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Chloe Smiles

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Wooks wike all plans are cancled cauz of de deep freeze

January 8th 2010 1:26 pm
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We were gonna go bisit Tyson n Daisie dis nite and eben go to Sonic before dat and tumorrow to Petco howeber all plans hab been canceled due to de deep freeze... momma sae it tu cold tu go anywhere. Hot water pipes are frozen and her can't get a shower. The drive wae hill is a solid sheet of frozen snow and her scared her might slide de van into a oncoming car if her can't stop at de bottome or slide into de bank of de drive and smush her van so we got tu stay home. Gwood news is de weather peoples sae it'z suppose to warm up on Sunday... YEA! Maybe Sunday we go to Sonic, Petco and bisit dat would be kewel but momma sae not tu get our hopes up... dat we might make one adventure but not all three, dat's tu much fer one dae... BOL
I'm gonna go chew on me bruther's ears and see if'n I 'z can get him tu pway wif me sum...he burried under de covers... I gonna fix dat..BOL

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Poor Bruther Charley

January 7th 2010 12:56 pm
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My poor bruther Charley ... I feelz so sworry fer him. He likes to go outside to potty and not on de wee wee pads wike dis dae when he go outside fer potty time der is cold white stuff on de ground and he told me how wet and cold it was on his wittle feet. He not stay outside berry wong..he berry fast wif potties when he'z cold... I so gwad I use de wee wee pads... Momma her rather I go outside wike Charley but not me ... I like my wee wee pads ...

Dis dae in de mail my bruther got sumtin nu... a nu Harley Davidson hat! Can yu beweave I got nuttin? Momma sae I got nu jeans ordered but de will take a coupld weeks tu get here... De will be my first pair of jeans. I wear frilly dresses but momma thought because of de cold I need weast one pair of jeans...

Hope eber pup is warm, wuved, fed and well
Hab gweat dae pupsters!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Dis is No Wae !!!!!!

January 6th 2010 10:30 am
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Pupsters dis is no wae tu start off dis Nu Year wiff momma not wetting us barktate a diary entry fer wike a billion jazillions daes now! I'z undare stand dat momma is busy baby sitt'n dem gwand sons but geeshhh can't she spare a few mintues fer us on a daily basis to come here tu bark at all our pupsters? Well we were berry sad tu be awae so wong so now momma feelz bad and sae her weill tri harder tu wet us barktate to youz eber dae....
Furst wet me bark out a big thank you tu our pals who put such wunderful tings on our pages... you guys wock!!!!!
I hopez eber pup hab gweat bisit from de Santa Paws and the merriest of Christmas eber! Me and me bruther Charley sure did ! We must ob been berry gwood pups wast year cauz Santa Paws sure brought us wots of nu toys and tweats. Momma berry wucky dat he did tu cauz her gab wae wot of our toys and Santa Paws filled our toy boxes back up wiff cook toys... I woud hab been berry upset wif momma had Santa Paws not brought uz nu toys to wepwace dose her gab wae... all fer gib'n now cauz our nu toyz is so much kewler den de old wones.. we got sum dat talk and dey sae "snaussages" which are dem tweats we wuv sooo much!
We had de best bisit eber wif de elderly at Christmas. We went as Mr & Mrs Santa ... and we were BIG hit! We saw wots more of de residents and we eben crashed a burfdae party! Wots of fun!!! Next bisit is Thursdae de 14th... we wear our black party dwess outfits cauz de sorrta wike New Year's Party cwose... Den momma just order us from de ebay wady designer matching Valentine out fits fer us wif matching hats and leashes! We will be berry cute fer next month's Valentine's Day bisit !
Okae pupster I got tu jump down fer momma's wap and wet me bruther hab a turn... hab gweat dae!
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


We'z gotz tu pway Model

December 21st 2009 11:35 am
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Momma got in de mood tu play photographer and me and me bruther Charley waz her models. We model weally gwood tu.. by our twee, fire pwace and on pwesents! We were in our Santa Paws costumes, Elf costume and in our Christmas Best! Yu can check de nu pictures out on my home page, dey are de first one's up der....

Not much wonger till Santa Paws comes and brings us nu toys and tweats, I can hardly wait ! I so excited !

I hope de Santa Paws comes to eber pups howse and brings all of yuz wots of tweats and pressies tu!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


oh NO de mostest awful ting hab happen

December 19th 2009 8:18 am
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pupsters ya'll not gonna beweave dis but de mostest awfulest ting hab happen to me's purty gurl Chloe's wittle toy box... sumone dun stole most of me toys...yep I went tu get one of my many toys and der were hardly any toys at all in my wittle toy box wif my name on it. Tank goodness me favorite black spider wab in der safe n sound but wots of toys are missing... I played detective and I found de culprit and wab wittle me eber shocked to find it wab my berry own momma !!! Can you beweave dat... me berry own momma done did awae wif wots of me toys and do you know wat her did wif dem? Her hab de odasity tu take dem down to her daughter's home and gib dem tu de pups der, Daisie and Tyson and her gab sum to her son's doggie, Ladybird. Her gibbin wae my toys wif out ask'n me my opinion on dat ! I not happy gurl wif my mamma wite now... how dare her gib awae my toys. I heard her tell'en her kids dat her gibb'n wae de toys tu make woom in my toy box for nu toys from de Santa Paws. Dat her only wants us tu hab no more toys den our wittle toy boxes can if'n we get nu one's we haf to gib wae old one... well I don't tink dat's fair.. I tink we need bigger toy boxes den we don't haf tu gib wae no toys!. now me wittle toy box hab hardly any toys in it at all... and it's still 6 days till Santa Paws comes!
Hope yu pupsters hab'n gweat dae and your momma's or dadda's not gib'n wae nun ob yourz toys...
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


wez back homez

December 14th 2009 7:12 am
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wez back from our bisit with de family. I hab gweat timez pway'n wif Amber. Her just a bit bigger den me and her a toy poodle...but we pway weal well togetherz. I allweady mizz her! We got Christmas pwesents bone squeaky toys. We gotz Amber pressies tu... 2 nu squeaky toys but de gwand daughter wap dem up for Amber and put dem under de tree fer Christmas dae. Momma got pressies tu... wat a gweat timez we all hab bistin de family!

On de wae home momma stop at de Petco and pick up our Santa Paws Pictures...Dey on our page the first 4 pictures up....

Dis Thursdae we go bisit the eldery folks and we wear'n our Elf suits!

Du yu pups knoze dat der bee onawely 11 daes weft till Christmas? Den we get tu open our pressies... we get to see wat's in de Chihuahua bag fer us... we get tu get tweats from our bone stock'ens... and see wat wapped up in de purty paper we can shred wif out gett'n in tu twobles.... I can harawely wait!

Hab gweat dae pups... my momma got wots tu do dis dae.. unpack'n and waundry and stuff... and de gwand sons be here dis afer noon...

Wiggle butts, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


check out Our Professional Photo Shoot

December 8th 2009 2:27 pm
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Momma had our pictures made by a professional photographer , you can check them out in our Dogster Plus Photo Album... they are the last one's on there....

momma is way busy so got to jump down now...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


wae tu wong

December 2nd 2009 6:52 am
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tiz been wae tu wong since momma wet me barktate a diary entry here at dogster..... we berry sorrwy bout dis pups.. Momma her wae busy wif de holiday stuff and den we went bistin' for a few daes... now her baby sitt'n her gwands sons 4 daes a week... so tings are berry busy dese daes...
Howls ya'll been? Eber buddy do'n fine? Me sure hopes so...

Hay yu pups got Christmas twees up in yours howse yet? Wet me sae dis if you do, speciawaely fer you boy pups... dese twees are not wike de one's out side...dey are berry purty and bright and sparkly and dey are NOT fer potty'n on... did you boys wead dat... no potty on de Christmas Twees ! Momma put ours up dis wast weekend... it's so berry purty... and shinny and I sniff at it but it not smell wike de trees outside.. momma sae her proud of me bruther Charley cause he not wift his weg on it... dat mean he not go potty der wike he du on de twees outside... gwood ting cauz I tink iff'n he did dat momma would not be berry happy wif him.. der are sum tings wif bright colors and shinny wibbons on dem dat momma sae are called pwesents... den der is dis bag with a wittle Chihuahua picture on it but not nearly as cute as me but in dat bag I smell sum'tin and tu me it smell wike maee sum nu toys but momma put it up high now and I can't peek inside it tu see iff'n I'm wight...den der are dese wittle bone shapped packages dat momma call our gwood doggie bags... dat mean if we be gwood dat Santa paws will fill dem tu de top wiff haf wittle window in it wif wines dat sae how gwood we be.. wite now de wine if half wae up wif tweats...but if we be berry gwood it maebe filled to de top wine dat sae we gwood doggies by de Christmas Dae....

De pictures momma hab take'n ob us on Nov 21 should be here tumorrow by de fed x twack'n ting.... momma her soooo excited bout de pictures...her sae dey are soooooo cute...but her sae dat about all our pictures BOL... Dese are not holiday pictures, we du dat dis Saturdae, hab our pictures made with Santa...but dese are fer momma's walls... der wone wif us in a bath tub with blue towel in front of me bruther and a pink one in front of me... den wone in a basket...den one wif us stand'n wif our front feet on a pumpkin... and sum uber pose tu... momma sae her put dem here when her can..

Oh befer I ferget tu tell yu pups, check out de 4 Thanksgibin pictures momma put on my page. Momma took dese wif us by her Thanksgib'n decorations...

Ok so now dat momma's so busy I may not get to barktate as offen but I'll still check in when eber momma gibs me de tu jump down now tis me bruther's turn...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


sorwy..momma been wae tu busie

November 20th 2009 11:02 am
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Me berry sorwy me habn't been barktat'n diary entries to momma wately....her been wae tu busy wif baby sitting de grands, gett'n weady for a trip, Tanksgib'n and Santa Paws..... so no time for me or me bruther to jump on her lap and barktate to her anyting tu put on our dogster pages!
Momma had hoped to get me a nu Tanksgibin dwess but dat didn't pan out... but I got nu Christmas dwesses and a nu shirt... and jacket...
Tumorrow we weave to bisit Amber and her people we won't be back till Wednesdae nite. We gonna hab wots of fun. Momma has packed our food n treat bag... now her got tu pack our clothes bag...
Tumorrow on our wae to go bist momma is stop'n at de Petco cauz dey are doing some photograhy in antique and back and white and momma wants ours dun ... so I will be wearn' my monogram dwess and bonnet cauz momma sae it reminds her ob wat de wadies wore in dem old bruther will be in his ober alls and cap...momma sae we wook wike a farme and farmer's wife....den fer de black n white we'll wear our wedding outfits cause dey are black and white and momma tink dat will look nice....
I hope all you pupster hav a gwand Tanksgib'n and get sum turkey....
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisess (de best kind)


Fridae de 13th?

November 13th 2009 10:36 am
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Iz dis sumtin special? Dis Fridae de 13th? Momma her sae we not go NO where dis dae cause it Fridae de 13th.... wat dat got tu do wif going bye bye? Me tink momma just using dis fer an excuse not to get dwessed an take us bye bye.... me an me bruther we gonna haf tu change her mind on dis no goin any where..... we want tu go bisit momma daughter and pway wif her pups in der fenced in back yard...

De burfdae party wab wots of fun... momma niece her took us for a nice run and romp in de park... and we got a hamburger.... but it did get cold befer we left but momma wab tinkin dat mite happen and her brought awong our blankies so we could snuggle in our stroller beneath them to stay warm! I wuv burfdae parties !

Westerdae we bisit wif de elderly... and got so much wuvings... Charley got tired so momma didn't wet him particpate in de bisit as much as me cauz I can neber get enug wuvings...BOL

Momma hab ordered me a nu wong sleeve turtleneck shirt to wear under my dwesses so I stay warmer but still able to wear my purty dresses... it be here in a few daes...

Hope yu pupsters are hab'n gweat dae....

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)

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