an angel dog. Still watching over Dad & working to get him back together with Mom even though some of the angel cats are cat laughing at him. You see, Dad is very religious but he wonders about the possiblities of reincarnation especially for animals & he thinks maybe just maybe that his curse for his girlfriend to come back a cat might come true. He wonders if Mom's cat who is about the right age and who acts so strangely toward him and is just the most beautiful Calico cat ever tall & long & slender with this lovely coloring & great cat face and the most wonderful toned meows might be his girlfirend come to get revenge on him. After all, Mom did say she wouldn't hurt her if she was in cat form & she always wanted Mom to like her which just wasn't going to happen while she was human. That might be one way says Dad. Then he shakes his head no, no, no & says that's impossible. But still he goes online & reads about Eastern religions & about reincarnation. This is a lovely adult year plus cat well a little older & Dad just wonders.... He looks at her so strangely & she stares right into his eyes & rubs against his face & doesn't settle into other people's laps but does his. She's arrogant, standoffish, aloof.

The Australia tour was great too, but I will save that for another entry. Right now I have to fly by & check on the kids though some are at school already but oh yes, it's out for the day for most of them already. Then I need to hang by Dad because he's baffled by the witch cat on our pages although of course he knows to whom she belongs or should say as this is a cat to whom she belongs...
Flying by to check on family, Josey Wales


The Kitthaven Estates Double Birthday Bash for Beckham &- Emma

August 15th 2009 2:18 pm
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Yes, I'm going. Yes, I know all the other cats are either in swimsuits or shorts or water pics or have transformed into various creatures such as Nemo fish from Finding Nemo or a Splash Mermaid cat like that movie or the cool tiger from the movie Kung Fu Panda or they're all muscled up & look like they're ready for a cook out & here are me & BabyLove & we're in our same old angel pics -- more pics soon Dad & I mean it! All the other cat furs & dog furs on these pages have more than one pic now & some came up with multiple pics immediately & so where are my pics? Even all angel pics is good because you can change the background or some of those great Kimi's everyone seems to have to make their pages pretty. I understand about the falling objects -- you said that they might slow the pages down too much & that it's hard to load some pages even with high speed that have too much decoration to them like falling objects but the other cats Kimi pics don't seem to be slowing their pages down too much, so more pics & soon Dad!

Yes, we're at least going to drop by the party. Dad still isn't feeling very good from the spider bites which ulcerated & look quite nasty & turned to sores & he has extended sores from them so stupid doctors again. Oh, it's not poisonous -- so doc does it have burn acid in its venom like a tarantula does that causes burned places? Sure looks like Dad's leg & arms were burned in those bite mark spots & that then scabs formed over them.

Okay, have to fly back to Dad & take care of him because he's been real feverish & sweaty & grouchy so he needs to take a nice nap before this party so if we're late it just means that Dad's been hitting the snooze button on the alarm & we will try very hard to drop by & hopefully visit for awhile as we have been looking forward to this party since we heard all about it. Dad just didn't count on being sick...
Flying over Dad & guarding him, Josey Wales

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