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I'm a Pepper!

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Guard Duty II

May 21st 2012 3:17 pm
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So on Fryday, the folks left me and MyBoy with the Boy Scouts to guard the elementary school carnival stuffs. MyBoy is a minimalist. He had a bed roll and a sleepin' bag. Most of the other boys actually slept in tents. Not MyBoy.

Anywoofs, once everyone was a bit settled there was a weanie roast. Boys with hot dogs on sticks over an open flame, can it get much better? Wellwoof, yes it can! They can actually share a hot dog or two with one hungry pup. But they did not. Durn!

One hot dog fell to the ground but there was one other pup there and he got it! Durn again!

So the boys tried to play capture the flag but there was not enuf players and I was not helpin' things by followin' MyBoy all around. Wellwoof, who else was I supposta follow around?

Me and the other pup did not get on too well as we were both fetchers and he did not like me gettin' in on his fetchin' action. But I did manage to get sum of the kindly people to throw my ball I found fur me.

Finally, when it was time to get sum sleep, I did sleep with MyBoy fur a bit. Maybe a coupla hours. But MyBoy did not leash me up and I took off into the dark once. Turns out there was sum guy walkin' through camp carryin' a long skinny sack with sum kinda bottle in it. I did not bark at the guy but I did run up to see what he was about. MyBoy was tryin' to corral me back and did say, "hey" to the guy who returned a "hey". Guess he was just passin' through to get home or sumptin. But good we were there or he mighta tried playin' with all the kiddies' carnival stuff!

Next mornin' when the ma came to pick up me and MyBoy, sum of the other fambilies mentioned how I has a lotsa energy and don't sleep much. Guess that means they didn't sleep much either. Oops!

Wellwoof, hope they gotsta sleep as good as me and MyBoy did all day on Safurday! BOL!


Guard Duty!

May 18th 2012 9:48 pm
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Wellwoof, tonight I am spendin' the night at the elementary school with the Boy Scouts! Fur the furst time ever, away from home, it is just me and MyBoy! Wellwoof, along with a buncha other Boy Scouts and of course, there are a few parents along, too, just not my parents.

MyBoy can be kinda strict with me. He didn't want the ma to leave a tennis ball fur me! Said I was gunna be annoyin' about it. So I hadta go find a ball sum kiddie left behind in the field. I had fun playin' with that ball befure the folks left. They saw me as they were drivin' off.

Anywoofs, the reason we are spendin' the night is the elementary school kiddies is havin' their annual carnival this weekend and they has booths and inflatable slides and stuff set up. The Boy Scouts always spend the night and makes sure no one comes and plays with all that stuff befure hand. MyBoy has done the guard duty many times befure, but it is the furst year he has wanted me along. Or maybe it is just the furst year the folks has suggested I could come along without one o' them.

Not sure how much sleep I am gunna get tonight. MyBoy would not let the ma bring my bed fur me. So she said I would hafta sleep on MyBoy. Let's see how much he likes that!


Bike Race!

May 15th 2012 7:08 am
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The Amgen Bike Race came thru our lil ole town o' Boulder Creek yesfurday! The ma already has Moondays off and the dadders decided to work from home rather than deal with any traffic that might result. My Boy still hadta go to school:(

So at about one o' the clock we started walkin' to one o' the places the folks knew the bike race was goin' thru. It was about a mile and a half away from our house. There was quite a few other peoples and pups with the same idea.

We found a place on the rock wall of the fire station right on the corner of one o' the turns. The anticipation was excitin'! Furst the road was all closed off, then a group o' CHiPs officers drove thru makin' sure the way was clear. Then a van with speakers came and stopped fur a bit and gave a brief update on the race and where the racers were. Then they moved on cause the bikes was on the way. There was also a helicopter up in the sky!

Finally, we saw the lead racer! He was all by himself up in front! Next came another group of 3. Then came a huge group behind them. They went by fast and we wondered if it was all over. But, nope, there was anofur big group a few minutes behind. Then finally one more guy a few minutes behind them.

Then the road was opened again and we walked on home. It was good to have sumptin' different goin' on right here in my own home town!


Infurmediate Flyball - Graduation

May 14th 2012 12:15 pm
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Wellwoof, graduations was 2 Windsdays ago! But we have had sum beautiful weather here in the Santa Cruz Mountains so I has been out doin' lotsa fetchin' rather than Dogster barkin'.

Anywoofs, it was kinda sad woofin' goodbye to sum of the furiends I made. I might not be seein' Shasta, Shadow and Kinsey ever again:(

Shasta and Shadow might be joinin' the team Teacher Lady is on, Pawdemonium. And Teacher Lady made a point of askin' the ma when I might be comin' to check out a Safurday practice. The ma lamely answered, "I dunno." It's nice to know I am welcome, but think the flyball has run its course fur me.


You can't get there from here!

April 30th 2012 8:34 pm
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Wellwoof, you can but it would take all day!

The folks planned a hike on Sunnyday in Big Sur which is about 2 hours south of Santy Cruz. The dadders planned where to park and which trail to hike. The ma made sandwiches and packed sum other goodies fur lunch. The one thing they weren't ready fur was the road bein' closed in Carmel for the Big Sur Marathon! The folks asked a Peaceman if there was a detour around so they could continue down to Big Sur. The Peaceman smiled and said Highway 1 (aka Pacific Coast Highway) was closed from Big Sur to Carmel. No detour around this thing!

The nice Peaceman suggested we head up Carmel Valley Road to Garland Park in Carmel Valley. He said it was dog friendly and a nice place to hike. The folks had never heard of the place but figured it was better than goin' home or drivin' all day.

So we found Garland Park and maybe did not hike quite as long as we would have in Big Sur but still had a great time. I met a doggy furiend and taught her how to swim. Wellwoof, more like motivated her to swim fur the furst time. Her peoples were pretty happy about that!

So we ended up hikin' sumwheres the folks never woulda thought of as an intended destination but it was nice and we still have Big Sur to look forward to laters!


Rained Out!

April 26th 2012 6:27 am
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I accompanied the ma to the office, yesfurday, and we drove all the way to Millipitas, only to have my last flyball class rained out:( Class starts at 5:30 and seems the rain waited until 5:20 to get started.

The peoples all stood about and gabbed a bit. Class has been rescheduled fur next Windsday.

Me and Kinsey, the little sheltie, had a good time woofin' to each other. Kinsey will be goin' the way of agility, rather than flyball.

As fur me, looks like we will be chalkin' this up to a good, fun experience. But think we will be focusin' on dock jumpin' rather than pursuin' a flyball team.

So, next week graduations!


A Quiet Girl

April 24th 2012 5:30 am
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Not me, sillies, my sisfur, Jamaica!

Today is her furst year Annifursary here on Dogster! It is also her four year Rainbow Day.

She mostly keeps to herself, that one. She doesn't bark many PPRs or diary comments. A little sensitive to bein' thought of as a hauntin' ghostie pup. I bark to her how silly that is but she don't listen to me much. So the PPRs are pretty much only accepted not offered.

Anywoofs, turns out she found sum things to bark about in her one Dogster year! Mostly she shares local and sum not so local stories usually about animals. I hope she doesn't get in trouble fur plagurizin' one o' these days! She does make a point to give credit fur her source, tho. She also woofs the occasional pup poetry. And she's able to bark better about the family's human events and news that I, bein' an earthly dog, may not understand or know about. Sumptimes our diary entries refer back or are related to each other.

As a Rainbow pup, Miss Jamaica does not need earthly things. So I am not encouragin' any pup to spend zealies on her. But if any pup wants another pup pal she has turned out to be one infurestin' Dogster diary barkin' gal!


Good Stuff!

April 21st 2012 8:49 pm
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It's been 90 degrees out our way. That's not the good stuff but it is the cause of sum good stuff!

Furst, yesfurday, my pool got filled up! Wellwoof, it's not really a pool but more of a doggy bath tub. But I use it as a pool to cool down. It's great!

Then, today, My Boy called and wanted a ride home from sumwheres. The ma was gunna leave me at home but I showed I wanted to go by standin' at the car door. So I gotta come along. Sure enuf, because it was 90 degrees, they decided to stop and get sum ice cream. And I got my own Jr. size cup o' ice cream, again, just cause it was 90 degrees!


Infurmediate Flyball - Week 4

April 12th 2012 9:16 pm
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Wellwoof, all 4 dogs was back this week! The last coupla weeks one pup or anofur was missin' leavin' only 3 of us. Next week I will be the missin' pup as the ma has sumptin' goin' on she can't miss. Sumptin' more imporfurant than flyball?!! Bah! Humans and their priorities!

So since there are 2 lessons left, only one fur me, the ma asked teacherlady if there was gunna be advanced flyball. Teacherlady said at this point we is ready to start explorin' fur teams. She is not doin' an advanced class:(

So now it is time fur the ma to decide if she is gunna do the politickin' and schmoozin' that seems to be necessary to get on a team. Teacherlady suggested volunteerin' at sum flyball events. Not that the ma is against volunteerin', she is just not a politickin', schmoozin' kinda gal.

And since the Howlister dock divin' seems to be back in the swing o' things, I has more dock divin' oppfurtunities again. Flyball will be a greater commitment and might conflict with dock divin'. While I likes flyball and so does the ma, dock divin' is our furst luv.

So decisions to make, but let the humom worry about that! And the humom says she is gunna let the cards fall where they lie, whatever the woof that means;/ Guess that means she'll see how she feels about it in a coupla weeks!


Mediocre Jumps and a Human in the Pool!

April 7th 2012 9:23 pm
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Had a bit of a mediocre day today:( The ma says I did not go outta my 11 foot comfurt zone. I jumped 11'8" then 11'6" in my 2 jumps of my furst wave. I did win a 2nd place Junior ribbon for this wave:)

Then I jumped 8'11" in my furst jump of my second wave. This is the shortest measured jump of my dock divin' career! My furst jump of my furst competition back in 2010 was over 9 feet. I has not jumped less than 10 feet since! But I was havin' a hard time stayin' in my sit stay and the ma decided to try it my way. She let me creep forward a bit and I only had half the dock to run.

After seein' the results of doin' it my way, we went back to her way of makin' me stay then usin' mosta the dock to get a nice runnin' leap. I did 11'9" on my last jump of the day. Not sure where I placed as we left after this jump and the results have not been posted on the infurnet yet.

But no mediocrity in the havin' fun department! I always do super good at that!

Also, sooner or later, we thought it might happen, but sum pup's poor mom fell into the pool! OMD! She was lookin' back at her pup and just stepped a bit too far and, PLOP!, in she went! Her pup seemed a bit surprised but he jumped in right after her! BOL! The lady was a real trooper and let her pup jump one more time while she was soakin' wet. My ma felt bad as this was their furst dock divin' event. Hope they had enuf fun earlier in the day and might consider comin' back!

The finals are on Easter Sunday. We will be missin' out on them this time.

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