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Here Comes Trouble

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Details of my capture (as suspected by Momma)

April 4th 2012 10:09 am
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As you all know April 1st Duke was stolen out of our Chicago Apartment home. Here are the details that have been attained attached to what likely could have happened.
P.S. Details must be too tramatic for Duke to tell because he hasn't said a word about the experience. He is just happy to be home.

We (Duke's human parents) went out to lunch in Evanstan with some friends who drove down from Rockford, IL. Lunch was going the mean time.

The Girls were at the farm because the baby is on his/her way and we wanted to make sure things would be easy for us until D-day (due day) and we were told the baby would be here over the weekend or early in the week. Duke is not allowed in the farm house ever and the girls sometimes are allowed inside. Duke has to stay in a barn where he is sad and usually gives himself kennel nose rubbing it along the bars of his gigantic pin crate. So we decided to keep him at home with us. He is very calm and quiet so he wouldn't be much trouble.

Duke was missing the girls when we left for lunch so he did a little barking in his crate (we heard him as we left but this is normal and he usually quiets down in a few minutes).

While we were gone things could very well have gone like this:
The neighbors were watching and came down knowing that Duke was the only one home and he is more docile than the girls. The neighbors entered the house by credit card through our back door. Duke was still in his crate in another room. They tipped over the garbage can not spilling anything and opened dead bolt lock and the kitchen door that leads to the outside and opened the glass screen door. Duke may or may not have been barking because they were in the house but barking is not his nature. They released him from his crate and ran to our bedroom door and closed it behind them. Duke being on the other side started scratching at the door trying to get to them (which is not like Duke but there is a big scratched area on the outside of the bedroom door -- but the scratches do not go through to the second layer of the door...which is odd and makes me wonder if this was planted as well to make it look like he freaked). The theives waited until Duke stopped scraching and went out the open door. They came in and shut the kitchen door on him leaving him outside. Then he stuck around for a couple minutes and went around the block where he was caught and fed by a couple people and turned over to a Mexican man who drove by and asked if that was there dog. They said that they found him and he took him in his white van.

While Duke was around the corner the people broke the glass kicking it outward and put ketchup on the broken shards of glass to make it look like Duke broke out and injured himself greatly (my husband pulled the broken glass out of the garbage and smelled one of the pieces three days later, after the Chicago Cops refused to investigate, and he said it smelled faintly of ketchup although the house did not reek of ketchup when we came home so ultimately the source of the "Blood" is also still a mystery but now that Duke is home it is clear that the "Blood" was not his). Then the eye hook was reattached and they returned to their apartment to call the landlord and tell him that our dog broke through glass and ran away bleeding and that it was so bad that his heart was coming out through his chest. We got the phone call and raced home. To find a broken storm window with "blood" on it and the search began.

It was an enourmous amount of time and effort to find our dog and it did not stop the entire 48 hours over the 3 day span he was missing. I got a total of 5 hours of sleep in 2 days. Details of his search and getting him back are really long and tiresome. They would take alot of reading to get through. If your curious about anything ask and I'll try to give you a short version...unless of course too many questions and then I'll just relate the events.

I know with any search the first 48 hours are critical. This is when details are fresh in people's minds and you'll get your best leads. Luckily we were able to act quickly and had some very able bodied friends and family members and also some that spoke spanish and understand how to talk with people who don't want to give your wonderful dog up for one reason or another. If not Duke would have never come home to us. We are so grateful for everything everyone did to bring our boy home. He means the world to us and the last 3 days were the most frightening ever. I'm tearing up just writing the last sentence. Thank you all for caring so much and praying for us because it truly was miraculous that we got our boy back.

-Duke's Mother


3 long days of searching and I am home :)

April 3rd 2012 7:45 pm
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Long story short
I am home. I am not injured. I was not lost but stolen. Momma is tired so I told her she could rest and just leave a short message for my pals. Thanks so much for your prayers and help. I hear it was a hard road for Momma and Pops to find me but I am safe at home now. Thank you all!
I will make sure details are posted soon for all interested.



April 1st 2012 7:59 pm
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Tennis Balls

March 14th 2012 3:32 pm
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Apartment life can be boring. Especially when your Momma's 9 months pregnant and you have no yard to play in.

So...I've decided to go the dog route and decided to pick up a tennis ball.

I don't know why I never thought of this before but tennis balls are surprisingly fun. They are a little bigger than the toys I like best. I love to play with tiny toys that can fit completely in my mouth. This way my companions cannot take them from me.

I've been learning how to chase them down the hall and bring them back. It is a good way to pass the time.

The girls are much better at it than I am. They've been playing fetch for years. This is my first couple weeks but there is really nothing to this fetch thing. It can be amusing and is keeping me trim.

The Duke


So much has happened

December 28th 2011 10:19 am
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Sorry we've been gone so long. We have been so busy. Here is the short version to get you all up to date.

In June we had an unplanned move to the city of Chicago. The house we were renting was rented to a new family under our nose.

We did not get our Cabin in the woods house. Apparently the recession has made it very hard to Appraise houses that are "Custom" Built. Without an appraisal you cannot close on a house. The reasons they couldn't appraise the house are 1.) There were only 2 houses of similar construction sold within 6 months in IL. They needed 2 houses of similar construction sold within one month. 2.) If they appraise a house to high and the buyer loses that house in foreclosure than the banks lose money on the house. 3.) If they appraise a house too low than it lowers the value of the community. Basically no one wanted to take a chance putting a fixed price/number on the house.

We asked our landlord to give us 3 more months in our current residence and they told us yes but didn't put it in the contract giving us a total of one week and a half to find a new place to live. This was not easy considering we are a family consisting of multiple large dogs and cats.

We grabbed the first place we could find that would accept 3 German shepherd dogs. It isn't small by any means. A decent size with 3 tiny Chicago sized bedrooms. This place is in all the 'top 5 worst neighborhoods in Chicago' lists - the order changes but the neighborhoods don't. Luckily having three "scary looking", large breed dogs has kept us safe thus far. Our neighbors are all terrified of dogs. They will not even talk to any of us so we feel very isolated. If they see us they scream bloody murder and jump on picnic tables or the tops of their cars to get away from us...even though we are smiling at them not looking the smallest bit aggressive. They are not very smart because we all could easily get them from their chosen perches. They are not very high off the ground. There are no places to walk us safely in the neighborhood. Luckily we still have the farm to visit on the weekends and Momma does work for a Dog Day care so we do have places to go...although we do not play at work mostly we just relax. We got our city dog park tags but there are no nearby dog parks so we haven't been to any yet.

June also came with 2 more surprises...maybe 3. June 23rd marked 2 very special occasions. Pop's first nephew was born. His name is Haven Allen. By default it is Momma's first nephew too because they are both the first born children of their households. While uncle Jeff was going on and on about his first child and how masculine he was I decided to take advantage of the situation and Tie with Paisley Anne. This union brought forth 4 handsome baby boys August 21st. I will talk more about them later because they are my pride and joy but first more about June. June 27th was a very bad fight between Momma and Pops which led to talk of a separation. This separation talk was nullified on June 28th which was Momma's birthday and also the conception date of a little human baby still cooking. Humans are not very in tune with their bodies and therefore these silly humans did not know they were having a baby until September 1st when the signs could no longer be swept under the rug so to speak.

August 21st was not supposed to be the birth date of Paisley and my Puppies but they decided to grace us with their presence 4 days early. We had a little black and cream bi-colored boy come first. He was born breech and dry so Paisley had to pull him out by his toes...resulting in a few of his toes being nipped off at the first digit leaving him with a few less toenails on each foot. Other than that he is a very healthy boy. He was named Charlie by his new family and can be found on Dogster if you'd like to friend him. The second boy was a very light colored sable who is following after his father's footsteps. His family named him Lucious and call him Lou for short. Third was the darkest sable boy. His new family named him Bruno. Bruno was the most inquisitive puppy. He would always go exploring -even before his eyes were open. He is the most independent and his mask turned out just like mine even though it started out looking like Paisley's. The forth and last boy was also a sable. He was the heaviest of the litter and has been named Tedesco which is Italian for "German" BOL! His family has not given us many updates or pictures but he seems to be a large boy like his sable brothers. They said they might call him Teddy for short...but we haven't heard much since. Charlie is the smallest at 4 months he is 36lbs and skinny like his mother. The other boys are all over 50lbs and are estimated to be 100lbs by their 1st birthdays just like me. This is to be expected since they were all really large babies. At 5 days old they weighed almost 2lbs each.

Now about the human child. Momma didn't even know she was pregnant until after the puppies were born. She was tired often but since she works two jobs and had a litter of puppies to chase after -not to mention Momma Paisie who was a very maternal/aggressive/protective Miss - she figured her fatigue was justified. She never had morning sickness or any of the other normal signs to jolt her towards the thought that she could be pregnant...also because silly doctors told her it was impossible and 4 years of unsuccessful attempts seemed to confirm this fact. It wasn't until the last couple days of August when she had terrible cravings for every food place she unsuccessfully tried to drive past that she thought she'd take the big test. The test said positive so she made an appointment with a doctor to get an ultrasound which showed she was 10 weeks pregnant already almost through the entire 1st trimester. She is Due March 31st which is just days before Pops birthday on April 2nd. They are waiting to see what gender the baby will be...which is only right. I had to wait to find out about my 4 boys.

If you're wondering about our feline family here are your answers. Isis Luna was the ki-ki who moved with us to Chicago. The new landlord wasn't too happy with us bringing a kitty with us along with the rest of the family, but we weren't leaving anybody behind.

Without the needed exercise we found the ki-ki to be our only form of entertainment. Momma had to break her no ki-kies outside rule and started letting Icy have some outside time so she could have some canine free time. There was just not enough space inside for her to catch a break. She was fixed and got her shots and medications up to date so she'd be healthy and happy as an inside/outside ki-ki. All our attention and mouthing her made her feel like she had to nip us back. This was okay with us we've got thick coats that can take ki-ki teeth and nail batting. Unfortunately we made her a bit temperamental. Sometimes she would walk up to Momma or Pops and act as if she wanted attention but then nip them when she would get some. After months of this it never got any better. Sometimes Icy would come into bed and cuddle up to Momma like always and then nip her. One time she nipped her face. Momma picked her up and tossed her outside so fast she didn't know what hit her. She was invited back in within 24 or so hours. A month later she bit Pops on the hand and that one cut him a bit. Pops said she wasn't invited back inside. Not that he was badly hurt or anything but Pops was also concerned with the new baby on the way. If Icy bit him hard enough to poke holes in him then she might try with the baby. So they looked for a better fitting home for her. It was getting cold out so she didn't stay outside but we did find her a home that was more fitting. We told them all about her and also told her new family that she can come back if it doesn't work out. So far it looks like everything is going great for her. She is back to her sweet self. Some animals just don't adjust well to a move. She is the best ki-ki ever and deserves to be happy just like we all do. We are very sad to see her go. Even Pops commented that he didn't want to see her go on the day we had to bring her to her new family. It was on Black Friday and it was definitely a black day. We all still miss her terribly but as long as she is happy she is in the best place for her.

For the most part that has put us up to date. We are all getting by. Momma is now in her 27th week and our pups and Icy are doing great at their new homes. Any questions? Ask. We'd be happy to tell all. Momma is still working but she is slowing down since Christmas. It was too tough for her being pregnant and all. She took 3 days off since and is planning to be off work soon. She is trying to make it until the end of January but we will see. We do appreciate her being home with us all day.



Ride 'em Cowboy

July 28th 2011 7:18 am
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Tuesday Momma's friend came over with her two youngins. They are afaid of animals so Momma put all three of us dogs away.
The children fell in love with the cat but Icy was getting irritable - as cats do.
So, Momma asked the little girl, Amanda, and the boy, Gus, if they wouldn't mind her bringing out her big, quiet, best friend...namely the Dukester. The kids were concerned that I might bite and Momma told them that the worst I would do was step on their feet --which I did repeatedly. I think I have 4 left paws, BOL.
I came out and took a hankerin' to the youngins right from the start. The kids were having a great time with me aside from the occasional pain of a 115lb dog on a tootsie. Then the 5 year old girl asked if they could ride me and Momma Quickly and Clearly said NO. She told them that if they rode me they could hurt my back and Momma loves me too much to let that happen.
The kiddies quickly picked out a movie to watch "Finding Nemo" and sat down to watch it. Getting up every few seconds to pet, poke, or pull at youngins are prone to do.
I was starting to get annoyed so I found myself a good corner to relax. It wasn't far just in the frontroom blocking the door. Just far enough where they had to seek me out to give any attention but of course those little rascals are relentless.
I started the lip licking so Momma would get the cue that these miniture adults were getting minutely annoying. She did and she called them back to her.
Then the ki-ki came back and got the blunt force of the attention for a half hour. Momma kept warning the kids that if she made a meow she would be getting angry and then watch out.
But Icy was on her best behavior. Although looking tortured and very unhappy she did not strike out with a swat or a back off little nip like she gives me. Phew!
When it was time for the kids to leave. Momma's friend asked her to put the kids' shoes on while she ran to the car. Momma was busy putting shoes on Amanda's feet after strugglin' with Gus moments before and told Pops to go check on Gus who had wandered out of the front room into the kitchen toward me and the ki-ki.
Well Pops got there just in time because that little 3yr old sidewinder perched his dippered butt right a-top my back and took hisself for a ride.
I was like what the heck...that's an extra 30lbs I don't remember packing on.
Pops got him off quickly and Gus had a faint 'git along li'l doggie' smile on his face.
Gus doesn't talk much but I'm sure he tried to explain the fun ride he just had to his Momma and sister on the ride home.
Good thing Amanda didn't see or I'd be pony'n it up all evening.

Git'in' along lit'l Dukey


Icy, my kitty, is doing better

July 10th 2011 9:16 pm
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As you may know our ki-ki, Isis, got her spay surgery last week Tuesday. She is recovering nicely. I got to play with her a bit today. Momma let her out of her recovery room and we had to be very gentle with her.
Momma took some pictures on her phone of Paisley and me layin' on the bed with her. Hopefully she can figure out how to get them from her phone to her computer so she can show all of you. They are kinda cute. I cannot help her with this because I am a big lug when it comes to technology. Ask me about tractors or 'bout hunting and I can bark your ear off but ask this country boy about a cell phone and you'll get a head tilt and an empty expression. Sorry but you can take a country boy out of the sticks but you can't take the sticks from a country boy.
Duke Boy


Chasing Geese

July 10th 2011 9:08 pm
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We went to the beach today and the highlight for me was chasing a huge flock of geese off the grass.
I almost caught one. I am so stealthy and swift when I want to be.
I also had fun wading in the bath-like water and running up and down the shoreline after my sisters. I really wanted to play with the kids at the beach but dogs were not allowed on that side of the beach.
I am also proud of my accomplishments today. I did alot of far swims. They really tired me out.
I also played with seaweed and got to smell a clam. That was new to me. Never got to feel or smell a clam before.
Bring on the new adventures.



July 4th 2011 8:05 pm
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Not Scary
Try again some other time


July off to a good start

July 3rd 2011 10:14 pm
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Howdy Dogster-ians,
I've been in Wisconsin the last couple of days.
Saturday Pops took me out there after he dropped Momma and the girls off at work.
They were bored and I was barefoot and crazy. Pops and I had a great boys day out. We went to the cottage and did all the things boys love to do.
We hung out outside, fixed things, cut the grass, ate pizza, passed around a couple of bottles...of was hotter than a open campfire 'round here. I also got to wade in the water --which I love to do, and came out smelling like fish and chased the geese that thought our property was the next coolest hang out.

Today we went back with the lil ladies and did it all over again...okay only the pizza was the same.
This time we let the ladies pick some of the activities. So, after romping 'round with the ladies and showing the new addition to the pack, Paisley, around the cottage I was forced to try my hand at swimming at the beach.
We took the boat 'round the lake and took it to the beach with safety in mind we had on our life vests --except for Paisley who doesn't own one.
I was wading as I do and Pops thought it was a good idea to make me come deeper in the water. I did not think this was a good idea so I ignored his calls and stayed mid chest deep. Then Momma waded up to me and coaxed me by the life vest to go deep. I walked a little ways but then I stopped and went still. This usually would have stopped her or at least make her huff at the unusual amount of weight she'd have to drag 'round but this stinkin' life vest made me light light light and even though I tucked in my legs and went completely still I was easily moved through the water 'til I was much deeper than I prefer to be.
I was released and forced to make my way back to shore by swimming. I did fine but I wasn't happy with either of my folks...or the two siblings of mine who were frolicking around me like ducks. Okay, to be honest Paisley took to swimming like a duck. That girl is good at everything. Ruby splashed around like a fool, BOL. She looked like a cat trying to stay a-float, LMTO!!!
If you've never seen that it is one thing that is always laugh out loud funny. Momma's got some scratches on her again from swimming with her. I was much more graceful than Ruby.
Ruby got jealous of Paisley's good paddlin' skills and dunked her under pleanty of times to prove she's nothing special. That was funny, too. Ruby is vindictive sometimes, believe me. Paisley tried to get even and do the same from time to time but she was unsuccessful.
Pops thought we all should take off our vests eventually and we learned to swim without them too.
I eventually came a bit around and swam with the girls and Pops but not much. I like to keep my toes on the ground but I did go out deeper so they would think I was swimming a bit more. I did alot of ignoring them too. At one point Pops was literally swimming 'round me in circles making the Jaws theme music but I didn't want to give him the satifaction of my attention.

All in all a great day.


P.S. I still got to chase the geese again and I found a turtle that I kept fetching for Momma. She thought it was adorable. Then she let my turtle go free. She said, "First you bring home a ki-ki and now you want a turtle? Sorry, Dukey."

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