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I'm a Pepper!

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Beginning Flyball - Week 2

February 9th 2012 6:52 am
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The ma regrets not startin' my diary when I was a pup during my obedience/CGC trainin'. So we's makin' up fur that by chroniclin' my flyball lessons.

Yesfurday was my 2nd time comin' to the Human Society of the Silicon Valley, that's where my flyball classes are. But I whined in happiness as soon as we turned into the parkin' lot! I know that is a good place from just one previous visit!

Anywoofs, furst we all stood around in a circle while the lead human lady talked...blah, blah blah. I whined a bit to stop the yackin', I was very eager to get started! Then we showed that we knows how to tug on a toy! Now that was fun! We brought my frisbee shaped like a squirrell and I am a very good tugger! We just gotsta work on the STOP tuggin' command. That I'm not so good at.

Next we jumped over two hurdles like we did last week. Only they were a little further apart this time. I knew exactly what to do and jumped those hurdles lickety split! I now has the nickname of 'Black Lightnin'!

Lastly we did an exercise of 'static' retrieves. This means gettin' a stationary object and bringin' it back. Sum dogs only want to retrieve a ball in motion. I had no problem with this exercise either, except once I did not see my own ball and went for another dog's ball instead. Oops! But not a big deal, another dog did that to me later in the class, too!


2 Furst Place Ribbons!

February 4th 2012 8:52 pm
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Woofs-howls! Not only did I getta jump today, I won two first place blue ribbons! Plus I gotta see the Jo-Jo fambily's peoples! Miss Josephine and Miss Jolanda were not in attendance and I sure did miss seein' them! There was a little cattle dog I wanted them to see jumpin'! But I am sure their mom and dad will tells them all about it.

After I was all done with my last wave we all wents in the buildin' to walk around and see sum of the displays. We ran into my new fly ball teacher! And wouldn't cha know it, just as we was walkin' by, the barrier to her agility course got knocked over! We think anofur dog actually knocked it over but I mighta helped sum:o Not the way to become teacher's pet!

Tonight I am havin' a sore tail:( That happens when I getsta swim too much. But not to worry, a good night's sleep and I'll be good as new in the mornin'!


Pet Expo!

February 3rd 2012 8:49 pm
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Goin' to the Bay Area Pet Expo tomorrow! Hopin' to do sum dock jumpin' but, even if I don't, I should getta see one o' my good Dogster pals, Josephine! Hope to see her sisfur, Jolanda, too, but guess she was havin' sum surgery this week so she might be recupin' at home. Anywoof, think it is gunna be an infurestin' day!



February 2nd 2012 6:19 am
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Took my furst flyball lesson last night! It sure was fun!

I learned to jump over two hurdles! Woofs! Then we got treats fur listenin' to the flyball board make its sounds! Guess sum dogs are scared of that sound. I barely noticed it, so I got treats fur doin' purdy much nuthin'! I like this class!


Ah Ha!

January 30th 2012 10:32 am
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I barked befure about a Splash Dogs event gettin' dropped from the calendar. It was supposta be this weekend at the San Jose Pet Expo. Wellwoof, turns out there is still gonna be dock divin' just the Splash Dogs is not gunna be runnin' it! The Dock Dogs is a diffurent group that does the same thing and seems they has taken it over! I has never jumped with the Dock Dogs befure!

The ma went to preregister me and found out there is a Dock Dog membership fee on top of the event fee which she thinks is too expensive to pay for one event. So we are goin' to the Pet Expo and hopefully register onsite. If there are too many dogs preregistered there might not be room fur me. Paws crossed I getta jump! Otherwise we'll just walk around the Pet Expo.



January 25th 2012 6:29 am
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So far 2012 has been a little slow fur me. Thought I was gunna getta go dock divin' in San Jose in February but that event seems to have been cancelled. When we went to sign me up it was no longer on the Splash Dogs' upcoming events:(

Seems there's no dock divin' in my area until April. But the good news is that my favfurite local divin' place, Howllister, is back in the swing of things. They have events on the calendar fur April and May. Paws crossed they don't fall off the roster like the February one did!

But the excitin' thing is the ma got an e-mail from the flyball peoples! So I am signed up fur flyball classes startin' on February 1st! Think its gunna be real fun!


Howliday Saga

January 7th 2012 11:14 am
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So much to bark! No typist to type! Finally the ma has a little quiet time to help me update my diary.

The day befure our trip to SoCal the dad was makin' breakfast burritos to freeze and have on hand in the motyhome. Wellwoof, he and the ma started talkin' about all they has to pack and do befure the trip... blah, blah, blah. While they was talkin' I went into the kitchen and found a plate of sausages just sittin' there on the counter. This is the part of the counter I can reach if I stand on my hind legs. The folks is usually careful not to leaves stuff on that level cause they know I has no scruples about checkin' that out. But the dad got distracted and wellwoof, yum-yum, those were good sausages! I got about half a dozen or so. What a good start to the Howliday trip fur me!

So we left on December 19th after My Boy got outta school and made it to a place called Pismo Beach. It was about 8 o' the clock and dark. Pismo Beach is about mid way on our journey to SoCal. The folks decided to hunker down here fur the night. We found a spot fur the motyhome but did not go to the beach that night. But the next mornin' we found it was a short walk from the motyhome park to the beach. We brought my ball and Chuck It along. Then the folks remembered they did not want a wet, sandy dog in the motyhome fur the rest of the drive. It was very hard but we all turned away. No playin' at the Pismo Beach fur me:( They threw my ball fur me back at the motyhome in a grassy field nearby. Then we hit the road. Next stop, our destination, Bolsa Chica State Beach.

We got to Bolsa Chica about 3 o' the clock. Plenty of time to make it to the Dog Beach befure dark! I got to fetch to my heart's delight pretty much every day from here on out. No new pictures but there's a coupla new videos of me runnin' in the waves. The ma even tried to be a little artsy on wunna them and got a surfer dude in the background. There was lotsa surfer dudes sharin' the ocean with me on this trip:) Guess there were sum tasty waves!

On December 23rd we made a trip out to Oceanside to visit my uncle's family. This was the furst time I gotta meet my Golden Retriever cousin, Captain. Captain and I have different energy levels and different retrievin' styles. He likes to take the ball and keep it. Fur me it's not the ball but the act of chasin' the ball so I always bring it back. We have agreed to disagree on retrievin' but we both are nice, furiendly dogs and got along well. The peoples even left us alone together at Captain's howse while they went and did sum people things.

On Christmas day we went over to the grandfolks house fur dinner. There was a little accident and I ran into their 'invisible' screen door and broke it:( Wellwoof, it's called an invisible door and it really is! My fambily felt really bad I did this. But the grandfolks said not to worry they was plannin' on takin' it down soon anyway. Still we don't like to destroy people's houses when we visit:(

My aunt, Lil Baby Girl's ma, got me a Christmas present. She got me sum fancy doggy petite fours! They are very yummy!

We came home on December 27th and celebrated the start of the New Year quietly with some neighborhood friends.


Thank You Secret Santa!

December 19th 2011 12:47 pm
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Finally gotta open my package! Woof-howl, I got lotsa pawsome stuff!

I gotsa stockin' filled with stuffies, a pink ball, a small rope and a squeaky bone. Plus a red and a blue large size Christmas tennis balls. And I look so pretty in my pink and black Kong collar!

My Secret Santa is so generous and thoughtful! Thanks so much!

And now I gotsa bark good bye to all the Dogsters fur about a week:( Road trip:D


Secret Santa package and Back to the Vet!

December 13th 2011 10:19 pm
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My Secret Santa package has arrived! But I'm not supposta open it until Moonday! Moonday! We is leavin' fur the SoCal place on Moonday! I will open it that mornin' befure we leaves. Sorry, I won't be around to do the group party thing, Howard:( But I'll make sure to take sum pictures and put them on my page:)

Went back to see the Vet Man today. My ear is gettin' better but he said 3 more days o' the drops oughta get rid of the buggers in there. So 3 more days it is. Fun!


Drops, drops everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

December 12th 2011 3:28 pm
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But not to worry, I gots a full water bowl so I don't need to drink no drops. BOL!

Been gettin' those ear drops every day twice a day and yesfurday got my flea and tick medicine drops. Tomorrow I goes back to see the Vet Man and he is gunna look in my ear again. Hope those ear drops can go aways! But the treats twice a day can stay!

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