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Chloe Smiles

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Chloe Smiles

June 7th 2009 8:27 pm
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Sending out doggie smiles to ya'll all! I'm Chloe. I often look like I'm smiling at ya so mom cause me "smiley" sometimes. I am a purebred Chihuahua and I'm 7 month's old now! I'm smaller then my big bruther but he keeps telling me he's the baby... but I don't get that.. I'm younger so don't that make me the baby? It don't really matter mom says' me bruther is her baby boy and I'm her baby we're both babies! Yippeeeee !

I had surgery a few weeks ago but I'm doing great. Mom say's now I can always be her baby instead of having babies... that sounds good to me.. I like being mom's baby girl!

I came from a place mom calls a "breeder". There were lots of dogs there and lots of us puppies. I was pretty sickly and the last of the litter. Mom almost didn't take me ...can you believe that?...whewww I'm sure glad she changed her mind and took me home with her... or I could have been used for breeding which means having babies... and not living in a house but in a kennel... I like living in the house much better then in the kennel. Mom took me to the Vet person who told mom I had yeast infection in both ears, tape worms ( which was why I was so so skinny) and mites ( which is why my hair was very thin on my head. The Vet gave me lots of medicine and mom gave it to me like the Vet person told her and now I'm all better.... and I'm so happy!

My big bruther, Charley made up some dumb rules about him being the baby but I don't pay no attention to his silly ole rules.. I love to catch him napping beneath the blankies on the couch and steal the covers off him... makes him so mad and he chases me around and around the table in the living room.. mom calls these chases " The Chihuahua 500" ! We can go really fast around them and sometimes cause I'm the littlest I can sneak beneath the table and catch my bruther as he goes around the other side.. heee heee..
I love getting all the toys out of our toy boxes, especially right after our mom has just picked them up and put them all away.. hee hee. I love bringing my mom toys for her to throw and then I get to jump down and go get them for's a fun fun game...

Our mom loves to dress us up and I like it.. I really do... she sometimes dresses us in matching outfits.... I love love love to go car riding, we have our very own car seat and it is high enough for us to watch out the window. Mom buckles us in so we're safe and then off we go... My favorite place to go is a place called Sonic where a person brings out a junior burger that mom divides in half for Charley and me to share. We share very very good too...each eating only our own half in our little divider bowl. Mom says we're very good "kids" She loves us to pieces and we love her too. Today mom put these pretty cool things over my eyes, she called them sun glasses. They made the sun not so bright and mom says I was very very very good cause I didn't take them off not one time... I actually liked them!

My bruther is already in our bed so I'm going to go join him... I might even sneak his blankies off him...heee heee... Good'nite
Sleep Tight!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (the best kind)


Day One on Dogster

June 8th 2009 8:24 am
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Woof and smilies out to ya'll. I'm barktating to mom sort of early this morning. Only one day on Dogster and I already have three pup pals, that is so awesome! I hope I get to have lots and lots and lots of pup pals..
It's a cloudy day here in our part of the world. I really hope that wet stuff don't fall from the sky. When it does our mom puts on these special coats with hoods that keeps the wet stuff off of us. We don't like the wet stuff and mom's such a good mom to keep us dry when we go outside.
Me bruther, Charley is being a lazy baby boy this morning. He has been sleeping all morning and hasn't played with me one single time... he's such a brat sometimes... but just maybe if I keep teasing him he will come out and play... so I'm off to go sneak up and pull his blankies off of him in hopes he will come chase me.. I love to play chase...
To my new pup pals and all you pupsters out there.. have a woofin great day...
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (the best kind)


A big woofin thanks yous

June 9th 2009 6:34 am
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( pushes me brother Charley out of mom's lap) Well he wasnt' getting down fast enough so I just had to give him a little nudge..heee heee... You know a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get some cyber time...

I'm as tickled pink as the bling around my neck ( mom say's it's a collar) that I have lots and lots of new pup pals. A woofin thank you all for becoming my new pup pals. I love having lots and lots of friends. I hope I get lots and lots more. A very special woofin thank you to Pookie, Wilby, Max, Muffin and Fluffy Lee for my pretty sunflower and pink rosette, also another special woofin thank you goes out to Chico, Peanuts and Buttons for my rainbow star!

I overheard the story of last night that brat Charley told, who think's he's the baby but really he's not... we all know who's the baby ...and that would be? Me !!!! Well let me being the sweet innocent little girl that I am and tell you what really happen..

You see Charley's nails were long and mom could hear him walk across the floor...and we all know boys don't like to keep them selves as beauiful as us girls so it had been a few weeks since his last pedicure. I don't know why he don't like getting pretty but he's such a whimp. Mom did his nails with the little buzz machine and he looked like he could just faint... So I'm watching and thinking boy about time he got something done about those things on his feet and looking down at mine and thinking they don't need a trim, they look darn cute to me...with pink nail polish and all... so I watch as the whimp Charley gets his pedicure..but then I see that isn't all that mom is doing...she's getting out that stinky awful flea stuff and comb...ohhhhh gawd you know us girls don't like nothing stinky on us and I'm thinking " please please don't let her do me next"....but you know already that the brat bruther of mine wished it on me..I could see it in his face the whole time he was starring at me that he was putting bad vibes that I too would get the gawd awful flea junk... and it worked...Mom called and I tried so hard to pretend I couldn't hear her...but she gets up and comes and picks me up... I don't mind at all getting me pedicure and polish...I like getting beautified...but that gawd awful smelling stuff ...I could do wonder the fleas's the smell that gets them! So there I am having to get "stinky" and I look over and there's me bruther, Charley with this smirky grin on his face.. Oh I'm going to get him back.. I promise you... I don't know when or how ..but a girl's gonna get revenge...

Now here we are this morning some of the stinkies from last night have evaporated and I'm gonna spend part of this day plotting my revenge on me bruther..heeee heeeee

Have a woofin good day...
wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (the best kind)


Hi Dogsters... remember me... Chloe?

June 11th 2009 4:57 am
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I sure hopes yous ain't forgotten me after a full day of being missing in action here at Dogster. I'd like to blame it on me bruther, Charley... I like blaming him for all things possiable ...but this time I can't...cause I get to blame it on my skin bruther and sister... They kept our mom so busy yesterdays that she had so little time to spare. Some good did get to come out of it cause I got to play with the skin kids ( they belong to me skin bruther and sister). I like playing with them... they don't get tired of playing so fast like mom sometimes does. I sure was sleepy after they went home... they tuckered me out and mom thought that was funny...

On Tuesday we got to do what we just love to do most.... go for a ride !!! We got all dolled up in our clothes and shades, buckled in our carseat and we got to ride through town and stop in at the Sonic drive in for a junior burger too! We have such a great mom! We got to bark out hellos to all the other doggies we seen on our drive and to a few skin peoples too... It was awesome!

Mom says she's getting us some new shades... she told us they are "real" ones... what ours are fake??? I couldn't believe our mom would put fake ones on us!!! I've been seen out in public with fake sun glasses... say it ain't so!!!!! She says these new ones block harmful rays ( what ever that is). I don't care about them there rays she's talking about I only care if I look good in them... I hope she gets me a pair that makes me look cute wearing them.. I like being beautiful! Mom says I get some with "bling" on them ( what girl don't like bling). She says mine will be pink with tiny tiny little rhinestone hearts on the corner of the lens... sounds pretty... I can't wait...but mom says I have to cause she can't order them till next pay day :-( When we do finally get ours I'll pose really pretty for the camera and have mom put my picture in our Dogster photo section so yous can see me in them! Let me know if I look honest... I sure don't want to wear them if they make me ugly... Plus the new shades is not all she is thinkin about ordering us... she seen some chi's in a doggie stroller and says she thinks we could use one too... Mom says that when we are out if we get tired of being on leash and need to lay down we can ride in this stroller thingy and that there are some sort of thing that keeps them there bugs away from us... now that sounds like a good thing to me...Getting the stroller mom says depends on something she calls bills that make her frown...she says if there's any of that moola stuff (what ever that is) left then we can get the stroller... I hope there's moola left over....

Monday we get to go to a skin kid's party. Mom's youngest grandson is going to be 8 years old...( boy is he old) and they are having a pool party but mom promises me I won't get wet and that the pool isn't a big one just one of the small one's for skin kids...which sounds ok so long as no one gets me wet!

I hope all you dogsters have a woofin good day...that are of you are treated like the Kings and Queen's, Prince and Princess you are.. that you get lots of luvins and all good things!

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( the good kind)


woofin TGIF

June 12th 2009 7:02 am
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Me's doing the Chihuahua dance tis morning... why...cause it's Friday de day mom always takes us to go visit. Don't know if we will go's to me skin sister's or me skin bruthers but either way there be other dogs to play with.... so doing the Chihuahua dance in happy anticipation!

I want to bark out a special thank to Georgie Girl for my gift of the pretty sun shine on my dogster page and another bark out of special thanks to Leon for the sweet kiss on my page... me thanks you both so muches.... doggie kisses which are the best kind!

A big bark out thank yous to all the pupsters that have become my new pup pals...I love having lots and lots of pup pals... I have already passed the 100 mark I set as a goal now on to 200!

Another bark of thanks goes out to all who left me bones... I was going to burry them so me bruther couldn't find'em but mom says they are called virtual bones and that they are safe... that's good to know...

I am having what me mom is calling bad ear days. For the second week in a row my left ear is down instead of up like it should be. I've done this before so mom's hoping it comes back up again. I am still bein treated with ear drops so maybe when all the drops are gone my ear will be back up...but mom loves me with my ears up or down it don't matter when it comes to luvs... mom's are so wonderful !!!!

Mom just put out me breakfast so gotta dash out of heres for now...
Have a great day all you dogsters !
wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( the best kind)


Me's mad at the skies

June 13th 2009 5:21 am
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Me is so mad at the know what it did yesterdays to spoils the fun plans our mom made? It got really dark almost like sleepie time dark, then that awful wet stuff fell from it and then it started making a weried bark like it was the biggest dog ever! I barked back trying to sound bigger but then it would just bark back even louders so I gave ups on trying to make it skeereed and not makes that weird bark or that nasty wet stuff fall... I thinks some dog was up there wizzin on us... yep ...what a bad dog !
Any ways because that was going on mom couldn't take us a vistin like she had planned. Maybe she take us a visitin today, I's keep me paws crossed.

I think todays I will pester me bruther some lots lots of fun pestering him, he gets so mad at me and chases me...but he can't catch me all the time..sometimes I can run muches faster then him or I can get under the table in the tv room and he can't...he too big... And maybe mom will take us to that Sonic Drive in place for a burger... that sounds yummy... makes me tummy growl...rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Me hopes all you pupsters out there has a woffin great day with your peoples.....

wiggle butt tail wags and doggie kisses ( the best kind)


A woofin joy filled day of Adventures on Saturday

June 14th 2009 12:28 pm
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Before I get started on our adventurous Saturday let me bark out a big thank you to Poppy for the beautiful rose rosette... and a thank you to all my new pup pals...I gots lots to tell you pupsters about our saturday.. it was jam packed full of adventures. Saw some things I never seen before. At first that was sort of scary but causein we was safely in mom's van buckled into our car seat we were pretty darn safe...but let me tell you about the MONSTERS that scared me. You see we went to the park so mom could take some pictures of her grandson's catch at the fishing rodeo and when we left we drove around the park for a look see and right towards the very back of the park were these huge least 1o times bigger then me or me bruther...They's were making this strange scary sound too. I barked out a warning to them to tell them how big I was n not to try messin with me, mom or me bruther...but you know they musta not understand barkster caused they just ambled on across the black path right in front of us. Mom stopped and took pictures which she has put up on our page. Mom told us these were not monsters but something called geese. Me bruther thought there we thousands of them and I thought so too but mom says there weren't that many at all. Any ways both me bruther and I barked at the monsterous geese creatures and watched them slowly walk away.... good thing they did too cause I was ready to get out and show them there monster geese just who was the boss but mom wouldn't let me...she said we had to be nice to them...
After the park we went to our favorite place... Sonic Drive In... Mom took pictures of us ordering our junior burger plain and one of us chowing down. We have to share the burger but it's the bestest treat in the whole world.
After Sonic we went to me skin sister's house and got to play with Daisie and Tyson in their back yard... They are very luckys causein they have their own special doggie door and can go outsides any times they want. I got to see the new pup babies..they were so cute.. I barked very quietly at them to come out of their basket and play with me but they too little to climb out of that basket. Mom told me they too little to play just now..they are only two weeks old today.... Causin we got fleas on us from playing outside when we got home mom puts us in the bath....and after we got all the fleas off us and smelling good and all we took a nice long nap in our bed...cause we were so exhausted from our long fun adventrous Saturday.
Hope you pups had a fun weekend like us!
Check out our new pictures...
wiggle butt tail wags and doggie kisses ( the best kind)


Yesterday's party no fun for me

June 16th 2009 10:14 am
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Hi ya pupsters.

Me bruther, me mom ...we's all went to the party of mom's grandson...they call it a burthday party.. celebrating the day yous was born... well let me tell you peoples don't know much about having good parties... the cake which we got none of :-( didnt' even smell good like the one's my bruther tolds me see I ain't had a burfday party just yet so I have not got to smell or taste one of those burfday cakes me bruther told me about...but anyways back to de people party... First Deeogee the resident dog at that der house didn't get to come in and play with me.... and that's why I was so excited to go to de party was to see and play with my pal Deeogee. And the peoples must have done some'n bad cause the sky got all mad and was dark and angry and barking at us and shaking lots of water down ...and even throwing some bright things down was a lot go'in on .. so de sky is doing all this bad stuff and I was worried about me pal Deeogee being out side but mom says he has his own safe little house out in his big kennel... and that he was safe in his little house... and the people's inside they don't know how to have fun at all...there were no games of "you throw the toy I go get it"... no. " catch me if you can" no, "racin around the room fast as you can" fun games at people ate some sort of food...some did smell darn good to me but de people's didn't share one little bite..they were a bunch of stingy peoples and mom always tells me and me bruther if we don't shares our toys and stuff our tongues will turn black and our tails will fall off...well those peoples better checks their tongues, they bound to be black now and they already didn't share befores and lost their tails...looks like they would learn about the sharin thing... So anyways the peoples party wasn't much pupster fun at all!
When we got home mom checked us for fleas and out comes the stinky stuff ...but mom got worried cause there was so many fleas that the stinky stuff might not get them all or that she would have to put to much of that stuff on me to kill them that she just took me... and only me to de big water bowl and gave me a bath to get dem fleas offin me... lucky Charley he didn't have to had no bath..I finks me bruther put some of his fleas on me just so I'd have to get a bath..he's sort of bratty like that sometimes...

Today's the sky is sort of looking like yesterday but maybe it won't be as hopes not...

You pupsters have a fantastic day...and get lots of all the good things!

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( the best kind)


Lazy Day

June 17th 2009 8:40 am
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Woofin hellos to you pupsters...Me bruther, me mom and me's we's havin a lazy day. Mom say's it's to hot to go outside much and that we's just going to hang around de house today and do's nutin...
I wantz to bark out a thank yous to Peanut for the cute little lady bug rosette... thats so nice of you Peanut..I like de cute bugg...
Mom says we mays goes vistin dis weekend to de grands. I met the grands once but never been to de grand's house. Me bruther he tells me it's a grand house with lots of de room and that there is not 1 or 2 but 3 resident pups there... that sounds like fun to me. I like to have pups to play with. Me bruther told me though not to bother de one they call Tippy cause'n hers old and don't like to play. I feels sorry for her if her don't feel like playing. He says to be weary of de one called Maggie Mae, say's she standoffish and shy...but I know I can win her over quicks with me smiles and great personalities...yep she will like me right off ... I just knows it! De bruther says the playful girl in de house is Bella Rosa...he says it's Tyson's baby girl.. Tyson is a chi too and belongs to me skin sisters.. I didn't knows he had a daughter but he does and she lives withs the grands. He says Bella Rosa looks just like Tyson but she's a girl not a boy...girls rule...boys drool.. I hopes we get to goes but mom says it depends on if there's enough stuff called pusholene in the van to make the trip cause she's plum out of that there moola stuff... so if'n we go missing over the weekends you knows we of vistin the grands up in the mountains of Missouri...where evers that tis...
Have a woofin great day.... stay cools
wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( the best kind)


Bad Ear days

June 18th 2009 5:55 am
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woofin helloooooo dogsters!!!! Sure hopes you are all bright eyed and bushy tailed this mornin! It's gonna be hot again today so hopes you are all someplace cool...

I'm havins bad ear days and me moms worried about it. I's a Chihuahua and my ears are to be up and they have been...they go up they come down and back up again...but for two weeks now one of my ears has not come back up and mom's worried I will have one bad ear that remains down. I don't know whys it wants to flop over and neither does my mom. Mom says though that even if it never stands up she's gonna luvs me just the same... I had no doubts her would luvs me... who wouldn't.. I'm so cute and sweet..yep that's me... all luv bug!

Still not a definate plan set up to go see the grands this weekend... but me sure hopes we go... I'd like to meet the grand's pups and plays with them...

Have a woffin fun filled day and lots of luvins...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (the best kind)

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