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me iz gonna be n de newspaper...

January 6th 2011 8:37 am
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well weally not me but a pichur ob me wif de mail wady whom saved me and brought me home.. De newspaper reprter guy gonna write a story bout how de mail wady found me and brought me home... me n her hab arse pichur in de paper too.. momma and de mail wady meet wif de weporter guy diz affernoon and den him take pichurs..
So momma is deciding what me wear fer dis pichur, her hab decided since it's cold dat me will wear me pink sude pants, vest wif matching hat and turtle neck sweater.... so momma took off my red nail polish and painted my nails a pretty pink to match my outfit...
just in case dey might take a pichure ob all ob uz fur babies momma is dress'n up Charley and Callie too cauz him might also add about de nursing home bists...
so me going to be famous weast wocally and in de newspaper, dat pretty kool huh.. momma sae it'z bout thank'n de nice mail wady fer being momma's hero and my guardian angel...


me New Year's Eve Mizadventure

January 4th 2011 2:46 am
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furst me and momma sae me a wucky wucky gurl tu be here to barktate diz diary and momma and me much weweaved dat me arse safe nowz.
Wet mestart frum de begin'n....
Bacation wab wots of fun. When momma drove in arse dwive wae dat is in back ob our yard herz unbuckle uz frum arse car seat and we get out. We du diz fur wong time frum puppyhood go'n stwait tu de door tu go in. Diz timez tho me bruther thot him go explor'n de neighborhood so me not want tu be weft out of de fur follow him.. At furst momma thot we just go awound frunt but when her wook we hab took off and her not see uz no wherez... den her get back in de van tu go wook fur uz and der me iz wif out Charley wunning wike de devil was on me tail.. when her call me, me wab so skeered dat me couldn't herz her. Mamma don't knowz wat skeered me or why me wabn't wif Charley anymore.. her sees me and tinks her much catch me fer me wun out in front ob a car.. strangers tryz tu catch me but me skeered ob dem so me wun faster and faster and eber body wost site ob me...momma cry'n called her children tu help wook fur uz.. momma n her van, her daughter n son n waw in der truck, her son n famawely n der jeep all out drib'n wound wook'n fur uz. Charawely went homez by himself. eber body kept go'n back tu arse apartment tu see if we came home so dat's when momma's sun in waw saw Charley and got him.. momma drib up and tell dem door unwock, put Charley inside.. her so weweaved her nearly fainted. Momma wab pway'n n cry'n n drib'n awound wook'n fer me. Her stop eber body her see and ask dem if dey seen me, gabe dem description and offer reward few my return... eber body drib wound wong time weast momms sae it felt wike a eternity...her see de mail carrier perosn deweaver'n mail at a church and stopped n asked had her seen de wady asked if her did wat could she du momma told her where we wlivez an sae weave a message der or call de number on me tag if'n her can get tu me.. so momma weally cry'n hard and her sae her h eart wab bout tu beat out ob her chest. Herz tink dat her neber see me again.. dat me get wun ober or a big dog attack me, her daughter wab fwaid sumbody get me and keep me. Momma's sun in waw went walk'n wound de blocks whistling fer me...den momma dribe up arse street n see de mail carrier n front ob arse pwace.. her tink derz news bout me so her pull up behind de mail truck and guess wat her saw... me in de arms of arse neighbor and de mail wady said I found her and brought her home.. momma wab cry'n and thank'n de mail wady and eber body come wunning from awound de house and dey get me frum de neighbor and den momma pull awound back and dey put me n momma's arms and her hug me so tight me nearawely couldn't bweathe... her cry'n more... me got tu wide n de mail truck.. de mail person weft befer momma could get her name or ask how far awae I wab.. but wet me tell you pups wunning awae explor'n urse neighborhood iz berrie skeery ting.. me wab so skeereed me was shak'n so bad... me gwad de kind mail wady found me and brought me homez. Momma wote tu de wocal news paper and tv station hop'n dey pick up the story and honor de mail wady but no body wesponded but momma sae her fureber be gwateful fer de mail wady and dat her an earthly angel...
Me iz one wucky wittle gurl tu be herz diz dae barktat'n diz diary entry tu yu pupz... Momma iz berry weweaved tu hab me homez and me iz berry happie tu be homez...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )


momma iz furstrated

December 16th 2010 2:24 pm
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de package came diz dae , de one dat was suppose to hab me and me sistur, Callie'z nu pink sweaters fer Chriswassmus... wat wab in de package wab onawely 1 black sweater..momma sooo furstrated, her not happie ... der wab tu be 2 sweaters , her paid fer 2.. dey were tu be pink not black. Momma sae a black sweater would dizappearz on me sistur cauz her is black and black on black would not show up... momma in contact with seller tu see how dey gonna fix diz mix up.. and if'n it can be dun fer Chriswassmus... but momma sae not much time and her gonna be berrie disappointed if'n we don't hab nu Chriswassmus sweaters...

oh Santa Paws picurez up on me page.. it'z ok if'n yu waff at me bruther in his tux or his beard me did BOL

Hab gweat dae eber pup
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )


He'z almostest herez

December 13th 2010 10:38 am
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yep Santa Paws iz almostest herez, just a fuw morez daez... me wish list..
clothes.. wots ob dem..
soft squeaky toys
and wots and wots of yummy tweats

wat'z urse wish list?

Momma wae buzy dese daez...

Eber pup hab gweat dae

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kissed (de best kind)


Tiz almostest dat timez ob wyear

December 7th 2010 12:39 pm
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yep itz dat time..almostest... fer Santa Paws tu come weave pressies fer all de gwood pups... me knoze all yu pups wike me hab been berrie gwood diz year and Santa Paws will weave yu pressies and tweats tu..
Momma sae we go see Santa Paws diz Saturdae and hab arse pichure made wif him...
Arse Crissmus twee is up and der's pressies under der wapped up wif me name on dem.. me been sniff'n dem and me tinks me getz a faint wiff of tweats and maebe a stuffy toz.... me can't wait


bizzy few daez ahead

November 23rd 2010 8:39 pm
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momma and uz three C's arse gonna be berrie bizzy deze next few daez... Tumorrow is Nusing Home bisit and momma hab a early appt ob sum sort where we can't go and hab tu stae home all dae just bout momma be bizzy...
Den next dae iz de Tanksgib'n dae... we will get a wittle bit ob turkey wif a couple slices ob carrots... derze mush tu be tankful fer...
momma, home, food, family, friends, a nu sistur, and de wist is weally wong wif all we've been blessed wif diz year... me hope eber pup and peoples are blessed tu..
Fridae momma put awae de Thanksgib'n decorations.. Saturdae her and de gwandsonz will put up Christmas tree and utter decorations fer Santa Paws time.... so bizzzy timez herz at arse howse....
Hab gweat turkey dae eber pup and peooplez...
Wiggle butt tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )


Be'n a Diva...

November 21st 2010 5:56 am
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Westerdae me wab eber bit de wittle diva.. me stutt'ed and wiggled me butt and pranced wight down de wred carpet.. and wooked berrie much wike de diva me iz in my winter ski slope featherie sude pant suit... me wab styl'n babe... weally styl'n ... BOL...

Momma will post picurez and more bout diz ebent wader....

de best part iz momma bought uz cookies frum de snack bar... can't wait fer her tu gib uz sum..

Me wantz tu tank eber pup fer all de kool tings on me page..
Me wantz tu congwatulate me bruther Charley and me pal Zaidie fer mak'n it tu de finals in de Dogsters Coolest Dog and Cat Show...
Me want tu wish eber pup a berrie happie Tanksgib'n

Hab gweat dae..
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )


Pet Fashionista Fall and Winter Fashion Show

November 18th 2010 11:18 am
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Gess wat momma is tak'n uz tu? ... a pwace wherz me will be wight at homez... a fashion show ! Can yu tink ob a bettur pwace fer a fashion diva like me tu be? Walk'n de cat walk, strutt'n me stuff... diz gonna be fun... but momma sae she may hab tu carry me down de cat walk cauz it might scare me a wittle... but walk'n or be'n caried I am gonna shine and do my best doggy model in my brown turtle neck under my pink suede vest with the pink feather trim and matching hat and my pink sued pants with the pink ribbon laced up the legs...

Momma sae dat I mite not win nutt'n cauz derz wots of stiff competiton but me tinks her should hab more comferdence in me... Momma weminds me diz iz fer funz and socialization an not tu be tak'n seriously... well maebe fer her but me gonna strutt wike it'z de weal deal... BOL

Hab gweat dae pupsters !

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie (kisses the best kind)


itz offaweal nowz, me hab nu sistur...

November 14th 2010 11:32 am
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yep de nu gurl iz stae'n... momma fellz in wuv again BOL... and de nu gurl iz adjust'n and herz gonna bez arse nu sistur... her name was Bit Bit but momma didn't wike dat so her nu name is Callie and momma calls us her three C's.... BOL...

Momma set Callie up a dogster page tudae , check it out!

Next nursing home bisit isn't till the 23rd and 24th.. wight befer de Turkey dae !!!!!!! Me can hadawaely wait...

Eber pup hav gweat dae

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )


de nu gurl

November 9th 2010 12:33 pm
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de nu gurl dat is wif uz iz berry shy.. her will not pway wif me eben doze me du de pway bow and try to swat at herz in pway.. her just growls... her not fwiendly at all.. momma sae her iz scared and berry timid and shy... me just want tu pway... de nu gurl spends most of her time eber in arse crate or in momma's wap... her iz berry skinny tu... momma don't know if she will stae wif uz fereber yet or not... her mae not eber fit in den it mae just take time.. but her not az wittle az momma wab weally hoping.. so maebe momma find her a better fereber homes... but me don't knoze howz dat possiable ,,, diz is de bestest homez... but momma sae her mite be better az de onawely fur baby in de howse... we wait n see...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses de best kind

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