Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier courtesy Bethany Tracy
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Bull Terrier

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 45 – 65 pounds (20.41 – 29.48 kg)
  • Height: 12 – 18 inches (30.48 – 45.72 cm)

The Look of a Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers have thick, sturdy and muscular frames covered in thin, shiny and coarse coats. They can come almost any color—with or without white patches. Their long, oval-shaped heads are unique: flat-topped and sloping down to their black noses. They have dark, small, sunken eyes that are narrowly set. Their ears are thin, open and erect. They have lean, muscular necks, deep chests and big-boned legs. Their short, tapered tails usually point straight out. Overall, they carry themselves in a hardy and alert way.


  • Muscular
  • Tough
  • Fun and goofy
  • Loyal
  • Happy and sociable
  • Protective

Ideal Human Companion

  • Active, sporty types
  • A-type personalities
  • Families
(White Bull Terrier by Shutterstock)

What They Are Like to Live With

Bull Terriers may look like rugby players, but deep down they are sweet, dependable, gentle and downright silly at times. They have a good-natured tirelessness with kids, and they love to goof around and make people laugh. With the proper love and training, Bull Terriers can be endlessly fun and engaging.

Protective and devoted, Bull Terriers can sense a threat to the family a mile away. But they still have a gentle and mannerly way with visitors. Properly trained, they can easily tell the difference between friend and foe.

Bullies have a great deal of energy. They appreciate indoor and outdoor games and “tasks” that keep them mentally sharp. They also make excellent hiking companions and jogging partners.

Bull Terrier courtesy Bethany Tracy

Things You Should Know

Bull Terriers should not be left alone for long periods of time. A neglected Bull Terrier can easily become flustered or depressed. They need lots of one-on-one attention, love, positive feedback and family time.

Luckily for city dwellers, Bull Terriers don’t require loads of exercise. They can easily adjust to apartment living as long as they get nice daily walks through the neighborhood. Remember to always keep them on a leash—they have been known to chase a squirrel or two.

A healthy Bull Terrier can live as long as 12 years. Though quite healthy, some Bullies can be born deaf. They also tend to gain weight easily. Instead of feeding them big meals, try to serve small portions throughout the day. Also keep in mind that Bull Terriers have sensitive joints during puppyhood. It’s important to handle them and play with them delicately as their bodies mature.

Bull Terrier History

In the 19th century, English breeders combined Bulldogs and Terriers to create several popular breeds, one being the Bull Terrier. From the get-go, “Bullies” proved to be superb ratters, herders and guard dogs with a unique look that made them popular in the dog show circuit. Bull Terriers continue to be prized for their intelligence, protectiveness and camaraderie.

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