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My New Life

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My last diary entry! I've found a furever home!!

October 24th 2009 9:31 am
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Hi Tania,
As a matter of fact he adopted a couple of weeks ago to an older couple that adopted a female beagel from me a few years ago.He is in a large outside pen with a 10 year old Golden Retiever and goes for a 4 wheel run over 40 acres everyday.These are quality people that have a also warm room for them in the winter.He has free standing food at all times and they just love him and he was ready to go with them,jumped or gave it his best shot right into the back of thier truck and sat with a very good look on his face until he was shut in.No barks or out of order attitude at all from him.So he is a happy camper and we done good....
Leetta % Have a Heart


Update on the previous owner story

July 15th 2009 11:49 am
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I forgot to update you all on how the meeting with Buddy's previous owner went - thanks for the reminders ;) :
Last weekend his friend John came over to our site and said that Mark would be down in a little bit. I told John that if Mark hadn't gotten over what happened with the Buddy situation that he should just go tell him right now not to bother because I was in WAY too good of a mood to deal with it at that moment.
John said that Mark was really PO'd at first, but had gotten over it since then. Mark showed up at our site and not a word was mentioned. I was still guarded throughout the weekend as he has a tendency to all of a sudden go off, but nothing happened. He gave me one of the biggest hugs that he has ever given me and we never talked about it at all - YAY!!
I'm assuming that he eventually either realized on his own, or someone helped him to realize, that the events that happened were in Buddy's best interest and that he is in a much better place now than he ever was with either of us and the suject will never come up again. Of coarse, I didn't tell him that I was going to see him on Saturday either:)
Thank you all for keeping us in your pawrayers with that situation - the POP really DOES work!! :)


Daily Diary Pick?!

July 15th 2009 5:56 am
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Well...butter my cute labbie behind and call me a biscuit! I'm the Daily Diary Pick today!! Thank you Dogster for my mug on the front page so everypup can read my story!


My newest update from Leetta!!

July 14th 2009 3:30 pm
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Here is Buddy's latest update...I really hope I can make it up there to see him this weekend!! Sounds like she is considering adopting him out soon!!!!!!
Hi Tania,
Buddy doesn't forget anything and I'm sure he hasn't forgotten you,you brought him here and took him from what made him so angry and he has become a very happy dog these days.I even told a short puggy lady that has a short puggy husband to come together and meet him when they had the time.They haven't yet but in due time.
He has a differant attitude inside a fence than out with some people.
If he is out and has made his walk around the pasture and a man he hadn't liked 2 other times when he came up to his pen wis in the pasture walking he goes up to him as if he has always been here with no bad manners at all, So his love is growing.Its becomming more and more of him each day.He loves his sticks,the bigger the better,he has a 10 month old Shephard/rot that is his best buddy.He beats him"Buddy " up with pleasure and Buddy just says OK when your done we'll keep running around.They are very cute together.You could bring a 50lb of good dog food if you wanted.What I feed him he has lost no wieght on but it is not the good stuff.Can't afford that for all I have.
Which day were you planning on comming this way?
I ride horse when I can is all I just need to know the day and approimate time
Hope to see you soon.
Leetta % Have a Heart


Another Update from Leetta!

June 19th 2009 2:00 pm
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Buddy is doing very very GOOD.He has loved the company of people that have come in and his anger is only at dogs that show it to him.But he hs none for humans since his first couple of days.He listnes extremely well and has had no food issues at all in his pen that he shares with 3 other dogs. A female pitbull keeps him in line but then she is the only female int he pen so go figure who rules.He really loves me and I always get a roll into and a kiss every day, he gets walked twice a day because the pitbull is on leash so she gets walked in the morning and the Saints get walked at night and therefore Buddy too.Love works good on him and the best is it is working with him.Thank You for keeping up on him,
Leetta % Have a Heart


The inevitable has happened

June 8th 2009 10:43 am
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Well, my former owner has found out the entire story about me and is rip, roaring PO'd at the lady that saved me. He totally went off on a friend of hers last week.
He is a mean, mean man, and is even meaner when he is drunk - which, at least when she sees him, is most of the time. So could you all please pray for her to have the courage and strength to face him when he comes around, NOT to kill him and that he will be unable to inflict any injury on her? Me, Abby, Shadow, her and her hubby would really appreciate it! She knows that there aren't many that will back her up on this, because everyone that knows him is pretty much afraid of him.
It won't be for at least a couple of weeks because her and the man are going on vacation and won't be at the camper for two weeks, and that is where she always sees him.
Who knows - maybe he will realize that she did the right thing and let it go, but just in case, we'd appreciate having you all on our side:)

More later,


My latest update from Leetta!!!

June 2nd 2009 2:57 pm
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Love is growing on him big time,he is so affectionate to me nd everyone that comes to visit when he is loose.He hs not been upset with anyone since the first day.Sunday I had a tall man but alittle heavier and he had no problems with him at all.He looks for a stick and if I'm lucky I can get ahold of it once to throough for him as he loves to play fetch only wants to play tugg of war with it.Gotta love him though; cause he gives such goood kisses.I'm still gonna keep him for awhile but his progress is A plus big time......



May 26th 2009 6:19 am
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Just so you know Buddy is very happy in the pen with my AKC Golden Retriever and the malmute mix and a female pitbull.He loves the play and she keeps him in line and the walks are all going good,he also likes very much the husky that runs the walk with them.He also likes very much the Husky that does the walk run with them.I just wanted you to know he listens to my verbal command when men come by his pen and calms down right away,I haven't done the treat thing but I will,I wanted the verbal command to come first.He is a big happy boy and play bites at my sleeves when on the run,he doesn't always want to go back in but with a lease I let him know its what he has to do.Anyway he is a happy boy and getting better every day.
Leetta % Have a Heart


My first day at my new place

May 22nd 2009 5:36 am
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Update from Leeta:

He did great all day with me and my helper and her 2 young daughters,and right up until late this afternoon when I had an older couple come in and the man was a tall and lean,no facial hair but Buddy DID NOT like him at all.I intersepted and tied him up as he cowered to me,but I changed clothes because it had gotten cooler and he didn't recognize me and snarled and bit at me.I later fed him and then waited until he started wagging his tail when I walked by let him loose and took a rawhide back to his box,fixed his balnket and then laterr checked on him and he was back to loving me,I will let him loose as often as I can but I tell you he has a bad way of telling someone he doesn't like them and I have to be very carefully of the public that comes here by surprize with him runnig free,I will do everything to make him continue to be happy but freedom comes with good behavior and running into some one he doesn't like the looks of is not a safe thing for all of those that do come in my drive.I hope you understand I can only spoil him when he earns it.He loves me alot already but he has a built up ANGER in him that has got to mellow...It will it just take time


New Digs!

May 21st 2009 8:18 am
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Well, I am now at my new place to live. It's pretty cool!
There are LOTS of dogs in various pens - I'll get moved in with some of them as I prove that I can behave - that will be SO much fun!

Right now I'm tied up and am by myself, but I have a doghouse to sleep in, shade if I want it, or sun if I don't, a whole bucket of water - (which I doubt will remain sitting upright for long), and the lady that rescued me from my LAST owner brought out the blanket that I've been sleeping on and a couple of toys that I had grown particularily fond of, so I have those to keep me occupied.

I'll get to run free in the pastures at least twice a day with all of the other pups! If I prove to Leetta that I can stick around - I won't have to be tied up during the day anymore! The dogs that have already proven themselves come and visit me at my house once in awhile - they have been really nice to me so far.

Tania (the old new lady) said that the conditions are not as wonderful as she would have liked to see, but all of the dogs were all healthy and safe (penned), didn't have to wear muzzles, and had fresh water. She said that I won't get the individual attention with Leetta that I would get with her, but will get love and attention - just on a smaller scale.

I will be sure that Tania posts any updates that she gets from Leetta about me, so you all can follow my story if you want to.

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