Russian Spaniel

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The Look of a Russian Spaniel

The Russian Spaniel has a small, sturdy frame covered in a short, tight coat that has some feathering on the ears and legs. It usually comes in black, brown, tan, or white with brown, black or red spots. Its medium-sized head has a rectangular muzzle and long, hanging ears. The Russian Spaniel has large, oval eyes that have a kind but alert expression.


  • Adaptable
  • Quick
  • Clever
  • Hardworking
  • Balanced
  • Plays well with others

Ideal Human Companion

  • Hunters & sportsmen
  • Families with older children
  • Active singles
  • City dwellers

What They Are Like to Live With

The Russian Spaniel is a loving and devoted friend. Outgoing and friendly, it gets along easily with people and other pets. This dog is great with children, never letting the play get too rough or taxing. The Russian Spaniel is also perfectly content to hang around the house during lazy afternoons.

Charming and welcoming to guests, the Russian Spaniel can turn on the charm at all the right moments, but it has a nose for suspicious behavior. You’re not likely to find a more handsome or personable watchdog. Overall, the Russian Spaniel is a trainable, alert, athletic and pleasant pal.

Things You Should Know

The Russian Spaniel can live as long as 15 years with relatively few genetic health concerns. It is prone to overeating and obesity, so watch its food intake. Also remember to check and clean its ears regularly. The Russian Spaniel requires little grooming. Brush its coat occasionally, and treat it to a bath every once in awhile.

Popular apartment dogs in Russia, it is the ideal pet for the weekend hunter or hiker. It’s small enough to adapt to tight living quarters, but it’s robust enough to be active in the field. Whatever its living situation, this dog needs plenty of walks and outdoor play to keep in shape.


The youngest of the Russian gun dogs, the Russian Spaniel was developed in the early 1950s from a mix of European Spaniels. Bred to be small, strong and adaptable to the Russian climate, it can serve as a flushing spaniel (“flushing” the birds into the air) as well as a retriever. To this day, the Russian people are very devoted to their beloved Spaniel, and vice versa.

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