Affenpoo Mixed Dog Breed Info, Pictures, & Facts

A cross between the Affenpinscher and the Poodle, the Affenpoo is a playful, self-contained dog who's not above letting you know what's what.

The parents of the Affenpoo mixed dog breed
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Woo-hoo for the Affenpoo! This little number, a cross between an Affenpinscher and, usually, a Toy Poodle (but sometimes a Miniature Poodle) is different from many Poodle crosses. Rather than being a crowd pleaser, the Affenpoo is a very self-contained dog who tells you how he feels. Good for the Affenpoo! It’s good to have a dog who knows how to speak his mind!

DOGSTER WARNING: If you are in the market for an Affenpoo, please be forewarned that this is not an established breed, and the chances that you will encounter backyard breeders or puppy millers trying to capitalize on this fancy mutt’s popularity are pretty high. As with any breed, please DO YOUR HOMEWORK and resist the urge to impulse-buy. If you see “buy it now” PayPal buttons on websites hawking these dogs, this is a huge red flag and we implore you to run screaming in the opposite direction.

We are also huge fans of adoption here at Dogster, and urge you to look at local shelters and rescues for lovable pups that might just — gasp — be the offspring of an Affenpinscher and a Poodle. It’s really not too far-fetched. But anyway, onto the profile.

What Affenpoos Are Like to Live With

Affenpoos are very trainable; it just might take a bit of patience and time and creativity. Affenpoos are hard workers and, once you get past that bit of stubbornness that can arise from their desire to do things their way, they can learn almost anything. Though certainly many Affenpoos graduate at the head of their obedience class, sometimes an Affenpoo will be the one in the group who gets the “Most Improved” certificate.

Affenpoos have a great sense of humor. They are playful and silly. Affenpoos do well in apartments as long as they get sufficient exercise. They are good guard dogs and can be very expressive about others keeping hands off of everything, from their food bowl to their favorite pillow. Living with an Affenpoo is a joy if you’re an experienced dog owner who can be in tune with your Affenpoo’s mood.

Things You Should Know About the Affenpoo


The Affenpoo is a bit like both of his parents, the Affenpinscher and the Poodle. Affenpinschers are sometimes known as the “most honest dog” — though friendly, they don’t put on an agreeable demeanor just to please their owner. Affenpoos are also often this way. The Affenpoo, like all dogs, needs to be treated with respect. Therefore, if a home has children, they must be taught the right way to treat a dog.

The intelligence of the Poodle comes through in the Affenpoo, as well as some stubbornness. A strong alpha and training will handle this.

Affenpoo History: Fast Facts

  1. The Affenpoo originated in the U.S.
  2. This hybrid came on the coattails of the first designer dog movement in the 1990s.
  3. The Affenpoo is of German origin on both the Affenpinscher and the Poodle sides.
  4. The Affenpoo’s parent, the Poodle, is an old breed established in the 15th or 16th century.
  5. The Affenpoo’s parent, the Affenpinscher, is a fairly new breed established around 1915.

The Look of the Affenpoo

The Affenpoo has a fabulous face. Tufts of hair spring out around his head and nose and pricked ears, giving him a distinguished look. When an Affenpoo is gray, this look is particularly noticeable. Besides gray, an Affenpoo can have a coarse brown or, most commonly, a black coat. This adorable grizzled hybrid can weigh 7 to 9 pounds and be 9 to 11 inches high (or 20 to 30 pounds if one parent is a Miniature Poodle).

10 Random Things About Affenpoos

  1. Like most Poodle hybrids, the Affenpoo does not shed.
  2. Today, many Affenpoos are the result of an Affenpoo plus Affenpoo union.
  3. An Affenpoo can live 10 to 13 years or even longer.
  4. Affenpoos are sometimes affectionately known as “Monkey Face.”
  5. The Affenpoo often makes lists of “The Weirdest Dog Hybrid Names.”
  6. The Affenpoo has become very popular in the UK.
  7. Many Affenpoos are very social and enjoy going places whether on a leash, in a doggie purse, or in a bicycle basket.
  8. The state with the most Affenpoo breeders is Pennsylvania.
  9. The Affenpoo is registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club.
  10. You can tell the world how you feel about your Affenpoo with a “World’s Greatest Affenpoo” T-shirt from Zazzle.

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