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January 16th 2009

November 29th 2008

Being with her mommy and daddy

When she kisses (licks) her daddy and he kisses(licks) her back! Yuk!

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All of them including the sticks outside

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Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul (canned) & Taste of the Wild - Lamb

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Sit, down, wait, take it, shake, Be Cute, Circle, Stop/Drop/ Roll (still trying to perfect this one)

Arrival Story:
My husband and I were coming home from Florida and we decided that we wanted to stop again in Georgia and see the miniature dalmatians like we had the year before. Well this was only about a month and a half after we had to send Lady Bug to Rainbow Bridge, so I was only interested in visiting the little dogs. I had already told my husband I didn't want to get another dog for a while so I could pay off bills (some of them were Lady's medical bills). We get there and are talking to the breeder and visiting and playing with all of the dogs, we went into the puppy house where he had a few new litters and we were looking at them and my husband asked if he could take a couple of them out and play with them. He picked out 3 of them and one of them was this cute little girl. He payed most of his attention to her because she was the most active and she was jumping around and playing with her shadow while the other two were just kind of walking around exploring. Then he picked her up and she started licking him and I think at that moment he was wrapped around her little paw! He put the other back and just kept walking around with her. She also had the prettiest spot pattern or at least what you could see of it. So the breeder goes in his house for a minute and my husband says to me "what do you think? which one do you like?" I said, "Well I wasn't planning on getting a dog today, but if I had to pick one, it would be her." So he says, "We don't have to get one if you don't want to." He is at this point carrying her around and playing with her and obviously attached, so what am I to do? I said,"No it's okay if you want her then go ahead." Then we put her back in with her fur siblings and momma and talked to the breeder about her. My husband started noticing that she wouldn't play with them or react to sound, but just curl up in the pile and sleep. He mentioned that and the breeder said he has a feeling she is deaf, so we did the clapping test and stuff and decided that she probably was. So then our dilemma, do we want a deaf dog. We then started considering another dog but none of them were tugging at my husband and frankly I liked her the best too. So we talked about it and decided that since we wanted to teach our next dog agility and that requires hand signals anyway, then her being deaf should be okay because it will force us to learn hand signaling faster. So there you have it my husband asked the breeder for a discount off his usual price since she couldn't hear and they came to an agreement, the paperwork was completed and we became her pawrents. We insisted the breeder keep her for another week since she was just being weaned from the momma dog (they were already eating some dry food) and during that week she was to have a health check from their vet. My husband had to go back up that way the following weekend anyway for a meeting so he would pick her up then.

My husband decided her name was going to be Shadow because she was chasing her Shadow.....................I said well that's fine for now but that doesn't fit her and since she can't hear it won't matter what we call her for a while. It took several weeks for me to decide what her name was and then one day as I was driving to work, it came to me Maiya! So that is how she was named Maiya Shadow Ingle!!! He went back and picked her up the following weekend and brought her home early on a Sunday. I had her on the floor playing with her and noticed that she kept scratching at her ears and I checked her for fleas or anything and found nothing. After a couple days I told my husband we need to take her to the vet because she shouldn't be scratching at her ears so much. We took her in, thinking maybe it was mites or something and found out she had a severe yeast infection in both ears! What?! So since the computer and I are friends, I went and googled about puppy ear development and when they develop their hearing. Now, I figure if she had a SEVERE yeast infection, she must have had it for a little while the hearing tubes and stuff develop so maybe just maybe it could be possible that if we get the infection cleared up things could still develop. So I told the vet what I researched and asked if it was possible and he said well I suppose it could be possible but don't get your hopes up. I said okay. We spent about a month of daily cleaning and treating her until it was finally gone. Then periodically (I think daily for my husband) we would clap or bang to see if she could hear. A couple of days in a row, we noticed that sometimes it would look like she reacted to a sound, so he would commence to clapping and banging and gradually she started hearing things. Yippeee!!!!!!! Now we were getting more excited. Well now she can hear alot of things. We are pretty sure she doesn't have complete hearing and some of the sounds do not process properly, so we are still using hand signals but we need to get better about them. I figure that she will end up being completely deaf when she gets older but for now she can hear some things and that is fabulous!

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Busy Life

May 1st 2013 6:26 pm
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Wow, we sure have been pretty busy. Momma has been working while at the same time we sold our Georgia house, moved in with a neighbor for about a month, they had really slow internet connection so we couldn't get on the computer at night because momma was stressed enough having to work all day with a slow connection. Then for a couple weeks momma that I was depressed cause I wasn't very active and wasn't eating very well, then the second week of momma thinking I was depressed, momma's friend said Maiya feels pretty warm, but momma said I always feel warm, then I just decided to stop eating, momma couldn't get me to eat anything hardly. Then a few days later, on a Friday night, momma woke up to me feeling so hot that she got scared that we were going to have to go to the emergency room. Momma didn't have a thermometer to take my temp so she got a cold washcloth and put it on my neck and inner thigh throughout the night. That next day, which was a Saturday, momma went to Petco and bought a thermometer so she could take my temp. We got home and she took my temp and it was 105 so momma called the vet (luckily they are open on Saturday and Sundays. They said you need to bring her in now. So momma did and they did blood work and then gave me intradermal fluids to try to bring my temp down and sent me home. Momma took my temp a lot and it wasn't really coming down much, it took until Monday morning before it finally broke. My blood work came back and my white cell count was really high but everything else was fine so they couldn't figure out what was going on. By this time I pretty much stopped eating except for some little treats. They gave mom some antibiotic and then I had to go back in and they kept me for several hours and gave me iv fluids and then let me go home and I still wouldn't eat so I went back the next day and they gave me more IV fluids and they told mom to get some baby food like chicken or something, so mom got turkey. I still wouldn't eat so they re did my blood work and now my white count was back down but my liver count was high. So they did an xray and couldn't see anything. Then they brought me back in the and did a bile acid test and my counts were high. Still not sure what is going on. Finally I ate some baby food and gradually started eating some grilled chicken and fish but only a little bit but momma was happy I started eating. Then momma had to leave for a week to go to Tennessee to close on a house for us and she got really sick with head and chest congestion and coughing and ran a fever and at the same time she had to clean carpets in the new house and start moving a few things in and help daddy rip up tile and put new tile down in the laundry room, momma was sick the whole week while they were trying to get stuff done at the new house and still was working her day job. UGH! Momma called and checked on me every day and momma's friend said that I was eating and playing. Momma was happy about that but still worried because the vet wasn't sure what was causing the high liver count but said that it could be that somehow I got into something maybe with Xylitol in it or something else or liver failure. He said the next steps would be an ultrasound and possibly a biopsy of the liver but they would have to cut me open to get a big enough chunk to biopsy. Boy was momma worried!!!! Momma came back to us on a Thursday and called the vet and they scheduled the ultrasound for Saturday morning. Momma got home and I was so happy to see her I did my tuck and run and jumped on her and that made momma happy to see me sort of back to my old self. Momma took me in on Saturday morning and asked if they could do the bile acid test again as well as the ultrasound because we were moving and she wanted to try to get some resolution before leaving. They said sure that it had been a week since the last one and the antibiotic had enough time to have hopefully helped. Momma picked me up Saturday evening and the doctor said he did the ultrasound twice to be sure and he couldn't find anything wrong from that. We would have to wait until Sunday though for the results to come back from the bile acid test. Momma felt a bit of relief and even hugged the doctor but knew that we still weren't out of the woods since we had to wait on the other test results. Momma went in on Sunday to get the results and it wasn't good. The numbers were even higher so momma was in shock. She couldn't even think of what to ask the vet. He was kind of in shock also because they can't figure out what is going on. He said he could put me on an anti inflammatory to see if that helps but he didn't have any and it would be Tuesday before he could get it in. Momma said we wouldn't be here by then, we would be in TN so she would need to think about what to do. Momma was leary about putting me on anything but he said it was specifically for the liver. So momma thought about it a few days and called them back and they told her she could order it on pet meds. So they told me what it was and which dosage to order and momma researched what it was before she ordered it and once she found out it was a natural supplement specifically for helping the liver when it is having a problem like this and also has anti inflammatory abilities, momma ordered it. It is called Denosyl and I have to take one pill every day for 30 days. So I started it yesterday (April 30, 2013) and after I am done momma will wait about a week or two and then have my bile acid test done again to see how my liver is doing. Momma prays every day that I am not going into liver failure. I am back o my old self, playing and eating so that makes momma hopeful.

Momma thinks that this could have possible been caused by my vaccines because right before we moved out of our house I had my annual vaccines but this year I also had a rabies vaccine at the same time which I had not had since my initial vaccines when I was a pup (they gave me a 3 yr rabies vaccine the first time) so momma thinks that even though I only got the one year rabies vaccine this time, it may have just been too much at one time and then to top it off, within a week of that momma had put my Advantix on me so that probably just added to the problem. So now I can't have an of that kind of flea and tick med until my liver is healed, luckily momma read the packaging and noticed it said not to be used on dogs with liver problems.

Well gotta run. Renny wants the puter now!

Oh did I mention how much I love my momma and my momma loves me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Haven't put an entry in a long time

August 10th 2011 6:30 am
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Well I am 2 1/2 years old and doing well. Although I do have my moments in the evening or morning when I am sleeping and daddy touches me, I growl and bark at him. Hmmmm, the parents can't figure out why. It isn't all the time either. Other than that I love to play with my toys and go on runs and walks as many times as my humans will take me.

Momma is working from home now so I am really happy about that. Momma is now looking for a playmate for me. She is trying to find a dalmatian to rescue but the problem is finding one that is a new puppy. Momma thinks that will be better for me since I am still afraid of other dogs (although I am getting better each time I meet a new one). I still don't know how to play with other dogs yet so momma is hoping the new puppy (if she ever finds one) will teach me.

Momma thinks she wants a boy this time. She has had 3 females and no males, so she is hoping her dal friends will give her advice on the differences of having a male dalmatian vs. a female dalmatian.


SLEET!!!!!!!! January 30, 2010

January 30th 2010 2:17 pm
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WOW!!!!!!! We got up today and I wented outside and there was dis stuff on da ground and it was coming from da sky. Daddy said it was sumfing called sleet! I have never seended dat before. Last year I sawed dis stuff called snow, it was white too but it was softer.

So since I have never seened dis stuff before, I think it is kind of fascinating, so what did I do? I kept telling mommy and daddy I wanted to go out, so daddy kept letting me outside and I would go out and just run like crazy in it for about a minute, I would run all over da yard, den run over to da neighbor's yard, den back to mine, den back to da neighbor's and so on, den I would come back in and warm up and den want out to do it again. You should see my video up above dat daddy took of me running in it!

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