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Sweet as Sugar


October 19th 2010 5:36 am
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WOWEE what did I do when my mommy and daddy were not home, they will really never know! All I can say is that I was glad when they got home, because I was really hurting and could not hardly walk. My rear legs were so weak they could not even hold me up to walk on them. My mommy let us all out to potty when they came back from going to who knows where they go when they leave us.... Anyways upon letting us back into the house she noticed that I could not even go up the 2 short steps into the house. She came outside then to pick me up and carry me into the house. She then took me to the emergency doctor in Columbus because my vet was already gone home for the day. We were lucky this night to be able to get right in to see the doctor, usually there is a LONG wait mommy said because there is always sick pups and kitties that come in there at all hours of the day and night. The doctor looked at me to see if he could see what was wrong. He checked my reflexes and everything to see what was going on. He then did an X-ray to see how my insides look. Said he really did not see any particular damage to my spine but that there was some pressure swelling around one of my disks in my back. That was what was making it difficult for me to walk. Any ways he gave my mommy stickt orders to keep me confined in my crate for 3 to 4 WEEKS! It is prison I tell you! Luck have it though I really do like my crate, for I go in there alot to take little naps to get away from everyone. The doctor also gave me some pills that I had to take for the inflamation and the pain. I did not like them so mommy tricked me by buying some can dog food and hiding it in there, so I did not even know I was taking them... Cleaver mommy... My mommy loves me so much, she would not let me walk around any where except to go potty, she carried me outside to do that and stood there and watched me till I was done to make sure that I was doing ok, she carried me back into the house and put me straight away into my crate afterwards. This all went on for 3 and a half weeks,when I started walking so much better and mommy could trust me. Well she still does not trust me because she will not let me jump off of any thing or onto any thing that is high any more. She shuts off the rooms where there is danger of me doing that. She loves me sooo much I know, I am her little senior dog as she calls me and I am so special. She now make me and my sister all go into our crates when her and daddy go any where so we will none of us hurt ourselves while they are away and not able to watch over us. What a worry wart my mommy is, my daddy says.. Oh well I guess it is for our own good. Any way thanks to my mommy I am doing so much better now and there is not any permanant damage, I hope to NEVER do this ever again, and won't either if my mommy has anything to say about it. I LOVE MY MOMMY Thank you mommy for making me well again.


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