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Baby, Babe, Love

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-service dog

August 20th 2004

I loved my Mom more than anything else in this world & I let the children know when they overly tired her out and herded them away to be quiet and let Mom rest.

Gerbils making noises on wheels always annoyed me & kept me awake. Creaks of doors opening which had to be investigated. Open windows when not locked in place.

Favorite Toy:
Cats toys. Wind up mice. Bell balls. Balls of yarn. Toilet paper to unroll.

Favorite Food:
Raw diet for awhile & then the equivalent of Blue Buffalo Wilderness in dry food. Loved raw steak.

Favorite Walk:
The woods constantly checking on Mom. Dog parks. Hiking trails. Pastures. A Mountain by the lake.

Best Tricks:
Catching balls & frisbees. Leaping fences like a horse. I was supposed to get to do agility. Howling songs with Mom & she would howl to let me know she needed me at times.

Arrival Story:
Babykins was a present for Mom, the Mom of the family when she contracted encephalitis and was bed ridden. Baby kept her company and was trained to assist her with things such as getting out of bed, getting on her socks, putting on her slippers, trying to get on her shirt because she was very weak and wiped out and exhausted from the illness even after the illness was no longer in her system. Took her months to recover and Babykins helped in that recovery and was her person's constant companion.

Babykins BabyLove was mortally wounded in a failed robbery attempt. Baby was koshed in the head and pistol whipped and defended her Mom to the point where she could no longer fight. Unfortunately orignally thought to be a blessing, BabyLove didn't die but she had terrible injuries and had to have brain treatments, surgery, blood, etc. and went onto have some experimental research treatments. Eventually when it was clear that Baby was in constant pain and would never fully recover and would always have neurological damage and not be able to walk properly and some brain damage and spinal cord damage, Babykins family made the difficult decision to allow her to be put to sleep and to cross over the Bridge where she would be happy and pain free. They vowed never to have any more pets after the terrible tears and trauma of what happened to Agnes & Baby with Baby lingering on for months of treatments and surgeries in mortal agony, but because they now have other dogs -- and cats, Agnes & Baby finally have their pages on Dogster or again they do in their nicknames rather than the names given when they were rescued or from the rescue....

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Still watching over Mom from the clouds

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BabyLove from Above in the Clouds....

Endless forever full coffee cups falling from the skies....

October 6th 2009 7:02 pm
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Mom loves coffee. I chose my objects for Mom, some pink heart coffee cups falling from the skies because I just loved to sit by Mom on the bed when she was having her morning coffee & whatever she didn't finish went on the bedside table & I got some good licks & laps from the cup of that lovely sweet milky coffee & sometimes so did Agnes although I liked it best. Just loved to curl up to Mom the days she was well enough to sit up & drink her coffee & I could put my paws & head on her lap from one side & Agnes from the other. We just so loved Mom & just knew she loved us back. So the coffee is so Mom will always have a cup & remember me & Agnes.
With all my angel love for Mom, Babykins (BabyLove)


No Replacement for Me?

August 26th 2009 12:53 pm
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So don't know which method was better Dad yours or Mom's though I side with Mom of course & she did tell them when I died so they could cry it out. I was missed. I was loved. I was grieved & you lied & told them that Agnes was acting strange because she had been slammed into the wall but she lived and she didn't, didn't make it at all, so now they know & it's time to grieve her... Don't pull it Dad that Agnes II is the same dog. She's very different, has some of the same traits because you trained her to have them or someone did for you or a little of both, but don't tell them she's the same dog ever again because she's just not & they're confused as to how she can be an angel & they can sense her yet you say she's not dead. Yes, she crossed the Bridge & her body is of no use to her any more because that shell is gone. Useless to her when it was so mortally injured & ceased to function. Yes, of course, I know where she is. I'm an angel dog aren't I? So I know where Agnes II is & you just keep looking Dad, you just keep looking because those little boys will have their hopes up now that The Outlaw Josey Wales (Outlaw Josey) & Jesse James have been found.

Let's move on to me. I am as irreplaceable as Mom says but you know what? You still need another one even if she is different than me even if you don't train her to be a lot like me, you need another one, another Blue Heeler because we're very different & we're great dogs! German Shepherd cross Blue Heeler? You might not find another one, but you can find a Blue Heeler maybe even a nice puppy one. What do you say Dad? As soon as you're back together you start looking for a puppy or a young dog that can attach to Mom & to the children. Help you get over me it will, for once & for all? Well, you'll miss me sometimes & I will still visit...

Onto Mr. Spoiled Rotten Jack Russell Terrier / Basenji cross Mr. Jesse James. Wow dog were you ever spoiled rotten! You could do no wrong and all of Dad's ideas about how well behaved dogs should be & perfectly trained & somehow like old time servants there but not noticed unless you needed them just flew out that window. I was only there in angel form watching but what you got away with boy oh boy let me tell you, Dad would have been calling the dog trainer back in or placing a dog rehoming ad if we had done just and nth of what you did Jesse. Spoiled rotten little fox monster you were! The kids are going to demand some training for you & that you not be allowed to steal their toys & then whine & beg & run to Dad for him to yell at them for leaving their toys where you could get them. Hmmm. Did Dad ever realize that you can climb up shelves Jesse? That no place was safe when you decided that toy was yours? You'll have to learn to play fair with the kids Mr. Jealous, Mr. Green Eyed Monster has bitten you. They're the kids & you're the dog so you will have to learn how to fit in.

Outlaw Josey? Yeah, you grew. They told Dad you were going to be small & then you just kept growing & you weren't one dog darn thing like Mr. Fur Angel Josey Wales though you were and still are a Basenji. You always acted like you could play with the big dogs & like you knew you would be one of them one day. You're still not as big as August Max & Marc, so you need to remember that fact to survive around them in harmony with the household. Dad was so disappointed in you & so you became indifferent & acted like an outcast but see that you're starting to find a voice for yourself here. Know you will now with the Carolina Dog packs group helping to run you. Just too big and as someone called you all dog & all boy dog at that & you were too doggy for Daddy now. Thought you might eat the house up didn't they? Hey Basenji's are a force of nature like a cyclone & they need training & you were taking out your disappointment in Dad & the family on the house. Just don't eat the furniture this time Outlaw & don't pee on things especially not in front of people. You will find love & they are learning to miss you. They are getting to know you in retrospect & you're right -- you just weren't loved enough & they didn't see how dejected you were that tail drooping and that head down & you were so sad because Dad was talking of finding you a new place & so you ran. Bet you were the first one to run away. Just not like Augie even though he's rebellious, always fun loving & warm & funny & ready to play but he was the responsible one & watched out for everyone & was dependable just like that old time banker's suit he wore. Like an old man dog & a young dog rolled into one & he could be oh so serious & he was held to account for keeping the others in line. So he went after you didn't he, took off running to find you cause he knew he was going to be blamed. Well, in a way he has found you so he can come home again now & sometimes you can come home again no matter what Thomas Wolfe says. In spite of the name, he's just not a dog & so doesn't or didn't understand & maybe he's wrong about people too....
From the Clouds, Babykins

**** I will be very hurt if you don't find yourself another Blue Heeler though I know one of the kids wants a Red Heeler. You need to live out in the country is all I have to say. Big family & big fur family too!


Great Roaring Twenties Costume Party @ Dogster Junction!!!!

August 24th 2009 1:33 pm
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Oh had such a great time at the Marauder's Costume party @ Dogster Junction! Will have to find the link again later & put it at the bottom in case you might like to join cause that was such a wonderful Roaring Twenties gangster party! Actually could post & those barking for me could read the screen and it was absolutely furtastic & wonderFUR! Wow did we ever have fun! Some of the dogs were undercover feds & didn't let on until on into the party including Robin Hood though he kind of weasled back & forth on maybe he was one of the gangsters but anything for that first bust! He said this is my first raid! Yeah as a fed bud, right! Our dogs German Shepherds August Max & Marc of course turned out to be G Men, Feds in on the bust & it was a great time had by all! Too I had this great Clara Bow costume in a short dress with the hands on the side of the face & how cute is that outfit & not the stick woman normal boyish 1920's Flapper either! Wasn't she just great?! A normal size curvy plump woman and a movie star! What a cutie she was & how lucky I was that someone supplied such a great costume for me! Couldn't wait to see that one on the page at the party & knew, just knew no one else would have such a gem of a costume or think to be Clara Bow though she was a big silent screen star in the 1920's & her photos look like she is such a cutie & sweetie & like she's having a great time! Seems to counter the Louise Brooks vamp image the bad girl into everything with a sort of sweet girl next door type for Clara Bow though of course in real life you never know how much is fabrication and publicity and an image to uphold bad or good. We angel dogs got to dive bomb Maxi & throw meatballs & bacon balls at the feds so we had a really great time, just a blast of a party! Oh, not bird type dive bomb: same meatballs & bacon balls rained down upon Maxi's head, but at least he was oddly wearing a hard hat construction type. Guess he expected something to be thrown at him this party. Bear had these wonderfur party favors too of dish detergent to make everyfur slide around and pink dye used to dye white dog Bailey's fur a nice shade of pink & other great party favors! Will have to finish this one later as my barker typist needs to go answer the door!
Flying around my family, BabyKins

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