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I'm a Pepper!

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Visit to the Vet man!

December 8th 2011 6:19 am
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Had my annual check up on Twosday! Wellwoof, this ole Pepper girl is just fine and dandy! Just one thing, found out I has a slight infection in my left ear. Gotta put sum drops in there every day fur a woof while. That's been fun! While I would never think of bitin’ any person, I can be very wiggly and active and make things like puttin’ drops in my ear very difficult. The folks has been gangin' up on me every day to get those drops in:(

Anywoofs, heartworm is negative and poopies is clean. So other than an itchy ear everything is good!


Secret Santa Shoppin'!

December 4th 2011 4:32 pm
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Our power is back and the wind is gone and things are back to normal. Now I can bark about goin' shoppin' fur my Secret Santa pup! My pal Howard invited me to take part in the Secret Santa event he is organizin' over at The Dog Park group right here on Dogster. We participated last year and it was real fun!

Anywoofs, we went over to the PetSmart place. I loves that place cause I did all my puppy obedience there! Guess I seemed real excited cause a couple came over and said I was the happiest dog they have ever seen! I has heard this many times in my 3 years on this earth so far. I have a very happy, cheerful disposition!

So we picked out some treats and toys that I thought my pal might like. But doesn't I get anythin' fur all my hard work o' shoppin'?! The ma let me have a new glow in the dark ball cause my others is missin' at the moment. When we got home she even let me have it in the house even though this is supposta be an outside ball. Wellwoof, I went into my crate and worked on it and chewed a big hole in the brand new ball. That teaches the ma to buy the non Chuck It brand that was a coupla bucks cheaper! Wellwoof, hope my Secret Santa pal gets to enjoy his/her toys longer than I did! (We did NOT buy him/her a cheapo glowey ball!)


The adventure to school and work!

December 2nd 2011 8:13 pm
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Wellwoof, I was so rudely interfurupted by another possible power outage! Anywoof, our drive to get My Boy to school on Turdsday was pretty infurestin’. Furst we took our normal way. A man was standin’ in the middle of the road signalin’ sumptin’ with his hand. The ma was not real sure what he wanted us to do, continue on or turn around, so she put down the window to talk to him. He said the road was gunna be closed fur a woofwhile. So we turned around and went the next route when the main road is closed. Wellwoof, wouldn’t cha know it, there was a tree down on that road, too! No one was there yet to turn folks around and the ma sorta considered drivin’ under that tree as there was just enuf room fur a car to fit. But she decided not to, not worth the risk. So there was one other way out that Ma could think of.

This way takes us way north so that we can go way south. Ma does not like goin’ this way cause it’s real winedy and real remote. We saw not one other car on the road. There were parts of the road so covered with debris we could not see the road. Ma was really regrettin’ makin’ this choice, better to have stayed home. This was a real white knuckle kinda drive, whatever knuckles are! Anywoof, the ma said that felt like one of the longest drives of her life. But My Boy was only about a half an hour late. Later we found out there was one shorter route the ma overlooked and that’s why we was the only one on that lonely road. Boy did she feel dumb!

So My Boy made it to school and the ma and me continued on to the office. We stopped like we always do and I gotta fetch a bit at the Covered Bridge Park. But the ma cut that shorter than normal since our commute took so much longer than usual. The power was on at work and we had pretty much a normal office day.

The drive home that night was another story. Ma works in the big, little town of Scotts Valley. Scotts Valley has 2 main streets with lotsa businesses. The street the ma’s office is on still had the power. The other street did not. We has to drive down this other street to get home. We have NEVER seen this street all dark like it was. And dark it was all the way through the valley the whole ride home.

Now it is Fryday night and our power is still out. We have enuf outtages in our neck of the woods(literally) that we all has generators here. And we have an infurnet connection so I can post this! The winds have died down fur the time bein’ so maybe the electricity peoples can work on our lines without endangerin’ themselves. The folks is very grateful this all did not happen last week, right before they was tryin’ to prepare fur the Turkey Day feast!


Crazy Winds Blew in Me Santa Suit!

December 1st 2011 5:47 pm
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Oh my, the winds is blowin' here in the Santa Cruz Mountains! That means power outages and road closures, both of which my family is experiencing. The power has been out since 3 o' the clock yesfurday and it's not back on yet. But we got's a generator so we has lights and our fridge is keepin' the food cold, but we don't force too much else on the generator power. Ma's usin' her work confuser to type a little fur me but we're lucky her office still has power cause lots of Scotts Valley is also outta power.

Anywoofs, to cheer things up a little I gotta a nice package in the mail from Ebby, Ceeley and their mom! They was all so sweet to send me a Santa Coat! The card said it was Rinky's coat that she never got around to wearin:( I am so honored and touched they sent it to me.

Dadders couldn't help but have me try it on right away! After all, there's no TVs or confusers to take up the peoples time right now, is there? Good thing I is a small labby and not one o' those giant ones. It fits just perfectly! I'll post a picture when things calm down a bit around heres. Thanks much Ebby, Ceeley, Mom and Rinky!

Wellwoof, better sign off now. The lights is flickerin' here at the office and we're not sure about the conditions of the road for our way home. We had quite an adventure gettin' My Boy to school this mornin' but I better bark about that later!


Infurnet Spotty, Expandin'/Contractin' Pack & Diary Pick! Oh- My!

November 28th 2011 5:18 pm
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Dadders is stubbornly workin' poor Moe Dim to the death! Wellwoof, in fairness to Dad a call to the Cable Guy(our IP) seems in order first and callin' that guy tends to not be too fun. So right befure havin' lotsa company the ma tolds me we cannot be spendin' lotsa time waitin' fur the confuser to do its thing. Between Moe Dim's problems and Dogster's glitches the ma decided not to be checkin' in on Dogster fur a few days. She had sum extra cleanin' and meal preparations to do. So we has not been around since my last diary entry.

Fur Turkey Day we had my grandfolks, my uncle and aunt and their lil baby girl up from SoCal. The weather was nice and Lil Baby Girl likes bein' outside all the time which means an adult needs to be outside with her which means I has a ball thrower! Lil Baby Girl is not quite ready to throw the ball fur me herself but she's gettin' there! All the extra ball throwers, um, I mean, family left on Sunnyday.

I just realized today my diary was a pick on Fryday! Thanks pups fur the swell gifts and comments to celebark! And Thank You to MrJack and his Growlmy fur the commemorative picture!


New Bed!

November 23rd 2011 6:49 am
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Ma brought home a new bed fur me yesfurday! She moved my old bed out to the garage a coupla days ago. She's been meanin' to wash the cover fur those coupla days, but other washin' always seems to get in front. Anywoofs, I been layin' on that old bed when I's out with Dad supervisin' his garage tinkerin'. So once that old bed gets washed it's gonna stay out in the garage as my outside bed.

The new bed is in the house in my 'lookin' out the window' spot! It smells good although humans' opinion of good not doggies'. It has a smoother texture, too, so think not as much stuff is gonna get stuck in it like to old one. I like it!


Pooches in the Night

November 22nd 2011 6:40 am
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Last night sure was excitin'! I gotta meet a coupla dogs I has never met befure!

The ma was bringin' My Boy home from his Boy Scout meetin'. Along the way a coupla dogs came out into the road. One was a boxer and the other a black lab. Luckily it was the road up to our neighborhood and there was no other traffic at the time. It was about 9 o' the clock.

When Ma stopped the car furst to not hit these dogs, but then to check out the situation, both dogs looked in as if they wanted and needed sum help. Ma and My Boy got them into the car and up to the house they came.

Luckily both had tags fur the same phone number. Unfurtunately, no one answered the phone. Ma left a message at both of the numbers listed on the tags.

By 10 o' the clock the folks were wonderin' how they was gonna house these pups fur the night if it came to that. I'll just bark there was sum disagreement on this matter and it wasn't too pretty.

Anywoof, a little after 10 o' the clock there was a phone call. It was the pups' peoples and they were comin' to get them! Hurray!


Splash Dogs Nationals

November 13th 2011 10:17 am
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The Splash Dogs Nationals are takin' place in Rancho Cucamonga this weekend. This marks the official end to the 2011 dock divin' season.

I am not takin' part cause once again the humans won't drive me down to Southern Califurnia. Maybe I should get my own driver license or a bus pass or sumptin!

Anywoofs, I'd watch on the tv but the only sports on is the stoopidy ole football! So I guess I'll just wish all those lucky jumpin' dogs a good time and big splashes!



November 8th 2011 10:43 pm
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Now on Moonydays the ma does not go to works. But I forgots that an when she and My Boy drove off I thoughts I was on my own fur the day. Ma always tells me to watch the house when I'm home alone. Watch the house fur what?!

Anywoofs, seems the ma was checkin' up on my guard dog work and came home right after droppin' off My Boy at his school! Fur the very furst time ever I was NOT right at the door when she came in. She even took a few steps into the house and still no Pepper! Where was I? Sleepin' on the bed in the ma and dadder's bedroom! "What kind of a guard dog is this?!" I got caught sleepin' on the job!


Hollister-area woman, dog take 4th at World Championships

November 4th 2011 9:46 pm
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Wellwoof, normally my Rainbow Bridge sisfur, Jamaica, is sniffin' thru the newspapers to share stories with our pals. She doesn't have ongoin' earthly stories about herself so that's her thing. But this story is about a doggy sport and the doggy and person are from the town I usta do a lotta dock divin' in, Howllister. So the editor, Ma, thought this might fit better in my diary.

Anyhowlz, who woulda thought the little town o' Howllister would turn out a world class agility team?! Conwagulations, Tantrum and Dr. Janet!

By Morgan Hill Staff

Hollister-area resident Janet Dunn and her Papillon "Tantrum" won fourth place in "Small Dog Team Jumping" at the recent 2011 FCI Agility World Championships in Lieven, France.

According to a statement from the American Kennel Club/USA Team, the organization sent 11 competitors including small-, medium- and large-dog teams. The competition over two days involved two team runs and two individual runs, according to the announcement.

Dunn, 59, and her black-and-white Papillon advanced earlier this year to the competition, which took place Oct. 7 to Oct. 9. The longtime veterinarian in the Redwood City area lives on a 5-acre property in Hollister.

Dunn and her dog take part in the American Kennel Club agility events across the state and country. Dunn and Tantrum in the past have enrolled in one event a month from Dixon to Prunedale, she has said.

Agility events are "designed to demonstrate a dog's willingness to work with its handler in a variety of situations. It is an athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork. Dog and handlers negotiate an obstacle course racing against the clock," according to the AKC group.

Tantrum, a 4-year-old, has been involved in agility competitions since she was just 15 months old.

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