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I'm a Pepper!

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Oh! What a Weekend!

April 25th 2010 8:43 pm
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I had a dog filled weekend, which is pretty special fur me being an only dog. Yes, I go to the dog park on a regular basis, but there I just really want to focus on my fetchin'. I pretty much ignore all the dogs there. Not very furiendly, I know. But fetchin' is my thing!

Anywoof, we were dogsitting my furiend, Berkley, this weekend. Berkley is a Rat Terrier and about 3 years old. She didn't like me very much when I was a puppy. But now that I am a grown up dog we get along just fine. We went fur walks together and she came over to my place fur a bit. I tried to show her how fun my pool is but she was not interested. She just wanted to sniff around. Ok! More water fur me!

I also got to visit with my pal, Jack. Jack is an American Bull dog whose boy is a Boy Scout. My boy is a Boy Scout, too! The Scouts were goin' campin' this weekend and Saturday mornin' they were gathering in a parking lot waitin' fur everyone to arrive. That's when I got to see Jack! Jack's just a little older than me, maybe he's 2, but he liked me as a puppy and he likes me now too! And I like Jack! We tried to play, but we were both on leashes so it was a bit hard.

There was a dog with one of the newer scouts that I had not met befure. The dog was older and did not seem much interested in playin'. So we just sniffed and politely said hello.

Today Milo came by to visit. Well, his mom came to say hello to my mom. Milo didn't like me as a pup and he doesn't like me much now either. Milo's kinda old and grouchy. But I still like him. Think I get on his nerves, though. I try real hard not to make him mad.

So it was a 4 dog weekend fur me! Fun!


Calm & Confident

April 28th 2010 8:24 pm
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Being pretty much a newbie in the whole dog training endeavor, calm & confident are new emotions for me in regards to my dog's behavior in unpredictable situations. But that was exactly how I felt in 2 separate incidents with Pepper this week.

The 1st was during Pepper's interaction with Jack over the weekend. The two dogs wanted to play but had to remain on leash because we were in a parking lot. The leashes got tangled and I let go of Pepper's leash knowing she would come and "heel up" right away. And sure enough she did! It wasn't until later I thought about how beautifully she behaved and how I just expected it. I had no doubt in her!

Then yesterday, we were at a park (not a dog park) playing fetch. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a young mother with a very little girl, maybe 2 years old, coming our way. Again, I called Pepper to come "heel up" and she did so without hesitation. I leashed her up then asked her to "down." The young mother asked if she was friendly and I said, "She is friendly, I just wouldn't want her to knock down your little one." The two of them passed us by and Pepper did not break her down in the least. Though I do have to admit she was so into going back to her fetch I think she barely noticed them.

Of course training is ongoing. She can still act like a crazy girl on lead. Other than on Dogster I don't advertise that she is a CGC. We're one of those duos that people would think "What? THAT dog is a CGC?!" But as we approach her 2nd barkday she is starting to calm down and I can see and feel that the training makes a world of difference. I am so proud of my girl and me!

Pep's mom


Frisbee thief!

May 1st 2010 1:06 pm
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There was a frisbee thief at the dog park this week! And the thief was... ME!

Well I did not really thieve it so much as catch it. The dog's silly owner threw it right in front of me! I got to show off my pawsome jumping skills and snatch it right out of the air. The dog it was meant fur was not as into retrieving as me. Thought he needed a little break! Ok, that's not true because then I ran all around and did not give the frisbee back.

Mom was surprised and embarrassed. I usually just focus on my own fetchin' item. She apologized to the dog's dad and he said it was ok. There were only 4 dogs in the park that day and they had fun chasin' me around tryin' to get the frisbee from me and I had fun bein' chased. Mom was kind of glad to see me interactin' with the other dogs a bit. Although, she does not want me to make a habit of stealing.

Eventually one of them caught up to me. I got kinda tired being the only one gettin' chased, the other 3 could take breaks, I couldn't! Well he won the frisbee tug of war and that was the last I saw of that. But I sure had fun.


Oh, me! Oh, my! It's May!

May 1st 2010 8:31 pm
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My doogness, May is already here! 2010 is just flyin' on by!

May is going to be a busy month fur us. Fur Mother's Day all Mom wants is to see her new little niece in person. She'll be 2 months old! So our family will be makin' the big trek down to So. CA to go see her. We also get to spend Mother's Day with Grandma and Grandpa. So a 1st time, brand new mother, a grandma and my mom all together on Mother's Day. How much more motherish can one weekend get!

Then one weekend in May we have a dock divin' event. Yipee! I can't wait!

Finally, fur Memorial Day my dad's sister, my aunt, is coming to visit with her new husband.

Wow, 3 weekends in May already accounted fur! May is going to fly on by, too!


Yappy Mutter's Day!

May 6th 2010 10:17 pm
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Wishin' everypup's mom a Yappy Mutter's Day!

We are headin' down to see my new li'l skin cousin this weekend. Mom's really excited! This is the furst time she gets to see her niece in person. Hope the cuz is ready for lotsa cuddles!

I guess I am going to have to take a backseat this weekend. My cousin is a very young baby with furst time parents. No lickies fur me this time. Darn! I luv babies! Oh woof, maybe by Christmas everyone'll lighten up a little.

I am sure we'll find some fun things for me to do, too, and I'll write about it in my dear old diary when we get back.

Wags and licks to all the humoms!

The Pepster


Mutter's Day trip

May 11th 2010 9:11 pm
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Mom got to meet her new li'l niece over Mutter's Day weekend! We left Friday after my boy got out of school. It's a long drive fur us so we stopped Friday night and spent the night along the way. Then furst thing Safurday we headed down to Grandma & Grandpa's house. Once baby arrived, Mom got to hold her lots & lots. Mom wasn't sure if she would be trusted with the li'l tike right away but her brother asked if she wanted to hold her pretty much as soon as they got there. Yay!

I was there with all the people and very interested in what Mom was holding. But Mom did not let me see the li'l baby very well and no way was she going to let me lick her. She did not want to lose her baby holding privileges! Thanks fur sellin' me out Mom!

Mom is real grateful to Dad and my boy because seeing a li'l baby is not the funnest thing in the world fur them like it is fur her. They endured drivin' several hours Friday, a coupla hours Safurday and back home all day Sunday. That was a very nice Mother's Day sacrifice they made. Plus Mom got a card from my boy saying he would wash and wax her car fur her. Woo hoo! A nice clean car to get nose prints all over! BOL!!


Tired tonight

May 22nd 2010 10:16 pm
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OMD! I am soooo tired! I got to do my favorite thing in the world today, DOCK DIVE! Woo hoo!

Now I had a fun time today, but we signed up fur 3 waves which is the most I have ever done. It was a loooong day. Practice opened at 9:00 the 1st wave was at 11:00 the 2nd 1:00 and the 3rd 3:00. Plus we stayed fur a little practice afur the 3rd wave. Ah, mistake! I was so tired I started doin' some goofy things like jump in the pool when Mom did not throw the toy fur me yet then lookin' fur the toy that was not yet thrown!

At home now I am walkin' around like an old girl, I am not yet 2! I am acting like I have a bit of cold tail. I've had cold tail twice befure afur a really active day. Basically my tail hurts from waggin' it so much all day. My folks had never heard of cold tail befure until the 1st time I had it last year. Seems huntin' breeds like me are prone to it.

Anywoof, I am too tired tonight to write about anything other than being tired. Tomorrow I'll write about all the fun we had!


Dock Divin'! Woo Hoo!

May 23rd 2010 10:43 am
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I got to do my favfurite thing in the world yesfurday, DOCK DIVE! While I did not improve with each jump, I did my personal best jump of 12'4". I also had my worst jump of 7' 6", back to back in the same wave!

I have not been stayin' in my down stay and kept creeping up while Mom was walkin' to the edge of the dock. Mom reset me about 3 times, then she got stage fright and did a bad throw. Mom needs to remember it is NOT about improvement or lookin' good on the dock to me. It is about havin' FUN!! But the competitive thing and wanting a to give a good perfurmance seems to be tuff things fur these humans to shake. Ah, woof!

The rest of my 4 remaining jumps were mostly a little over 10 feet and one was over 11 feet. Don't think this is too bad for a girl with NO official dive trainin' and a humom that's not the greatest thrower. We all know who the talent in this duo is!

Last we checked I was ranked 20th fur this event. The top 24 dogs get to compete in the finals. Unfurtunately I am not in the condition to go back fur the finals today. Just too dang tired and my tail is still a bit droopy. Ah, woof! :o(

To end on a good note, if any of my pals is infurested in seein' me dock divin' we put a video of me, when I was still fresh, on my page. Enjoy!


Ah! Virus

June 3rd 2010 8:39 am
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Pup pals, I've been away from Dogster due to a computer virus or some type of malicious software that has taken over mom's home computer. Unfurtunately it hit while visitin' Dogster's new furmat fur the furst time. So Mom's trust in Dogster is a little shaken right now.

But we just checked our e-mails and saw there was quite a bit of activity and my diary was a pick yesfurday! So Mom's sneaking in a quick entry on her work computer. The home computer is going into the shop today and hopefurrly we'll be more active again once it's back.

Thanks fur all the kind comments and gifts.


Confuser's a loser!

June 21st 2010 12:11 pm
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Hope Hershey doesn't mind too much if I borrow his term for the good ole window to the internet. After the IT guys got thru with it the mal-ware is now gone but the hard drive also has issues. So we're kind of without our own confuser here at home. We'll try to check in once a week to see how all my pals are doin'.

Mom's thinking about getting a lap-dog confuser or an I-Pad. She's leanin' more toward the lap-dog, an I-Pad might be too big of a change from a desktop. If anypup has an opinion on this please feel free to share.

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