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Chloe Smiles

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homez sweetz homez

March 24th 2010 7:19 pm
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we back home. momma sae it be de end of next month before we go bisit anyone again...

Momma ordered us bunny suits fer Easter. Mine is pink and me bruther's is blue. Momma tinks dat dis Saturdae der's picture tak'n at Petco wif de Easter Bunny but her not fer real sure. She find out cauze her wike tu get our pictures made fer eber holiday. Her sae dose dat her sad dat sum purty outfits she wanted tu get us she may not can and eben if her can dey won't be here in time fer de picture dae... so we might only hab dem bunny suits to wear... but dat ok.. cauze dem made momma waf and waf when her tried dem on us... dey got wong ears and wittle fuzzy ball fer a tail... momma so sillie!

I hab gweat time wif de gwandpawents. Dey du gwood job spoill'n us... but me bruther Charley was a weal sap wif de gwandmommapawent and her gib him a nu blankie... me not get one and him not share his eben dose momma told him if him not share if tongue will turn black and his tail will fall off... BOL

Hope eber pupsters hab gweat night...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


wong timez no barks

March 19th 2010 7:29 am
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tiz been wike a bazillion daez since momma wet us barktate a diary entry... her been busy and her been sick tu wif anuther celluitis infection in her leg.. and nowz wez going bisting de grands dis dae. Yep pupsters wez gonna go bist our grands dem are momma's dad and step mother... dey wive in anuter state and der's three resident dogs dat wive der tu... Tippy her berry old and not tu pwayful anymore... den der's Maggie Mae her kind ob snobby and don't wike strangers... but den ders my bestest friend Bella Rosa and herz and mez wez pways all de timez we der... wez hab gwand timez we du...
momma sae her tri tu get ourz St. Patrick's dae pictures up on our page and dat when we get back her try harder tu get on her but no pawmosises cauz her berry busy wif baby sitting and our nurshing home bisit.. we went tu bisit der twice dis week fer de St. Patrick's Dae ...
momma sae got tu jump down now her gotz tu finish pack'n fer uz...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Suunn me bez offz

February 16th 2010 5:23 am
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we werz gonna weave fer our bisit wif family (Amber) westerdae but dat white stuff started falling from de sky again an momma not wike tu drive de van when it bad weathery stuff soooo our bisit got postponed a day... we soounn be woading up to spend maybe wike a trillbizzillion sumtin daez... ok momma sae not weally dat wong her sae maebe we be homez by dis Saturdae...
Me will getz tu pway wif de resident pup der named Amber. Her my bestest friend. Herz and Charley are de same age and dey known each other der whole wivfes... wez be pway'n zoomies thru der howse and in der fenced in yard if'n tiz not tu cold...
So me be bark'n at ya pupsters when wez getz back homez..

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


Mardi Growl Party in 3 daez

February 10th 2010 12:58 pm
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me can't beweave it be oawely 3 daez till de Mardi Growls Party at de Petco wif N.A.F.A. ( Northeast Arkansans For Animals) rescue group. Me knose it will be wots of fun. All der events are sooooooooooo muches fun. Me knose tu dat der be photographer der and momma get our pictures made. Momma got sum Mardi Gras beads gib tu her so we be wear'n dem and me will have me wred fringe dress on with de feather headband and de beads .. burther wear him king outfit wif de beads... dat be ourz Mardi Growls Outfits. Momma said hab her known bout dis in time her would hab ordered us weal Mardi Gras outfits... but her sae maybe next year she du dat. Dis year we make du wif wat in our closet. Me hopes der's wots of tweats der... me excited.. surez hopez de weather is nice and no more of dat white stuff falls out of de sky or we won't be able tu go and dat would make me berry sad...

Hope all yu pupsters hab'n gweat dae!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


God must hab dandruff

February 8th 2010 12:05 pm
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I tink God up der pass de clouds must got a bad case of dandruff cauze white flakes arse fall'n from de sky.. BOL.. me knose itz onawely snow again. Me wone wucky gurl cauz I don't got tu go out in it and me don't wont tu ether... wooks wae tu cold fer wittle me.. Charley, dat's me bruther he goes out der dat brave boy but him don't wike it much and him makes potty break a fast one BOL.. if he would use de wee wee pads wike me den him wouldn't haf tu go out in dat wite stuff.. Me knose sum pups wike tu pway in it... dats ok fer dem me , sweet wittle gurl will just pway inside wif momma, me bruther and me toys.. me hab wots of toys tu keep me busy... as a matter of fact momma just got dem all picked up from de wiv'n woom so me tinks me needs tu go emptee me toy box again... dats a funz game me and momma pway.. me get de toys out of me toy box and momma putz dem back in.. BOL

Westerdae befer de snow came we visit Daisie and Tyson. Dem are wittle wike us and wive wif momma's daughter.. and dey hab der berry own doggie door and fenced in back yard! We wuv it der.. Momma wab not happie cauz we went out in der yard and wan thru some mud puddles and got all muddy and me got my only turtleneck shirt all dirity.. momma put it in water and scrub it wast nite and her also scrub us tu... yep we came home and hab tu take a bath! Me don't mind baths but me bruther hatez dem cauz him hatez de water snake... dat tink dat comes down from de wall and sprays water all ober us... Affer bath we smell so gwood and are so soft.... momma wuvs when we all clwean...

If'n you pups hab dat snow stuff... pwease stay warm... and be berry caureful....

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )



Tiz Offishowely nowz me momma hab gone cwazey

February 7th 2010 10:16 am
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Pupster me momma fer surez hab gone cwazey! Whyz do me knose dis? Cauz me seen her in action and wab forced to eben participatate in her cwazeness! Momma hab I beweave sum notion she be a weall photographery persons. Westerdae de nu Valentine Outfits got deweavered by de mail person... momma hurry and tried dem on us... and her kept say'n stuff wike.. awwwwwwwww.. so cute... wuv it... awwwwww and den her getz dis strange gleamz in her eyes... den her gets de bag her brought home from dat dollar store de ubber dae and wearranges sum tings ober by de wall , wike our swing... and our table... her scoots ober her foot stool and putz our table by dat den proceeds to du wat her call " photo stage'n".. her put a wong plastic table cloth on de wall.. wed wone..draped it down ober de stool and table..den her take Valetine tissue paper out of dat bag and put it ober de wittle table... and den more stuff come out of de bag.. two glasses wif hearts on de bottom, her put in dem some shinny hearts , a box wif some of dat tissue paper in it ( don't herz knose dat tissue paper tiz fer wipping not stuff'n in boxes?) and den twu roses, one wed one pink... den her starts de weal cwazeness.. her putz me up furst, why me alwayz furst me don't understand... den her pose me dis wae, dat away, sit up , lway down... den her hide me treat in dat pink rose, course me has to smell and get me tweat and her hab de camera ober on de table .. flash flash flash flash flash dat ting goes.. me wunder's if'n me will eber see any ting but spots againg.. BOL.. so ober and ober momma pose me... den tiz me burthers turn.. den we are posed togeather.. this part I kind of wike cauz once momma putt me ober me bruther and me got tu hold him down fer de flash.. BOL..but me tinks momma hab gone ober de edge and weally tinks we are wike models or sumtin and her wike a weal photographer persons but in wealaity we just momma's wittle fur babies and she's just our momma and dat is de bestest ting in all de world to be... but we wuv her eben when her goes ober de edge and actz all cwazey... you will see our Valentine pictures on our home pages.... Happie Valentine's tu eber pup!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Me Cant beweave it but me so berry honored!

February 5th 2010 7:44 am
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Dis wab in me momma's email box dis morning, me just can't beweave it, what a honor and me barks out a big ole thanx to Dogster HQ !
Dogster wanted you to know that Chloe is today's Diary of the Day! Chloe will be featured on our homepage all day long at complete with picture, name and title!
Dis such an honor me barked at momma to wet me barktate out dis diarly entry and a big thanx to Dogster HQ. Dis is a wae kool ting to happen to wittle ole me.. BOL

Der is wet stuff fall'n from our skies but weast tiz not dat cold white stuff. Me don't wike stuff falling from de ski no matter what it is wet or cold... me wikes sunny beautiful daes...

We got our nu harnesses in and boy dey so kool. Momma must get sum pictures of us in dem afer dark so yu pupsters can see how dem light up.. dey got two wittle wights on de chest that flash back n forth red and blue... we can pretend to be powice doggie now BOL. Dey are soft and padded so will be much safer used in our car seats. Our uther wegualer harnesses might have caused enjuries to us in a accident cause the straps were narrow and not padded to protect de wittle bones in our chest. Momma sae her feel better wif us habbin dese on and added feature is when we are at de grands and out in der BIG yard afer dark her can still see us and keep a good watchful eye on us . We purtty safe in de yard it has double fence cause Bella Rosa who wives der used to craw through de other fence so now dey put up wire fence around the wood fence so us wittle dogs can't squeeze thru dem slats in de old fence. De nu harnesses will be gwood fer anytime we are out afer dark so momma can see us gwood and so can ofver peoples... mine is pink cauz I a gurly gurl BOL me bruther's tiz red, momma wanted blue fer him but dey not have any.
Our Valentine's outfits hab shipped so dey should be here just in de nick of time fer Valentine's dae. Momma gonna set up a Valentine back drop and do a photo shoot and make Valentine cards wif our pictures fer de elederly people we visit. We tink de elderly residents will enjoy dat!

Momma found a nuther gwood email dis dae tu... we got a notice bout a Mardi Growl Party at de Petco sponsored by de wocal rescue group. It gonna be on Saturdae de 13th. Der will be a photographer der and yu know momma get our pictures made fer sure. De proceeds fer the picture help de rescue. Der be free treats and bandanna's fer us fur kids, sum special kiddie tings fer de human kids, a Mardi Gras King cake, me wunder if dat fer us furrie kids or fer onawely de human ones, me hopes we get sum cake tu... den der be a mardi growl wheel to spin fer a chance to win 50 dollar Petco card, wouldn't dat be kool to win momma could get uzz wats ob kool toys.... der be giv'n out free ID tags and most important der be pups der up fer adoptions hop'en to go to der fereber homez... dis sound wike wots of fun and we can't wait tu go hab fun at de Petco!

Ok momma sae it time fer me to stop barktating dis and wet her send it out...
Me hopez eber pupsters is safe, warm, fed and wuved!
Hab gweat dae pupsters!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de bestest kind)


Happie Winter Pupsters

February 2nd 2010 7:03 am
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me surze hopez all yu pupsters arse hab'n a happie winter, that yuz arse dri an warmz and fed and wuved!
Momma just put sum winter pictures of wittle me up on my page. Check dem out. Momma put me out in de snow and dat stuff berry cold ... me waz not happie gurl... so her got wike 4 quick snap of dat camera and I wab not posing cauz I didn't wike dat snow so momma hurrie and got me back in side.. I wab gwad ob dat!
me bruther and mez we get'n nu harnesses. me bout chewed threw my old one but bruther's still wooks gwood so momma might put it up on de ebay ting to sell wif sum other tings dat arse either tu wittle or tu big fer uz.. den her mitez donate it tu de wocal rescue group, dey help all de pups dat don't got momma's or dadda's. Dey help dem find der fereber homes. Until dey find der fereber homez dey stay in foster care wif foster momma's and dadda's which iz almost wike hab'n der own... dis is a no kill rescue, thank God fer dat! Momma takes us tu all der fund raisers and we buy tings and do tings to help waise money fer dem pups. So momma sae her will morez n wikely skip de ebay ting and donate our old stuff. Her gotz two wittle snuggle bedz we outgrew, some clothes and now me bruther's old harness when de nu ones get here. Dey weft California westerdae. Dese are neat nu harnesses. Dey are wide and soft and dey got wights on dem so we can see in de dark BOL no tiz wights so ubber people can see uz cwearly when we walk at dark... my nu harnessis pink and me bruther's is red. Momma wanted a blue one fer him but dey didn't hab dem in blue. Momma sae dey be weal comfortable fer us to wear and make it safer in our car seat as the chest stap is berry wide and soft not wike de harnesses we hab now that arse narrow and not soft at all.
Momma sae dis week our nu match'n Valentine's Outfits should be shipped tu. Our designer/seamstress wab to finish mine westerdae and alweady hab me bruther's done. Momma can't wait tu see wat dey wook wike. Our designer du gweat job. I hab three dwesses by her but dis furst fer me bruther.

Ok I need to wet me bruther barkatate now so momma can get on with her puter timez befer it's time fer her gwandsons to come ober , her baby sits dem now and dat why der's not much puter time fer any ob us... Hab gweat dae pupseters!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


howlz uz been eber pup?

February 1st 2010 1:11 pm
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wong time no check in and see how eber pup at dogster iz do'n... my momma wae bizzie wately but wuckily not tu bizzie tu takez me and me bruther to visit de elderly or tu de sonic for our junior burger.
Momma put up New Year's Pictures of me on my dogster page, yu can check dem out!
We got sum white stuff dat fellz from de sky.. tiz berry cold dat white stuff and me don't wike it. Momma put me out wong enough to snap sum pictures and me waz not tu happie bout dat. Her put dem pictures on me page soon.
So how haz de first month of dis new year been going fer yu pupsters? Fer me, berry gwood ceptin fer dat cold white stuff... BOL
Hab gweat dae!
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


Nu Tings fer me wardrobe on der wae

January 11th 2010 2:45 pm
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Momma haz been do'n dat ebay ting again... an me haz one pr pink pants with a blue heart comin, a red plaid dress, a wite dwess wif pink polkadots and hat, an rolling stone oberalls wike Charley's! Dats 4 nu tings to wear! Charley only got a nu Harley Davidson hat but him du wook wae kool in it...his ober one wab tu big fer him so momma gonna list in on ebay fer sum other pup to wear. Dis nu hat fit him perfect! It came in a few daez ago. My new pants will take about tu weeks tu get here, and my nu dwesses and ober alls should be here next weeks...
Momma sae dat next month our Valentine's Outfits will be here. A designer wif a ebay store is making dem fer us. Momma don't know yet wat dey will wook wike but we got sum things from dis designer befer and she make weally purty tings. I get a Valentine dress with lace and frily and a hat, me bruther gets a vest and hat made from de same material so we will match. We be kute next month when we bisit de elderly fer Valentine's Day!
It'z warmer now, water pipes thawed out and we got baths! All de white stuff hab disappered! Life is good!
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)

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