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Iwas here first!!!!!!

What's up with all these new family members?

April 15th 2005 9:54 pm
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Dear diary-
You can't believe all these new animals in our house! I was here 1st. Then we got Aislynn when I was a baby so I don't mind her very much. Then came Damian he was bossy but he was still a great pal. I never thought I'd miss him until he was gone. After Damians accident his little brother Brutus came to live with us (what a brat!) Grandma spoils him rotten but she does cry less over Damian since he came to live with us. He's just so darn playful. Speaking of playful grandpa brought this little girl home named Cheena. She's bigger that us shelties and she's very bouncey. She's very annoying. And she scratch me under my eye (supposively an accident). Grandma said I would be fine but my mom Ariel babied me over it. A little over a year ago this cat Mina came to live with us she was also really annoying and would jump all over me and Aislynn while we were minding our own business laying on the couch. That was before Damian went to live in heaven. Damian used to crack us up because he would chase her all over the house (She didn't like him). Eventually Mina calmed down and just cuddles with us. Maybe Cheena will be like that. She is cute (when she's sleeping). And Brutus is starting to calm down a bit too. I guess little kids will be little kids. I guess maybe I just forgot what it was like when I was a kid. I was probley a stinker too!
Well gotta go -

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