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Skye Terrier: Info, Pictures, Facts, & Traits

Written by: Dogster Team

Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Dogster Team

Skye Terrier: Info, Pictures, Facts, & Traits

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 25 – 40 pounds
  • Height: 9.5 – 10 inches

The Look of a Skye Terrier

Skye Terriers have long and low frames covered in straight coats that come in a wide range of colors including fawn, cream, black, blue, gray, or silver. Their long, sturdy heads have dark, closely set eyes, strong muzzles, and dark noses. Their ears, either prick or pendant, are uniquely draped with hair. They have long, feathered tails that can be carried high or hanging. Overall, the look of the Skye Terrier combines grace and durability.


  • Energetic
  • Persistent
  • Intelligent
  • Fearless
  • Protective

Ideal Human Companion

  • City-dwellers
  • Retirees
  • Active, sporty types
  • Families with older children
Skye Terrier
Image Credit: Sevostyanova Tatyana, Shutterstock

What They Are Like to Live With

Skye Terriers are adorable, devoted pets, but they are not exactly the cuddly types. They have powerful hunting and working instincts that they put into play throughout the house and yard. Sky Terriers love to run, explore, and dig, relishing any kind of task-oriented activity or game. Skye Terriers also have a durability that makes them great hiking and exploring companions.

Skye Terriers form very strong bonds with their owners, but they can be a little standoffish with strangers. They are exceptional watchdogs, smelling intruders from a good distance and barking relentlessly. Sky Terriers are also intelligent and trainable.

Things You Should Know

Skye Terriers will be happy in apartments, but they need lots of exercise and companionship—not just playtime around the living room. If a Skye is neglected or doesn’t get enough exercise, it can get moody. Remember to always walk Skye Terriers on a leash. They are curious and quick.

Skye Terriers can live as long as 15 years with relatively few health problems. Their long, straight coats should be brushed regularly to prevent matting. During shedding seasons, you may want to brush them outdoors or have them professionally groomed.

Skye Terrier History

Originating in the north of Scotland, the Skye Terrier (named after the Scottish isle of Skye) was used as a hunter and herder. Perfectly suited for traversing the area’s rocky and hilly landscapes, the Skye Terrier was sometimes overlooked and misjudged because of its elegantly long coat. However, four centuries of breeders have refrained from altering the unique Skye Terrier.

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