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Daisy's Diary

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Who's the new girl?

June 16th 2006 6:29 am
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I don't know what's up with this family! Now there's this little gray thing running all over the house and following me. I guess she's the new girl. Well, someone could of warned me of her arrival and why does she keep bugging me? Why doesn't she go after Maggie? Then there's that orange cat that should be taking care of her and all she does is hiss at her! So, I'm stuck taking care of her. I guess I kind of like her. I'm always keeping my eyes on her. I did chew up this little gray mouse she was playing with. Hey, she touches my toys so I touched hers. And geez, why does she always go after my tail? Oh well, I'll live with it! She just better behave!


Today's my first birthday!

November 6th 2005 5:40 am
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Yes, today is my birthday! I am finally 1 year old. Does this mean I'm no longer a puppy? I hope I still get spoiled like a puppy. Today I'll get my very own birthday cake. Of course I'll have to share with Maggie. I hope I get some other treats, too!


Just saying hi!

September 9th 2005 10:56 am
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Well, summer has come to a close all too fast! No more pool? Maybe once more, I hope.
I have a new friend here on Dogster. His name is Bo. He's a reaaalllyy cute rottweiler who just loves the ladies. So, check out his page! :)


I'll never jump off the roof again....ouch!!

June 15th 2005 11:51 am
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This is the most amazing story in my life so far! No one can believe it. Me being the puppy that I am, I thought I could just fly right off the roof! Well, I did and it hurt. I was at my Auntie's house and I dug through the window screen and climbed out on the roof. Woops! Next thing I know I'm on the grass one story down! I got up and was wandering around the street for awhile. I don't know how long. Next thing I hear is my Mom and Auntie calling my name and then I saw the car! Oh boy a car ride! I ran right over to the car and jumped in. Well, they were just all in a panic. I don't know why. Did I do something wrong? They took me back home, I was SO thirsty and there was Maggie! Seemed like forever since I saw her. She was watching me the whole time I was cutting open the screen and she did say I was going to be BIG trouble! Everyone looked me over for damages, but all I had was a little scrape on my elbow and under my chin. Then I heard them say it was probably my pudginess and falling on the grass that saved me from getting really hurt! PUDGIE, ME? I learned my lesson, but it WAS fun getting to run around the street for a time! :)


I got to go in Maggie's pool!

June 9th 2005 10:18 am
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My big sister Maggie let me use her pool the other day! It was my very first time and what a blast I had! We had so much fun splashing around and getting soaked. I was a little afraid at first. This was a new experience for me! Then my auntie picked me right up and put me in it! First I didn't know what to do, then I got the hang of it. Yeah, this really felt great! I didn't want to get out. I can't wait to go in again!
Oh, keep tuned. I'm working on my next diary entry and it's a real doozie. It has something to do to with a roof! :)


Visiting my sister...........

May 18th 2005 4:45 pm
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The last two weekends have been bliss for me! I get to jump all over Maggie and get to walk everywhere! Everyone just loves me!! I get all kinds of treats and I love sleeping on my Auntie's bed. Soooo, comfy! MORE,MORE!


Back to my old self!

May 12th 2005 7:20 am
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I'm back to my old self, finally! That surgery wasn't all that bad. I'm feeling really good. I'm back to harassing Maggie like never before! She sniffed me up and down after but she's just looking out for me!


I went to the hospital today.............. :(

April 29th 2005 3:28 pm
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Yes, today was the BIG DAY! I got what they call "fixed". Oh, it just isn't fair! My mom brought me in there and just left me. I miss her so much. They were really nice to me but I felt so alone. They say I have to be here until tomorrow. That seems like forever! I heard all these other doggies barking near me, but I really couldn't see them. They came and took me out of this cage and put me on a table and gave me a SHOT! Then I just went to sleeeeepppp...........
WELL, I woke up much later and had the worst belly ache. I was still very tired and they were still nice to me (I remember that). Well, I guess I have to just put up with this a little while longer until my mom comes to get me. Oh, I hope she hurries! I just want to go home to my toys and food! I'm not very hungry now just very sleeeepppyyy...........


Daisy's are popping out all over! (not just the flower)

April 8th 2005 5:54 pm
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Today my life was so much fun!! I went for a ride, went grocery shopping and tried to beat the crap out of Maggie. No luck with the latter. I heard these voices talking outside my door, I went running to the front door, couldn't see them, but boy did I make a mark on that front door! My mom was washing windows for awhile. I heard talk of of something like I'm so protective! Yeah, I'll try that out. So, anyway, I'm getting so BIG according to my mom. I'm supposed to be something like "fixed"? What does that mean? I heard that and I said I better lay down and cool it. So, I figured I'd try Maggie out for a pillow and she ahe let me put my head down on her big butt :) Goodnight all my pup pals...sweet dreams...



April 2nd 2005 5:20 pm
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I finally learned how to play with the ball! They throw and I bring it back and I get a treat! WOW! This is something I just learned. I'm still a puppy. :)

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