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I'm a Pepper!

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I did pretty good!

July 9th 2012 6:13 pm
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Went dock divin' yesfurday:) Had two over 13' jumps which is pretty good fur me!

I got my furst white ribbon ever fur comin' in 4th place in wunna the qualifyin' waves with a jump of 11'11". The Junior competition was pretty fierce at this point with 8 dogs jumpin' in that category! In the next wave I jumped 13'11" to win a 2nd place red ribbon. Almost 14 feet!

In the end, I got my furst yellow 3rd place rosette in the finals! This is the highest I has ever placed in any finals! I jumped 13'2" to win that one.

The dock divin' peoples was way off schedule. They was runnin' over an hour late. So we ended up finishin' about 7 o' the clock which means we got home about 8:30 o' the clock. The dadders and MyBoy was already home from their campin' trip! I sure was happy to see them when we walked in!


Quiet Around Heres

July 7th 2012 9:57 pm
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Wellwoof, after a fabarkulous barkday with a pancake breakfurast, parade and a barbque, it sure got quiet the next day.

Furst the grandfolks left about 8 o' the clock in the mornin' on the 5th o' July. Then the ma left fur work at 9 o' the clock.

The dadders and MyBoy were left. But they was packin' their big backpacks and gettin' ready to leave fur a campin' trip. I was supposta go, too, but the dadders decided it was a bit too much trouble to bring me along in bear country. Sees, they's hikin' in a place in the Sierra Nevadas and all smelly stuff hasta go in a bear can, includin' dog fudz. So either they hadta make space in their bear cans fur my fudz or get me my own bear can. Both a bit problematic, so I's got left behind.

So my pack went from 5 peoples and one dog to one peoples and one dog in one day:(

On the 5th o' July, I was four years old, tired from the excitement of the previous day and a bit depressed all the peoples left and only the ma came back after she was done workin'. We went fur our nice evenin' walk, like we do. Then came home and had dinners. I put myself to bed at 8 o' the clock. Kinda early fur me!

On Fryday, the ma took me to her office with her. This is a little less borin' than stayin' home alone, but only a little less borin'.

Today, Safurday, it's just the two o' us again. But the ma says I gets to go dock divin' tomorrow as a belated barkday present! Dock Divin'! And the dadders and MyBoy will be home tomorrow, too:)


Four on the Fourth!

July 4th 2012 12:00 pm
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Four woofin' years old today! Thank you, MrJack and Redford, fur makin' up nice celebarkin' pics fur me! And thank you pals fur all the Barkday presents!

This mornin' I went to the pancake breakfurast at the fire station. Didn't get no pancakes but got sum scrambled eggers! Also watched my town's parade. Evfurry year they insist on throwin' me a parade:)

Now we are home and I am gettin' lotsa fetchin' with the grandfolks around as extra ball throwers. Pretty good Barkday so far!


Company Comin'!

July 1st 2012 8:09 am
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Grammy and Grampy is comin' to visit! Woof-howls!

Usually BigSisterGirl and her fambily would be comin' too. She has been comin' up to visit me on my Barkday since she was borned in 2010. But this year, with LilBabySisterGirl only one month old, they is not makin' the long journey up to our Santa Cruz Mountains. We's a bit sad about that, but know that is best fur their fambily this year.

I's lookin' forward to seein' Grammy and Grampy, the pancake breakfurast and town parade. I's such a lucky pup to have such grand Barkday celebrations!


Three Beaches:)

June 27th 2012 10:01 pm
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I was gunna bark about the rest o' my trip yesfurday. But then the ma hogged up the confuser lookin' thru pictures and just puttin' two pics on Dogster took a longity time. Argh!

Anywoofs, I think I left off previously still at Grammy and Grampy's house and the kiddies and Uncle and Auntie comin' to visit. So this night, Tudesday, our motyhome was parked out fronta Grammy and Grampy's place and that's where we spent the night Tudesday.

Windsday mornin' we had breakyfast with Grammy and Grampy and had kinda a leisurely mornin' spendin' sum time with them. This day we did have a place for the motyhome to stay the night. Bolsa Chica! Wunna my favoritest places in the whole world, where we go every Christmas:)

Wellwoof, at Bolsa Chica we had lotsa motyhome neighbors. The RV park was pretty full. Right next door was a nice, fun fambily with a mom, a dad, three cute lil girls and Shooter! A yellow lab we got to know pretty well.

So we got settled on Windsday and of course had to make a trip over to the dog beach which is right next door to Bolsa Chica.

On the next day, Turdsday, Grammy, Grampy and BigSisterGirl came to visit us at the beach. The ma, Grammy and BigSisterGirl went on a walk to the ecological reserve across the street from the RV park. I was not too happy about stayin' behind with the guys.

While the girls was off walkin' the dadders was workin' on puttin' together the ma's big flower kite, suddenly a big yellow blur went by. It was Shooter! His fambily was all gone and he had figured out how to open the door to his motyhome!

Usually the ma is the one sayin' we gotsta help loose or stray dogs and the dadders is always sayin' to leave things be. But since the ma wasn't around it was up to the dadders and Grampy. MyBoy was in the motyhome takin' a nap.

So me, the dadders and Grampy took off after Shooter. The dadders took me on leash with him thinkin' Shooter might be more infurested in coming to him with me along. Wellwoof, Shooter had to go potty, which he managed to do while still runnin' along. Grampy was a good sport and found a trash bag along the way and picked up Shooter's shootings. Yuck!

Finally we caught up to Shooter and got him leashed up. But his fambily was still not home, so what to do? Wellwoof, we let him hang out with us and the dadders finished puttin' the ma's kite togefur. Soon the girls came back and asked why Shooter was at our place and the guys told them the whole story. That's when we got our picture taken that is now on my page.

Then Shooter's fambily came home and the folks told them he was openin' their motyhome door. They was happy and thankful we took care o' Shooter fur them. Then the girls went to fly their kites and left me behind with the guys again, cause dogs is not allowed on the beach right in front o' the RV park. BigSisterGirl had a butterfly kite and the ma had a big flower kite that she got as a gift years ago but never got a chance to fly. It helps to have lil kids around to find the time to fly kites.

On Fryday it was time to move on to San Onofre which is farther south. We had never been to San Onofre before. It was very diffurent from Bolsa Chica. Furst, we hardly had any motyhome neighbors. We was practically by ourselves. Second, the beach was further away, was real rocky and the waves seemed way stronger. I still had lotsa fun fetchin' in the waves but got tired alot sooner.

On Safurday we went to visit my dog cousin Captain, along with his fambily which is the dadder's brother(I'll call him OceansideUncle) and his wife and kids. The peoples left me and Captain togefur and went off to the San Diego County fair. They was gone a long time and smelled like corn dogs and other fryed foods when they got back. They said they coulda had a fryed stick o' butter and fryed cereal too, but they didn't! The county fair is wasted on humans! Instead they watched a fire fighter demolition derby that my OceansideGirlCousin was involved in. She is workin' to become a fire fighter!

On Sunnyday, Grammy, Grampy, Uncle, Auntie, BigSisterGirl and LilBabySisterGirl all came out to visit us in San Onofre. We had 3 dads all togefur on Father's Day! We mostly just hung out at the motyhome and the peoples just talked and talked. Occasionally one o' the big peoples would take BigSisterGirl around fur a walk and I always came along on those:) Fur dinner the Dadders barbqued all kindsa meatz and there was salads and lotsa good stuff fur peoples to drop but they hardly did:(

On Moonday mornin' it was time to start headin' back to the Santa Cruz Mountains, home. We split up the long drive by stoppin' again in Pismo Moonday night. Then Tudesday, HOME AGAIN! It's nice to travel, but it's nice to come home.


Pismo Beach, Campin' World and Grampy and Grammy's House

June 25th 2012 10:35 pm
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I's back!! :)

And here's wheres I's been.

Furst, on Sunnyday we stayed in Pismo Beach. The state campground is a pretty great place. It is a short walk to the beach! This is a pass through place fur us and we only stayed one night. I did get sum beach time shortly after we arrived. The next mornin' me and the ma went on a walk:) Not to the beach:( But an ok walk, just not a beach walk. It was a butterfly walk! But it not bein' the time fur the Monarchs we didn't see any. There is a butterfly walk in Santa Cruz, too, but dogs is not allowed at that one. The Pismo one dogs is ok on leash.

We left Pismo about eleven o' the clock. After several hours o' drivin' we ended up in the LA area right about rush hour on a Moonday afternoon. Dadders did a great job drivin' that big ole motyhome in sum major LA traffic.

We did not have any reservations to park the motyhome Moonday and Tudesday night so we had sum options. We could go to Grampy and Grammy's house. We could go to Walmart. We could go to Campin' World.

We've done the Walmart thing befure. In Orange County only the 24 hour Walmarts allow overnight parkin'. At least, that's been our experience. Handy to pick up things from Walmart but not very quiet and relaxin' fur a good night's sleep.

Dadders wanted to try a Campin' World he knew about. We has never spent the night in a Campin' World parkin' lot befure. So we thought we would try that. There was lotsa motyhomes at Campin' World (maybe goin' in fur service) but no peoples or pups was stayin' in them. It was just us!

After dinners, the ma took me fur a short walk. It sure was quiet cause Campin' World is not open 24 hours and was in an industrial type area and everything was closed fur the day. Next door was sum type of towin' or body shop or sumptin. There was a lone dog locked in there as the guard dog. He sure didn't seem very good at his guard job. He was quite furiendly and wagged his tail and we said hello and sniffed through the fence. He sure was a nice dog. Nicer than sum non guard dogs I've met.

On Tudesday we moved on to Grampy and Grammy's house. I sure was happy to see them and I love all the nice grass in their backyard!

Soon Uncle, Auntie, BigSisterGirl(formerly LilBabyGirl) and LilBabySisterGirl came over. By this time LilBabySisterGirl was one week old. Not much to do with her. All she did is sleep, eat and have diaper changes. The ma was only infurested in the sleepin' and eatin' baby. I was only infurested in the diapers! BOL! Just kiddin'! They pretty much kept those things outta my reach.

And Zaidie, no Meatz droppin' yet, LilBabySisterGirl just drinks from a bottle right now fur her meals. But thanks fur askin', I'll be watchin' fur food droppin' in the months to come.

In the meantime, BigSisterGirl is the one with the food droppin' potential. But, you know what she likes? Tofu, broccoli and rice! She occassionaly has the cheeze and crackers and I gotsta watch fur that!

So now I guess my Dogster pals knows what a redneck kinda fambily I gots, stayin' in parkin' lots an stuff. But this is just the beginning of our trip and I'll bark about more later cause this is gettin' kinda long. Good night!


Catchin' up!

June 24th 2012 9:10 pm
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Woofs, wowwy, things does not stop happenin' on Dogster just cause a pup goes away!

First I had a Diary Pick! Thanks Redford and MrJack for commemoratin' with pictures!

Then I sees DFB is havin' a pawty! Woof-howls!

Hershey and Winkie gotta go to the wine country:)

Lucky Isabella is a Diary Pick today! Conwags, Lucky!

Today is Luna's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Luna!

Zoe's mom's hand is hurtin' and she hadta go to the pregnant zone:(

Puffy and Coco Rose's dad is comin' home:)

Ethan's mom is feelin' poorly and he is bein' Dr. Ethan. Way to go Ethan!

Pookah's had fun runnin' in the sprinklers:)

Miley May, well sum sads stuff Miley May barked about today. She is Dogster 1176974 and I'll just refer pups to her diary.

Also, Abby had surgery and had a tuff night. I'll also refer to Abby's Dogster number, 590841, rather than try to bark about it myself. Feel better soon, Abby!

Whitley and MrJack is havin' hot weather and MrJack wants rain up at his place.

And Tux had a Gotcha day and Birthday.

I know lots more has happened but the ma only read the last 2 days of diaries to me. If there is anythin' else I should know please bark a comment!


Hangin' up the sign!

June 10th 2012 12:52 am
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Wellwoof, gunna be away from visitin' Dogster fur a time. MrJack had the clever idea of changin' his profile to let pups know he would be away fur a bit and I am borrowin' that idea.

We is packin' up the motyhome and goin' down to SoCal. Guess I gotta new lil baby girl cousin to go meet! Plus hopin' to get in a lil fetchin' on the beach in as well:)


School's Done, Summer's Begun!

June 7th 2012 9:46 pm
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MyBoy has had finals all this week. So he has been comin' home mid day every day. But then he hasta go and study fur the next day's finals so it hasn't been all that fun, other than I am not home alone quite so long.

But today he came home and did sum weed eatin'. Not weed eatin' like eatin' a salad but weed eatin' with a big loud machine, that I does not has enuf sense to stay away from.

Anywoof, after 'helpin' with the weed eatin' we came in the house and crashed fur a while. We are all lookin' forward to a nice long summer, but it always goes by too fast!


I Luv Yard Work!

June 3rd 2012 8:49 pm
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Fur the past 3 weekends the weather has been nice and the folks has been doin' yard work and outside house work. I luv yard work weekends because human yard work = pup play work! Whoopee! We spend the whole day outdoors and I get fetchin' galore! Altho, once in a while they ask if I can, "give it a rest?" Um, no, I cannot! BOL! I do crash at night, tho.

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