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I'm a Pepper!

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A Life's Lesson

January 15th 2011 6:31 pm
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Sorry, Pepper, to hijack your diary with my human musings. I usually try to keep true to this being your diary with your perspective on your life experiences. But I compelled you to bark about missing Yogi dog and I think we owe your furiends an update and some closure to the advice they gave me, your human.

Well, pups, I called Yogi's dad today. I will admit a certain reluctance to do so. Wasn't sure how he would take, "I think I saw your dog last week and did nothing."(I did not actually phrase it that harshly) I was prepared for him to be as hard on me as I've been on myself.

He was nothing of the sort, which in some ways makes me feel worse. He was quite kind and appreciative. You pups were right, calling was the RIGHT thing to do. It would have been EASIER not to. Thanks for nudging me in the right direction. Dogster might be viewed as a silly dogs' website, but I think it, through you all, makes me a better person.

On the Yogi search front, unfortunately, he is still missing. A couple of other people also saw him last Friday in the same area I saw him. There have been no new sightings.

Yes, Flicka, this one is hard to accept. But I have learned from it.

Pepper's mom


Riddled with guilt!

January 12th 2011 2:36 pm
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Wellwoof, ma is feelin' real bad about sumptin she didn't do. Help a dog she saw last week. Turns out he is a lost dog. Been lost since Christmas day.

On the way into work ma noticed a big white dog walkin' on a hillside along a fence. He seemed to know where he was goin' and was well away from traffic, so she was not concerned about his immediate safety. There are some houses along this road so she just thought he belonged to one of those homes. But there was a tiny niggle, "Should I go check out that dog that appears to be all alone?". Wellwoof, there was no place handy to stop the car so she kept goin' and let that little niggle disappear. She forgot all about seein' that big white dog.

Earlier this week the radio mentioned Yogi, a big white dog, missin' since Christmas but lost from a different local town from where ma saw the big white dog last week. The radio lady had no details other than 'big white dog'. So it was easy for ma to dismiss it as another dog.

Until today. Now there are missing signs posted with pictures of the big white dog. Dagnabit! Now ma could swear Yogi was the same dog she saw last week!

Just goes to show, peoples, it is better to get involved and not feel regrets later. Maybe ma woulda felt a little foolish at the time if that dog did belong to one of the nearby houses. But that woulda been a whole lot better than how she feels now! She regrets not following the creedo of 'better safe than sorry'! Never again will she look the other way!

Dear Yogi, now we're watchin' for you, buddy! Hopes you get home safely and soon! If we see you again, we'll make sure you do!


2010 Splash rankings

January 7th 2011 8:24 pm
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I came in 251 out of 344 fur the 2010 Splash year! Not the greatest but not the worst either! My average jump was 11.01 feet. The folks is hopin' I can get to 15' this year. I don't care! I just luv doin' it! Stupid peoples and their expectations! Just lets me jump!


2011 Restofsolutions!

January 1st 2011 3:47 pm
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Last year my restofsolutions was to start rally, agility or flyball. Wellwoof, seems the winds of fate have instead pushed me to dock divin'! Quite coincidental, actually!

Ma did not know about dock divin' and she most likely would not have seeked it out. But my last trainer who helped me earn my CGC is really big into it. If my previous trainer had not moved away we might never have met her. If I was a little further along in my CGC quest I might never have met her. She let us know about the furst Splash Dogs event we attended in October 2009. I was such a natural and had such fun, that it really was a no brainer. This was the sport fur me!

So this year my restofsolutions is to join a dock divin' team! I think 2011 is gonna be a good year fur me!


Dock Divin' on New Year's Day!

January 1st 2011 10:27 am
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Wish it was me doin' the dock divin'! But no, I just watched. The Rose Parade had a dock divin' float! It made the records this year fur the longest and heaviest float! But it shoulda made records fur the funnest float, too! The crowd was really cheerin' fur them dogs!

Woo hoo! Waggy 2011!


So many tushes, so little time!

December 30th 2010 2:06 pm
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I met lotsa dogs at the dog beach! On the last day, me and ma walked over. We walked the whole doggy beach!

We met a dog who looked a lot like me, a lanky, black field lab. He was an 8 month old pup. His peoples were encouraging him to go in the water. He wasn't too into it. He wanted to play on the sand! So ma threw my ball into the water to see if he would follow me as I fetched it. He didn't! Oh woof!

We continued on our walk. We saw akitas, we saw shepherds, we saw little poms & yorkies. I met a great dane pup. Lotsa these pups wanted to play, but I just wanted to fetch my ball. So that's mostly what I did. I did sniff a few bums here and there.

Finally, we walked to a place where a buncha rocks were creepin' into the water. We decided to turn back. On the way back we ran into the black lab pup again. His peoples were pulling him into the water with his leash. Oh dear, that's not the way to help a dog like the water! Silly peoples, they should know better. Ma threw my ball into the water again. This time he did follow me a bit into the water! Yay! His peoples were happy! But more important he was happy!

Peoples and their expectations! Why can't they just luvs us fur who we are? If we are aggressive or timid or have sum bad habits, then it's good to help us be more confident, happy and well behaved. But to care whether or not we like to go in the water?! Wellwoof, just seems a silly thing to worry about.

Anywoof, as we continued we saw a chubby, old beagle. He was soooo happy! He would roll onto his back in the sand and bay out how happy he was. He made the peoples smile! What a nice end to our walk!


All I want fur Christmas is beach front property!

December 29th 2010 7:16 pm
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And I got it! Wellwoof, sort of. The rv park we stay at is beach front. But that beach does not allow dogs. The dog beach was about a mile away. We lucked out on the weather so every day my peoples biked and I ran over to the dog beach. Sum days we even made it over there twice. That was the best Christmas present fur me! Plus I got a frisbee shaped like a flyin' squirrel. Christmas could not have been much better!


Home again!

December 28th 2010 9:23 pm
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We made the long journey home today! Everyone is pretty tired! I'll bark about our trip tomorrow. In the meantime, there's some video of me at the beach.

Looks like my diary was one of the picks while I was away! Thanks pups, fur the comments and gifts!


I'll be home away from home for Christmas

December 20th 2010 5:52 pm
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Wellwoof, we're gettin' ready fur the annual trek down to Southern California. Stayin' at the beach again. I luvs the beach!

Don't think I'll be infurnet barkin' while we're gone. So all you pups & peoples have a wonderfur Christmas!



Ever dwindlin' supplies...

December 18th 2010 11:28 pm
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Wellwoof, I got lotsa good advice and suggestions on finding what is behind my missing Secret Santa gifties. Unfurtunately, my humom is not cooperatin' in the investigations. Zaidie had a brillant idea to get the pawleece on the trail, but ma won't call them fur me and I can't reach the phone.

So I am sad to report more stuff has gone missin'. Sigh. My fish had rope thru a little hole in his tail. Wellwoof, I can't make this stuff up! Now the rope is missin'! I still have the fishy part though! Same thing happened with my kitty.

Now I can't believe my peoples is so mean and lazy they would not fix my fish and kitty fur me. All they had to do was thread the frayed rope thru the little hole and tie it back up fur me. No, they is more kind and generous than that! I cannot believe they would throw those ropes away insteada fixin' my toys!

Although, ma's been sayin' she furgot that I was the ninja, numchuck dog with rope toys. I can shake them real hard and if sumone is nearby it can really hurt. Plus I broke some decorative plates on the wall one time by shaking real hard then lettin' go.

But no it must be evil twin Stealin' Santa takin' my stuffs, now in pieces! My peoples can't be that bad!!

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