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The Princess Diaries.

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Xena has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

January 12th 2014 9:01 pm
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It was with great sadness to her family that Xena peacefully left this life for The Rainbow Bridge sometime during Saturday night.
She has left some huge paw prints on our hearts, and will be missed terribly as the energetic , lively dog that she was.


Christmas updates.

December 25th 2013 4:06 pm
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Wishing all my fur family's furiends a very merry Christmas and a most prosperous New Year for the coming year.

We are sincerely sorry that we have been unable to deliver any zealie pawresents to your pages this Christmas. We are not able to live in our big old house at the moment as it is finally being repaired after the terrible earthquakes we were subject to in 2011, and we have no Internet connection, only an IPhone which doesn't seem conducive to bestowing gifts. We can't even change or up load photos on our pages. :(

This Christmas our doggy family has a lot to be thankful for as we reflect back.
We are extremely thankful that we have not spent our Christmas Eve huddled in the hallway of our house with no power as it was continually being shaken by violent earthquakes like happened for Christmas 2011. Our Christmas Day that year wasn't the best, but we were all just so thankful to be together as a family.
We are extremely thankfully also that no terrible tragedy to our doggy family has happened this year as it did Christmas time last year when our beautiful Georgi went to the Rainbow Bridge just 2 days before Christmas Day. She left Holly her 2 orphaned grandchildren to rear.
Jack Georgi's big strong son is here sharing Christmas with us today, and he and Holly are still extremely close.

Merry Christmas and Happy Nee Year to all my furiends.


OMD I was Diary Daily Pick.

August 17th 2013 5:38 am
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OMD I was Diary Daily Pick and I didn't even know it.
Thank you so much to all my paw some furiends for all their condogulations.

My new ear is healing from the reconstructive surgery and is very itchy. I have to go back to see my vet Kirsten in 3 days time to get all the stitches out. There are so many stitches in my new ear mommy thinks I'll probably have to have another big sleep at the vets

Mommy and Daddy have been keeping me real close to them while I'm healing so as my body will be as stress free as possible, so as my body has the best chance ever to heal.
This has caused a barrage of serious accusations of theft from daddy.
Daddy brings his back pack home from work every day, and whole packets of cookies have been going missing from his bag.:(

It was most unfortunate I was caught with daddy's latest water bottle top between my teeth chewing it so that the water squirted into my mouth, and I have accordingly been associated with the disappearance of the packets of cookies from his bag.

Hmmmmm the pathway to even competing at our huge National dog show is extremely stressful, and I sure hope I can compete in the show dog coliseum we all aspire to compete in even once in our lifetimes - even if we don't win anything.

My mama Bella won Best GirlOf Breed, and Runner Up Best Of breed in 2008.

The competition is so extremely tough, and while my kennel was feeling quietly confident I might just be lucky enough to achieve what my mama Bella did, my injury is a major set back.

I'm sure hope my ear is healed enough so I can hold if high in the air and defend my extremely beautiful mama's title.


Getting a new ear. :)

August 8th 2013 7:20 pm
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Mmmmm I've just finished the most.delicious lunch of fresh snapper filet that mommy cooked in crispy golden egg batter and now I'm playing with one of my teddy's in the sunshine. I'm also keeping an eye on my four puppies who are in their runs in the distance.
Libby and Glamour are lying in the sun sound asleep. Polly is playing with a toy in her big kennel and Digger is chewing on a bone. Digger's ears were starting to be a concern because they were a little slow to stand up, so daddy gave him some bones to chew and now they are standing up like all good GSD ears should.

Thinking about ears brings me to recall the sad events of yesterday that ended up with me having a very long sleep at the vets, daddy getting a broken finger, and mommy staying home from work today.:(

Virtually all the dog breeders have problems sooner or later when they have any amount of dogs with dog fights, from chihuahuas to Great Danes - no breed seems to be exempt from it. :(
Now at our house its me and Holly that don't get on. Holly is the top dog at our place and ever since last year her and I just haven't gotten on at all.
Yesterday morning when mommy was on her way out to clean out my puppy's kennels before she went to work she told daddy that she was going to shift me from one run to another one. Daddy forgot and let Holly and our boarder doggy Turbo out. :(
Holly and Turbo ran up behind me and started a fight. By the time mommy and daddy broke it up I was left covered in blood, and daddy had broken his finger. :(

Mommy had to put me in the bath and wash me down to try and see under my fur where all the blood was coming from. The only place it was coming from was my right ear that was just hanging down with a huge piece torn completely out of it.
Mommy rushed me to our vets as soon as she had stemmed the blood flow.
I felt very sad, and I cried coz my ear was so sore.
When I got to the vets I was so upset I was sick on the floor.
Georgi my vet nurse gasped when she saw me.
"OMD, Xena your ear is a terrible mess."
Thea the vet who saw me said exactly the same, and told mommy that the only thing that could be done was to cauterise it to stop all the bleeding. :(
I buried my head in mommys suit jacket and cried.
My beautiful ear would never stand up again, and I would never be able to go to another dog show ever again. :(

It was right at that moment that my favorite vet Kirsten came along and patted me.
"Oh dear Xena," she said as she looked at my ear, "I think you need to have a big nap."
I was very happy to have an injection in my leg, and I even held my leg out when I saw Bryley the operating theatre vet nurse holding a drip tube and a breathing tube.
I just knew that they would make my sore ear all better.
Mommy said prayers as the operation to reconstruct my ear started.
Kirsten carefully peeled back the remaining skin that was left on the back of my ear and then set about fixing all the damage.

About an hour later I woke up in the recovery room on a soft mattress with a warm fluffy blanket over me. Mommy was stroking my head and Georgi was taking the drip out of my leg.
My ear didn't hurt anymore. My ear was full of lots of tiny stitches you could barely see, and it was standing up straight and pointy again - I had a brand new ear! :):):)

Mommy took me home and I spent the rest of the day sleeping on her bed.
Last night and today I've had to keep going and looking at my new ear in the bedroom mirror. Mommy thinks I'm just making sure my new ear is still standing up, and I'm being very careful not to knock it on anything when I'm playing with my toys.
My new ear looks almost the same as my old ear did, except daddy said my new ear is as good as gold plated. :):):)
Thank goodness for my wonderful vet Kirsten - I reckon she's magic if she can give you a new ear when your old one gets really badly broken. :):):)


I did it. :)

August 3rd 2013 7:30 pm
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We were showing again today, and I was much more settled than yesterday. The judge really liked me today and chose me as her runner up best girl out of 20 dogs - yay I beat that smarty pants Georgi's daughter called Angie. :)
Angie thinks she's going to beat me at all the shows now, and she probably will beat me at some, but not if I can help it. :)

Daddy and mommy were both really pleased with me today, and now I'm going out in the garden with mommy to help her prune her 100+ roses and do some weeding. Maybe Turbo our boarder doggy will come and play with me.


Returning to the past.

August 3rd 2013 3:05 am
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Mommy and Daddy have been discussing today for months, and most would have taken the easiest way out.
However, my doggy family's show schedule hasn't allowed for such luxury, and today my debut back into the showering under probation had me at a lowly open graded show in the most intense pressured environment possible. I was being shown in our small local kennel club building for two shows/with two small show rings and dogs/people packed in like sardines in a can! :(:(:(

I had not been in such an atmosphere for an incredibly long time. The last and only time I was at sn open show was when I was 5 weeks old and I slept on the roof of my gentle mama Bella's fabric crate for the entire show

The end result is that my behaviour was good, apart from a little whining at Georgi's 16mth old baby Angie who thinks she's better than me - time will tell - today was my first day back in the show ring after 10 months.


More puppy tales. :)

July 25th 2013 1:02 am
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When Holly arrived home here from the Deep South dog show where she gained her championship title, she overstepped a few boundaries here.
Daddy said it was as if she knew she was a titled dog, and had achieved special status in a highly competitive breed where few achieve that title.

I am returning to the showring after nearly a year in conjunction with a probation period with my national kennel breeders organisation after two incidents a lot would overlook, but when you're consistently winning even the smallest misdemeanour nobody would even notice, sees people baying for your blood as opposed to extremely serious attacks by show dogs bred by other breeders who's kennels aren't seen as a threat to that highly prized title of CHAMPION, and the championship merit certificates.

If I was just an ordinary sort of GSD girl mommy and daddy wouldn't have presented to the NZKC to keep me competing in the showing.
I gained the title of champion aged 1yr old in my first official 3months competing in the showing -,an astounding achievement even for the best and most outstanding of my highly competitive breed, having only been shown once as a baby puppy.

I actually have nothing mire to prove as show dog as I am a champion, and I more than swiftly gained that most aspired to, and most enviable title ever in my highly competitive breed within 3 months. :)



July 22nd 2013 2:02 am
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Mommy seemed a little tired this morning at 7.00am when she finished cleaning/sanitising all our doggy kennels. She hasn't been at all well the past 6 months being afflicted with a very serious notifiable disease name of Camphylobactor that she contracted eating takeaways on the way home from a dog show on a Sunday night. :(

Might I say at this point that us doggies love having our accommodations kept clean and sanitised (unless you are a manly boy dog), and we love the way mommy and daddy both care and love us all so much.

Daddy got a very distressing phonecall at lunchtime today when he was home for lunch and I was lying in the sun with my head in his lap as he ate his lunch.:(

Georgi's most gentle sister Lucy's owners had arrived home to find their 14yr old Jack Russell terrier cross gasping for breath with a single set of Lucy's teeth puncture wounds around his body.
The wife had completely freaked out and accused Lucy of being a savage dog.

Lucy was dropped off in our driveway by a man with tears in his eyes who told daddy the Jack Russell (who mommy and daddy hadnt been told they had when they bought Lucy) had continually an mercilessly attacked Lucy. :(
The man's wife had freaked out completely despite knowing how badly the injured terrier had continuously attacked Lucy, and declared she never wanted to see Lucy ever again. :(

Now mommy doesn't want to offend any of her friends who own terriers, but mommy would never have a terrier ever, or would ever sell one of us to any household that had a terrier breed. :( In mommys opinion terriers should either be only dogs or kept with their own kind as they are the most annoying group of canines on the whole planet. :(

Poor Lucy. :(

She was very scared to be just dumped in our driveway with all of us here.

Mommy freaked out over the phone when daddy told her about Lucy being here.

"What is wrong with these people?" Mommy asked with extreme upset. "I put do much time and money into breeding fabulous family pets I never make any profit out of, and then they end up being abused by ignorant idiots like this." :(

Lucy is now with us and mommy and daddy hope they can find Lucy a REAL forever loving home, but in the meantime Lucy's staying here with us.


Puppy tales.

July 15th 2013 4:20 am
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I waited and waited for my puppies to come home from the show in the deep south of our island near the bottom of the world last night, but our van and 26 foot trailer was a long time coming home.

Michelle had word earlier in the day it was snowing at the show venue. Daddy had moved our doggy family van, and then our new luxury trailer by remote control to a position that was able to be exited from easily.

Word came through that our Angie (Georg's 15 month old baby) had blitzed the GSDs taking Best Of Breed and then a herding group placing.
My boy baby Digger had won Best Puppy Of Breed for a second day in a row, and Glamour had been sick from stealing Polly's food. :)

It was well after midnight when the familiar lights of our van and our huge luxury trailer drove over the bridge from the road onto our property.

I was so happy to see my babies and smother them with lots of loving licks.

Digger was so proud of his winnings.

Libby loves her new show handler Donna to bits.

Glamour cried because the snow, ice and hail was so cold.

Polly loved running free over Middle Earth.

It was a most wonderful family reunion, and my baby puppies all looked so angelic asleep in their crates in my doggy apartment after I had licked them all thoroughly.

As I drifted off to sleep at about 2am I sat up in a start.
What was it about Polly visiting Middle Earth?
Glamour told me she had run under a fence that led to a Rocky Mountain river.
Digger told me that he walked calmly through a flock of sheep.
Libby reported that Daddy got annoyed after driving 40 mins into Middle Earth from the main highway a bridge was closed.
Polly didn't say anything apart from running free as ever a pup on this earth could ever be. Of running across a majestic landscape of lowland hills laid barren by winter frosts where willows stand stripped naked of their leaves, and rich grassy pastures of long lush grass lie dormant under the earth's cold crust.

Aunty Abigail has moved to Middle Earth, and Polly really enjoyed visiting her on the way back from the show. :)


Holly is a champion.

July 12th 2013 6:42 pm
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My puppies all left with the show team yesterday.
I licked them all goodbye, and then settled into my doggy sitter Michelle's routine along with our doggy boarders.

The phone rang at lunch time with a report on my babies and the extremely exciting news that Holly won the final point to gain her championship title. This is great news as before the show team left home yesterday mommy was saying the competition was really tough and Holly might as well have stayed at home!
To be fair the talks I've been having with Holly must have paid off because she not only won best girl, she also won Best of Breed and a beautiful blue ribbon. :)

Well done Holly, we all knew you could do it. :):):)

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