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I'm a Pepper!

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BigSisterGirl is Nice:)

April 14th 2013 9:57 pm
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So I barked about my peoples goin' off and leavin' me last weekend. You woulda thought they felt bad and were lookin' fur ways to make it up to me! And if sum certain li'l person sent a pawresent for me to have I would have gotten it right away. But nooooo, the ma just gave me my special soccer ball from BigSisterGirl tonight.

Even though BigSisterGirl didn't getsta see me, she was still thinkin' o' me and was thoughtful enuf to send a gift on fur me. Unfurtunately the gift deliverer was not as thoughtful:( The ma finally pulled it out to take a picture so we could send a thank you to BigSisterGirl.

Anywoofs, I really like my special soccer ball. And I am takin' good care o' it and has not popped it or lost it or nuthin' bad. I am just enjoyin' playin' with it:)


Where'd they go?!

April 8th 2013 7:04 am
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Wellwoof, like I barked a coupla daze ago, we got back from the Yosemite place and on Turdsday the whole fambily was already packin' again. But on Fryday mornin' they woke up and got all ready and left fur work and schools. Or so I thought!

They did not come home on Fryday night! Instead GoodNeighborFriend lady came by and took me fur a walk and lotsa play. I watched the house all by myself all Fryday night! Then on Safurday mornin' GoodNeighborFriend lady came by again and took me fur a nice long walk. Then she let me hang out with her at her place while she did sum gardenin' and yard work and stuff. And the peoples still did not come home. Safurday night I again watched the house all by my lonesome. On Sunnyday mornin' GoodNeighborFriend lady came by again and I spent Sunnyday with her too!

Finally on Sunnyday afternoon all my peoples came home! I was real happy to have all my ball throwers back! Since I had just come back from a long walk I was a bit tired so I did not slobber my happiness over everyone. But to be honest I did not sleep real good on Fryday and Safurday night. So on Sunnyday I slept like a rock.

I has never been left responsible fur the house all night long ever before, let alone two! Where did they go and what did they do fur two whole nights without me?!


Thank You!

April 5th 2013 6:42 am
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Got back from Yosemite to find lotsa eggs on my page! Plus I now has four candles fur my Dogster years! Thanks Dogster and pup pals!

The ma did lotsa laundry and the folks are already packin' again! Wonder where we are goin' this time?!


Yo! Here I Come!

March 28th 2013 10:47 pm
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Headin' off tomorrow fur our annual spring trek out to Yosemite! Wellwoof, we missed 2011 & 2012 so guess it's not really all that annual fur us. The folks try, though.

Last time we were there I saw my furst snow! Maybe I'll getta see sum this year, too!

Wellwoof, hope all my pup pals are enjoyin' their spring! Wishin' everypup a nice Easter!

I'll be back and barkin' next week!


That troublemaker!

March 24th 2013 4:23 pm
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Wellwoof, I was havin' a grand ol' Safurday hangin' out with MyBoy, the dad and NeighborWithAPond man at NeighborWithAPond man's house. MyBoy is currently an indentured servant, workin' off some off his Jeep $ with hard labor. This hard labor involves drivin' around on NeighborWithAPond man's ride on lawn mower all over NeighborWithAPond man's lawn.

The dad was just hangin' out with NeighborWithAPond man watchin' MyBoy do his hard labor.

Anywoofs, the dad and NeighborWithAPond man went in the house to get some drinks. While they were in the house and MyBoy was still drivin' around on the lawn mower, who was to show up but that naughty NotMe pup!

NotMe went and rolled my ball into NeighborWithAPond man's Pond! Then NotMe pup jumped in NeighborWithAPond man's Pond and got me all wet with his big splash. Then NotMe pup came outta the Pond and left a big wet spot right where he got out.

Needless to bark, the peoples were not very happy to see a wet dog, ME, near the wet spot. You see, true to form, NotMe was no where to be found when there is blame to accept.

I has been spendin' years mendin' my reputation of not bein' a pond marauder just to have it all ruined in one afternoon:(


I got invited!

March 1st 2013 9:36 pm
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Wellwoof, BigSisterGirl's 3rd birthday is comin' up. A coupla weeks ago she said all she needs fur her birthday is a visit from me! Awww...... Wellwoof, I'm comin' to visit along with the ma, but we is bringin' presents along. The present from me is a glow-in-the-dark soccer ball! Maybe I'll getta play with it a bit:)


New Zoomer!

February 25th 2013 6:57 am
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There is a new car in our driveway! Wellwoof, new to us, anyways!

MyBoy got his learner's permit back in the summer. Now he has a car to go with it!

Our GoodNeighborFriendsWithaPond got a new, new car and sold their old car to MyBoy. It is about 20 years old, but he is happy with it.

He says I doesn't get to go fur a ride in it. Doesn't like that I leave nose prints:( Wellwoof, guess that means he doesn't get any help from me gettin' the girls to turn their heads. His loss more than mine, if you ask me! Besides, I doesn't need to risk my life with him at the wheel. BOL!


Last Week:)

February 4th 2013 11:11 am
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Wellwoof, my time as Dog of The Week has come and gone. And what a week it was. On top o' gifties, pawmails, commemorative pics and new pals, my diary was a Diary Pick a coupla times, too!

But like most good things, Dog of the Week is not meant to last furever. Nor would I want it to. The spotlight becomes glaring, the warmth of affection becomes stifling heat.

I am an athletic girl. Much more used to constant movement than sittin' still in that DOTW box.

Fabarkulous week tho it was, I am ever so grateful that my good pal, Harley Diva-Girl(1150526) is takin' over that responsibility this week. I am sure she will find it to be a grand experience. Harley Diva-Girl, enjoy your week!


DOTW Pictures

January 31st 2013 6:57 pm
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So Redford and furmily, MrJack and Growlmy, and Flicka and furmily all made up sum nice pix to help me celebark my time as Dog of The Week. But I couldn't show them off right away due to sum Dogster fleas.

The pix are showin' now. Yay!

And Forrest, a sibpup of Redford, made up a Diary Pick picture for me, too. It's not showin' right now but think it will later.

All you picture makin' pups sure are hardworkin' and generous. You make us beneficiaries of those pix feel real special! I can't bark enuf thank yous to you!


Dog of the Week and other good news!

January 28th 2013 7:39 pm
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Oh my, I have so much to bark, I don't know where to start! Guess we'll start with the obvious. I am Dog of the Week! We might have to put video back up showin' me doin' my spinnies! Thanks HQ fur this honor!

As always the Dogster Community is so generous and supportive. Redford's family and MrJack's family made up sum super nice pics to help me celebark! Unfurtunately, they are not displayin' properly right now. At least we can't see them on my page after uploadin':( We has been havin' sum probs with the home confuser. The ma will try tomorrow from her office confuser and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks to everypup that sent me a giftie, pal request and paw mail. I will respond to everypup individually in the comin' daze. Takes a bit longer but sumhow seems to be less confusin' fur us to do the thank yous that way.

Plus I has like a thousand bones! Not sure if those bones are from HQ or from various pups, but thank you to whomever put them there!

Now fur the really good news! I went and saw the oncallogist lady today. She talked with the folks about the biopsy on my bump. She says mosta what the pathologist guy had to say about my bump was pretty wimpy. She thinks it's probly a grade 1 but the pathologist guy called it a grade 2 mostly to cover himself. She agrees with my vet and recommends a wait and see for now. So no chemo or radiation or surgery in my immediate future. But if any new bumps come up we must be vigilant about immediately investigatin' them.

So Dog of the Week and relief about my bump on the same day! What a great day!

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