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I'm a Pepper!

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My bump

January 14th 2013 4:29 pm
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Wellwoof, that lil ol' bump has turned out to be a grade 2 mast cell tumor. Not sure what that means, but I can tell this news has made the folks feel a bit scared and sad.

The good news is they think they got it all out durin' my surgery. The pathologist guy said the edges look clean all the way around.

I feel great and my leg where they took my bump is healin' up nicely.

When I get my stitches out, next week sumptime, the folks is gunna talk with the vet about checkin' to make sure the bump did not spread sum bad bump stuff elsewhere. Paws crossed.


You pals were right:(

January 11th 2013 6:10 am
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Wellwoof, pups, I guess allota ya tried to warn me. You was right. I did not see the Auntie Thesia person nor any beef at the vet's place:(

A bump on my back leg is now gone and my pearly whites, wellwoof, they feel pearly white again!

Funny thing, tho, the vet is keepin' my bump! He is gunna mess around with it and examine it. He even said he is gunna send it to anofur vet to mess around and examine it. Humans do the strangest things!



January 10th 2013 9:29 am
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Um, pups? The ma went up in the attic and got the COS outta there. Maybe sum o' you pups was right! Maybe I'm not just gettin' cleaned beef?!


Happy New Year and Cleaned Beef!

January 8th 2013 5:52 am
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Happy New Year pups and peoples! Hopes all the holidays were good! Mine was nice. We had one mornin' of rain in SoCal but heard our dear ol' Boulder Creek got about 9 inches in the 4 days from 12/21 to 12/25. Um, kinda, glad I was in SoCal. The peoples is always so borin' when it is rainin'.

Sorry to be away from Dogster fur so long. Thanks, pups, fur all the holiday decorations on my page!

So now it is 2013. One o' the furst things the ma did when we got back was to schedule my appointment for cleaned beef.

I am so lookin’ forward to meetin’ Auntie Thesia and getting’ sum beef that I is makin’ sure to note it in my diary so we doesn’t furget my appoint on Turdsday.

Who is Auntie Thesia and why am I getting’ cleaned beef with her? Wellwoof, these questions have crossed my labby mind. But do I care about the answers? Not really.

Beef! That is the key word here. I likes beef, cleaned or dirtied.

And the vet peoples is so concerned I enjoys my cleaned beef that they suggest, no, insist that I not eats any breakfurast before comin’ in.

Again, Happy New Year!


Away we go!

December 20th 2012 6:21 am
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Makin' the trek again down to SoCal! Be stayin' at Bolsa Chica State Beach! Fetchin' and fun, here I come!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every pup and peoples!


Annual Vet Visit!

December 6th 2012 6:12 am
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Went to the vet last week. I was due on my rabies and the folks didn't wanna mess around with bein' late on that one.

Woofie, I got a lota follow up phone calls!

Furst call, later that day, they said my heartworm was negative. That's good.

Next call, a day or two later, my poop test was good. Glad to pass that one!

Then anofur call a day after that, my blood panel is all normal. Guess that is good. I nevfur had a blood panel befure.

I sure felt imporfurant gettin' all those phone calls!

Anywoofs, since my blood panels is ok, I getsta go back in Janufurary to have cleaned beef with Auntie Thesia! Sounds good to me!



December 1st 2012 1:00 pm
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Woofs, the folks and me were sure tired after last weekend, Thanksgivin' weekend! It has taken a whole week fur me to recover enuf to bark about it!

As usual, our fambily is responsible fur all the Thanksgivin' food and festivities. The rest of the fambily from SoCal hasta make the big trek up north to come see us.

It started on Windsday. The grand folks arrived! I sure was happy to see them but they had sum friends they had brought along. A man and a lady I had never met befure. They sure were infurestin' and I made sure to let them know I like them alot with lotsa wags and kisses. I showed them so much hospitality and attention, think the grandfolks felt a bit neglected:(

The next day, Thanksgivin' Day, my lil baby girl cousins along with Uncle and Auntie showed up! BigSisterGirl talks up a storm now! She will be 3 in March. LilBabySisterGirl is almost 6 months old and mostly eats and sleeps. Not much crawlin' yet but that's probably good with all the stuffs that was goin' on fur Thanksgivin'.

Anywoofs, we had beautiful weather all weekend! It felt almost like summer, it was so warm. Which was great because the peoples spent lotsa time sittin' outside on the deck. Which means I had lotsa folks I could cajole into kickin' or throwin' my ball fur me! Which I did do and I had two extra people this year!


6 and 6!

November 13th 2012 6:35 am
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So we left bright and early Safurday mornin'. Not a cloud in the sky here in our Santa Cruz Mountains.

We drove and drove. We hardly had to make any stops. One big stop we did make was to give some lady in a magic window sum $. She then let us cross over a big bridge she was guardin'.

Finally we got to Folsom about 10 o the clock. My division, Junior, would compete at 1 o' the clock. So I had lotsa time fur practicin'. Fun!

There was 17 dogs in the Junior division semi-finals. Junior division dogs are dogs that have been jumping 10 to 15 feet throught out the year. The top 12 dogs would go on to the finals on Sunnyday. We could see these dogs meant business. 3 dogs had already jumped over 15 feet and it was not even my turn yet!

Finally, when it was my turn, I jumped 12 feet even on my furst jump. On my second jump I jumped 13' 03". We were pretty happy with that one! I ended up placin' 6th in the semi finals, which meant I could come back on Sunnyday fur the finals.

This meant we needed to find a place to stay Safurday night. The folks had done a little research in case of this situation. So the ma called a KOA in West Sacramento. They had a cabin we could stay in and were very pet furiendly:o)

The next day, Sunnyday, we hadta be back by 10 o' the clock fur the finals. Again, competition was fierce. They start with the shortest jumpers then move up to the longest. I was in the middle o' the pack.

On my furst jump the ma threw my ball pretty good! I did 14' 11"! My second jump was 13' 03". We were very happy with my jumps. Normally jumps like this would have placed quite high in the Junior division. But several dogs jumped well over 15 feet. Good fur them! So I ended up stayin' in the middle of the pack and got a 6th place ribbon fur the finals. A very solid performance that we are proud of!


Safurday - the Big Day!

November 9th 2012 9:16 pm
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Wellwoof, we'll be leavin' real early Safurday mornin'. The Googles peoples says Folsom is 3 hours and 20 minutes away. The Junior semi-finals is at one o' the clock and we gotsa check in by noon. So we will be leavin' no later than 8 o' the clock.

Earlier this week, Moonday and Tudesday, we had nice warm weather, in the 80s even. But just in time fur dock divin' it has cooled down and was rainin' today, Fryday. The ma has been havin' second thoughts about drivin' all that way just the two o' us. Plus there is lotsa Thanksgivin' preparations bein' pushed out to next week. She's gettin' a little stressed about goin' away from home, I can tell.

But she packed a bag, in case we gotsta spend the night if we qualify fur the finals on Sunnyday. So guess at this point Folsom is still the plan.

And we win no matter what! I getsta jump fur sure on Safurday and that's all I care about. And if we don't make the finals we getsta come home and not spend the night in a strange place. And if we do make the finals, wellwoof, a second day of jumpin' fur me and the ma will be glad we made the finals. So we got sumptin to be happy about no matter what happens:o)



November 5th 2012 6:29 am
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Fur the furst time ever I getsta jump at the Splash Dogs year end semi finals! I qualified by havin' 5 jumps within one division, Junior.

It's not like I has not qualified befure, but the semi finals/finals has always been further away than the folks is willin' to drive. In 2010 think it was in Nevada and in 2011 down in SoCal. But this year it is up in Folsom, which is still quite a drive fur us. If I make the finals we will most likely find a place to spend the night in Folsom rather than drive home on Safurday just to drive back on Sunnyday.

Hopin' fur good jumps, but mostly lotsa fun fur my last splashes of 2012!

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