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I'm a Pepper!

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I've Looked At Clouds From Both Sides Now

September 10th 2011 12:39 pm
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We went on a really cool hike this mornin' and practically in our own backyard! Wellwoof, we did hafta drive the car fur about 10 minutes to start our hike.

Ma and My Boy went on this hike years and years ago when he was a Webelos Cub Scout. But Dad has never gone befure. So now he finally has seen Eagle Rock. All these years and so close by! Sigh, humans!

Anywoof, when we left from home we had our typical mornin' fog. But we drove thru the fog and up to where the sun was shinin'. Then we hiked even farther up to where we could overlook all the fog clouds from above.

We're supposta be able to see our own house from Eagle Rock but not on this day. Our house hid in the fog from us.

I had the greatest time runnin' around off leash! I likes hikin' with the whole fambily! We need to do that more often!


These Paws Are Made Fur Walkin'!

September 9th 2011 12:33 pm
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And that's just what they'll do at the 2nd annual K9 Cancer Walk in Los Gatos, CA. This event is coming up on October 9th. Any Bay Area dogs infurested in pawticipatin' can go to fur more details. Let's walk!



September 4th 2011 8:06 am
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Yesfurday I was havin' a grand ole time runnin' around here on the ole homestead! At about 3 o' the clock sum neighbors passed by my house. I barked a hello to them and went out in the street to greet them. I is not supposta go in the streets! They was carryin' plates o' food in their hands! Anywoof, Ma saw me in the street and called me back. Then she put me in the house and pulled out sum plates o' food o' her own.

Then the whole fambily went walkin' down the street themselves and left me home alone:( My pal, Berkley, was havin' a party at her house, wellwoof, her peoples were anyhowl.

My boy came home mid-party with an empty plate in his hands. Darn no lefties fur me! He went back to the party, again, without me:(

Later the whole fambily came home. There were a few little shrimpies left that they brought back. Ma thought there were too many fur me to eat at once. So she gave me like 3. YUMMY!

This mornin' I was whinin' at my biscuit box which I sumptimes do. But Ma just filled up my kibblies bowl insteada givin' me a biscuit! I didn't want no kibblies! I wanta biscuit! Ma put 3 more shrimpies in my kibblies! YUM! I ate them shrimpies AND my kibblies! There's still 3 more shrimpies left!


My Admirer!

September 2nd 2011 8:29 pm
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Wellwoof, we didn't have our normal agreement this week. I hadta do home guard dog duty 3 days and only gotta come in fur office dog work one day. Guess what?! The UPS guy missed me! Ma said he asked about me one day and when she told him I was home, he said I was the highlight of his day! Aw shucks!


Splash in the Box!

September 1st 2011 9:03 pm
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Woof-howlz! A surprise came fur me in the mail box today! My Splash Dogs certificate fur Bronze Junior Dog arrived! We didn't even know I had earned that yet! I haven't been at a Splash Dogs event since May. Guess they take their time gettin' these things out! It's good Ma wasn't all aggravated waitin' fur this thing! Sumptimes not understandin' about stuffs like this is a good thing fur the humans! They are happier that way, I thinks!

Ma did find one more Splash event this year that's not too far away fur us to drive. This will probably be the last one fur 2011 and it's comin' up in October! Wags!


Eatin' Disorder!

August 28th 2011 8:54 pm
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I is ashamed to admit this but I gotta eatin' problem. We has discovered I doesn't know how ta eat pannycakes!

Our good neighbor friend lady invited us over fur a cup o' coffee. Wellwoof she saw Ma workin' out in the yard and invited her over and since I was out I came along, too.

Good neighbor friend lady had sum pannycakes leftover from her breakfast. She gave one to her pup, Milo, and one to me! Woof-howlz, yummy! Only problem is how do you eat this big soft thing?! I dropped mine on the floor and Milo, little scrounge that he is, wolfed his down and started workin' on mine, too! I didn't know what to do, so I kinda whined a little.

Luckily good neighbor friend lady had one more pannycake and took pity on me. She handed it to Ma who tore it up into little bitty pieces and hand fed it to me. "What a sheltered little girl you are Pep!"


UPS Guy!

August 27th 2011 10:30 am
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So this week I did my two days at Ma's office. There were packages both days so I gotta see the UPS guy! He is the same UPS guy since my puppy days, so we has known each other fur a while.

Anywoofs, the furst day I just quietly woofed a furiendly hello. Ma barely noticed it. The UPS guy had doggy cookies with him and gave me one! This is the furst time he has done that!

The 2nd day I heard the UPS truck and saw it was My UPS guy I hadta make sure and bark real loud so he wouldn't furget the cookies! He didn't furget them! BOL!

He said I sure was wiggly and his route would be a lot more pleasant if the all the doggies were like me!


The New Old Routine!

August 27th 2011 7:24 am
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Wellwoof, school is back in session. This means My boy is not home in the mornin' with me most days:( He and Ma leave pretty early so he can get to school on time.

But Ma is keepin' her Mondays off (hopefurly)! And I am goin' to the office with her twice a week! So only two days a week I stays home and gotta guard the house!



August 22nd 2011 7:30 pm
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Ok, the grandparents came to visit and I do luv visitors! But the grampy was not bein' very complimentary this weekend. Furst he asked if I was gettin' FAT! Hmmpf, no one has ever accused this dog of fatness! I am a lean, mean fetchin' machine! But now the folks is thinkin' of cuttin' down on the snacks!

Now, it was not all bad. The same day he said I was ... wellwoof, you know, the F word, he gave me a piece of his pizza crust! No one in my fambily ever gives me stuff like that! Yum and Thanks, Grampy!

Then because I was so happy and affectionate and really appreciated the way he threw my ball fur me, I came over to him lots and lots! He started callin' me Pester! Now that is my new nickname, "Pester!"


Diary Pick Observations

August 22nd 2011 6:54 pm
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Furst thanks to all the pups who sent presents, messages and left diary comments of congratulations for my 2 days of Diary Picks! Labby luvs to you all!

Next, I am not complainin', mind you, but how does my diary mostly get picked:
1. After I has barked about somethin' naughty, gross or embarrassin' that I has done.
2. When we is gone onna trip and I am not on the infurnet to enjoy my honors and give proper thanks to my pals who celebark with me.
3. When my keyboarder is busy with other things and can't help me to enjoy my honors and give proper thanks to my pals who celebark with me.

Finally, I has not posted new pictures since the server upgrade. MrJack made me sum great commemoritive pics to put on my page! Thanks, MrJack! But now I see what all the pups has been barkin' about! Boy those pics took a woof to download! And we (Ma) did not have the patience to try to resort them! I am sad those swell pics are not on my main page:(

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