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Mulder and Me

Walking... IN THE RAIN

August 28th 2009 5:11 pm
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UGG! Mom forced me to run nearly a half-mile today... IN THE RAIN!

Our first walk today was great... I played fetch, we worked on recall (I managed 60ft with no early release! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?), and then she let me play in the creek... we walked the trail, came home. Life was good.

Then she made some peanut butter cookies for her grandmother's birthday... again, life was goooood. I got lots of licks of peanut butter for being such a dashing young gentlemen. Mom says I'm a bit of a picky eater... but not when it comes to peanut butter!

But then... UGG. The last walk of the day. I knew she was pushing her luck going out when she did... the skies were thick and black. But for some reason beyond me, she thought she could beat the rain.

WRONG. Halfway through the trail a DOWNPOUR started. It was terrible... I shook and shook, but that foul wet stuff just wouldn't come off... we had to sprint the last stretch of the track to make it back to the car. We were both soaking wet, so I can only imagine what her car's going to smell like tomorrow... but what did she honestly expect would happen?



They love me! They really love me!

July 31st 2009 6:08 pm
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So today was a great day at the park!!

I didn't get my usual morning walk... it was raining, and mother knows how much I hate getting my paws wet (she says I'm a diva... I say how about YOU walk around in the rain without shoes on, and see how you like it!)

We normally don't ever go out in the late afternoon. Aside from the morning, that's when its the coolest here, and apparently all the crazies like to come out and take advantage of the nice temperature. The last time we went so late, a crazy OFF LEASH Golden Retriever tried to maul me... and her owners LAUGHED about it! Can you believe that?! Mom was NOT happy, and thus refused to go back at this time ever again.

But today we did. It was an all-around pleasant walk, not too many people, but the part I REALLY loved is when this nice group having a cook-out commented on how pretty I am! Mommy of course walked over, and invited them to say hello to me. First a woman came up, and gave me lots of pets. She was such a doll! Then her little girl came up, and asked if I bite... but mommy reassured her that I am indeed a very gentlemanly dog, and would never do such a thing to such a nice little girl. She gave me some pets, and went back to her family. I then proceeded to sniff all around this big square box that humans apparently cook food in... obviously they had prepared all that yummy food just for me, but I couldn't seem to find any of it!

Anyway, the last person to gush over me was very tall, but very friendly man. He commented that he'd never seen an all-black GSD before, so mom gave him a very brief summery about how us East German dogs tend to come in the all-black variety. He seemed very interested, and asked lots of questions about this, which of course mom was very eager to answer! She just loves to brag about me... and honestly, I can't blame her!

But all that talking got boring after a while. Eventually I decided that the football the man had in his hand was WAY cooler than sitting around an listening to mom jabber on. I tried like the dickens to get it from him,but he laughed and seemed to enjoy my playfulness. Eventually he did let me have it, but it was getting late and we had to finish our walk. We said goodbye, and went on our way.

I love days like this! When people actually come up and want to meet me, instead of running the other way!


Dog Dayz of Summer

June 11th 2009 10:09 pm
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I guess it's true what they say... that everyone has their ups and downs in life. Today certainly proved that to me.

So it started out like any other day.... walk in the morning, crash in the evening, then go for another walk later in the evening. Its usually pretty uneventful, and I keep fussing for mother dearest to mix things up a bit, but she argues that there are just so many parks she can take me to. I personally don't see why we can't go into all the fancy-pants buildings around town, but apparently that's a bad idea. Psssh. Humans and their fru-fru rules.

So anyway, about the evening walk.
I've been wearing the doggie backpack again lately, as mom says it wears me out quicker. This is untrue. However, it DOES serve as an effective tool for attracting attention to myself. People like to ask if I'm a service dog... not quite, though I do provide the very important service of carrying mom's keys and cell phone around for her. Where would she be without me? I ASK YOU!

Not all people are quite so interested in me. As we made our way down the walking trail, a man and woman started approaching from behind. The trail is pretty narrow, with one side being a lake, and the other a tree line... mom always tries to be appeasing in such situations, and moved us both over as far as she could so the people could pass. But for some reason this lady didn't seem to practice the same type of courtesy. She was so close when she passed by, that she might as well have been petting me.
Now, I have no problem with this... however, I do demand that in such situations I be allowed to share the same level of intimacy that this lady seemed to have been sharing with me. So I sniffed her butt as she passed. WAS IT SUCH A CRIME? What a hateful look she gave me... and what's worse, mom tugged at my collar and gave a firm "no!" correction. I mean seriously... she invaded my personal space first! I'm not allowed to do the same in return?

But you know how it goes... dog's gotta chase a stick, and if that's where she chose to keep one, then how is that my problem?

Moving right along, things DID get better. As I passed by the playground, a woman and her small son flagged us down. Apparently she'd had GSDs as a kid... or something along those lines... I was more interested in the little boy and his handful of tasty cheesy things. He didn't seem too keen on sharing at first, but something about my devilishly good looks must have turned him around as he did eventually toss a few on the ground... and let me just say, they were NUMMY NUM NUM! And wouldn't you know it, the lady who owned the boy was nice enough to drop a few too! After some pets and complements, we were off yet again to finish our walk.

Too bad things couldn't end on such a high note. As we were walking back across the trail, we encountered yet more people... this time a man and a woman, accompanied by both a fur and non fur kid. Mom could tell by the look on the man's face, who was holding the family hound, that something wasn't totally right about the situation, but the woman seemed very friendly and smiley... so when fido started pulling towards us, I did the same in return... I mean, what pup WOULDN'T want to meet me? And I'm certainly always up to making new friends. Still, though, mom kept her eyes on us. The nice lady asked about my backpack, and just as mom broke her focus on me to answer the question, this strange guy goes on the offensive! I mean out of nowhere he just lunges at me, teeth and all! I was scared furless, and made a hasty retreat back to mom... who apologized, for reasons unknown. The man was all googly eyed and made a retreat of his own from the scene, Cujo in tow, though the lady was polite and apologetic about it. I don't think mom was too phased by it... but I sure was! I mean that dude was scary!

Luckily at the very end of the day I got a playdate with the neighborhood dog down the street. Its always nice to have a pleasant ending to an otherwise hectic day. Overall, I'd say today was a keeper!


Of Pit Bulls and Shepherds... and little old ladies at the- park

May 30th 2009 11:39 pm
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So here's something you may or may not know about me:
I'm a total stud.

Yes, its a fact that cannot be denied. The ladies just go nuts for me.
But for all my stud muffinry, I know my true love will always be Roxie-baby, my Pit Bull sweetheart (er, well, Pit Bull mix. As far as in-laws go, mom was a pure amstaff... dad was a good fence jumper).

The two of us are like peanut butter and bacon... delicious when separate, but REALLY delicious when together.

So you can imagine my heartbreak when I found out she was leaving me for the Sunshine State. Its hard for me to picture my little country gal as a frothy beach babe... but I know in doing so she's trading in the confinement of apartment life for a big house, and a fenced yard. The Ameridog Dream. Needless to say, I'm trying to be happy for her.

Luckily I got a chance to see her off proper, as mom arranged it so that she stayed with us while her people made the big move. I tried to soak as much enjoyment out of those two days as dogly possible. We went on a hike together, took turns harassing the cats, went for a refreshing dip in the local mud hole, and even 'snuck' a nap on mom's clean bed while soaking wet after our baths (see aforementioned mud hole incident). Truly, it was heaven.

On our last day together, mom took us to the local park for a relaxing walk. As it turns out, a Little League game was being played on the field that day, so our usual secluded getaway was quite the bustling hotspot. Roxie of course took everything in stride... but I just can't seem to help myself in crowed places. There's just TOO MANY people not paying attention to me... being ignored on such a large scale really gets to a guy.

Anyway, at one point or another mom decided to delay my progress of sniffing every possible person, rock and pooch in the park, by bending down to tie her shoe. My Roxie-girl thought it would be best to wait with her as she finished up, but I felt confident to continue on without them. In the meantime, the most tempting little old lady strutted by with her Boston Terrier. This little guy looked intensely nervous, so I figured I better head on over to see what the deal was... after all, it was quite possible he knew something I didn't. Figured it'd be best to get the 411 beforehand, just in case I had to be on high alert for the rest of our walk (I did, after all, have two helpless ladies in my charge).

But wouldn't you know it, the second I walk up to make pleasantries, this old lady goes nuts-o on that little dog. Yanks him clear off the ground by just his collar and leash. I've never seen a human's eyes bug out so big, and she sure scooted off in a hurry. Mom looked pretty annoyed by the whole incident, especially after the lady shot us all some pretty venomous looks.

I guess she just didn't realize she was in good company.

Though I find it hard to believe anyone would be uncomfortable around a Pit Bull and a German Shepherd.

Different strokes for different folks, i suppose.

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