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I'm a Pepper!

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My Barkday!

July 4th 2010 5:40 am
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Today is my 2nd Barkday! Yes, I am a born on the 4th of July puppy! My dad says maybe 7/4 is not the greatest day fur a dog to come into the world. But being a gun dog it doesn’t really seem to be that big a deal. I pretty much take most loud noises in stride.

On my original barkday in 2008 I was born to a black lab mom, no surprise there, and a black lab dad, again no surprise. My fur mom is a family pet. She has a skin mom and dad and two skin sisters. My dad is a field champion who broke some record for being one of the youngest field champions of his time. I was the only fur sister among 7 fur brothers. One of my brothers had a white spot on his paw, another brother had a white spot on his chest. One of my brothers was yellow! Me and my other 3 brothers were all black.

On my 1st year barkday in 2009 my humom did not help me start my diary yet. Too bad! So we’re going to try to remember as best we can now. ..

Our little town really does a lot to celebrate MY Barkday! We started the day off with the fire station’s pancake breakfast. Don’t think I got much in the way of pancakes but pretty sure I got a sausage or two and some eggs, after all it was my barkday!

Then we got a seat on the curb for my Barkday Parade. It was excitin’ waiting fur the parade to begin! There was people rushing here and there. There was people in costume. There was souped up cars. There were even some all dressed up doggies!

One of Mom’s favorite parts of the parade is the beginning. All of our town’s fire engines come down the street with sirens blaring. Mom was a little worried about me. The coupla times I heard sirens I howled, but I was a small puppy when that happened, now I was one year old. A big girl! But 3 or 4 fire engines with sirens going was just too much fur my poor ears. I howled big time. We left the curb and walked down the street a bit to where the engines had already passed. NOT MY favorite part of the parade.

After the engines were done we returned to our spot on the curb. The rest of the parade went by just fine fur me.

My favorite part of the parade was toward the end. There was a big group of doggies. They were the doggies that were all decked out that we saw earlier. Mom says someday if I walk a little better on the leash maybe I can be in the parade too. I hope so! I think I would like all the attention and meeting lotsa new people. I am NOT walking in the parade today, on my 2nd barkday. Even though I passed CGC, long term loose leash walkin’ is still a challenge fur us, especially when there’s lotsa excitement.

Today, my 2nd year Barkday, we are heading off to the pancake breakfast. Hopefurly I’ll get some pancakes and sausage and eggs. After all it is my Barkday! BOL!


We're back! Hopefurly!

July 10th 2010 2:41 pm
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Well, Mom got a new lap top that gets us back on the internet. We missed seein' what's goin' on with all the pals for the last month. We spent this mornin' getting things all set up. And Mom's gettin' used to this laptop thingy. She's only had a desktop before.

We'll post some pics from my barkday and a diary entry with a coupla happenings from the past month.


Catching up

July 11th 2010 9:14 am
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We have been mostly out of commission since May 25, the day of the "new" Dogster. So still getting used to the newness and actually not feeling real warm and fuzzy about it.

Anywoof, nothin' real earth shattering in the month of June. We did have our furst skunk encounter while I was off leash. We were in the midst of a fetch session when I saw that little guy. I ran right over to him, all the while Mom was screaming, "LEAVE IT! LEAVE IT! LEAVE IT!" He put his tail up when I got close but I guess I heard something in Mom's voice and decided to come get the ball she was holding instead. Mom says I barely managed to avoid some huge unpleasantness. Not sure what the heck she is talking about!

We also had a bit of a fire scare in the month of June. We live in the redwood forest of the Santa Cruz Mountains and a wild fire is always a bit of a concern. Mom just told Dad she smelled smoke when the phone rang and it was a neighbor saying there was a fire across the street in the common area and her husband needed help trying to get it out. Luckily he already had a handle on it and it was caught early and put out. A fire engine arrived a few minutes later and made sure it was all the way out. Nothing like a fire truck to get everyone out of their houses! I got to see all of my doggy pals that day!


Catching up - July

July 11th 2010 6:48 pm
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July did not start out too good fur me. I got my furst permanent owee. Mom was talking with a neighbor and her dog has told me befure he does not like me. Well, the moms were talking and did not notice me get too close to him. Bam! He bit me in the face. Mom thought he bit me above the eye and could not find anything at the time. But a little while later she saw some blood below my eye. Being all black and not bleeding much it was real hard to see at furst. But turns out I had a pretty good gash. Mom kept an eye on it and it did not get infected, but looks like I might have my furst scar.

The rest of the month is MUCH better so far. My new li'l skin cousin came to visit with her parents. On July 3rd we were all going to go for a hike at a place called Wilder Ranch. Unfortunately no dogs are allowed there. So we went to the dog beach instead! SWEET! I had a blast like I always do.

As I managed to post last week it was my 2nd birthday on July 4. It was pretty much a repeat of my 1st birthday, pancake breakfast followed by a parade. Although we were real disappointed the Coldwell Banker doggies were not in the parade this year! But there were lotsa horses!

My boy was not around fur my birthday. He got invited to go off with some friends on a camping trip. Guess I have to get used to that now that he is a teenager. Today he took off again, this time with the Boy Scouts. He'll be back on Saturday but I am sure going to miss him this week.

Well, think I am all caught up fur now. It's nice to be back on Dogster.


REAL Dock Divin'

July 27th 2010 9:40 pm
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My fambily took me to a place where I got to dive off a REAL dock! We would only use a dock when no boats were coming or going. We seemed to manage not to irk anyone or get me run over. There was a restaurant nearby and I entertained the folks eating there quite a bit.

Jumping from a real dock was not too different than jumping from a Splash Dogs dock. There was no doggy ramp to get back on the dock so I had to swim quite a ways to get back my footing. But it was really fun because I love to swim.

Because we were kinda breaking rules we did not take pictures or make a video. We were trying to be discreet. So I will just need to remember what a great time I had!



July 30th 2010 9:22 pm
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So I just found out my fambily has a boat! We went out to visit it a couple of days ago. It's just a little runabout but it works fur us.

My fambily made me wear a doggy life vest. Good thing too because I did a silly thing and jumped off while we were underway! This was quite scary fur everybody and very dangerous fur me!

My fambily did a bizzaro thing and inflated a really giant frisbee. Then my boy climbed on it and road behind the boat! I don't know if it was because he was bad or what, but I really did not like that and was nervous the whole time. After a while he ended up losing his grip and fell off! Well that was it fur me I HAD to go SAVE him!! Mom had a hold of the handle on my life vest but she was so focused on my boy she did not realize I had decided to jump out of the boat. Her furst instinct was to try to keep holding onto me but she realized she couldn't and the safest thing was fur me to not get run over by the boat. Luckily Dad is very fast acting and he turned off the motor right away and we were already going quite slow on the way to pick up my boy.

My boy got back on the giant frisbee and I realized he was laughin and smilin'. Apparently this was fun fur him! And here I was worried sick!


On the Road Again!

August 3rd 2010 10:27 pm
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I've been having a wonderfur summer so far! Lotsa fun and excitement with dock divin' & boat ridin'.

We're gettin' ready to leave again. This time to my favorite place, Lake Powell in Utah. We spent a few days there last year and had a really great time. It is a very long drive fur us from California. So we'll be a coupla days on the road just to get there.

By the time we get back home it will be mid August. Then my boy goes back to school the next week. The only problem with summer is it goes by way too fast!


Howldy... I'm back!

August 16th 2010 10:21 pm
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We had a great time visitin' Reno, Zion & Lake Powell.

My uncle, Dad's bro, lives in Reno. We went to visit him last year too. His American Bulldog was kinda worried about who was boss last year. Wellwoof, she hasn't changed much. She had to let me know who was boss this time too. As long as I can play fetch I don't care who is boss. Just let me have fun, Miss Bossy!

Next it was on to Zion. We drove all day to get there from Reno and still didn't make it. We ended up stopping pretty close by at about 10 o'clock that night.

We ended up passing thru Las Vegas on our way and it was 120 degrees. Luckily that was the hottest we felt the whole time. But how much hotter can it get than 120!?

Anywoof, we arrived in Zion in the morning and met up with a different brother of my dad's(he has 3) Both families got their motyhomes set up then we went for a walk along the river. I got to run and fetch in the river which is heaven fur me. After I was tuckered out I got dried off and put back in the motyhome with my dinner. Kinda boring!

The peoples went somewheres in their bathing suits and came back all wet. Wet! Without ME! I suspect they went tubing down the river! I would have had a blast if they took me along! Ah woof!

We spent the night in Zion. My folks took me to play in the river again the next morning. Then all the peoples took a hike. Dogs aren't permitted on most of the trails so I had to stay behind again. Sigh!

We left that afternoon for Lake Powell and that is where we spent the next 4 nights.


Lake Powell - Wake Boarding

August 18th 2010 7:11 am
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I think I mentioned befure that my fambily does crazy stuffs like blow up big inflatable frisbees then ride on them behind the boat. Wellwoof, at Lake Powell my dad jumps in the water (with lifevest on of course) then starts to jam his feet into boots screwed onto a big board. Then he yells "Hit it" and holding onto a long rope tries to stand up behind the boat! Sometimes he stands up, sometimes he falls down, sometimes he gets dragged around a little. Of course we had our little orange flag to ward off other boaters from running Dad over.

This activity was a bit worrisome and distressing fur me(especially with Mom drivin' the boat). Whenever someone jumps out of the boat I feel the need to check on them. I also like swim breaks and want to take one at every opportunity. So I whined and worried a bit the furst couple of times Dad did this. But eventually I calmed down and was even able to take a nice nap.

My boy also took a try and he got up the furry furst time! He was furry happy about that.


Beach stand off

August 18th 2010 10:14 pm
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I really liked best when we found a nice beach, got out of the boat and set up a little day camp. Then I could go in and out of the water as I like. The boat is fun but when we have swim breaks I have to rely on someone in my fambily to pull me back up on the boat. The handle on my lifevest was a real lifesaver for this. Har! Har! Unfurtunately my lifevest is now in pretty sorry shape after being used in this fashion.

Anywoof, we were lookin' for a place to land and not findin' anything acceptable. My dad pulled in close to one little beach and I thought it looked just fine. I took it upon myself to jump out and stake a claim with my furry, little butt in a perfect sit stay. Unfurtunately Dad did not think it was a good place to land the boat. Everyone was callin' me to get back in the boat but I was not budgin'. Finally they turned the boat around and started to drive away! Wellwoof, I did not want to get left behind so I swam fur the boat. Drat, they called my bluff!

We did a little more lookin' and later found a nice beach big enuf for both my dad and his brother to land their boats. Then between the 2 fambilies I had lots of throwers fur fetch!

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