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Our foster- Maggie

Rainbow Bridge

July 26th 2012 11:59 am
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After getting the email about Shelbie passing over the bridge, I asked the rescue how Maggie was doing. She hadn't heard anything since last year. She must have contacted Maggie's owner because she just emailed me that Maggie passed on July 2. Two of our fosters crossed over this month. I know Maggie must have enjoyed her remaining years being the resident dog for a nursing home where she got all the attention she wanted.


Good Luck Maggie

June 26th 2009 8:36 am
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Maggie was adopted today. She will be the community dog at a home for the senile. There will be 30 residents just waiting to give her attention, she should love that.


Diary of the day

May 14th 2009 1:43 am
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What do you know, Maggies diary entry is Dogsters diary of the day for today, pretty cool. Hopefully Maggie gets some exposure from it.


May days

May 13th 2009 4:09 am
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We've had Maggie for a couple weeks now. She was rather matted when we got her. The first thing we did was get her groomed. She looked much improved after grooming. I like her fur, nice and straight, easy to brush. Unlike my other crew members with their cow licks and curls. It's hard to keep them looking good.

Once I was at the groomers, I discovered one thing about Maggie. She was absolutely frightened of the flight of stairs. She hid behind a plant and I had to carry her down. Coming back up was the same. At home, she isn't frightened at the sight of our stairs to the 2nd floor, but she won't go too near them. Outside the porch has two steps to the yard. She has no problems with that.

She is very obedient and will come or stay when told. She knows basic commands, sit, stay, come, paw, and speak. She doesn't wander off too much and walks fine on leash.

She was on the thin side when we got her and that may be what's causing our only minor problem, she's a bit aggressive with food. When we first got her she would push the others out of the way to get to the treats being given out. She'd also at dinner woof down her food and push the others out of the way to eat their food. She wouldn't try to fight over it, Bows wouldn't let her get away with it and would chase her off. Bows is half her size and Maggie wouldn't mess with her when she stood her ground. She is getting better. She is learning patience and doesn't push as much with the treats. She also takes it gently from me, not snatching it. Some have suggested feeding her in another room, but I think we can get her out of this behavior instead.

She's very friendly. On the first day we got her she wagged her tail as soon as she saw me (a good judge of character ;-) ). An hour later she was laying down at my feet while I sat at the table. On a number of occasions, she has tried to play with the others, but they are being knuckleheads and won't play with other dogs. I'm getting her to play more with me. She gets playful when I play the grabbing at her mouth game and she has played a little tug of war with me. She won't play fetch at all so far.

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Maggie May- ADOPTED!


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