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Man is it hot today!

I've been tagged!

June 20th 2009 5:29 pm
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Subject: TAG YOUR IT! Sent: Tue Jun 16

What flavor Ice Cream are you??

Here we go......

I am going to tag 10 friends and tell them what kind of ice cream I look like. Then you need to tag 10 friends and tell them what kind of ice cream you look like.

Lets see if it comes back to me! Just make a copy of this and put it in your diary so everyone knows what flavor you look like! Sprinkles count too!

I look like coffee ice cream with chocolate sprinkles!


Man it is hot today!

June 20th 2009 5:24 pm
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The temperature around her is right around a hundred degrees and very humid. Yuck! I went outside and hoped in my pool and darn if it wasn't just like bath water. Momma said it is way to hot to go to the dog park or for a walk so I'm just sitting her on the couch with the a/c and the fan. Boring! Momma said first thing in the morning we can go to the dog park while it is still cool (about 75!). Boy I can't wait for morning. Is it time to go to bed yet?

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