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I'm a Pepper!

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Recycled Howlloween?

October 29th 2012 4:04 pm
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Wellwoof, insteada gettin' me a new costume and takin' new pics, this year we has just renumbered sum o' my Howlleen pics of yor. Which is just fine by me! O' course it hasta be the least dignified pic for my main profile:( I has purple hair and a shocked look on my face. Fur a blast from the past come by and visit my page to see my Howlloweens from 2009 - 2011.

Happy Howlloween!

And hopin' mean ole Sandy doesn't ruin it fur all my pals back east. Take care and stay safe!


I am not dumb!

October 4th 2012 6:09 am
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At about 3 o' the clock on Moonday the ma says to me, "Pep, get in the car. Let's go get your boy." Bein' the obedient pup that I am, I does what I am told.

So we drive the one mile to the bus stop and wait fur MyBoy. When MyBoy gets to the car the ma gets outta the driver's seat and MyBoy takes her place. MyBoy drove us the one mile back home!

He is much better than that furst time, but still quite scary!

Anywoofs, when I got those same instructions at 3 o' the clock on Windsday, "Pep, get in the car." I decided to go hide under the deck. When the ma approached me, I did not run away and I let her grab my collar, but I rolled on my back and would not walk! The ma said, "Pepper, come on!" Finally, I agreed to get up and walk. But at the point where I could walk to the car or walk to the house, the ma gave me my choice. I PICKED THE HOUSE! BOL! I am no dummy!


Balloons, a Walk and Insurance

October 2nd 2012 6:20 am
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Whew! Dogster sure is full o' lotsa purty balloons these daze! Thanks, pups! I just got around to sendin' a few out meself this mornin'!

Went on a cancer walk last Sunnyday. It was the same Morris Animal Foundation people puttin' it on, like last year. We walked all thru downtown San Jose! Nice day and a nice walk, but I kinda liked the park we walked thru last year a bit better, even tho last year we was in the city o' cats, Los Gatos.

We walked with our GoodNeighborFriendLady, like last year. But this year we were missin' my doggy pal, Milo. He, and all our Rainbow Bridge furs, were well on the peoples' minds this day.

Yesfurday, the ma was sortin' thru all the goodies we got at the walk. There is always all kinds o' doggy related business peoples that come out to be seen at these events.

She came across a brochure fur pet insurance, Trupanion. This insurance claims to have unlimited pay outs fur cancer and congenital and hereditary diseases. Plus they have an optional hip dysplasia addon.

The ma looked into insurance fur me several years ago, when I was still a puppy. At the time, she got so frustrated and confused with the exclusions she dropped the whole idea. But now that I am 4, maybe it is time to reexplore that option.


Gotted 4 years ago today

September 20th 2012 6:23 am
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BOL! Fur sum reason was thinkin' my Gotcha Day was comin' up tomorrow only fur Dogster to remember it is today! Dogster is a bit more reliable than brains on this one, me thinks.

Anywoofs, this year I am gunna share sum words I know. Not the normal dog words like sit, stay, etc. Those are pretty obvious. Mosta the other words I know are about fetchin' and food:o)

Here goes:
Find It (look for lost or hidden ball)
Get It (pick up lost or hidden ball recently finded)
Bring It
Drop It
Closer (when the peoples are lazy and I did not Drop It within fingers' reach)
(Oddly, I do NOT know the words "Fetch It" because I never has to be told to get a ball that is in motion.)
Treatz(SPECIAL treatz NOT my regular doggy kibblies that sum-one(the ma) has tried to pass off as treatz)
Yummeez (Cheeze or Meatz or other people fudz)

So that's the vocabulary I has learned in the last 5 years.
If any pups wantsta share sum other words, I would be most infurested, feel free to bark me a comment.


Scary Times in the Back Seat!

September 18th 2012 6:23 am
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Wellwoof, MyBoy done went out and got his learner's permit! I had the um, er, 'pleasure' o' bein' one o' his furst passenegers. I gotta bark it was a bit o' a rough ride. BOL!


Roller Coaster of a Jumpin' Day!

August 19th 2012 9:24 pm
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Went dock divin' today:o)

Things started off pretty good. I jumped 15'1" on my furst jump of my furst wave. This is good and bad. Good that it is one of my better jumps. Bad that insteada bein' a top Junior division jumper, jumpin' over 15' put me at the bottom of the Senior division jumpers. So as far as awards and qualifyin' go, it puts me at a bit of a disadvantage. I got a last place green Senior ribbon and barely made the finals. My second jump of this wave was 11'10". Inconsistent jumps:o(

We set up our 'camp' fur the day right next to the judgin' guy. He heard me whinin' while watchin' the other pups. He told the ma he wanted to try sumptin with me. He suggested I go again after the last pup's jump of the furst wave. He asked the ma to wait a little longer befure throwin' my ball and to try to keep the ball about 5' in fronta me. Wellwoof, on this jump I did an 18'10"!!! A new personal best! Unfurtunately, it was not an official jump and did not get me any higher up in the ranks. But I think he wanted the ma to know I can jump further if she was a little more thoughtful in her throwin'.

This gave us a bit more confidence. But did not pan out to much more. On the second wave I jumped 14'2" and 9'10". I got a 3rd place yellow Junior ribbon for the 14 footer.

So I ended up bein' in the Senior finals and I jumped 12' and 10'. The ma did not feel right about acceptin' a Senior rosette(woulda been my furst) for mediocre Junior jumps. So we left after my final jump insteada stayin' and waitin' fur the awards ceremony. I never care about awards so that was fine by me. Altho, I woulda been happy to stay and jump sum more.

So we had highs and lows this day. And just like a roller coaster we finished on a bit of a low. But the ride sure was fun!


Watchin' the Olympics

August 4th 2012 12:46 pm
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Bein' 4 years old this is my furst Summer Olympics as an adult dog. I usta watch TV when I was a pup and I still do sumptimes if I see a doggy in there. But mostly I ignore that little box my peoples is so facinated with. Anywoofs, I has been watchin' sum o' the more infurestin' Olympic events.

What Olympic stuffs might be infurestin' fur a pup? Wellwoof, last night I saw peoples doin' dock divin'! They was doin' it all wrong, tho, and jumpin' up and down furst and not gettin' a runnin' start. Also there was no toy thrown into the water fur them neithers. Plus the dock was up way too high fur any pup to be crazy enuf to jump offa theres.

Then there was peoples jumpin' into the waters, again with no toy to incentivize them, and they was swimmin' back and forth and back and forth. Us pups get in troubles, wellwoof not really, but peoples get annoyed when pups do that at dock divin'.

This mornin' I saw two girls runnin' around playin' with tennis balls. Insteada catchin' the balls, tho, they kept hittin' 'em back to the other girl with a weird lookin' stick! The peoples doesn't seem to know who oughta fetch and who oughta throws. They both wanna be the throwers!

Now I do not zone out like the humans do and wanna sit there and watch all the time. I would much rather be fetchin' or swimmin' myself than watchin' a little box of other people doin' fun stuffs. Fur sum reason the folks are amused that I likes watchin' the Olympics. They are easily amused. Sigh.


I Did Super Duper!

July 29th 2012 8:03 pm
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Woofs-howls! I had the best jumpin' day ever! Won two 1st place blue Junior ribbons in the qualifyin' waves, then a 2nd place red rosette in the Junior finals!

I jumped 14'1" then 14'4" in the furst wave! This means I was sittin' pretty good fur qualifyin' fur the Junior division.

So the ma was pretty relaxed fur the 2nd wave. So she tried sumptin' new with me. Since I has been havin' probs with my sit stay on the dock she decided to try throwin' the toy while holdin' my collar then takin' me to the back of the dock and lettin' me jump. I jumped 11'6" with that technique. Wellwoof, that experiment told us we was doin' better with our original way so on my second jump we went back to the sit stay then I come runnin' while the ma throws my toy. I jumped 13'11" on that 2nd jump:o)

No Junior division pups beat my 14'4" qualifyin' jump so I was top Junior dog goin' into the finals. This is the furst time ever I has been top Junior dog!

Wellwoof, in the finals I jumped 14'9" which woulda got me a furst place rosette except sum pup jumped a 15' and won it right out from under me!

Now 2nd place is the best I has done in any finals. I am gettin' up there!


Lake Times!

July 26th 2012 10:11 pm
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Went to a lake last weekend. It was fun but it sure was hot! The water was the place to be!

Met a cute lil blond girl! She is about 3 1/2 years old. She is my dad's brother's grand daughter. So my cousin's kid. Anywoof, we got along great! She likes throwin' balls and I likes catchin' 'em, so worked out good fur us to entertain each other!

I had a new ball fur this trip:o) It is like a Chuck It ball on steroids. I really like it a lot and we might use it fur dock divin' next time, which incidentally is this Sunnyday!


Be away fur a woof

July 18th 2012 9:21 pm
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Wellwoof, gunna be travellin' out an' about from my Santa Cruz Mountains once again. This means no confuser!

Glad I was around fur the furst half o' Fizzy's Dog of the Week week! I am so happy fur the Fizzster!

Fur any pups with a special day comin' up, wishin' a Happy Barkday, Gotcha Day and Rainbow Day to you! And conwags in advance fur any Dogster honors, too!

So off to the lake I go! I'll be back to bark about it in a few days or a coupla years:o)


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