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Chloe Smiles

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Happie Mondae

September 14th 2009 9:03 am
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woof n helwoes pupsters. Ya'll habing a gweat dae? I hope so.
Dis dae we not go no where mom sae but my wast two nu outfits for dis month came in today and me and mama so excited. De are so bery cute on me. Wait till mom getz sum pictures of me in dem ... you gonna fall out cause I so cute in dem. One is a 1930 Flapper dress, red with fringe all ober and a head band with a red feather stickin up and no it not cauz me be indian..... BOL Dis what I wear in the Halloween Contest at Petco in de individual category... maybe I win ...cuz I weally cute in it...

Den de utter wittle out fit is a pink soft swade vest with pink feathery boa trim that snaps off for washing with a matching pink hat with rose.... oh me just darling in dis.... Mama sae I need a pretty skirt to go with it or some pretty girly jeans.... Maybe I get one of dem from Santa Paws....

Next month I get a poodle skirt and mom order me burfdae dwess fer my burfdae in November ,.... I gonna be one year old den. I know I get nu dwess but mama sae I get one nu toy tu but her sae dat will be surprise fer me....

Hab gweat dae pupsters!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Sunday Blah's

September 13th 2009 9:42 am
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mama sae dat we got de Sunday Blah's... what dat mean yu ask? Dat mean we lazy dis dae...all of us..mama, bruther Charley and me... dis dae made for taking wong naps... dat what I been doin too and mama tinks she may join us weal soon with de nap ting....

Hope you pupsters are habin a gweat dae!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


De Fair's Kid's Dog Show

September 12th 2009 1:35 pm
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Dis dae we went to de kid's Dog Show at the Greene County Fair. Der were wots of doggies der and dat made me berry nervous and I did a wot of barking. Mama her hold me close and tell me it be ok...and bout half hour I calmed down and didn't bark as much. Me and my handler, mom's youngest grandson, Austin (8) entered 3 events. 1. Look a Like, we didn't place although I did look bery cute and people come up to me and mama and asked about me and where my clothes come from and said how cute I was...2. Most Talented Small Dog. We didn't place in dis either. I was berry nervous and did only one of my twicks. I sorry I got scared but mama sae dat ok cauz it my first time and I did good fer my first time althogh dat Austin still call me "stupid dog"... but I not mama sae so... 3. We entered the licking contest ....dis time it Austin fault we not place....cauz he wouldn't put de peanut butter on his face for me to lick...he said "that's nasty"...he said cauz I lick my butt...NO I DON"T & surely not when sum body wooking .... so he only put it on his hand and I licked it off there.... so we didn't place but hab he put it on his face I would hab gave dat licking my all cauz peanut butter tis bery good....
We all got a participation ribbon so I got one of dem and a milk bone cauz we were all berry good dogs... Mama is so proud of us all. Her sae we need more events with wots of dogs so I can get over being scared and barking at dem.... Der were sum berry big dogs der... a Rottweiller and a great dane! Dey berry big! It was a fun dae even if we didn't win!

Mama's gonna make a new picture for my page from de dog show, so wook for's coming soon...

Hab gweat dae pupsters! I hab had a berry good one...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Dis be a good dae

September 11th 2009 6:34 am
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wooks like dis dae will be a good dae for us. Mom wooked online alweady dis morn at the trackin tingy to see where de packages are dat hab our nu tings for dis month in dem. I don't know how de computer can sniff out our packages and tell mom right where de arse but it does and without a nose! Dat bery strange to be able to sniff out sumtin with no nose... for shur one of my nu dwesses come dis dae... and me bruther's Harley Davidson leather jacket..den two more coming dat mom not sure what dey are as her order a few tings from de same state and all it sae is what state it coming from.. so I might get me nu mary jane shoes or me bruther might get his nu jeans or t bird leather jacket... or maybe my flapper dwess for Halloween... so we got surprises coming dis dae and I wuv surprises....

Mom sae her got to do sum tings here at our apartment so we not going no where dis dae...besides we got to be on the wook out for de mail person and dat man hunk UPS guy... mom allwae put on a big smile when de hunk man bring package...and dis one her hab to sign fur so she get to talk to him a wittle bit...gonna make mama's dae...silly mama...

you pupsters hab a gweat dae
wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Dis Dae

September 10th 2009 9:56 am
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Dis is the dae we go bistin nursing home #2.
Mom done gave us baffs, filed our nails with dat Pedi Paws ting. Her has even painted my nails bright red. Why don't me bruther Charley get his nails painted purty... cauz mom sae he a boy and boy don't get painted nails.. I tink cauz Charley don't wike it and don't wike to wook good de wae I do.... dat what I tink...don't tink it got nuttin to do with dat boy girl ting...

Now it's mom's turn to get her baff and get all weady for us to go bistin de folks at nursing home #2... her is always wast... in eber ting..

Saturde fair dae. Mom's wittlest grandson can't make up his mind about takin me or not. He's 8 and shy so he don't know if he want to be in front of all dose people or not... so mom sae we just wait and see . Aaron he 10 he's takin Charley into the dog show... Ausitn he not take me I other dae when we was praciticin twicks he got mad and called me stupid dog... what? stupid? I is not! He don't know how to tell me what to do...he too hyper and loud and I not wike dat and I get scared and not do no twicks for boys wike dat and now he call me stupid so I not do NO twicks for him... den I turn my nose up and walk away from him ,.... see how he wikes dat... stupid.. hummmp... I is not stupid.. I's purty gurl Chloe who is mart and bueatiful ! Now I hope he don't want to take me to dat old dog show no way!!!!!!

Hab a gweat dae pupsters!!!!
wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses which are de best kind from me, beautiful smart gurl Chloe


me is embarassed

September 9th 2009 7:39 am
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Me, purty wittle gurl Chloe was soooooo embarassed westerdae... a nuther nu dwess came in de mail for me.. when I saw it me thoght oh wunderful a nuther purty dwess for me's red with black rose lace over lay with some sparkly trim and bling... so purty to wook at...but den mom puts it on me and oh boy not gooud at all... dat ting was way too big fer me... hung down below my slim trim sleek belly and made me wook slooppy... and I'm not a sloppy gurl. I wike to wook like the wittle DIVA I am. Mom isn't a seamstress but her going to try and take de dwess up so it fit me proper. It's a Zack and Zoey dwess with a price tage of $27 on it but mom got a bargain at a wittle ober $6... Mom took a couple pictures but not going to put them on my page cause I just wefused to wook at de camera, I turned my head, hung it in shame.... de dress just made me wook wike a sloppy mess and I don't want no one to see me wooking wike dat... Maybe mom get out needle and thread today and make it fit...if her can den I will try it on and if it wooks good den I will take a good picture for mom with me wearin it...but only if I wook like a DIVA in it!!!!!

De net dae is Nursing Home visit dae.... wearing my monogram dwess cause de resident's here haven't got to see me in it yet.....
Den Saturdae fair dae... don't know what I wearin dat dae...

Hope you pupsters hab a gweat dae...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Me Hates It !!!!!!!

September 6th 2009 3:22 am
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yesterde de nu gwad awful hat with long stings of ticklie stuff hanging from it came in... and of course mom had to try it on me right away.... and I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate it I tell's a disgrace, it's inhumane and I am not going to wear it!!!! Why you ask? Cauz it makes me wook funny and I don't want to wook funny... mom gets it on me, my ears through de earloops, the strap around my neck and den her laffs and laffs and laffs sum more...her laffs till her eye's wer weaking... I couldn't see me self but it must be gwad awful to make mom laff at me so muches... and den her takes pictures so she can show her friends...and den dey laff... and I don't wike to be laffed at.. I wike to be admired and told how purtty I am not how funny..... so I don't wike the new weird hat mom calls a wig... it's gwad awful and me beautiful gurl not wearin sumthin dat makes me wook funnie and not bueatiful..... and I put my paws down on dat.....

mom sae she will bribe me to wear it durin de Halloween contest but boy she better hab sumtin weally weally weally good in order for me to wear dat ting for 5 seconds much less during a whole contest....

mom put a picture of me in de nu hat wig gwad awful ting on my page.. wook but pawease don't already took care of de laffin...

wuv me .... sad and disappointed in my mom and haten de nu funky hat wig... shaking me head in shame...

oh yeah with wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind but not for mom wight now cauz her got dat wig ting for me n her don't deserve none of Chloes wunderful kisses)


Dis dae be vet bistin dae

September 5th 2009 7:12 am
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Dis morning wez go bisit our vet person. I wuv going to de vet specially when I not get no tweatment but wots of wuvs and tweats wike todae. Dis vet bisit is for me bruther Charley. He will get a jab for sumtin bad called rabies. I done had my jab for dis year. Me bruther he not wike de vet not even when he isn't gettin tweatment...he's not nearly as bwave as he saz nor as bwave as wittle me.... Mom always takes us both to bisit de vet even whin only wone need tweatment. Mom tinks dis will help us not to tink dat eber timez we go to de vet it means bad tings like jabs and such.... we both get tweats too from de vet and wots of wuv from vet and staff... so sumetimez it fun to go to de vet when you aren't gettin no kinda tweatments....

Mom got our clothes laid out for de bisit... she not take us nowhere we not wookin our best... BOL... mom is silly but gwad how we wuv her and she wuv us too...

Mom sae I got to jump down now cauz her go to go get dwessed so we can weave for de vet in a wittle while...but first her will put some doggie perfume on us and dwess us.... and den we off to de vet...wonders if afterwards mom take us to dat Sonic place for a junior burger plain...maybe if wez be weal good....

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Dis Burfdae Month for mom and dad

September 3rd 2009 2:22 am
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Dis is mom and dad's burfdae month. I not ever meet dad, he went to heaven before I was born even but I know mom misses him lots and she crys a lot. Mom said dat Mondae was de 4th burfdae of dad's without him here..... he would haz been 51. Dad musta been berry special for mom to luvs him so much....
Mom's burfdae in a couple weeks...her not tellin her age..BOL
Thanx to my pal Zaidie for de nu rosette on my page, you such a gweat pal Zaidie....
Mom's gwandson's are entering us in a dog show at the county fair. I not been to a county fair, dat sounds like wots of fun. Mom saz it's just for fun and dat the gwandson's shouldn't expect much from me or Charley cauze we might get scared around a crowd of peoples and not do our commands and tricks for dem... herz could be wight cauz I don't know what a crowd of peoples is and dat might be berry scary...We go to de fair on de Satudae de 12th, dat not this Saturdae but the next one... and just two dae's before de fair ting we go to dat Nursing Home place again...... den a week after de fair we are going to our gwands' home for de weekend. Mom's aunt getting married dat weekend... we'z taking our bride and gwoom suits so we can get our pictures made with our Auntie person..Den da next week we go to anuter Nursing Home visit. Den after dat we are going to our cuzin's for about a week... dis month full of tings wez gets to do
Mom is busy gettin tings ready for de Halloween things coming up next month. We will be in a Doggie Halloween Costume Contest and be entered in a couples catagory and a individual catagory. In de couple ones Mom wantz us to be 1950's Teeny Boppers/Grease characters. Shez getting bruther a faux leather jacket with T-Bird on de back, some jeans and tenny shoes... me I gettin a pink poodle skirt , black mary jane shoes and get dis a blonde long hair wig! Dat gonna be so funny mom saz... but wait I don't want to be funny I wantz to be beautiful..... silly wig haz aweady been ordered and my dwess will be made at de end of dis month and my shoes will be order by den too...Burther, Charley his jacket will be order todae I tink and maybe his jeans too... but no shoes till next month .... Den for de individual contest I'z goin to be a 1930's flapper, mom's orderin my dwess todae for dat...but her can't make up her mind yet about what bruther will be...maybe a construction worker, maybe a deer hunter...maybe a king or bumble bee.... Maybe we win a trophey in de contest, keep youz paws crossed for us...
Dats about all dats happenin with me and me bruther....
Youz pupsters haz a gweat dae
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kissed (de best kind)


Tiz dat time again

August 26th 2009 6:19 pm
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Tis time for us to go visit de nursing home peoples... tomorrow wez go... dat means in de morning we will get de full spa tweatment from mom... bubble bath in de big water bowl, nails twimed with de Peti Paws ting, misted with our smell good doggie cologne and dwessed in our clothes and mom will pack our tweats and fill our water bottole/bowl ting and pack some wet wipes just in case she saz.. in case wat? Wez good pups and make no messes or no accidents... mom saz better safe den sorry... her not twust us I guess... Mom haz our clothes laid out.. bruther he wearin his Rolling Stones overalls with red shirt and denim cap, me I'z wearin me new penifore dwess with my name on it and de matching bonnet and a red shirt under wez will cordernate mom saz.... oh and mom put a blankie in de bottom of our stroller case sum people want to hold us mom can put de blanket on der lap first....

My wast nu dwess for dis month comes in tomorrow too..tis my favorite I got 4 nu dwesses dis month.... mom saz dat can't happen ever month.... but I don't know whyz not... I wike gettin nu tings.... her wrote on dis pad I seen her at her puter dat next month bruther getz nu jeans, I getz a John Deere Dwess and we both getz sumethin called pajamas.... but dat was all dat waz on her wist... one wittle dwess and some pajamas for me and I don't even know what pajamas are... I tink I need anuther nu dwess instead of dose pajama tings.... oh wellz... mom is gweat gettin us nu tings when she can...but Santa Paws timez is comin and herz got to get presents for shez got to slow down on buying us nu tings for awhile... but dat's ok wez know we gettin sumthin at Santa Paws time ....

Hope you pupsters are having a gweat night.... sweet dreams..

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)

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