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I'm a Pepper!

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Home fur the Howlloweenie Day!

November 1st 2011 1:04 pm
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Wellwoof, fur it bein' such an occupyin' October it sure ended as a low key Howlloween fur me! Not one ghost or goblin came by my place! Guess mosta the kiddies of the neighborhood is all growed up just like My Boy. We was hopin' our little neighbor boy might come by but guess he spent the Howlloween with his ma. (His Dad is our next door neighbor and mom recently moved out taking their 5 year old son with her. Sad.)

So the scariest thing that happened is our Moe Dim guy might be givin' up the ghost. Moe Dim is not doin' very well keepin' the confusers connected to the infurnet. Seems he might be a bit sickly and we might need to replace him with a new Moe Dim guy. At furst I was scared it was the confuser itself and I might not getsta check on my Dogster pals fur a gazillion years or sumptin! Eeek! But the dadders figured out it was the router or the Moe Dim. And that was my scary, spooky Howlloween!


October almost over?!

October 30th 2011 7:36 am
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Wellwoof, this has been one busy month fur this Pepper pup! I has been busy every weekend in October except this weekend!

The furst weekend I had my dock divin' to do out in Stockton. The next weekend I walked in a pretty park fur the K9 Cancer Walk. The next weekend the ma fur sat my pal Milo and all his fur sibs and I gotta help with that. Then last weekend I went out to Apple Hill with my folks and my uncle's fambily.

I coulda maybe gone dock divin' this weekend too, but the ma said the place was a tad too far and she kinda wanted to stay home this weekend. So we just stayed around the house and I did lotsa fetchin' and had fun in the sun!



October 24th 2011 6:42 am
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Had a great time at the Apple Hill place! But mostly really enjoyed where the dadders managed to park the motyhome, the El Dorado County Fairgrounds! He looked around online fur places to stay and learned that when the fairgrounds has room they let motyhomes stay there. Wellwoof, this weekend we was the only ones!

There was a big grassy area that I hads mostly to myself most of the weekend! Plus with the uncle, aunt and cousin I had more ball throwers at my disposal. Talk about fetchin' heaven!

The peoples did enjoy drivin' to all the apple farms and I gotta come along. But mostly me and the ma walked around the apple orchards while the other peoples looked around in the barns and other buildings. Not many apples nor apple treats came my way. But that's ok, I'll take great fetchin' over apples any ole time!


Apple Hill

October 20th 2011 10:14 pm
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Woof-howlz! Glad ta see all the comments goin' strong again! I missed barkin' and gettin' barks back!

Anywoof, I is goin' outta town this weekend. So guess the barkin' is a bit short lived fur me. The typist tends to leave the lappy top behind when we goes away. Hope mosta the Dogster fleas are gone by the time we gets back.

Me and the folks are goin' to Apple Hill! Apple Hill is where a buncha apple farms all open up to the public and have a buncha fun things goin' on at each one.

We'll be meetin' my Uncle from Reno out there. He and his fambily makes it to Apple Hill every year. This is my furst time goin' but my fambily has been there before. They usta go every years too, but couldn't make it out fur the last couple.

My Boy decided to stay home this year. He thinks Apple Hill is corny, little kid stuff now. Hey, there's no corn, there's apples! Plus, he's got stuff goin' on with his pals he doesn't wantsta miss. This will be his furst time home alone, even with out me! Hope he is not too lonely! I'll be back on Sunnyday with lotsa licks fur him!


Pills all gone and fur sittin'

October 19th 2011 8:02 pm
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Wellwoof, seems the typist got all distracted with the dogster fleas. But I gots stuff goin' on that I wantsta bark about! Life doesn't just stop cause the Dogster's not workin' so good!

Furst, I am all done with my anti-bionicle pills. They has helped my owie go mostly away. And that's good, cause then we don't gotsta have the vet man check fur sumptin' worse than a beenine twomore. I still has an ointment that gets smeared on there fur anofur week, tho.

Next, over the weekend we gotta pet sit Milo and his fur sibs. He has a bunny and 4 kitty cat siblings! We went over to their house everyday and just made sure everyfur is ok with food, water and kitty litters.

Milo sure likes to go fur a walk in the mornings! But when we came by again in the afternoon he just stayed where he was and let us know "no thanks, I walked enuf today". He didn't wants to go fur anofur walk! Ma was a little worried about him. But then when we came by the next mornin' he was all ready and excited to go again! So guess he's just a mornin dog!



October 19th 2011 5:43 am
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Hey I gots 3 Diary Pick pals today! Conwagulations to Autumn, Zoe & Zaidie! Autumn's diary is The Diary of the Day!

I'm readin' diaries by going to each pup's page! We're readin' em, pups, believe me! Just can't comment, wellwoof, you know...fleas:(


Poor Pepper Pup!

October 12th 2011 9:11 pm
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That was me! It started last night. The ma wanted me to eat my fudz at 6:30 o' the clock. But I wasn't hungry then. We hadta go get My Boy from his martial arts place. I gotta play in the park right across the street. We got home a little befure 8 o' the clock. Then I was hungry and I ates. Ma seemed glad about that.

Wellwoof, after I was done, my food and water bowls all got put away. I woofed to the dadders fur my night time cookie and he did NOT give it to me no matter how much I pointed at the box and woofed and whined. And this mornin' I got no breakfast and no cookies and no water! What's up with that?! Is I a bad dog?! I don't think so!

I did getta go to the park and do sum fetchin'. But then insteada goin' to Ma's office we went to the vetfurinarian place! I luvs that place! They'll give me a cookie! But, nope, not there neithers! What the woof is goin' on?!

Anyhowls, seems the ma tolds on me that I gots a little owie on wunna my back legs. It's been there fur a little over a week. At furst we thought I just gotta scrape runnin' through the brush here at the ole homestead. But on Sunday/Monday it got all weird and poofy. So Ma made an appointment and they told her not to feed or water me last night and this mornin'.

I luvs the vet place, but I also get nervous there toos! They is always lookin' and pokin' places! They took me to the back room away from the ma to get a better look at my owie. I was a wiggly, waggly girl! Can't make it too easy fur 'em! BOL!

When the vet human person man brought me back, he told Ma I was one tuff girl. I managed to wiggle all 3 of them away!

Anywoofs, turned out it was not a foxtail worked its way in like Ma mighta thought. It's just an owie that gots a little infected and I gots an oinment and sum pills to take to make it go away.

So my night and mornin' of deprivation was all fur nuthin'. I sure was thirsty and hungry! I drank lotsa water then had a nice breakfurast. And I got extra cookies tonight! All is well with the world again! Woofs!


A Walk in the Park

October 9th 2011 4:21 pm
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A strange thing happened today! Milo and his mom came by and me and the ma got in their car. I has never been in Milo's car befure!

Anywoofs, we drove fur a woofwhile and ended up at a beautiful park. There was lotsa other pups there too and we all got bandanas to wear!

We stood around a bit and peoples were talkin' into a stick that made them sound real loud. I am not sure what they said but the humoms seemed to be listenin'.

Then we all started walkin' on the path. There was a choice between a short walk or a long walk. We let Milo's momma choose because Milo sumptimes is not in the mood fur walkin'. Seems he was havin' a good day today and we went fur the long walk.

There was a big beautiful lake I woulda liked to jump into but doggies are not allowed in that lake:( There were also lotsa geese both in the lake and on the land that woulda been fun to chase! But we did not getta do that either:(

It was a beautiful fall day fur a walk in the park and that is what we did!


My Pal Ethan

October 3rd 2011 7:23 am
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Today is my pal, Ethan's, Gotcha Day one year annifursary and his Dogster one year annifursary, too! Here's his page:

I is hopin' sum pups might wanna go by and woof a hello on his spawcial day!



Lotsa Suspense!

October 2nd 2011 10:33 pm
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Wellwoof, today was my dock divin' day! But I woke up this mornin' and was scratchin' my ear and shakin' my head. Ma wasn't sure we should go out to Stockton and get me all wet if I has an ear problem. Dadders said to go fur it, we's been plannin' on this fur weeks and it's my last 2011 jumpin' oppfurtunity. So in the car I went and off to Stockton Ma did drive. I didn't scratch my ear or shake my head the rest of the day! BOL!

This was my furst dock divin' event the dadders did not go to and ma had to drive over a hunderd miles to get us there. We left real early in the mornins, befure it was even light outside. But it was a little after 8 o' the clock when we got there.

Anywoofs, there was lotsa dogs! More dogs than we has usually encountered at dock divin'! The competition was pretty tuff!

On my furst jump I did a 13.01. My 2nd was a 12.03. The 13.01 got me 8th place in the Junior dog division at this point. Ma was hopin' we might get more footage on my 3rd and 4th jumps as only the top 10 dogs of each division were gonna make it to the finals. 8th place was not a very secure position!

But my 3rd and 4th jumps were both in the 11 foot range, which means I did not move up:( Ma almost took me home at this point, thinkin' I could not possibly have made the top 10. But curiosity won out and we stayed to see where I placed. I placed 10th! Whew, I made the finals! Just barely!

In the finals I furst did a 10.05, which is not very good fur me. But my 2nd jump was a 12.08 which pleased the ma. I got an 8th place rosette!

So it was a suspenseful day, from startin' off not even sure we would go with my ear actin' up to barely makin' the finals!

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