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I'm a Pepper!

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Trustworthy again!

August 29th 2010 5:15 pm
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Ok, I am going to admit it, I am not always the perfect dog I seem to be. Last fall my neighbors had a lot of work done on their yard. This included lots of new plants, a waterfall and a pond. A POND! With a water crazy labrador that lives across the street!?

Wellwoof, once I realized there was a new pond nearby I wanted to investfurgate it! My folks realized that the easy going arrangement with me being off leash and unsupervised had to end. Befure I had no incentive to go out of my yard, now there was an attractive nuisance. My folks did not want to have to take out a 2nd mortgage fur what I might mess up over there! Plus our neighbors are also friends and very nice people. We do not want to cause them unhappiness & distress.

Anywoof, thru no fault of my own, I found myself in their pond a coupla times. Once Mom had me off leash while she was getting some stuff out of the car. She thought she was supervising me but obviously not well enuf. "Um, Pep, where'd you go?! PEP! PEP!" then splish, splash, splish, splash then lady neighbor's voice "Getoutta here!" Eeks! Sorry!

OK, I got the message, nobody wants me in that pond. For many months I stayed out of that pond. Then Mom screwed up again and left me outside with my ball to make a quick sandwich fur my boy's lunch. Wellwoof, my ball rolled down the driveway and into their pond. I HAD to go get it! This time neighbor man's voice, "GETOUTTA THERE!" Yikes! Mom heard that from in the house! She rushed out to get me, but I was already outta there. She apologized and promised it wouldn't happen again.

Wellwoof, we have all been able to keep her promise. I no longer even LOOK at that pond! That guy, nice though he is, scared the bejeebers outta me that day! Today we spent the whole day outdoors doin' yard work. When I get hot I go in my own pool and cool off. Mom and Dad do keep a better eye on me and I am never left outdoors alone with my ball. That seems to be workin', I show no infurest in goin' over there anymore.


It was hot, now it's not!

August 27th 2010 11:01 pm
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Woo hoo! What a week! My boy went back to school on Tuesday. Me, Mom and Boy all have to wakes up earlier again. And with the heat it was hard to fall asleep at night.

Speakin' of the heat Monday and Tuesday were real scorchers. It got up to 105 in Santa Cruz, which is very unusual fur that coastal city! But what a difference a coupla days make. Today it's back down to the high 60s and low 70s. Mom even wore a sweater tonight on our walk! So shorts & tank top (and still sweaty) on Tuesday night and sweater with long pants on Friday! Talk about a quick change artist! Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 65! A 40 degree drop in just 4 days!


Frisbee ridin'

August 21st 2010 11:36 am
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While Lake Powell was a very beautifur lake with some high canyon walls and gorgeous scenery, the conditions while we were there were not ideal fur my fambily's tendency to want to tow live bodies behind the the boat. Due to wind and many other boaters the water had a tendancy to be quite choppy. So other than my dad and boy wake boardin' on the furst day we would either find a nice beach and play on the water's edge or do sightseein' with some swim breaks in between.

On the last day they decided it was now or never to do more wake boardin'. Once again Dad went furst. Poor Dad! He kept fallin down til he was so tired he didn't want to try again. It's not like he's brand new at this, he's been doin' it fur years. But there's a certain magic(?) needed between the rider, boat driver & water to make it work. We could find no magic fur Dad today.

Next my boy gave it a go. He IS new to wake boardin'. This is the furst year he has tried it. The last time we went boatin' he was 10 years old and his feet too small fur the board we have. Now he is 13 and only one shoe size smaller than Dad. Anywoof, he got up the furst time and hung on fur a bit. But this was difficult, choppy water to board in and he ended his ride with a spectacular crash.

Finally, Mom did it, too! I hadn't seen her do any of this stuff befure! Only witnessed her as an accomplice to my dad & boy's shenanigans! Who knew she had it in her! Wellwoof, she got up on the very furst try. Then she hung on fur a bit. Then befure she could crash she let go. Kinda boring, actually. She says she's gettin' too old fur this stuff.

With the water being what it was we decided to put away the wake board and get out the giant inflatable frisbee. My boy rode it fur a bit. Then, as it was being pulled back in to be retired Mom asked me to jump on it fur a quick pic (see my new photo). Then Dad crazy, goofy guy that he is said, "let's see if she likes being towed!" Wellwoof, I tolerated a short ride but can't say I really enjoyed it. I jumped off after about 20 seconds. Crazy humans!


Rainbow Bridge

August 21st 2010 11:02 am
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My uncle, Dad's bro, had a furiend stayin' in a houseboat on the lake. One day, we got togefur with them and all the peeps wanted to go see sumptin called Rainbow Bridge(huh!?). Wellwoof, lots of other peeps had the same idea at the same time as my peeps. There was lots of boats already at the dock fur Rainbow Bridge. We were patient, though, and waited fur a spot. Then we all got out to hike out to Rainbow Bridge. Wait a minute! There's words all along the dock "No Pets"! NO PETS ALLOWED AT RAINBOW BRIDGE! Waddya mean!? I'm hearin' about Rainbow Bridge all the time on Dogster!

Turns out this Rainbow Bridge is a big hunk of earth erosion and stuff shaped into an arch shape and the humans named it Rainbow Bridge and only allow other humans to go see it. Wellwoof, I guess I'll just have to wait to see the animal Rainbow Bridge and that's just fine with me.

Mom waited behind with me while the other peeps took the short hike to go see it. While we were waitin' a French family came up and docked their boat near our boat. Their two girls thought I was just adorable with my lifevest on. They came over and gave me some pets and their dad took a picture of them with me. So now maybe I'm on some French girl's facebook page?

Anywoof, the peoples all returned and said the Rainbow Bridge was neat and Mom should go take a look. She walked out to where she could see it from afar but not all the way out to the base of it. Definitely it was nice but it's not like she's never seen a natural arch befure. She told me not to worry about not seein' this one, our Natural Bridges (that I can go see!) in Santa Cruz is just as nice.


Miss Snoopy

August 19th 2010 10:26 pm
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Dad noticed a problem with the boat trailer a coupla days befure the end of our trip. So we went into the closest town to our campsite, Page, Arizona, in search of repair supplies.

We were on our last errand, to get gas, when Dad saw a little beagle headed straight for a very busy intersection. We were stopped at the intersection with one car ahead of us. All Dad could do was honk his horn hoping to alert the other drivers to watch out for the little guy. Poor driver in front of us was scared to death with a big, old motyhome honking behind him. Meanwhile, Mom was screaming her head off, sure that we were going to witness a tragedy.

Anywoof, the beagle made it across the intersection unscathed. My folks watched to see if any peoples were in pursuit and maybe she just got loose. No such luck, nobody cared, nobody stopped to help this little dog.

So Mom told Dad to pull over and get gas at the gas station right on the corner. She grabbed a dog biscuit and one of my leashes and off she went to try to round up this little dog. She got across the intersection to where the beagle was. The Beagle found a nice patch of grass where she seemed safe fur the time being. Mom approached her showing the biscuit but apparently got too close, too quickly. Oh no! Off went the little beagle again!

Mom walked away from the street into the nearby parking lot and suddenly Miss Snoopy decided she was, indeed, interested in the biscuit Mom was holding. Yay! Mom tossed her a piece of biscuit and let Miss Snoopy do the approaching this time. At furst Miss Snoopy was a little scared of Mom but she soon figured out Mom was only meaning to help her. Mom managed to get a leash on Miss Snoopy.

Miss Snoopy had a nice collar but no tags. She looked relatively healthy, a little dirty on her backside, but mostly seemed well cared fur. Mom didn't think she'd been a stray for too long. She didn't look malnourished but she acted quite hungry. She pawed at Mom's leg fur the rest of that biscuit.

Mom walked her back to the gas station where Dad and me were waiting. Dad did a very naughty thing and asked Mom if we should keep the little dog. Oh temptation! But Mom knew this was not the place, time or method to take on a new dog. If Miss Snoopy's fambily is lookin' fur her they deserved someone to put up found dog signs and/or take her to a vet to check fur a microchip. As tourists we were not prepared to put forth that kind of effort.

Mom left Miss Snoopy with me and Dad at the motyhome to give her some water, while Mom went in to ask the gas station clerk to call animal control. The guy was a little hesitant about getting involved at furst. Mom explained that she is a tourist and while she's not going to stand around and let a dog get hit, she couldn't wait around fur animal control. She had 3 fambilies waitin' on her to cook dinner that night!

We found a safe place in the shade to tie up Miss Snoopy. Mr. GasStationClerk was now responsible until the police showed up.(Turns out Page does not have animal contol.) We left her with a bowl of water and some kibble Mom had handy in a ziplock fur the lunch I refused to eat that day.(was havin' too much fun swimmin' to eat) Mr. GasStationClerk wasn't too happy Mom also left him an empty poop bag (just in case). BOL!

Once Mr.GasStationClerk realized what a sweet little girl Miss Snoopy was he softend up quite a bit. Turns out he was quite a nice guy. He even thanked Mom & Dad fur helpin' out a little Arizona dog. While Mom & Dad were not unkind, they sorta bulldozed the guy into helpin' Miss Snoopy. In the end we think he felt good about helpin' out.

The next day we were listening to a local Page radio station and they had a program about lost and found pets. They mentioned our Miss Snoopy as a friendly, female beagle found the previous day! We're glad they're helpin' Miss Snoopy find her fambily! She's a sweet girl who deserves a sweet, luvin' fambily, as all dogs do!


Beach stand off

August 18th 2010 10:14 pm
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I really liked best when we found a nice beach, got out of the boat and set up a little day camp. Then I could go in and out of the water as I like. The boat is fun but when we have swim breaks I have to rely on someone in my fambily to pull me back up on the boat. The handle on my lifevest was a real lifesaver for this. Har! Har! Unfurtunately my lifevest is now in pretty sorry shape after being used in this fashion.

Anywoof, we were lookin' for a place to land and not findin' anything acceptable. My dad pulled in close to one little beach and I thought it looked just fine. I took it upon myself to jump out and stake a claim with my furry, little butt in a perfect sit stay. Unfurtunately Dad did not think it was a good place to land the boat. Everyone was callin' me to get back in the boat but I was not budgin'. Finally they turned the boat around and started to drive away! Wellwoof, I did not want to get left behind so I swam fur the boat. Drat, they called my bluff!

We did a little more lookin' and later found a nice beach big enuf for both my dad and his brother to land their boats. Then between the 2 fambilies I had lots of throwers fur fetch!


Lake Powell - Wake Boarding

August 18th 2010 7:11 am
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I think I mentioned befure that my fambily does crazy stuffs like blow up big inflatable frisbees then ride on them behind the boat. Wellwoof, at Lake Powell my dad jumps in the water (with lifevest on of course) then starts to jam his feet into boots screwed onto a big board. Then he yells "Hit it" and holding onto a long rope tries to stand up behind the boat! Sometimes he stands up, sometimes he falls down, sometimes he gets dragged around a little. Of course we had our little orange flag to ward off other boaters from running Dad over.

This activity was a bit worrisome and distressing fur me(especially with Mom drivin' the boat). Whenever someone jumps out of the boat I feel the need to check on them. I also like swim breaks and want to take one at every opportunity. So I whined and worried a bit the furst couple of times Dad did this. But eventually I calmed down and was even able to take a nice nap.

My boy also took a try and he got up the furry furst time! He was furry happy about that.


Howldy... I'm back!

August 16th 2010 10:21 pm
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We had a great time visitin' Reno, Zion & Lake Powell.

My uncle, Dad's bro, lives in Reno. We went to visit him last year too. His American Bulldog was kinda worried about who was boss last year. Wellwoof, she hasn't changed much. She had to let me know who was boss this time too. As long as I can play fetch I don't care who is boss. Just let me have fun, Miss Bossy!

Next it was on to Zion. We drove all day to get there from Reno and still didn't make it. We ended up stopping pretty close by at about 10 o'clock that night.

We ended up passing thru Las Vegas on our way and it was 120 degrees. Luckily that was the hottest we felt the whole time. But how much hotter can it get than 120!?

Anywoof, we arrived in Zion in the morning and met up with a different brother of my dad's(he has 3) Both families got their motyhomes set up then we went for a walk along the river. I got to run and fetch in the river which is heaven fur me. After I was tuckered out I got dried off and put back in the motyhome with my dinner. Kinda boring!

The peoples went somewheres in their bathing suits and came back all wet. Wet! Without ME! I suspect they went tubing down the river! I would have had a blast if they took me along! Ah woof!

We spent the night in Zion. My folks took me to play in the river again the next morning. Then all the peoples took a hike. Dogs aren't permitted on most of the trails so I had to stay behind again. Sigh!

We left that afternoon for Lake Powell and that is where we spent the next 4 nights.


On the Road Again!

August 3rd 2010 10:27 pm
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I've been having a wonderfur summer so far! Lotsa fun and excitement with dock divin' & boat ridin'.

We're gettin' ready to leave again. This time to my favorite place, Lake Powell in Utah. We spent a few days there last year and had a really great time. It is a very long drive fur us from California. So we'll be a coupla days on the road just to get there.

By the time we get back home it will be mid August. Then my boy goes back to school the next week. The only problem with summer is it goes by way too fast!



July 30th 2010 9:22 pm
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So I just found out my fambily has a boat! We went out to visit it a couple of days ago. It's just a little runabout but it works fur us.

My fambily made me wear a doggy life vest. Good thing too because I did a silly thing and jumped off while we were underway! This was quite scary fur everybody and very dangerous fur me!

My fambily did a bizzaro thing and inflated a really giant frisbee. Then my boy climbed on it and road behind the boat! I don't know if it was because he was bad or what, but I really did not like that and was nervous the whole time. After a while he ended up losing his grip and fell off! Well that was it fur me I HAD to go SAVE him!! Mom had a hold of the handle on my life vest but she was so focused on my boy she did not realize I had decided to jump out of the boat. Her furst instinct was to try to keep holding onto me but she realized she couldn't and the safest thing was fur me to not get run over by the boat. Luckily Dad is very fast acting and he turned off the motor right away and we were already going quite slow on the way to pick up my boy.

My boy got back on the giant frisbee and I realized he was laughin and smilin'. Apparently this was fun fur him! And here I was worried sick!

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