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What a Bizzy Summer!

August 16th 2005 7:54 am
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Wow, I've been so bizzy thiz summer that I haven't had time to rite in my diary. Back in May I went to the beech -- THAT WAS FUN!!! Mom sez we get to go again in Septemmmbrr. I can't wait!

I've been taking jillity classez too all summer. Thatz really been fun. Mom haz been taking me to jillity trials (but she won't let me compete yet) and showie-goes where I can practiz big coursez. Mom sez I can try to run in a REAL trial in the fall. I'm eggzited!

Grandma and grandpa came and visited us a few weekz ago. Grandpa sed I'm MUCH calmer now than I wuz when I firzt met him at Chrismaz.

We had another doggie visit just last week. Mom called her a "foster" who needed a new home juzt like I did way back when. She found a new forever home right away with a nice lady not too far from here.

Mom sez she's afraid I'm going to hurt myself. Two weekz ago I saw a bee buzzing around the back porch and I just had to catch it! Only problem was I tried to catch it in my mouth and I did almost catch him, but he got mad and then I got a stingy feeling on my snout. Mom sed my face swelled up like a balloon so she gave me Benniedrill and then I felt better. My face hurt for a while that night but then the next day I felt okay.

Mom sed she's putting together a first aid kit for me. I was sitting on Daddy'z lap the other night while we were outside, and there was a birdie that landed in the yard and I just had to go chase it NOW so I LEAPED off Daddy'z lap but I didn't land right and I scraped my knee on the patio. I scraped off a bunch of hair on my knee and I had a little boo boo, but I wuz ok. Mom sez she's gonna buy pet insurranze for me becauz I'm such a "wild man".

Well I gotta go. I got lotz of playing to do today.


Jillity Is Dangerous for Mommy

May 2nd 2005 11:00 am
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Yesterday Mommy and I were out practicing jillity. We were doing something called front crossez and rear crossez. We did good at rear crossez but Mommy was getting frustrated when we were doing front crossez because I run SOOOO zoomy fast and she runs too slow.

Anyway, one time we were running Mommy almost squished me. She pointed to a jump for me to go over it, and I was gonna go over it, but then I saw her running behind me and it confuzed me for a second so I didn't jump it and I decided to spin around but the only problem wuz I was spinning right in Mommy's path and Mommy was running really fast so she almost squished me!!! She didn't step on me though, but it was close! So Mommy fell forward and couldn't get her balanze and did a face plant in front of the flower bed. I ran over to her and kizzed her face to make sure she was okay and she wuz, but we stopped playing jillity for a while. I don't think she wuz having az much fun az I wuz.


New Class at Skool

April 21st 2005 6:11 am
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I went to skool last nite with Mommy and Millie and I started a new class. First I had to wait around in my crate while Millie did her class ... that was SOOOOO boring. I got in trubble with Mom for barking during Millie's class, but I was SOOOO bored I didn't know what else to do.

Then Millie had to get in her crate and it was MY turn to go to class.

I *LUV* the class I have now. I'm finally doing jillity like Millie duz. It's so much more fun than the obedienz classez were. I had so much fun last nite. There are other doggeez in the class and I think they had fun too. Mommy gave me lotz of treetz during the hole class. All I had to do was walk through a tube and go over a jump and I got lotz of treetz every time I did it! "No problem, Mommy..." I said, "...this is a piece of cake!"

I wuz really tired when we got home. I can't wait to go again!


Mommy and I Took a Trip

April 12th 2005 6:17 am
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Mommy and I took a trip today where there wuz lotz and lotz of doggiez doing jillilty! Mom sed that I have to get used to being at these placez if I'm gonna be a jillity star someday. She got a little mad at me when I got really really excited with all the doggiez running around, but she sed that overall I was a pretty good boy. I wuz SOOOO tired by the time we got home all I wanted to do wuz sleep. Millie got mad that I went somewhere with Mommy and she didn't get to go along, so she ignored me and Mommy the rest of the day.



March 21st 2005 12:33 pm
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Uh-oh. I got in BIG trubble thiz morning. When Mom left for work she thott she latched my crate door but she didn't see that it didn't latch rite so thiz morning when I finished my morning nap I got up and stretched and pushed on my crate door and it opened. I was thirzty so I walked out of the bedroom and into the livin room and all of a sudden all theze REALLY LOUD soundz started beeping in the houze. The polize came and knocked on the door but sinze I can't open the door all I could do was bark so I barked and barked and barked and let them know I wuz in here.

A little while later Daddy and a polize man opened the front door and Daddy said "here's our burgler" and he pointed at me. They made the loud noize stop, which was good, becauze the loud noize really scared Millie.

So I got in trubble for leaving my room and setting off the burgle alarm in the house. Dad put us back in our rooms (Millie didn't want to get in her room because she was scared the burgle alarm would go off again) and shut the bedroom door this time... he said in case I "escape" my room again.

Oopies. My bad.


Avanced Obedienz was FUN last nite!

March 8th 2005 9:39 am
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Last nite at skool I had fun. Mom got mad at me at the first part of class because the teecher had us heeling outside and I was soooo bored. I just wanted to run around and try to play with the other doggies that were heeling and so *I* wasn't heeling and I got in trouble with Mom.

Then we went inside and it got even MORE BOR-ing. We had to practice our "down-stayz". Yawn.

But then at the END of class it waz sooo much fun. The teecher got out a jump and the ladder and the tunnel and we FINALLY got to do FUN stuff! Mom said I did good for this part of the class.

Millie and Mommy went somewhere thiz weekend and didn't take me and Daddy. I want to go with them next time. Millie sed they did jillity and it was fun. She won a bunch of toyz and chewiez! She gave me one of the chewie bonez she won.


Skool Continuez

February 22nd 2005 6:28 am
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Well I gradeated (?) from Obedienz Skool'z first class. Now I've got skool on Mondayz with a differnt teecher. Itz called "Avanced Obedienz". Itz a lot harder than the first class. Last night I had to do a "Down" and Mom wanted me to stay there for like 3 WHOLE MINUTEZ! It felt like forever! It was SOOOOO boring. I met some new friendz at skool that weren't in my first class. The teecher said I got a good "heel". Mom disagrees, but what does Mom know.


I Like Skool

February 8th 2005 6:09 am
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Lately on Thurzday nightz Mom's been taking me to Obedienz Skool. It has been so much fun! Mom givez me LOTZ of treatz on skool nightz. Our gradeation (?) iz suppozed to be thiz week... that meanz I finished the clazz and I did very very good! Mom sayz we're then going to take the Advanzed Obedienz clazz at skool on Mondayz, but that doeznt start for a few weekz.


Merrie Christmaz

December 21st 2004 10:53 am
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Tomorow I go to meeet my gramma and grampa. I herd they really like schnauzerz. Hopefully Santa will be able to find Millie and me at grandma and grandpa'z cauze we'll be at there houze for Christmaz. Then I go meet Grandma T. and Uncle Nate and Wendy. Mom sayz we'll be in the car a lot but I like to ride in the car. I hope Millie doezn't puke on me though, cauze Mom sayz she sometimez getz sick in the car. Oh well. Merry Christmaz!


Hello Dogzter People!

December 15th 2004 1:29 pm
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Mommy finally got around to adding me to Dogzter. Itz about time! Now she needz to take lotz of picturez of me (just like she haz of Millie so that thingz are FAIR!)

I already gotz my Christmas present... it wuz to find a forever home. My noo Mommy and Daddy (and even my noo sizter Millie) say they luv me very much and I can stay with them forever. How kool iz that? Mom sez she's even going to take me to skool after the holidayz... she sez I need to lern sum mannerz or something like that.

Mom sez she'z going to one day turn me into a 'jillity dog, whatever THAT iz. Millie sez itz really fun to do 'jillity. So far Mom haz made me jump over barz in the backyard... I don't really get it yet. Maybe they'll teech me more at skool.

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