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I'm a Pepper!

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Tail Waggin' Good Time!

March 6th 2012 5:19 pm
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Me and the ma made it to the grandfolks house Fryday afternoon. After the long drive it felt good to stretch out and run on their grassy backyard.

Li'l Baby Girl's Birthday party was on Safurday. Last year, even tho I rode down to SoCal with her, the ma did not take me to the party. And this year she was not sure if she should either. But my uncle, the ma's brother, called Fryday night and made it clear they wanted me there! So I was definitely invited and I was a guest of honor!

Since there was lotsa peoples and not a lotsa space the ma kept me on leash and we stayed in the backyard. This worked out fine. The kids who wanted to come see and pet me could do so and the kids who was scared or allergic or just didn't needs a doggy lickin' em did not have unwanted doggy attention from me bein' loose.

And, I must bark, I kinda stole the show with my birthday gift fur Li'l Baby Girl! She opened it (it was a light up ball) then wanted to come play fetch with me and not open the rest of her gifts! BOL! Next year they is gunna open any gift from me last!

On Sunnyday we normally woulda headed back fur NorCal but we decided to stay an extra day and drive back on Moonday. This allowed fur sum time to go to wunna my favfurite doggy beaches! We stayed fur a coupla hours and woofs, what a beautiful day it was! But guess I over did it a bit again and ended up with a sore tail:(

By Moonday I was ready to go home. I had so much fun Safurday and Sunnyday, I over wagged my tail and needed to rest it.


Li'l Baby Girl Turnin' Two!

March 1st 2012 8:55 pm
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Wellwoof, takin' a road trip to go see my very special Li'l Baby Girl, who is turnin' 2 this weekend! Guess I'm gunna hafta start callin' her Li'l Toddler Girl or Li'l Girl. Sumday she may even wants to be called a 'Big Girl'. But that's a ways off, I hope!

Anywoof, we has been gettin' thank you cards and birthday cards and even a Valentine card that all has Li'l Baby Girl's footprint on them. So the ma got the bright idea to put my paw print in Lil Baby Girl's Birthday card! Wellwoof, I took care of that by bein' real wiggly with my feets. Oh, there's a smudge on the card that kinda looks like a paw print but the ma's gunna hafta explain that's what it is, BOL!

Me and Li'l Baby Girl both has a luv of balls. Last year I got her a ball with princesses all over it. But then I popped it and the ma hadta go buy anofur one. This year I got her a ball that lights up. I has the same ball that I likes very much, so I think she will like it, too! This ball is pretty tuff, can't be popped. So that's good!

So tomorrow me and the ma's takin' off fur SoCal! Glad I was here today fur so many pals Birthdays! Flicka, Chance, Forrest, Miley May and Roxie! Woofs, that a lotsa March 1 Birthdays! Cheers!


Beginning Flyball - Week 5

March 1st 2012 5:06 pm
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This week there was only 4 dogs at flyball class. So us 4 got lotsa practice! Whoopee!

Anywoofs, we started out by givin' the teacher lady our retrieve item, for me it was a ball. She walked away while we pups was held back by our person. When released we jumped over one hurdle to get the ball from teacher lady then we jumped back over the hurdle again to our person. We worked from one up to 4 hurdles doin' this!

My furst time doin' the 4 hurdles I ran around insteada over the hurdles to get back to the ma! BOL, I wasn't supposta do that! But the 2nd time I got it right and lotsa cheers and treats! Now I know what I'm supposta do!


Beginning Flyball - Week 4

February 25th 2012 9:59 am
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Wellwoof, went back to flyball class this past Windsday! I did not do no homeworks and missed the previous week lesson. But no one woulda guessed that. I did just as good as evfurrybody else!

This week we jumped 4 hurdles. And the teacher lady was video tapin' us and is gunna start checkin' around fur teams that might be infurested in new pups.

We also did static retrieves over a hurdle. I really likes that game!

Lastly, we got treats fur launchin' an empty flyball launcher. Sum of the dogs that run the hurdles real well are scared of that launcher sounds. So ALL us dogs get treats fur listenin' to that sounds! Weird but cool!


Fetchin' Frenzy!

February 19th 2012 9:10 pm
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Wellwoof, not so much a frenzy, but I did getsta do sum fetchin' this mornin'! And NO limp afterwards, hurray!

The ma took me to the covered bridge park cause she thought the nice grass there would be best on my paws and joints. Although she's not usin' the Chucky stick so the ball doesn't go quite as far as during our regular fetch sessions.

But I'm fetchin' again! And that makes me so happy! Ain't life grand?!



February 18th 2012 9:57 am
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Looks like my fellow flyball dogs moved up to jumpin' all 4 hurdles. Here is a bit from my flyball teacher about it:

'Great class this week. It was fun to see you all progress over all four hurdles and having such fun with your pooches.'

Since I was doin' the two hurdles no problem, we're pretty sure 4 hurdles won't faze me much once my limp goes away. But probably good we missed this class with all the extra jumpin'.

Each week we have a little bit of homework (or 'homeplay' as my teacher likes to call it). This week's 'homeplay' is rather infurestin':

1. Restrained Recalls
At least once each day, for 3-5 repetitions, work on restrained recalls, asking friends or family members to hold your dog for you until you call. Run away from your dog and then call him to chase you. When he or she gets to you, engage in a fun game of tug (or other game that your dog prefers, but preferably not chasing the dog.)

2.Retrieving the ball all the way to your hand or another toy
Continue working on your “dead retrieves”, having your dog bring the ball all the way to your hand. Exchange him for either a treat or a fun game of tug. If your dog is super ball-motivated, you may trade him his regular tennis ball for an even more enticing “jungle ball”, that is a tennis ball that you have soaked in chicken broth. Mmmmm…

These homeworks sure seem fun! But the folks says they is still gunna make me take it easy and furst make sure my leg is all better. That is my most imporfurant homework!



February 17th 2012 5:59 am
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Maybe restin' and no fetchin' isn't so bad! I has been able to focus on my evil nemisis, a piece of cardboard!

See, there is a big ole box of dog biscuits sittin' on the floor in the dog stuff storage area. Each layer of biscuits is separated by a piece of cardboard. Once the box is open the folks put the top layer of cookies in a plastic box and give me cookies from the plastic box. The remainin' cookies is left behind in the original box and only a sheet of cardboard is coverin' them up and supposedly protectin' them from me!

Now I has already been tryin' to figure out how to get the cookies under the cardboard even befure my limp came about. The dadders saw me but since I was unsuccessful (that time) he didn't say nuthin' bout it to the ma. Thanks, Dadders!

Wellwoof, now that I have more awake time on my paws I am motivated to figure this out. Yesfurday, when the folks came home they found the piece of cardboard lyin' on the floor and about 4 cookies appeared to be missin' from the next biscuit layer. Unfurtunately, these are not super yummy biscuits or I woulda finished the whole layer and started workin' on the next. But, hey, a skore is a skore. 4 points, Pepper; zero points, piece of cardboard and the folks!


Fetchin' Foolishness!

February 16th 2012 4:30 pm
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Wellwoof, I barked befour about missin' flyball class due to my limp. But after no fetchin' Tudesday evenin' and no fetchin' Windsday mornin', I was goin' nuts! By Windsday afternoon I decided to con the dadders into the throwin' the ball fur me by not limpin' at all! And even when the ma got home I had no limp but she knew better. And sure enuf later Windsday night I was limpin' again. So the folks has agreed no fetchin' fur at least a coupla days:(



February 15th 2012 8:46 am
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Wednesday is my flyball day. But I'm not goin' this day:( The folks is makin' me play hookey.

I don'ts like to bark about bad things. But the ma's memory is so bad she said it might be helpful later on if I would document stuff like this in my diary fur her. So here goes...

On Tudesday, at lunch time we went to the park near the ma's office. It's about 3 blocks away. We played sum fetch. We continued to note which way I turn. (pretty much left almost all the time) Towards the end of my fetch session I started to slightly limp. So we cut it short and headed back to the office. My limp got worse on the walk back. The ma's office is up the stairs and I took them without much problem. We thought just restin' fur the afternoon might help and the ma thoroughly check my paws fur anything stuck in there. But goin' back down the stairs to leave fur the day was pretty tuff. And by then it was pretty obvious it was my right front leg that was the problem.

At home I continued to limp fur the night. I wanted to play fetch but both the folks would not play with me. They made me just rest and watch the Westminster Dog Show. Way to go Pekingese! Anywoofs, I had a nice long sleep and seem to be doin' better this mornin'. But I still has a slight limp and the folks says I needs to be all better to start doin' flyball class again. Drat!



February 10th 2012 9:23 pm
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Wellwoof, we had an assignment from the last flyball class. We is supposta report back if I am right or left sighted! We never noticed or thought about this befure. But I do seem to turn to my left most times when I pick up the ball. Ball in the middle of the hallway, I turn left. Ball to the left side of the hallway, I turn left. Ball to the right side of the hallway, I sumptimes turn left, I sumptimes turn right. Hmm, think I am left sighted!

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