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Snorkie (Yorkie & Miniature Schnauzer Mix) Info, Pictures, Facts

Written by: Kelly Pulley

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Dogster Team

A Snorkie laying on the sofa

Snorkie (Yorkie & Miniature Schnauzer Mix) Info, Pictures, Facts

There’s something so innocent and appealing about the name “Snorkie.” It sounds like some sort of childhood game where everyone yells “Snorkie!” when the flag (or some such object) is found. Or it could be the name of an invisible childhood friend who always got you into trouble. But a “real” Snorkie is actually a hybrid dog, a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier (playful) and the Miniature Schnauzer (mischievous). If you’re thinking that Loki (as in the Norse God of Mischief) would make a good name for a Snorkie, you’re right!

DOGSTER WARNING: If you are in the market for a Snorkie, please be forewarned that this is not an established breed, and the chances that you will encounter backyard breeders or puppy millers trying to capitalize on this fancy mutt’s popularity are pretty high. As with any breed, please DO YOUR HOMEWORK and resist the urge to impulse buy. If you see “buy it now” PayPal buttons on websites hawking these dogs, this is a huge red flag and we implore you to run screaming in the opposite direction.

We are also huge fans of adoption here at Dogster, and urge you to look at local shelters and rescues for lovable pups that might just — gasp — be the offspring of a Schnauzer and a Yorkshire Terrier. It’s really not too far-fetched. But, anyway, onto the profile …

What Snorkies Are Like to Live With

Snorkies are sweet, fun-loving, friendly dogs, but they do sometimes require some downtime (for example, time away from the kids). When a Snorkie gets overwhelmed, he can get snappy — don’t we all? Usually, though, this is a hybrid dog that loves to be around his people and is good with children, strangers, and other pets. Most Snorkies are very stable dogs and make good family companions. However, as with all hybrid dog breeds, it is impossible to tell for sure what your Snorkie’s temperament will be.

Living with a Snorkie is like having a super energetic friend by your side. They love to go places, do things, and be seen. They also love to be the center of attention. Put a Snorkie in a pet fashion show and you’ve helped him reach his nirvana.

Things You Should Know About the Snorkie

Snorkies can be yappy, especially in an attempt to get attention. Giving your Snorkie attention when he demands it only exacerbates the problem. Luckily, Snorkies are easily trained, so this problem can be nipped in the bud.

It’s easy for a Snorkie to become overweight. They are so food-driven, that it can be tough not to give in to their extremely cute begging. Don’t give your Snorkie any people food, and get them enough exercise. This food obsession can be useful, however, in training.

A Snorkie dog standing on the grass

Snorkie History: Fast Facts

  1. The Miniature Schnauzer originated in Germany in the 1800s and was bred to hunt rodents.
  2. The Yorkshire Terrier was bred to hunt rodents in Britain.
  3. The Snorkie, a cross between the two, emerged about a decade ago, along with many other hybrid dog breeds.
  4. There is no exact date of origin for the Snorkie, though he’s thought to come from the U.S.

The Look of the Snorkie

The Snorkie tends to have the sturdy frame of the Schnauzer and the look of a Yorkie, though some may resemble the Schnauzer more. As with any hybrid dog, however, it’s impossible to know exactly what a Snorkie puppy will look like when grown. Common traits include largish, pricked ears; a medium-sized snout; a well-defined muscular structure; and fanned-out fur (or whiskers) on the face. Snorkies are around 5 to 15 pounds, tend to have a double coat, and have either the colors and markings of a Yorkie or a solid-colored coat.

10 Cool Things You Might Not Know About the Snorkie

  1. The Snorkie is sometimes known as the Schnerrier.
  2. The average life span for a Snorkie is 12 to 15 years.
  3. Snorkies are very “game” dogs — throw a ball for one and watch his enthusiasm.
  4. There’s another type of Snorkie — undersea alien things in the Snorks cartoon.
  5. The Snorkie pops up in the strangest places, such as in a quiz about Twilight on Fanpop.
  6. A Snorkie gives his opinion on movies at Opie’s Mom’s Blog.
  7. Snorkies are available stuffed, too — as a plush stuffed animal — on
  8. The average price for a Snorkie puppy is around $500 to $600.
  9. Snorkies have no known health problems.
  10. Snorkies can come from puppy mills, so be sure you know your breeder, or rescue a Snorkie instead.

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