Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd
Shiloh Shepherds are larger, gentler versions of German Shepherd Dogs and make for good apartment dogs. Photography by iStock.

The Look of a Shiloh Shepherd

The Shiloh Shepherd has a noble, proportioned and imposing look—sturdy and big but lean. It has a slightly convex forehead, pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes that have a friendly expression. Their muzzles are similar to those of German Shepherd Dogs, but they have much smaller ears than the GSD. The neck slopes down to muscular shoulders and legs. The back legs are solid and the tail bushy. Shiloh Shepherds come in two versions: smooth coated (medium-length) and plush coated. Shilohs come in a wide range of solid and dual colors including tan, brown, black and silver.


  • Powerful
  • Steady
  • Gentle
  • Outgoing
  • Trainable

Ideal Human Companion

  • Families
  • Active singles
  • Outdoorsy types
  • Experienced dog handlers

What They Are Like to Live With

The Shiloh Shepherd has a calm confidence and a loving heart. Known for its steady temperament, it manages to be protective yet pleasant, watchful yet sociable. It also likes to keep active: With a strong work ethic and an eager intelligence, the Shiloh Shepherd never shies away from a challenge.

Shiloh Shepherds have great instincts and fertile minds. Shilohs can be quite laid back and and low key. Their main claim to fame is their ability to do service work & their love for children!

Things You Should Know

Shiloh Shepherds can live as long as 14 years. Like German Shepherds, they can sometimes develop hip dysplasia. Both smooth and plush coated Shilohs require regular brushing. Shiloh Shepherds shed all year-round, but it’s more noticeable during spring and fall shedding seasons.

Shiloh Shepherd History

In the early 1970s, a German-born breeder in upstate New York decided to develop a breed similar to the larger German Shepherds she grew up with—gentle, devoted canines with a keen intelligence. The result was the Shiloh Shepherd, a confident yet easygoing companion.

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