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I'm a Pepper!

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Christmas Presents

October 21st 2010 9:16 pm
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Today Ma said it was too dark fur fetchin' in the mornin' before my boy goes off to school and she goes to work. She just can't see the ball when I roll it back to her. That gave me a great idea fur a Christmas present! Night vision goggles fur the momster! Now how do I convince the dadster that Ma NEEDS them so I can fetch all hours of the day?!

Barkin' of Christmas presents, Ma found some cute little glove puppets fur my li'l baby cousin. Plus an adorable hoody with Tinkerbelle on it. She put these gifts in the extra bedroom just to keep them out of the way. Not hidin' them or nothin. Who would she need to hide them from anywoof? This mornin' she found them knocked to the floor, both items! Now who would do such a thing? Seems that NotMe has made another visit!


Visits from the Bear!

October 17th 2010 9:10 pm
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This mornin' my ma let me out off leash. She was a little worried when my hackles went up and I started barkin' right away. We's had a big cat wandering through our neighborhood recently. I ran off which then alarmed her even more. But then she saw a big black lab and me waggin' my tail and goin' over to greet him. Turns out it was Bear! Bear is about 3 to 4 months younger than me. So we had our puppyhood togefur. We used to run into Bear and his dad on walks but not so much anymore. Now I only get to see him on his fugitive forays.

Anywoof, Mom figured we better take him on back home. About halfway there his dad drove up. He was in his PJs! Think he was a little embarrassed.

Later Bear and his sisfur came by. Bear escaped again! This time with sisfur, Sarah, in tow. Sarah is much older than Bear. Think she is about 12 years old. Unfurtunately, I was in the house this time and did not get to say hello. We're glad the neighborhood dogs come by to say hello when they get loose. Usually I greet them but they always get a treat and we make sure they get home safely. This time their dad drove up and got them right at our house. So their peoples know to come by our house, too! We don't offer the peoples treats, but maybe we should!


Ealier an' Earlier!

October 17th 2010 8:27 am
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I swear it seems my ma an' pa are wakin' up earlier an' earlier every day! Ma claims they are wakin' up the same time every day according to the o'clock. It's just the sun is risin' later an' later in the mornin'. WHAT?! Humans and their convuluted way of trackin' things! Ma says things will even out when the daylight savin's time goes away. WHAT?!


Mountain Lion!

October 16th 2010 8:37 am
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Wellwoof, folks in our little neighborhood are all in an uproar over a coupla mountain lion sightings. There was a flyer left in our mailbox indicating it was seen on Wednesday at 5 am in the middle of the street. This street is a short ways away from our home.

This mornin' Mom jokingly asked if I wanted to go out and play with the mountain lion. In the end, though, she decided to take me out on leash to do my stuff. We walked out the door and suddenly the phone started to ring. We kept goin' figurin' Dad could answer the phone.

Right as I am in the middle of doin' stuff. Dad tells us to come back in. "Can't right now!", Mom yells back to him. But she has an inkling of what the phone call was about. Nevfurtheless, she is patient about lettin' me finish and calmly walks back in.

Turns out, the mountain lion had been seen on our street just a few minutes ago.

Mom is a bit in a quandry of what we are goin' to do. She doesn't want to let fear and panic rule our days, yet she does not want me to have a run in with this wild creature. Think we are goin' to go about our normal routine but with extra caution and a walkin' stick.


Chilean Miners

October 13th 2010 6:09 am
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The first 9 or so of the miners have made it out safely. God speed to those remaining. Our hearts and prayers are with them and their families the next couple of days.


Dem Bones!

October 10th 2010 8:43 pm
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Thanks to somepup(s) fur all dem bones! Chomp chomp!


Happy 10/10/10!

October 10th 2010 4:07 pm
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For some reason Mom found today's date to be noteworthy. So I am humoring her with a diary entry.

We didn't have a buncha guests like last weekend but it's been a pretty good one. We are havin' some beautiful fall weather. My dad and boy worked on a construction project while Mom planted some vinca in her garden. I luv it when everyone is outside and I can run around and bug, um, ask them to throw balls fur me!

Mom put me through another Howlloween photo session. That's all I got to say about that!

Wishin' everypup a Happy Columbus Day tomorrow!



Ok, I'm In!

October 9th 2010 9:27 pm
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I entered, too!

Vote for me Thanks for your vote. Woof!


Mostly New Slippers fur Mom

October 8th 2010 10:22 pm
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Mom had a pair of Ugg type slippers she really liked. Had them fur several years. They were really hardy and warm. My sisfur befure me paid them no mind. Mom could leave them anywhere in the house and they would remain unmolested and unmoved.

When the new puppy, me, came along she made sure to put them behind closet doors when not wearing them. She was very good at this fur close to two years. Sometime last spring she made the mistake of leaving them on the shoe mat in our entry way. Two slippers placed neatly side by side. Come back to put them on and one is missing. Until it turns up she figured she would make do with the slipper socks she has. They are not as nice and she enjoys them less. But she uses them fur the time being, sure the one slipper will turn up eventually.

Spring turns to summer and the weather becomes warmer. Less need fur slippers fur Mom. She is content to just wear regular socks around the house or have naked feet. She is unconcerned she is missing her one slipper. Always thinkin' it will turn up when & where she least expects to find it.

Summer turns to fall and Ma realizes the slipper has NOT turned up eventually and it has now been months since it went missing. The mornin's are getting cooler. She misses her nice slippers. But she delays buyin' new ones thinkin' the old one will turn up as soon as she replaces them.

Finally, today she comes across some nice Dearfoam slippers, even more soft and luxurious than her original pair. She brings them home in the box and foolishly places it on the coffee table. The box is open on the top so a shopper can feel the luxurious softness without removing the merchandise from the box. Does the exposed slipper still feel luxuriously soft? Sort of. There's now evidence of some crusty dog slobber on it.

There you have it! That 'not me' dog has now visited my house twice! Furst in the spring when that old slipper went missin' and today slobberin' over Mom's new slippers. What can ya do with that pup?! I'm gonna hafta be hyper vigilante now and keep a close eye on those slippers! BOL!


The Color Purple

October 6th 2010 5:50 am
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Yesfurday my ma bought me the 'World's Best Dog Ball'! That's what it says on the package, so it must be true, right? Anywoof, the ball is white & purple and made by VisionSmart. According to the back of the packaging "Major university study concludes dogs see certain colors. In over 4,000 clinical trials, happy subject dogs picked the correct colored target panel with amazing accuracy. The results indicate brightly colored purple and white objects are hightly visible to dogs, and POP against the background scene." I interpret this to mean purple is one of us dogs' favfurite colors!

So now I don't feel so bad about my Howlloweenie get up. At least any dogaloos I run into on Howlloween can see all my purple finery! BOL!

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