Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier, courtesy Diane Stille and club
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Bedlington Terrier, courtesy Diane Stille and club

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 17 – 23 pounds (7.71 – 10.43 kg)
  • Height: 15 – 17 inches (38.10 – 43.18 cm)

The Look of a Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier looks a like a muscular, high-powered lamb covered in a dense, curly coat. It has a narrow head with a long jaw, small almond-shaped eyes and triangular, hanging ears with tassels of hair at the ends. Its round nose is black or liver depending on the coat color. It has a long neck, deep chest, muscular body and a long, tapered tail. Overall, the Bedlington looks powerful and flexible.


  • Athletic
  • Playful
  • Clean
  • Bold
  • Strong

Ideal Human Companion

  • Active singles
  • Outdoorsy types
  • Families with older children

What They Are Like to Live With

Don’t be fooled by its looks: The Bedlington Terrier is one tough little pup. Muscular, bold and athletic, the Bedlington will take on any challenge and romp around the yard all day long. Also affectionate and loving, this canine forms very strong bonds with its family. It craves attention and appreciates the occasional cuddle during downtime.

Slightly reserved with strangers, the Bedlington has strong protective instincts. Anyone approaching the house will most likely be greeted with a healthy dose of barking. In the yard, the Bedlington likes to dig, chase squirrels and muck about, but in the home it is relatively clean and relaxed. With the proper training and daily exercise, the Bedlington makes for a wonderful companion.

Things You Should Know

The Bedlington Terrier can live as long as 18 years. Common health issues include liver, kidney and eye problems. Grooming the Bedlington can be a little complicated, but the clipping technique can be learned from a professional. Trimming is needed every five or six weeks. Brush the Bedlington Terrier regularly and check its ears for signs of infection. It sheds very little.

Bedlington Terrier History

The Bedlington Terrier originated in the mining area of Northumberland County, England. Originally used to hunt rats in the mines, the Bedlington was later crossed with the Whippet to create a faster, more athletic canine.

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