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Heidi's Rainbow Diary

My Cat Sisters Miss Kitty and Bastet

September 18th 2010 11:02 am
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Punkin and I have been sprinkling a lot of angel dust on our family lately. Mom is besides herself with worry. Miss Kitty has been suffering over a year with Pancreatitis and seems to be wasting away, being nothing but skin and bones. She will not eat the vet's food unless Mom mixes it with canned tuna. After taking Miss Kitty to the vet and running tests, the vet says there is no sign of cancer or parasites which is good news, however, because Miss Kitty can't keep food on her stomach, she seems to be wasting away. The vet says there really is nothing anyone can do for her.

Bastet can't seem to rid herself of the bacterial infection she began in mid August. Again this past week she became lethargic, not eating, drinking from the water fountain, or using her litter box. She wanted to stay in her room, and wouldn't ask to go out on her leash. After school last Tuesday, Mom rushed her to the vet for another battery of tests. The tests again showed no cysts, tumors, or blockages, and the Feline Leukemia test came back negative. However, again as in mid August a large amount of bacteria was present in her urine and she lost 1/2 a pound since mid August. This was alarming because in May she tipped the scale at just 7 pounds. Last Tuesday the vet gave her an antibiotic shot instead of antibiotic pills and liquid as he did in August. Next Saturday Bastet will receive another shot and he will run another battery of tests. After the antibiotics have been out of her system for at least 2 weeks, Bastet needs to go back for another battery of tests to see if the bacterial infection is gone.

The vet is baffled and hopes there is no correlation between her Hemophilia and this infection...meaning that her immune system could be shutting down. If this is the case, this could be very serious. Mom and the vet are looking at it like this. It was difficult to get the initial dosages of antibiotics in her, so perhaps she didn't receive enough to kill all of the bacteria thus the infection returned.

Today..Saturday.. Bastet did eat the experimental food the vet gave her and some Greenie Treats, used her litter box and drank a great deal of water. She wanted to come out of her room, so Mom let her go downstairs. She is now sleeping in the sunny living room. We are all happy there seems to be some improvement and hope she continues on an upward climb.


Observations From Above

September 4th 2009 3:47 pm
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As I look down from the bridge there are two troubling things on my mind. The killing of the first wolf in Idaho on the 1rst of this month and the needless death of many innocent animals in the fires of California.

The wolves are our ancestors. Wolves are part of the natural order of this world as we are, as cats are, as humans are. We are all part of a large chain of life. When the links in a chain are broken, they frey to the top. And who is at the top of the chain????

Mom's favorite song is the 'Color of the Wind'. She lives by that song...and part of that song states...'Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the newborn moon'...I shutter to think the next generation will not hear that cry.


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