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11th of September: First CGC Class!

September 13th 2010 10:44 am
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Today was our first day of CGC class. There are only 3 dogs in the class, all German Shepherds! It was you, a black and tan girl named Schatzi, and Kohl our trainer’s black GSD. What a pretty group you were! The class went well. The only new things we did were stands and emergency downs, which you understood quickly. We will have to practice those. I think they will both come in handy!

One of the items on the test is a supervised 3-minute down-stay while the handler is out of sight. Our trainer watched you and Schatzi while we (the 2 handlers) hid behind a wall of bushes. We did three sets of down-stays, one for 3 minutes, 4 minutes, and 5 minutes. You only got up a few times (and went straight back down when I asked). By the last time you only got up once, and that was because a man with two dogs walked up to where I was (you usually check if I’m ok). I think with some practice it’ll be no problem.

What I was really excited about, though, was how the class started. There was a group of basic obedience before us, and I started a conversation with a man standing there. He asked me about you, and went to pet you, and I stopped him. I told him he could throw your Frisbee if he wanted, so he did. I didn’t even have to facilitate, you brought it straight back to him! After the second throw he petted you on the head. I asked him to stop because some of the dogs in class were getting distracted, and you let him pet you while he was kneeling down. That’s a first!

Another man walked up and started talking to me about what type of dog you were. He said his wife had a Beauceron, and that your body type was exactly like her dog’s. While he was going over every characteristic, he was pointing them out to me and ‘examining’ you. He leaned over, and pointed at your dewclaws, stuck his finger in your face to show me how your nose is hooked at the end, pointed at your feet to mention the color, etc. You stood there VERY patiently. I was so proud of you! You are usually sensitive when people get so close to you (at any point in time any body part of his was only a foot or less away!) but for some reason you weren’t phased. What a good girl!


10th of September: Analyzation

September 13th 2010 10:42 am
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I had my long awaited appointment with someone at CU’s Psychiatric Department to talk about the possibility of bringing you to school with me next semester (or the next…) I was extremely nervous, and had a really hard time keeping my thoughts together. She asked me a few questions and my mind went totally blank… for example, she asked “How my symptoms manifest”. For some reason that simple sentence was completely out of my range of comprehension. I asked her four times to repeat the question, and I couldn’t think of a single thing.

I was able to talk about you, though. This was the part of the appointment I have been rehearsing forever. I told her about PSDs (gave her a brochure too) and explained how you help me. Though I could only think of a few examples… again, brain malfunction.

We talked a lot about my symptoms (the basic ones I could remember) and how they affect how I function. She asked me if I would think about taking time off of school to “take care of myself”. I asked her what she meant, and she suggested I drop out of my classes and go to an IN-PATIENT FACILITY. Whaaat? I told her that would only make things worse for me… especially with my travel anxiety, and not being able to be away from home. I explained to her that I already had an idea of the treatment I wanted to go through to get over this. I have 11 years of school ahead of me, and I can’t take ANOTHER year off to ‘take care of myself’. I probably should, but it would really mess up the way I’m living right now… I’m not so sure which would be more stressful; Being stuck as an in-patient and feeling like I’m not going anywhere in life for another year, or gritting my teeth and powering through it. I’m voting to power through it.

She looked very confused. I told her that I think the problem I have with seeing psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists (and the problem we were running into at the moment) is that I KNOW what’s wrong with me. I don’t need someone else to tell me. For god’s sake, I’m a psychology major! I’ve assessed myself head to toe from the inside out a million times over. My ‘traumatic event’ was age 14-15. I didn’t talk to anyone about it until I was 18. I spent four YEARS in my own head, picking myself apart over this. I know myself pretty well by now, and I can see that meds make things tolerable. EMDR made things worse. Hypnotherapy made things TONS worse. And I can tell you right now, being an in-patient would drive me over the edge.

I told her I had talked to my psychiatrist about doing BioFeedback (or NeuroFeedback, though that isn’t covered by insurance so…) to work on monitoring my stress reactions. I want to take a stress-related group therapy to help me learn new coping skills, and hopefully socialize myself with people who will understand. I am going to call the lady who specializes in learning disabilities and see if she can help me with my school-work problems. On top of all that, I want Mina with me to help me stay functional.

She told me she was very impressed by me, and that I was an anomaly (wonderful… an anomaly). But she saw my problem… I come across as fairly normal because I try my hardest not to show my feelings and be emotional. I’m a smart person, and she could tell by the way I speak. I can see what’s wrong with me, and have so many great goals in mind, but am hindered by ‘all this shit’. (yes, her words)

I don’t remember much after this point. I was really relieved that finally someone was able to see through me. I wasn’t getting in the way of myself anymore. She went to talk to someone about disability services and about the PSD idea in general, and came back with some paperwork. I can’t remember what she said about it, but she made appointments for me to see a psychiatrist and a therapist.

I really hope this works out… this could very well determine the course of the rest of my life. At 19, that's a really scary thought.


9th of September: Reality Check

September 13th 2010 10:39 am
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Today I went to see my psychiatrist. It was just a quick check-in, but we talked about some pretty upsetting stuff…

I have been having a really difficult time learning. I can’t seem to understand the information in my text books. I can’t remember to do my homework. Things are just falling apart, no matter how hard I try to keep it all together. I am trying SO hard to do well at school, and things are just not working out for me. I spend hours a night reading and taking notes out of my text books. I pay attention in class. I write every assignment down in my planner, and still I’m not falling into routine. Things aren’t getting easier, but more overwhelming.
The worst part is, I used to be so good at this! Knowing that I was able to do this once, and well, and with little to no effort is so upsetting when all I do now is struggle and struggle and yet have nothing to show for it. I graduated high school in three years with a B average. Then I went to my first semester of college and everything crashed and burned. I can feel it going that way again, and there’s this feeling of desperation rising inside me… I’m trying so hard to hold on to my goals, my dreams, and myself, but it’s all just slipping out of my grasp…

Seeing how upset with myself I was, my psychiatrist asked if I had rejected that my condition was the cause of all this. I asked her what she meant, and she said “Your PTSD”. I thought about it, and told her that no, I didn’t reject it. I just had no idea it would affect me to this extent…

She referred me to a lady who specializes in learning disabilities and teaching people with them to cope. Now, that phrase scares me. “Learning disability”. I have 11 years of school ahead of me… the goal of being a psychiatrist with an MD/PhD degree, and … a learning disability?

I know it’s a product of my PTSD, but it is messing with my plans for the future either way. I’m sure it’s temporary, but I don’t have my whole life to work through this! I want to be a college student! I want to go to classes. I want to learn new things, expand my horizons… I want to have friends. I want to have FUN. The more I try the more I feel it’s just not going to happen the way I’ve pictured it.
Sorry for the rant…



September 13th 2010 10:38 am
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Today we went to a fair! Well, we cheated. It was at the very very end, but it was still a fair! We first sat by Boulder Creek and you played fetch in the water to get some energy out. We met a really cool guy and his boxer dog named Tyson. He’s travelled across Europe too, and to many more places than I have been! He’s also a photographer who specializes in architecture. It was really cool to meet someone so like-minded. It’s really amazing how comfortable I can be talking to strangers with you around. It’s not that I think you’ll protect me, but you give me a focus that I can’t compare to anything else. It was nice to be able to have a good interaction like that for once.

Anyway, it was about 7 pm. I had been planning on bringing you to the fair tonight because it would bring so many great opportunities for socialization. I wanted you to walk through the crowds, see the children running (and screaming… inevitable, it seems), and watch the amusement park rides moving. But we were too late! Apparently the fair had taken place during the day, and we arrived after it was over.
There were still quite a few people around, though. The half of the fair I was most interested in was closed down, but we heard music in the distance and walked towards the other side of the park. There were many people gathered around a small amphitheatre there (Boulder has a thing for live music), and there was plenty of cheering, clapping, and loud music. You seemed a bit stressed, but took it all in stride.

Chris wanted something to drink, so we walked into the food court. It was a small area, maybe 100x100 yards. We have never been so close to this much food, and so many smells! You didn’t even try to sniff any of the counters as we walked by… I was so proud of you! We passed a big fluffy Samoyed. I think you were surprised when it popped up to look at you, but we walked past no problem (good job! Just months ago you would have made a scene!). We sat at a table (there were about 16 of them, only 2 were occupied) and Chris went to get his ‘Hawaiian shaved ice’ drink. We sat down there and you waited patiently (albeit a bit anxiously) while we shared it. I treated you every time a person walked by. After about 3 minutes you settled down and relaxed. The time for you to get relaxed is growing shorter and shorter. I’m so happy to see YOU happy about being out with us.

On our way out, we walked past one of those bungee jumping trampoline things. There were 3 girls bouncing up and down. You didn’t notice at all. Sometimes I wonder how you survived on the streets of New York for so long… you don’t notice anything! You waited patiently (and quietly) while I spoke to a man about you. I am getting very good at answering questions calmly… this socialization is great for the both of us. I was surprised you didn’t bark when he came up to us in the dark. Good job! When we were nearing the car, there was a PACK of children running back and forth across the sidewalk and bike path screaming. There were five of them, and a lady pushing an empty stroller. I asked Chris to help me body block them if they tried to come close, but luckily we just made it in time to synchronize with them running to the OTHER side of the path. Perfect. No reaction from you at all.



September 11th 2010 7:17 pm
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It’s been a while since I’ve written, and so much has happened. I’ll try to be quick and stay objective.  On the 15th of August we moved from Erie to a place up in the mountains near Golden, Colorado. It’s beautiful up here… so quiet and serene. We don’t have to hear the cars driving by all night anymore, though there is a train. I like the train, though.

I think you’re just starting to settle in here. The first few nights were really difficult for you. You must have smelled and heard all the wild animals walking around outside (between Chris and I, we’ve seen foxes, raccoons, skunks, plenty of squirrels and chipmunks, and a BOBCAT!) and were extremely anxious… pacing around the house, panting, pupils HUGE… you were having a really hard time. I tried my best to calm you down, but there’s only so much I can do when you get to that state. Luckily you’ve calmed down a lot since then. Though you still have a hard time going out by yourself (I mean, any city girl would feel the same way!), you’re getting over it.

You even made a friend from around the neighborhood the other day. He’s a Siberian Husky, and his name is Magnus. He lives up the street, but his person lets him wander around during the day. One day he showed up and ran into the house! Of course, you weren’t happy with this so I had to push you both outside. But once outside you two played for HOURS… it was so nice to see you play! And he’s been teaching you well. I hope he comes around more often, I think he’s good for you! (you also seem to be searching for him every morning when I let you out… cute.) He comes in every once in a while. I think this will be a great opportunity to work on your possessiveness around other dogs.

I started school on the 23rd. I won’t get into that, but I’ve been quite a mess. Things have been really difficult for me, trying to keep myself organized, grounded, and functioning. My psychiatrist prescribed me Xanax… it helps a lot, but I don’t like to use it because it makes me so sleepy. I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I’d like training you, so we’ve fallen behind a bit. But I think I’m starting to get the hang of my schedule, so hopefully things will start working out better for us. This coming Friday I have an appointment with a school p-doc or t-doc of some sort to discuss accommodations… I’m terrified of this appointment. I’ll write more on it as it gets closer I’m sure…

On a positive note, next Saturday we start our obedience class with our trainer again. This time you’re fully enrolled, and will take the CGC test at the end of the class (late October). We’re doing so well… I have it in my mind that we’ll pass!

Other than that, here are a few of the other strange things we’ve encountered over the past few weeks:

- We got stuck at a railroad crossing the other day for over a half hour when the train decided to stop halfway across the tracks to let another pass. We were at the front of the line, right near the tracks, so we heard the loudest of the wheels screeching, brakes hissing, and those stupid dinging indicators going off constantly! Great desensitization for the both of us… it didn’t take long at all for you to calm down and ignore it.

- We were playing at the park in Boulder the other day (that’s where we go now to play, because it’s the only place with a field we can access). We met two men, one who was mentally handicapped. He was VERY interested in you, and I was worried that he might do something out of the blue and scare you. You did SO well with him. He said that he had been bitten by a dog when he was younger, and the other man said that this would be a healing experience for the both of you. I like the way he thinks.  I passed your Frisbee to him, and he threw it for you. I only had to take it from you and pass it TWICE before you went straight to him and gave it up! This is wonderful, it usually takes you over 5 times! Before long you two were playing like you’ve known each other for months. He was down on the ground rolling and pulling the Frisbee, and you were trying to drag him across the grass. Usually you only do this with me! He was kneeling and asking you to sit, and you let him touch your face. He even brought his face 3 inches from yours, and all you did was look at him. (of course, I explained to him he shouldn’t do that, just in case!) You obeyed his commands, even as he started making up his own. I’m so glad you had this experience with him. I think, like the second man was saying, that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the both of you to heal together. It was amazing to watch. I’m so proud of you, Mina, for helping him out. I truly think underneath the fear, it’s in your nature. I am also so relieved to know that you won’t react badly to people with strange mannerisms, such as those who are mentally handicapped. We’ve passed multiple people in walkers, wheelchairs (the regular kind and electric ones), walking with canes, etc, but this was a completely different situation and a big worry of mine. You passed with flying colors. I am SO PROUD of you.

- Speaking of strange mannerisms, we’ve also run into a few drunken bums in Boulder. They swagger around, and one of them was talking complete jibberish. They’re usually wearing strange clothes too. You didn’t seem to mind them too much.

- Another day at the park a man made a lewd comment while walking behind me. I totally freaked, almost tripped over you, and had an anxiety attack. You didn’t react to him at all. Instead, you walked by me and led me to our usual place that we play fetch. I was able to sit down and relax. You’re so good!

- Just yesterday we were at the 29th Street Mall and I had gotten myself a smoothie. We were sitting at an outside table, and a man walked by. He scared me, and I accidentally (somehow) dropped my smoothie on the floor. It spilled everywhere. I was totally embarrassed and upset. (especially since I had gotten the smoothie because I was feeling down, as a pick-me-up) I had an anxiety attack… things just WEREN’T working out for me, and the instant I started my strange breathing pattern you were in my lap. None of that silly stuff you do at home (like leaning into me, trying to roll over so I can pet your tummy), just a perfectly executed ‘lap up’. You stayed there until I asked you to get down. This was probably the 4th or 5th time I’ve had an anxiety attack in public with you, and each time you’ve done so well. I can’t wait for us to pass our CGC and PAT!


10th of August: Out of a Job

August 10th 2010 6:17 pm
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It seems, Moose, that we've been fired. :( Not by our faults at all, but because new laws in the industry we were working in dictate that anyone working in a shop like ours must be 21. Unfortunately, I'm only 19. The boss said "December is coming close!" and I had to remind him that this December I'm still only going to be 20.

I am very upset about this. I thought I had finally found a job that I could make work! It was low stress enough that I could handle it, and on top of that, you were allowed to come even though you aren't a SD. I can't think of another job that would work as well as this. And on top of that, I was counting on the money for funding more professional training help for us. Oh well, I guess it's back to group classes...

On a positive note, I was able to save up enough money to send for the nice people at to start your custom harness! Here's a link to their harness page:

I can't wait to hear back from them. I've sent them sketches of my exact plan, as well as some example pictures of harnesses I like that I found online. A week or so ago I ordered sample swatches for water-proof fabrics online. I am planning on ordering some of this fabric to make sidebags to fit onto your harness! It's going to be great.

We also spent some time working on training today. We went to the 29th Street Mall in Boulder and walked around. You sat nicely by me while I balanced my checkbook. I wanted you to get used to people walking by. We rode both the escalator and elevator (you are getting more comfortable with the elevator, the escalator was something new and you were a bit freaked out! But you did well)

There are a few shops there that are dog-friendly, so you came with me on a short walk through Victoria's Secret. You were very curious of one of the stuffed PINK dogs standing in the window! We spent some time in the room with all the perfume. You were not interested in sniffing at all.

Then we crossed the street and went to this sock store. I bought 3 pairs of new socks, and we practiced your "vor" (in front) command, where you are supposed to sit in front of me sideways while I look at merchandise, etc.

We visited 2 different sunglasses shops, Solstice and The Sunglass Hut. The people there were very nice, and you did so well with them approaching us! No reaction at all. One of the ladies told me you were allowed in, but if you were to start knocking glasses off the wall we'd have to leave. You behaved perfectly, and even though your "vor" command required you to stand in front of me, between me and the wall of sunglasses, you didn't knock a single one off!

I have to say, today was a perfect low-key training day. Good job, Moose!


6th of August: Brittany and Nikki Came to Visit

August 7th 2010 1:05 pm
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We FINALLY got to meet Brittany and Nikki! They were on their way to the Gathering, and stayed at our place for a few days. I had a really great time, learning sign language and ALL sorts of great new training tricks!

We did so many things! On the first day (Tuesday) we introduced you and Nikki. It went very well! We started off at the dog park, then took a walk around our block. Then we brought the both of you into the back yard, and then into the house. Brittany taught me a new technique called "Claiming space", in which I stand in front of you and walk forward a little until you sit down. I'm not so sure what the point was, but it sure worked! There were next to no problems between you and Nikki!

On Wednesday we went on a short walk in the morning, then took you two out to Twin Lakes in Boulder to go swimming. Nikki loves to swim just as much as you do! As we were playing, dark clouds started to roll in. Then came the thunder and lightening... we thought it would pass (as many storms do here), but it only got worse. The thunder got so loud, that even Brittany could hear it!

The water on the lake was very choppy, and you AND Nikki managed to lose your toys! The toy I we were playing with is one of my favorites, because it's the only one you haven't lost in the water. it's bright green, and I think because of that it contrasts with the water enough for you to see it well.

I was experiencing inner turmoil, but decided it was worth diving into the lake to retrieve it. I swam about 50 yards out to get it, you in tow. You were whining - probably because you realized how dangerous it is to be swimming in open water during a lightening storm (not to mention all the beasties that may lurk beneath the surface...) Finally I reached it. On the way back, we were able to retrieve Nikki's tennis ball as well!

The four of us ran soaking to our cars, and had to return home to change. After we were situated in dry clothes, Brittany, Nikki and I decided to go grocery shopping. You couldn't come because you aren't a SD, and I could tell you were bummed not to be coming with us. :(

At the store, Brittany asked me to help her with Nikki's alerts to people talking to her. Because Brittany is deaf, Nikki is supposed to step on her foot to alert her to people trying to talk to her. I felt so silly, standing there saying "Hey! how are you doing? It's been such a long time! What a cute dog you have!" because I couldn't think of anything else! Then I started naming every product I could see, which I'm sure seemed even more silly.

Nikki did so well at the grocery store! I think you would be tortured with all the smells. We will wait for food places until last, I think.

Thursday we spent the day training. We took you and Nikki swimming again to get some energy out, then went to the 29th street mall (outdoor and dog-friendly) to do some exercises. We saw another SDiT! She was wearing a purple vest. The handler asked if you and Nikki were SDs, and I told her Nikki was a hearing dog, and you were just being socialized. I asked if her dog was a psych dog (purple vest), but she said she was being trained for medical response. Maybe she was afraid to tell us? I sure hope not! It would have been great to meet another PSD out of the blue!

At the mall, we practiced the elevator, walking up and down stairs nicely, and introduced you to a stuffed bear rocking chair thing. You were very interested in him. We had our second drive-by petting, and not a peep from you once again! This time it was a child.

Brittany let a couple pet Nikki. I hope we can get there someday soon!

Friday we spent the day at the house getting Brittany and Nikki ready for the Gathering. We did a lot of talking about training methods, etc. Even though they were here for 4 days, it seemed like such a short time! I do hope they can meet up with us here again, there are so many things I'd like to show them!

As you know, I am not very good with meeting people. Its very difficult for me to make friends because of this. It is so nice to have a good interaction with a friend after almost a year of being alone. Luckily Brittany and I share the same need for people to be up-front, and worry about the same types of interactions. I think she makes a great friend for me, and it seemed you made good friends with Nikki too! (You tried to follow her into her car when they started to leave!)

I'm sure we'll be meeting again sometime soon. Brittany wants us to attend a Pack to Basics socialization class, so I think we'll be heading out to Utah next month!

Now to work on some more training. :)


31st of July: Boulder Park and Farmer's Market

July 31st 2010 3:46 pm
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Today we spent some time in Boulder Park. We had to drop Chris off at work (because his car was totalled in the accident), so afterward I decided to take you down to Boulder Creek to swim some energy off. I have been hesitant to play fetch with you because
1. you play hard,
2. you don't seem to feel pain when you're having fun, and
3. I am trying to make sure your body is ok after that crash, and we don't want any excessive exercise to exacerbate any problem you may have that could be healed with rest.

We spent at least a half hour at the creek in the water. It's great for socialization on Saturdays, because it seems a lot of people like to gather in the park. Lots of families (with running/screaming children), some barbecues, people floating by on inner tubes, hippies laying on blankets with their dogs (some aggressive and barking at the end of their leashes - good practice for you to walk by just in case...)

While you were fetching sticks in the water, there were plenty of people floating by on inner tubes. The first ones decided to come to shore right where we were playing. You were very weirded out by the inner tubes! After the second one passed you didn't seem to care. Later on, a couple actually ran into us on theirs! It was funny. You didn't care, just kept asking me to throw your stick for you (as we were all jumbled up!). As I pushed them back into the stream, I was afraid you were going to pop them with your stick!

There were plenty of kids in the water too. You totally ignored them. There was a band of them (about 5) trying to walk upstream. They passed you, shouting to each other, screeching, and just having fun. You didn't mind at all. They came back downstream a little while later (I assume they gave up), shouting and screeching again. No problem! One actually asked about you, and I offered for him to throw your stick for you. He happily obliged, and we talked a little while longer about Shepherds. :)

Finally, after our supply of sticks was exhausted (you lost them all!) we headed over to the Farmer's Market.

Our mission was to find Dominic, one of our coworkers, and ask him to work Chris' shift today so he can take some time off to heal. He has a stand at the Farmer's Market for Quinoa, a type of grain with lots of protein. That's all I know about it. Dom says he works there every Saturday morning, but Mari (another one of our coworkers) says he's never there. So we (by we I mean I, dragging you along) went to investigate.

I brought your Wubba and a supply of treats. There was plenty of distraction, and you had no interest in the treats. The Wubba is your high-value treat when working around people, so I kept it to myself until later.

We walked down the path with all the bicycles whizzing by. There were flocks of people, and a few dogs. We walked behind two small dogs with their owner, and one turned around and barked at you! You looked away. There was another person walking two dogs straight towards us, and that you didn't seem too happy with, so we crossed the path and let them pass.

We continued to the Farmer's Market. On the outskirts, there were plenty of dogs sitting with their people on blankets. You passed them all without a sound. I could tell they made you a little uncomfortable though, because you put your head down and your ears back as we walked by. Each time, I threw you the Wubba and let you play for a minute.

You were doing so well! I stopped every block of stands to take you aside and toss the Wubba for you. I feel like that helps you calm down so much. We walked among the stands at the Farmer's Market, weaving between groups of people. There were dogs there, too, but you didn't care about them. I think you were paying attention to the hustle and bustle instead of fixating on anyone or any dog.

(Though there was a taxidermied brown bear at one of the stands, and you were so very interested in him. I let you take a quick sniff, but there was a 'no touching' sign on him, so I moved on quickly. I guess on second thought there wasn't a 'no sniffing' sign, so we might have been safe!)

We were able to cover the whole area, without sign of Dom or his stand. :p I guess Mari was right, he wasn't there!

At any rate, I'm SO proud of you! This was a totally new situation (for the both of us!) and we did really well. There was no reactivity AT ALL from you. I think in a few visits you'll have this under your belt!

P.S. We also experienced our first 'drive by petting'. There was a man and a woman walking their bicycles towards us. The man reached his arm down and pet you as he passed, and all you did was look at him and keep walking (albeit a little faster). Good job! God knows you reacted MUCH better than I would have... haha

Also, we started a conversation with a trucker outside our workplace. The trucker said he also had a GSD, and we talked about how great you guys are! He mentioned that his dog was afraid of the air brakes, and I was curious to see how you'd react. He let a little air out, and all you did was tilt your head and look at the truck curiously. Good girl!


29th of July: Car Accident

July 29th 2010 7:45 pm
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Tonight you got into a car accident with Chris.

I was supposed to meet with a friend I met through work for coffee, so around 4:30 pm I sent you home with Chris. I thought it would be courteous for us to meet first without you, because your manners aren't where I'd like them to be yet. At 5:15 (as the girl was JUST arriving) I got a call from Chris saying he had gotten into a pretty bad car accident. I asked if the two of you were ok, and he said yes. I asked if I should come, and he said yes.

I drove as quickly (as was safe...) as I could to you. When I arrived at the scene, I saw two ambulances and a cop car flashing their lights. I'm so glad Chris had told me you two were ok, I think I might have broken down right there. I saw Chris's car far up closer to the traffic light, a green Jeep behind him, and to the left (going in the other direction) a black car in the field.

I parked and ran past all the police officers when I saw Chris walking with two EMTs. He said he was ok, and that you were still in the car. A police officer gave me a look like "What are you doing here?" and I got flustered and stuttered that you were my dog, in the car crashed up front. He told me I could go get you.

After we got you safely into my car, I went to see Chris to talk to him (I know when I'm stressed talking to someone at all helps keep me grounded). He told me how well you did after the crash. The airbags deployed, and as soon as the car stopped he opened the door and fell onto the road. A man (ex-police officer who happened to see the accident) ran over to help him.

The man reached into the car to turn it off, and as soon as he backed out you jumped out into the road to check on Chris. The man held your collar and tried to pull you back into the car, but you wouldn't leave his side. It wasn't until Chris put you back in himself that you relented.

You know, people have told me that you being protective would be a very bad thing in an emergency situation. Not that I want you to be protective, but it being inherent to your nature, I think you did really well. You are equally as protective of Chris as you are of me, and you passed this test with flying colors. You were protective in your own way - you wouldn't leave Chris' side until he dismissed you, but you weren't aggressive at all. (You even let the strange man hold your collar, which you would NOT do now in any other situation!)


27th of July: Oops!

July 27th 2010 12:22 pm
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Wow, I've let our training log fall behind! Every time we go out, I rehearse what I'm going to write here. Unfortunately, it seems my brain then pushes the idea aside as if I've already executed it.

I think I need some help discerning my thoughts and dreams from reality... I'm not so sure if I should be worried about this. I can't think of anything I can train you to help me, either. That's no good...

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