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And Copper and Bailey Make Six

Merry Christmas Everypup!

November 30th 2010 7:23 pm
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We can't believe another year has come and gone! Only 1 month left in 2010 and it seems like the year just started. This year we lost one of our favorite humans, Mrs. Betty. We've always loved Mrs. Betty, she is the human that made our humans love dogs! If it weren't for Mrs. Betty and her Dobermans our Mommy wouldn't have learned how wonderful dogs can be!

It's also been a good year! Our Mommy will graduate from college this month and then she will start grad school next fall so that she can get the degree she needs to become a counselor!

Our yard has changed dramatically as well! Last spring our neighbor started complaining about us and threatening our humans, so they built us fence within our fence! Now we can play on the deck and patio without worrying about our mean neighbor! We also don't bark as much because mommy did some major training and now we know that we shouldn't bark at everything like we used to (though sometimes we still bark, especially at squirrels!)

We caught a squirrel this year!! He was a dumb squirrel, he jumped into the swimming pool skimmer and when we tried to chase him out he jumped into the pool!

This is going to be a good Christmas! We've been super good this year (well, we've been sort of good anyway) and Santa Paws is going to bring us LOTS and LOTS of toys and treats! We want some bully slices and some cookies and some stuffing free toys and some tennis balls and tons of other stuff! We also want new collars!

Our wish this Christmas is that all of the homeless puppies find a home. We also pray that people will learn the love of a dog and find room in their hearts to be kind and loving to animals!

Peace on Earth and Happy Holidays to all of our Pup Pals!

Love, Scout, Precious, Gracie, Hunter, Copper, and Bailey.



January 7th 2010 11:39 am
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When we woke up this morning it was SNOWING!!! Yippee! This is the third year in a row that we have gotten to play in snow! It is really cold, but it is really fun! It's Copper and Bailey's first time, and they are having a blast... though, Mommy is having a hard time keeping them off of the frozen pool cover! It's supposed to get down to 8 degrees here tonight!! So we won't be going out in that unless absolutely necessary! We hope everyone else enjoys the snow if you get any, and stay warm!!


New Picfurs!

October 3rd 2009 9:50 am
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Mommy took lots of new picfurs of us did morning! They won't all fit on our page, so be sure and look at our photobook! We added 40 new picfurs to it, and there are lots of good one!!

Have a great day pals!

Woofs, Wags, and puppy kisses from

Copper &


Interview with Raja Babu

June 1st 2009 10:28 am
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Raja: There are six of you in the household. Do you all get along? How did you all react when the two new puppies came?

Hounds: Since there are six of us, we've decided to let Scout do the talking.

Scout: We all get along great, well at least most of the time. Sometimes we may get mad when just one pup gets to go for a ride in the "go" with mommy. When they get back home the rest of us let 'em have it! We would never hurt each other though. The two new puppies... well, we are still getting used to them. Me and my sisters (Precious and Gracie) pretty much ignore them right now, but Hunter loves to play with them. He is still a puppy himself so he tries to play puppy games with them, but they are so small that he has to watch where he steps. We are understanding of the new pups. They definately aren't Basset Hounds, actually we're not sure what they are because mommy found them in a parking lot. She was going to adopt them out, but their cuteness got to her.

Raja: Who is top dog?

Scout: I would have to say that top dog is definately M...*Gracie cuts in*

Gracie: The Top dog is definately Me! I am "The Gracie" and all pups must answer to me... ok so I admit, me and Precious probably share the top dog spot. Precious tends to break up arguments, while I am the one who always gets the best seat, and first dibs on food. Copper and Bailey "think" they are the boss! But they only weigh 3 lbs so that is not going to happen!

Raja: Basset Hounds are known to be very mellow. How would you describe your personalities?

Scout: Ok, after I was so rudely interrupted! Me and my sisters, Precious and Gracie, are not lazy, we just like to take in our surrounding, life's to short to be in a hurry. Don't ask us to run a marathon, and don't ask us to stay up past our bedtime, we need our beauty rest to maintain our good looks. Hunter is the middle child, and the class clown. Of the six of us, he is the only one that likes to go swimming, and the only one of us that will fetch. He is a goofy fellow, with the deepest voice you would ever hear! He loves everyone, and is the only one that likes to play with our cousins. You see one of our family friends has two basset hounds and two little mutts. They come over sometimes and we have sleepovers... Me and my sisters ignore, while Hunter goes off in the yard and plays with them. Copper and Bailey are spunky, too put it kindly. They are way too big for their britches, in in my opinion, definately too cute!

Raja: I read that only one of you, Hunter, does any tricks? Is it hard to teach Basset Hounds tricks or have your 'rents not tried?

Scout: Oh, they've tried... Me and my sisters are just to smart to want to do tricks! We are free spirited and would much rather just take the treat without working for it. Why should we want to work for our food... shouldn't it just be handed to us on a silver platter by a cute girl pup with lo--*cough* sorry bout that I got a little to involved in that question. Hunter is just a smarty pants and the only one that mommy could get to cooperate as a puppy. Me and my sisters know basic commands, but he is the one who thinks he should be a movie star. Copper and Bailey are just getting started... so far they haven't even mastered potty training, but they're trying.

Raja: What is the specialty of the breed? What were they originally bred for?

Scout: The Basset Hound is a French breed, bred to hunt rabbits! Our short legs put us closer to the ground so that our long ears can pick up the scent, and keep us on the trail! Me and my furblings don't ever get to go rabbit hunting, but we do plenty of squirrel chasing in the back yard!! One day, Mr. Squirrel, One day!!

Raja: Tell us about a special incident in your life, and you can tell one for each one of you.

Scout: Well me and Gracie and Precious will tell together, since we have been together since birth. Our best memory is last summer, before Hunter came. Our furmily brought us with them to the Great Smokey Mountains, in Gatlinburg Tennessee! It was so much fun! We go to stay in a hotel, and we got to go up a mountain. We also got to swim in a mountain stream. But best of all, we actually got to POOP on a MOUNTAIN!! Talk about a view!!

Ok.. Hunter said that he wants to tell his story, and Copper and Bailey want to tell theirs too.

Hunter: My most special moment is the first time I got to go to the Park. I was about 4 months old, and that was probably the best day in the whole world!! We went with our Mommy and her Mommy to Ballard Park. Talk about a pawesome place. There were ducks, and squirrels, and a lake! It was so pawesome. I even got to pull mommy down the bank into some mud so that she could chase the duck with me. We go all the time now, but that first time was so much fun!

Copper and Bailey: We haven't been home long, but our best memory is definately when our mommy got our of her car and came and picked us up. You see we were all alone in a parking lot with no water. It was so hot, so we were under a truck trying to stay cool. Mommy got our of her car, and came and pick us up, and gave us a great big kiss. She held onto us while her Mommy went inside of a nail salon to talk to the mean lady that put us out their. The mean lady said that she didn't have time for us, and that they could do whatever they wanted to with us. So Mommy took us home. She was planning on finding us a good furever home, but we decided that we were already at our furever home!

Raja: What are some of the health problems that Bassets face?

Scout: Bassets tend to be fairly healthy. But you definately have to watch out for obesity. Precious can tell you that it is no fun trying to lose weight. You also have to keep these long floppy ears clean and dry. Gracie tends to get ear infections and they are no fun. Bloat can also be a problem, so no excercise after or before eating. Glaucoma can also be an issue.

Raja: Anything else you would like to add for the readers.

Scout: We'd like to thank you fur interviewing us Raja! And let readers know that there is always room in your hearts for more love. We weren't planning on adding two more pups, but they wiggled their way in, and now their are six of us. Mommy may have to love more pups... but she also recieves six time the love and six times the slobbery kisses!

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