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Belgian Sheepdog: Pictures, Facts, Traits & History

Written by: Dogster Team

Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Dogster Team

Belgian Sheepdog: Pictures, Facts, Traits & History

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 44 – 66 pounds
  • Height: 22 – 26 inches

The Look of a Belgian Sheepdog

The Belgian Sheepdog is a light, graceful, square-built dog covered in a medium-long, straight, solid-black coat. It has a powerful, flat-topped head with a pointed muzzle, black nose and triangle-shaped ears that point straight up. Its dark brown eyes have an alert and intelligent expression. It has a thick neck, level back and a low-hanging tail. Overall, the Belgian Sheepdog exudes beauty and strength.


  • Steady
  • Loyal
  • Friendly
  • Hardworking
  • Reserved

Ideal Human Companion

  • Active, sporty types
  • Farmers and ranchers
  • Families
  • Experienced dog handlers

What They Are Like to Live With

The Belgian Sheepdog is a loyal, friendly and affectionate friend. It may have a strong working-dog background, but it craves companionship and family time above everything else. Highly protective of its family, property and territory, it is a passionate but restrained watchdog. An alert and watchful companion to children, it flourishes when given a steady dose of good-natured play and affection.

Things You Should Know

The Belgian Sheepdog can live as long as 14 years. A relatively healthy breed, some Belgian Sheepdogs can develop skin allergies, eye problems and hip dysplasia. Its long, straight coat needs a good, daily brushing. It likes to be busy. From an early age, keep it active and socially challenged. It truly thrives on love, attention, affection and tasks.

History of the Breed

One of Belgium’s four sheepdog varieties, the Belgian Sheepdog (also known as the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael) was named for the Belgian city of the same name. A popular sheepdog worldwide, it is valued for its versatility as a working dog, police dog and companion.

Featured Image Credit: Belgian Malinois by Shutterstock.

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