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I'm a Pepper!

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Happy Groundhog Day!

February 2nd 2010 7:28 pm
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There's no Groundhog rosettes! I would think the think tank at Dogster would exploit every conceivable holiday for dogs to use their zealies. But it's good the Valentines gifts are available. Anywoof, Happy Groundhog Day!


Dock divin' - 2nd wave results

January 31st 2010 5:52 pm
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I just found out I came in 9th in the Junior division on the 2nd wave. Not so good, huh? But it is good because I got promoted in divisions! I went from Splash division (under 10 feet) in the 1st wave to Junior division (>10 but < 15) in the 2nd wave.

I did 8' 8" on my 1st jump in the 1st wave and 9' 10" on the 2nd jump. In the 2nd wave I did 10' 1" on my 1st jump and 11 ft on the 2nd. My family are pretty proud of me and happy because I improved on each jump. I don't care how far I jumped. I just wanted to get my toy and had great fun doing so.


Dock diving, whoo hoo!

January 30th 2010 9:40 pm
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After all the rainy days with less walks and less fetchin, my family took me dock divin today. I had a blast! Last time I went, back in October, I only got to do one practice dive. Today mom entered me in 2 competitive waves. In the 1st wave I came in 1st place for my division! Not sure about the results on the 2nd wave yet. We did not stick around to find out. After all the practicin and competin I was pretty pooped. But I had a barking good time! Can't wait to do that agin!


Now I have a teenager!

January 29th 2010 6:28 pm
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My boy became a teenager earlier this month. It's funny, a year and a half ago (when I was born) he was shorter than mom and had a sweet, high pitched kid voice. Now he's taller than mom (watch out dad you're next!) and has a sort of manly voice. Time goes by fast for the skin pups too!


Whew! Sunshine, Dogpark

January 28th 2010 8:04 pm
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I am happy again! Made it to the dog park yesterday & today. Yesterday I made friends with a cattle dog. Well, he made friends with me. He was having a great time herding me while I ignored him and fetched my ball. Then a little bull terrier pup came up to play with me too. I was fine with that until I couldn't find my ball. Even though there's lots of balls laying around I always pick one then will not play with any other ball. Between the cattle dog herding me and the bull pup jumping on me I got a bit flustered. I went up to mom and she tried to help me find my ball but we couldn't figure out which one it was! Anywoof, when it was pretty clear I was getting distressed about all the attention we decided it was time to go. Those guys wore me out!

Today I got to go to 3 parks! In the morning we do the Covered Bridge park. This is just a short little 30 minute jaunt before work. Then at lunch we walked to the dog park. I started my fetchin thing and a border collie who was bigger than me wasn't too happy about it. Mom thought he would just herd me like the little cattle dog did yesterday, so she told the collie's dad not to worry about it. But the collie kind of intimidated me so I couldn't even get to my ball. I think we would have worked things out and I would have asserted myself eventually. But border collie's dad felt bad about how he, border collie, was treatin me and they decided to go. I felt bad I caused border collie's park time to be shortened:( Then tonight we went to another park across the street from my boy's martial arts studio. We go there when we're waiting for my boy to get done with his lessons. Yay! 3 parks today! After lots of days with NO parks!


Miss Destructo!

January 23rd 2010 10:40 am
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Well, this rain is wearing on me. Mom, fairweather person that she is, is just not getting me the exercise I need. I destroyed one of my doggy beds. I've been dumpster divin and throwing my food dish around. I haven't done stuff like this since I was a little puppy! She thought our little walk to the post office yesterday was enuf, but NO, I NEED MY FETCHIN SESSIONS!

This morning there seems to be a break in the rain. We went outside and she threw the ball for me. Then we went for a nice long walk down to the tennis courts.

Awoof back, some kindhearted soul left one of the tennis court gates unlocked. I luv fetchin in the the tennis court! And mom likes it because I am safe and can't run off. But, alas, today it was locked back up again. Don't tell anyone, but mom knows how to reach thru the slots and break in. But she chose not to do that today. If someone cares enuf to lock it back up then she doesn't want upset anyone because, heaven forbid, a dog is using the court that she has NEVER seen anyone play tennis in.

Anywoof, on the way back home we spotted a tennis ball in the bushes and I retrieved it out of there! Mom said I did a good job.

My fambily is hopeful my destructive stage is over fur a bit. But we shall see!


Wet, wild weather in the west!

January 21st 2010 9:27 pm
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Well, it's been an interestin coupla days here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. On Tuesday the school called and told my boy not to bother coming in, no school. The wind and rain made things too bad. He already had Monday off for MLK day. Mom loaded the both of us in the car and made us go into the office with her. She just had a couple of things to check on then we headed back home. The main road to get home was in pretty bad shape. There was traffic control in one area then it was totally closed a little further down. We got thru using other side street detours.

On Tuesday night the school called again and told us there would be no school on Wednesday either. Wednesday morning dad left at his usual 6 am but then came right back all soakin wet. He said there was a tree down on the little street leading out of our neighborhood. As he was turnin around to come home another neighbor came along and said he needed to get through. So dad tried to help him move the tree but it was too heavy. They ended up tying it to the neighbor's truck and dragging it out of the way. That's how dad ended up all soakin wet.

Well, when mom heard this she decided she is not going anywhere. But dad felt he had to try again so he left the house at around 7. Then at 9 am the power went out. Now we are mountain folk and used to power outages and we all have generators. So mom went out and started up the generator. But we don't like to use the computer on generator power so we did not get to visit Dogster.

Mom noticed the gas looked pretty low in the generator. When she talked to dad he said he had more gas in a can in the garage. But when she found the can it was empty. So no more stayin home for her. She drove around the fallen tree and into town to get some gas. This kept us going for a while.

Later we found out one of our neighbor lady's generator was not workin. When dad came back home in the afternoon he tried to start it for her. It did not start. Dad said it needed some work done to it by a professional. So we invited the lady and her two girls over to play board games. I was very happy and wiggly when they came over. It ended up being lotsa fun!

Finally the power came back on at around 9 pm. We were out of power for around 12 hours. Good thing we have that generator!


Mom! Where was u?

January 17th 2010 6:25 pm
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On Thursday mom left work early. I was happy because I was with mom. I've been going to work with her everyday lately because our nice neighbor man said I was unhappy barking. Anywoof, we went and met dad and went out to lunch together. This is very unusual. Dad's work is about an hour away from mom's work.

After lunch, dad drove mom to a place called the airport. Mom got out of the car with her purse and an extra big bag. Then dad drove away. Mom did not come home fur 2 nights! I listened for her car and I checked her side of the bed on Friday and Saturday morning. NO MOM! What's up with this? What happened to mom?

This is the 1st time mom did not come home to sleep at night. I'm used to my boy going off camping with his scout troop. But not mom! I guess dad's the only one I can rely on now!

On Saturday I was getting used to her not being around & dad's a pretty fun guy. But Saturday night dad and I went to the airport again and there she was, mom! She said she had a pretty good time at something called a baby shower. I was pretty happy and wiggly. Also one of the security guys gave me a ball when dad was circling the airport to pick mom up. But it was not a tennis ball and I popped it in about 5 minutes. Ah, well, easy come easy go. Welcome home mom!


OMD NO Christmas Tree!

January 11th 2010 6:46 pm
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They did it again! Just as I was getting used to a tree in the house they go and change things and take it away!

First went the balls. I dreamed about those balls. They were extra fun to play with because they were forbidden. Then went the ribbons. Not as fun as the balls but good chew toys, again because they were forbidden. Next came down the lights. Lights weren't that big a deal to me. The green sticks, now I know they are branches, came down next. Finally the big pole was broken into 3 short poles.

Everything tree is gone now but I have my unimpeded view back.


I have created a MONSTER!

January 10th 2010 8:32 am
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Hi, Pep's mom here. Ok, as you can see from Pepper's last entry I have relented and now throw the ball for her at the dog park. On the visit she refers to we were not planning on the dog park but ended up there due to lack of a proper leash. We were planning on a fetching session and so I did plan to throw the ball for her a bit and go.

I intended this to be a one time exception. But have realized it is not realistic to expect her to only socialize at the dog park. There are always balls laying about, she is too insistent in bringing the ball to people and there are too many willing ball throwers at her disposal.

I wanted her to play with other dogs at the dog park rather than fetch because I thought she might be forgetting how to play and interact with other dogs. But perhaps she is just growing out of that kind of puppy play. I see no unreasonable fear or aggression in her and no problems in her dog to dog interaction. So what was MY problem?! Don't fix it if it ain't broke!

She does seem to have learned some doggy manners in all this. She picks out a ball that becomes HERS. She then brings it to another dog owner. She ONLY fetches when HER ball is thrown. This seems really smart and polite to me. But then maybe I am just anthromorphizing?

I have discovered that my reluctance to throw the ball for her has created a dog that actually now prefers to interact with strangers. I realize I created this preference (and a certain neediness). It can be a little embarrasing when she brings the slobbery ball up to people who don't really want to throw it for her. However, that is actually very rare. Most people are very good natured about it and will comply with her very obvious request. At least I think they don't mind!?

Now I am trying to get back in her good graces and get her to bring the ball to me, at least some of the time. Ah the problems we humans cause with our good intentions.

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