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I'm a Pepper!

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My Pack is a Little Bigger!

July 1st 2011 11:42 pm
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Grammy and Grampy showed up today! Woof-howls! I luv them so very much! And they are so very helpful and useful!

Furst I got Grammy to throw my ball fur me over and over! She did a very good job! Yay, Grammy!

Then Grampy let me wiggle and put my front paws on him and try to lick his face! Ma does not like me to do that but kinda gives up when the human is encouragin' it! Oh Ma, we is havin' fun, leave us be to have our own kind o' relationship!

So I has had a very good and excitin' day today! Big wags!


Oh My Doogness! What a Day!

June 27th 2011 9:19 pm
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Wellwoof, my Dog of The Day day is comin' to an end and what a day it was! I had no idea it would be this great!

Furst HQ put my pic up there on the Community page. They also gave me a few zealies to celebark! Didn't know they did that!

Next Redford, MrJack and Flicka made me spawcial DOTD portraits! These are sum kind, generous and talented pups!

Woofs! I made several new pup pals! Nice to meet you all!

Finally, gifties and messages! My page now has new furever crowns, emeralds and diamonds to pretty it up FUREVER! I also received ribbons, bouncy balls, watermelons, lemon drinks, lips and a rose! These will keep me busy playin' and drinkin' and eatin'! Plus in my Special Gifts box I got kitty cat hearts, ducks swimmin' in pools a frisbee a bar-b-que and a hot dog! And quite a few paw mails with kind words of congratulations came my way! Also the bones, I has many bones to chomp on! Woofs, what's a pup to do?! Wellwoof, bark thank yous, of course! I'm gonna be one busy pup the next coupla days! But it's well worth it! What a wonderfur day and what a wonderfur Dogster site this is!



Me?! Dog of The Day?! Hurray!!

June 27th 2011 6:29 am
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Howlzas & wowzas, I am The Dog of the Day! What a wonderfur surprise this mornin'! Thank you HQ! Thank you new pals fur the pal requests! Thank you fur the gifties every pup!


Celebarkin' Preparations!

June 26th 2011 7:57 am
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A very wonderfur pup pal, MrJack (and his Growlmy), have prepared sum Barkday pics fur me! They went a little crazy-nutzo (I mean that in a GOOD way, MrJack) and did a buncha them! So to make the most of this kind gesture I am postin' each one over the comin' days to show off what fabarkulous works has been created on my behalf!

Also, fur my barkday the aunt and uncle, lil baby girl (now lil toddler girl) and the grand parents are makin' the long journey from SoCal to come visit! So my fambily is doin' extra special house cleanin' and preparations just fur my barkday!

Also, our little town is plannin' a pancake breakfast and parade all fur me! Isn't that grand?!



June 25th 2011 7:38 pm
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This is what I heard one day last week! I barked the furst time. But now I've heard it every morning this week, it's no big deal anymores.

Sumone down our street got a rooster! So me an ma walked down there to see which neighbor got em, altho we already had our suspicions. Sure enuf my doggy pal, Berkey's family are the ones. We also saw they have hens. Hope they share the eggs! Yum!


Oh Deers, Gimme a Break!

June 13th 2011 6:12 pm
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Ok, sumptin happened yesfurday and I wasn't even gonna bark about it cuz it was pretty much a non-incident. But today sumptin happened that I gotta diary woof about!

Yesfurday, Ma and I went out with the intention of playin' fetch in our favfurite place. Wellwoof, there was a coupla big buck deer dudes layin' in the bushes. When they saw us comin' they both got up and ran off. Ma told them to watch out fur cars and I pretty much ignored them cause I was all set to play fetch. No big deal, Ma didn't even hafta tell me to leave it. I am not gonna mess with these strappin' young bucks! They are pretty big!

Today, we was playin' fetch in the same place mindin' our own business when all of a sudden a fawn comes outta the woods and approaches me like another dog or sumptin! Don't know if this fawn was near-sighted or suicidal or stupid! But, if you approach me like you wanna play I gotta check you out! This fawn soon learned it screwed up very seriously! I turned and gave chase, I couldn't help myself! But Ma was yellin', "LEAVE IT" like a crazy person and I didn't go very far. Ma wasn't even mad at me 'cause it really was the fawn's fault.

But get this, the fawn goes and tells its mom on us and she comes back and watches us, givin' us the stink eye all the time! What's up with that! Her fawn started it!


Ma is home on Moondays! Killer bunny?

June 13th 2011 11:36 am
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Ma getsta be home every Moonday fur the rest of the summer! Woof-howls, 3 day weekends fur both of us! I luv weekends!

I saw another bunny yesfurday! This time he was on the same side of the street as me. I saw him furst and started a stalkin' kind of walk which made ma look around. Then I ran toward him and he ran into the bushes. Of course, I hadta go sniff around where he was sittin' and sniff the bushes where I last saw him. Ma muttered sumptin about Monty Python killin' rabbit and suggested we continue our walk. She seemed really creeped out! Silly Ma scared of a little bunny!


Summer has begun!

June 11th 2011 8:55 pm
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Wellwoof, maybe not officially accordin' to the calendar. But my boy did not hafta go to school yesfurday and I heard he is out fur the rest o' the summer. He and I hung out together yesfurday! He even took me fur a walk! At least that is his story and who am I to contradict him?!

He's got lotsa plans fur this summer. Furst he is gonna volunteer at our local library. How great is that?! He is also gonna help out the cub scouts with their week long day camp. The week after that he has his own boy scout camp to go to. Any down time he has Da has set up fur him to help out around the house. Woofs, he might be busier than durin' the school year!

Also, we have our family vacation comin' up in July. We are goin' to Mendicino in the motyhome and have a space right on the beach! It's gonna be great!!



June 7th 2011 5:46 am
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Saw a bunny on my walk yesfurday! It was kinda far away, across the street, and I was on leash. He was sittin' real still and his fur blended in with the dirt, but I saw 'im! So I play bowed and growled and lunged a bit and he took a coupla bunny hops away. But he stayed in sight! Now I could see his cute little bunny tail! It was white! So I growled and lunged again and he hopped into the brush! What a big, bad dog I am! I scared a little bunny!


Go Slugs! Go!

June 5th 2011 5:20 pm
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Since the day had been slated fur goin' out to Howllister and no rains have yet arrived, we had time fur a nice long walk here in our Santa Cruz Mtns. Bein' an overcast day ma brought the camera along thinkin' there is nice light fur takin' pictures of a black labby girl, like me!

Furst we stopped at the wild azalea. This just survives all on its own on the side of the road. No one takes care of it or waters it or nuthin'. Every year it blooms so wonderfurly! Mother nature is the best gardener!

Then we saw a banana slug right there under the azalea! Ma asked me to put my paw by it so the pups can see sum perspective on this thing. They are pretty big fur slugs!

Hope we didn't gross anypup out! Ma was not exactly enchanted by this creature the furst time she saw one. She did not even know such a slug existed, so it was an unpleasant surprise. But she has grown to appreciate them over the years. We're not seein' them as much as we used to. They are our local university's mascot. Good thing they don't have a football team!

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