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I'm a Pepper!

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Ma is confused!

October 4th 2010 10:06 pm
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Ok so we posted a few howlloweenie pictures today. But my ma doesn't get that witches don't have wings and fairies don't wear witchy hats and neither of them wear boas. So what am I a witch or a fairy? I think my ma just got a bunch of purply stuff and put it on me.


Family & Friends!

October 3rd 2010 10:31 pm
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Woof! This weekend was full of unexpected but welcome guests! My tail was waggin' all weekend!

Furst, on Safurday, my uncle and aunt from Reno came by. My folks knew they were comin' but I didn't! They arrived just befure lunch time. This was great I had lotsa extra ball throwin' servants at my disposal! My uncle especially liked throwin' my ball fur me. My whole fambily could learn to have more ball throwin' enthusiasm like him!

Anyhowl, they had a nice bbq lunch out on the deck with me. But at lunch time I had to take a fetchin' break. Although, Uncle did kick the ball a coupla times under the table fur me. Don't tell my folks I'm not supposed to bother peoples whiles they's eatin'.

After lunch I got a few more ball throws. Then they called me in. All the peoples went away in the car without moi! Unbelievable! But I was tired and hungry after all that extra fetchin' so I ate and slept a long time. The peoples left during the sunlight but came back after it was dark. I was very glad to see them! Ma left the door to the garage open and put down some puppy pads but I didn't use them. I held 'it' until they came home. I was very glad when they came home!

Uncle and Aunt left this mornin'. Then our good neighborfriend lady came by to say hello with her dog, Milo. She's been busy and we've been busy so we haven't seen each other for a woof. She stayed a bit and had a drink and picked a few lemons from our tree. Then invited us to come over and pick some apples from her tree. We accepted her invitation and came home brimming with apples.

Next Dad's good buddy came by. His wife is away for a while and he came by to shoot the breeze, whatevfur that means!(and it doesn't sound good!) Anywoof, it was close to dinner time so ma invited him to stay and help eat a roast she was makin' tonight. He seemed grateful fur the dinner invitation and company. He, also, is a good ball thrower!

So I am quite the tuckered out pooch tonight! Hope my Dogster furiends had as good a weekend as I did! Night, night


Dog Days of Summer are Gone!

September 26th 2010 8:53 pm
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Or are they? We just had a weekend of 100 degree weather. Seems like summer is still here to me.

Mom had a flat of Rosemary to plant. I tell ya gardenin' & fetchin' really go togefur. Mom spent the mornin's tryin' to get those plants in the ground. I helped by bringin' my ball and makin' her take a break once in a while. Poor woman would work her hands to the bone if it weren't fur me! BOL!

Mom is a gardener of good intentions. Unfurtunately, she's not a gardener of good results! The road to 'you know where' is paved with... Poor plants! At least Rosemary seems to survive ok around here.

Anywoof, Mom is a city girl transplanted into the mountain country. Her furst garden out here got eaten by the deer. Then Dad put up a chain link fence. Next she learned all the nice flowers the gophers love. So now she just plants things that seem hardy and hope they don't end up being a gopher favfurite. Rosemary seems immune to gophers & deer & mom's lack of a green thumb. Plus it smells nice without being overly fragrant.

Wellwoof, Happy Fall Ya All!


New Diary Title

September 25th 2010 7:17 am
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I'm a Pepper!
He's a Pepper!
She's a Pepper!
We're a Pepper!
Wouldn't ya like to be a Pepper too!?

To those who are familiar with the old Dr. Pepper jingle, wellwoof, sorry! Let it run thru your head a coupla times and it should be done. I hope! BOL!


Oh my! Diary Pick fur 2 days!

September 24th 2010 6:13 am
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Ee gads! My diary is one of the picks again today! Guess my Gotcha week remembrances have paid off! Thank you HQ!

Mostly, though, I want to thank all my Dogster pals fur the kind words thru diary comments, gifts & pawmail. My typist is much more enthusiastic about channelin' & typin' my thoughts fur me with this kind of encouragement. Although this diary is primarily fur my fambily to have an ongoing momento of my life, it is nice to not be barking into the wind. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

Have a nice day everypup!


Dog Beach

September 23rd 2010 6:23 am
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I’ve been to a few dog beaches since my original Gotcha day. I remember the furst one, the Santa Cruz dog beach. Think it was sometime in February 2009, so I was about 7 months old.

I could tell right away this was a pretty cool place. There were lotsa dogs and they were all playing or running or fetching or just having some other dog good time! My folks brought along a frisbee & a ball fur me. I was having a good time fetchin’ when another dog came along and took my frisbee. That’s fine with me I like to chase too! I thought we would play frisbee tug until that dog turned around and GROWLED at me! Real mean, too! I don’t mess with dogs like that. He can have my frisbee. But his dad showed up with his frisbee and once he had his own he let me have mine back. But I did NOT want to play with that mean dog anymore!

Anywoof, it was a cold day and my furst time seeing the big water. Mom told Dad not to make me get wet. “OK”, Dad said. But the ball he was throwin’ fur me got closer and closer to the water each time. Until, “UH OH!”, Mom was watchin’ her little black puppy’s feet rolling upside down inside a wave. Both Mom and Dad watched with bated breath to see if I would survive or was I going to get swept out to sea!? Mom says if I got swept out to sea Dad would be swimmin’ out there to rescue me! Dad says he feels lucky to be alive after that incident! He thought Mom was going to KILL him! She thought he ruined the ocean fur me furever! I thought it was fun. I still love the ocean, didn’t get traumatized one bit. BOL!


Well Traveled Doggy

September 22nd 2010 6:14 am
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I have been lotsa places since my original Gotcha day. My pal Zaidie sometimes likes to do lists. I am going to copy him a bit and list some of the places I have visited.

1. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park in California – June 2009
2. Jackson, Wyoming (Merle of Merle’s Door lived near here) – July 2009
3. Yellowstone Nat’l Park in Wyoming (I got to see Ole Faithful!) – July 2009
4. Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota (I had to stay in the parking lot) – August 2009
5. Arches Nat’l Park in Utah – August 2009
6. Bryce Canyon Nat’l Park in Utah – August 2009
7. Zion Nat’l Park in Utah – August 2009 & August 2010
8. Mese Verde Nat’l Park in Colorado - August 2009
9. Lake Powell in Arizona/Utah (my favorite place in the world) – August 2009 & August 2010
10. Yosemite Nat’l Park in California (my furst snow!) – April 2010

I’m sure I'm not the only travellin’ dogaloo! If anypup wants to share places he/she has visited I’d be most infurested!



September 21st 2010 9:30 pm
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My furst doggy furiend was our next door neighbor’s dog, Shadow. Shadow was about 1 year old on my original Gotcha Day in 2008. This was great! He was young enuf that he didn’t mind my puppiness, but old enuf to be a good, calming influence on me. Not to say he didn’t like to play! We LUVED ruff housin’ togefur!

Sadly, he was also one of my furst furiends to go to Rainbow Bridge. Shortly after my furst year Gotcha year annifursary in 2009 Shadow died. He was only a little over 2 years old. He hadn't been feelin' well so his fambily took him to the dogtor. Turns out he had a hernia and during the operation to fix it he died on the operating table. My fambily was very surprised and very sad. We thought we would grow up togefur and be great pals livin' side by side fur many years. This was not to be.


Moose & Squirrel?

September 21st 2010 6:14 am
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More like deer and bird! My diary did not get started my first Gotcha Year. So me & ma are reminiscing a bit this week. Here are a coupla happenings during that time.

During my furst spring I found a little baby bird was livin’ in our hedge. He was tryin’ to figure out how to fly. I thought him very infuresting and wanted to smell him real good. Mom yelled at me not to scare the poor thing to death. She pulled me away from him! Also his whole fambily was flyin’ around squawkin’ at me!

The next day, Dad told Mom I had gotten a hold of that little baby bird. She took this to mean I had hurt or killed him! Nooo! I just smelled him again! And gentle enough that he was NOT hurt! Mom was amazed because compared to him I was HUGE and being a puppy pretty klutzy. But now after two run ins with the little guy, my folks figured either I was very gentle or this li’l birdie was very tough. We saw him in the drive way a 3rd time and I went to go sniff him and viola! He flew away! Not very high and maybe not very far, but at least into the neighbor’s yard where he could have more peace during his flight trainin’. Maybe I motivated him to learn quicker! I just could not help myself! I really liked that little guy!

Another time I saw a little fawn who looked fun to play with. I went running towards him. His mama did not think playing with a dog was such a good idea. She turned around and chased me all around the yard! Mom and Dad stood around just kinda stunned to see this happening. Mom felt such admiration fur this mother deer but she didn’t want me to get my head or ribs kickedin, though. That mama deer finally stopped chasing me after I ran behind my mom & dad. She stood around and glared at all of us for a bit then walked off with her fawn. Whoa, killer deer! Glad I survived that one!


My Favfurite Things!

September 20th 2010 5:38 pm
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It was pretty obvious from day one that I really like water. I tried to swim in my water bowl with my front paws. Plus, I liked to blow bubbles in there with my snout. My mom asked me to try to do those wet activities outdoors, if you please. And now that I'm older I mostly do.

Because I'm a retriever my family thought I might like playin' fetch. When I was a small pup we started out rollin' a ball in the livin' room. If I ran off with it the game was over, everyone dispersed. So I soon learned to keep the game goin' by always bringin' the ball back to one of my peeps. Now we mostly play fetch outside and my peoples use a Chuck It stick to throw it far, which I like. But I sorta miss those times when the whole fambily got togefur to roll the ball on the floor fur me!

Of course, I like food, doggy furiends, all peoples, walks and sleep, too. But fetchin' and swimmin' are what really make life wonderfur! So I guess dock divin' brings it togefur fur me in the ultimate way. We are so grateful to the nice trainer lady who told us about dock divin'. Mom nevfur heard of it befure so it's unlikely she would've come across it on her own.

To close, here is my own chorus to the tune of the song after which this entry is titled.

Pools of cool water and dock divin' splashes
Dog food and dad food and bones in big stashes
Findin' the toy my boy asked me to bring
These are a few of my favfurite things!

Kongs filled with kibble and mid-air ball catches
Plush toys and rope toys and gates without latches
Chuck Its that make my ball fly with a fling
These are a few of my favfurite things!

Anypup want to join in with a few of your favfurite things? Please do!

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