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I'm a Pepper!

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April 9th 2010 6:08 pm
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OMD! Yosemite was PAWSOME!

We left the Santa Cruz Mountains Friday afternoon in the pouring rain. It was kind of miserable for my family to pack up the motyhome. Dad almost didn't bring the bikes because of the rain. But biking around is a big part of Yosemite for my folks. So he toughed it out and the bikes came along.

Friday night we made it to a place called Casa de Fruit. Not too far from Santa Cruz County, I know. But it was getting dark and everybuddy was getting hungry. So we stopped fur the night.

Safurday morning we got moving real early. It was overcast and kind of cold and rainy. We heard a storm might be coming in fur Sunday and Monday.

We arrived in Yosemite Safurday afur noon. We did a little biking around. Well my family biked and I ran alongside Dad's bike. Mom says I looked wild and crazy at furst. But I soon found my stride and learned to pace myself. Boy! My folks sure can move faster on bikes than on their feet! I got a pretty good work out.

We woke up Easter mornin' in Yosemite! It was still overcast and quite cold. We enjoyed watchin' the campers with small kids doing their Easter egg hunts. My boy is now a teenager so he didn't hunt eggs but Mom and Dad did have a little camoflage Easter basket fur him with some goodies in there. My boy is NOT too old to eat candy and chocolate! We walked around the campground to check things out and did a little bike ridin'. But it was pretty cold so we also stayed in the motyhome a bit and played games.

Monday mornin' I woke Mom and Dad up cause I had to go outside to do some business. Mom opened the door of the motyhome and the ground was all WHITE! I hesitated a bit. I've never seen the ground all white. I came out and the white stuff was real cold. I LUVED it! I got very invigorated and had to do some puppy zoomies!

My folks call the white stuff snow. And apparently Yosemite got about 18 inches of it Sunday night. It also snowed off and on all day Monday. It was very pretty and like I said very invigorating fur me. I learned that with snow there are endless snowballs fur my peoples to throw fur me!

So Yosemite was great but I have to say the snow really made the trip fur me. It stopped snowing on Tuesday but the snow on the ground was still there when we left this mornin'. So it was a snow that stuck pretty good.


Dogs in Yosemite

April 10th 2010 11:59 am
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My pal, Hershey, asked me to report back on how dog friendly it is at Yosemite. We found it to be quite dog friendly in the areas dogs are allowed. Basically leashed dogs are allowed on all paved paths. The Gallery in the Village even had a bowl of water out fur us. I always think folks who do that are so kind!

The walk to the the Falls View is all paved so I could have gone there but did not. The path was kind of icy so we did not want to risk anyone falling over with a bike in one hand and me in the other.

At the campground I did go off leash a bit to catch snowballs. Silly people posted evidence of this crime in a video on my page. Please don't call the rangers on me!

While I got to run with the bikes and go on walks I did not get to go on real hikes with my family because these were on unpaved foot paths. On those occasions I stayed back and guarded the motyhome.

We found just about everyone to be very nice and furiendly to me. I got to play with a 7 month old Chesapeak Bay Retriever. Plus I met several other dogs and got to sniff them a bit. All in all we found Yosemite to be a furry nice place for doggies to visit.


Diary pick!

April 11th 2010 8:11 am
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Yay! My diary is one of today's picks!

I am happy and grateful but... seems my diary gets picked every time I let out some secret, hmm.

Anywoof, thanks Dogster!


Weather is playin' tricks on us!

April 12th 2010 7:51 pm
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It's been rainin' since Safurday here in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Finally today there seemed to be a break. The sun was shinin' thru the windows. So we went outside to play fetch. There were some clouds but they seemed pretty far away. But then it started rainin! Where was these raindrops cumin from!? There were NO clouds right above us! It was kind of pretty because the sun was out too. So we stayed out a bit and continued our (my) fetch. We was also hopin' we might see a rainbow.

But then the clouds came closer and were black and right above us. And it became a cold rain. So we went in the house.(only because Mom wanted to)

A few minutes later it was not raining anymore. We went outside again. The rain came again! We went inside.

We did this a couple more times! Doy!

Finally we had a long patch of no rain, but then the sun went down behind the mountain. So we came in. (only because Mom wanted to) These humans are sooo soft. They want dry conditions and light to see. Good grief!


Me and mum tricksies each other!

April 15th 2010 9:22 pm
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Fur awoof now I've been playing a trick on my folks. I am a fetch addict and they enable my addiction by throwin' the ball fur me every day. Well even though I like havin' them throw the ball I also like keepin' it fur myself awoof and not bringin' it back right away. Apparently, this makes my folks feel impatient, silly and a bit useless in between throws.

Mum figured out that if they don't stand around lookin' all interested in me bringin' the ball back I tend to bring it back sooner. So now she looks at her flowers, stretches or works on a sudoku puzzle in between throws. Maybe it's just like watching water boil but Mom doesn't think so. She thinks I am bringing the ball back quicker now that it appears my fetchin' is just a side activity and not her main focus. I might be a little worried she's not interested in throwin' the ball fur me.

So I guess Mom is the end trickster FUR NOW! Woohahahaha or however you spell maniacle laughter.


Green Belt!

April 17th 2010 6:27 pm
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The whole fambily went to watch my boy take a test to earn his green belt today. Well, I didn't get to watch actually, but I went along and waited in the car. My boy does a martial art, Tae Kwon Do, and that is what the green belt is from.

Usually our Mom watches his classes from outside thru the window so I can watch, too. But today she wanted to take pictures and video tape his test. So she and Dad got a seat inside the studio.

Mom and Dad are very proud of my boy. His instructor had lotsa nice things to say about him. I have a very good boy!



April 18th 2010 7:02 pm
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This morning my mom saw a coyote and I smelled one!

I was having my usual mornin' fetch when Mom spotted a coyote run into a grove of trees behind me. I did not see him/her and so Mom was not concerned and we continued our fetch.

A minute or two later, though, and I started scenting the air and my shoulder hackles went up. I even gave out a little bark (rare fur me during fetch). Then I dropped my ball and started running toward the trees.

Mom started to panic a bit then got her head together. She moved toward me to picked up the ball I dropped. She knows I am a total sucker for that ball. At first I thought she was coming to back me up but she picked up the ball then started walking away from me. She made lotsa noise and called out that I was on my own if I am going to chase coyotes! I decided my ball was more important than checkin' out those trees. She then leashed me up and we went fur a walk down the street.

I was just curious and would like to have said HELLO! But Mom said she did not want to take a chance. She does not want me to stress the wildlife here and does not want me to get hurt either. Worry wart Mommy! Maybe me and that coyote could have been great furiends!


Not my day!

April 22nd 2010 10:07 pm
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It started off a beautiful day. And it stayed a beautiful day. But it was not my day!

Today we tried to go to the dog park. Mom put me in the car and we drove over there. I get real excited, cause now I know the way, I know where we're goin' and I like it! We pulled into the parking lot and Mom said, "Uh oh, Pep, looks like something's up!" There was NO doggies in there and there was lotsa barricade type things with signs on them that said "Dog Park Closed Temporarily" Oh no!

Well, being such a pretty, sunny, spring day afur a coupla days of rain there was lotsa dogs getting walked around the closed dog park. There was even some dogs off leash next to the dog park. Don't tell, but Mom let me off leash too and I fetched fur a bit. She made me show her how good I would listen furst by askin' me to do some heel walkin' and heel ups. I did real good and did not run off or have any incidents. There's a big sign that says "Leash and License Laws Strictly Enforced." We can't believe that's really true but we(Mom) didn't want to push our luck so I did not get as much fetch as I would have in the park.

Then tonight I did not get to play red dot with Daddy! He lost the red dot light! We have a ritual, every night I get my red dot! Anywoof, hopefurly tomorrow will go more my way.


Two Years at the Rainbow

April 24th 2010 6:48 pm
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My fur sister befure me went to the Rainbow two years ago. She did not have a Dogster page. Mom asked if I would mind sharing some space in my diary with her today. So today, my diary is dedicated to Jamaica. I listen, she speaks...

My Life

Life as a puppy was pretty good. I had lots of fur siblings and a fur mom. Then one day two people came and took me away from my mom and my brothers and sisters. I was scared. But I didn’t cry. I was a quiet girl.

The furst night I slept in a room all by myself. There wasn’t much furniture in this room. My new skin mom and dad had not lived here very long. I was scared. But I didn’t cry. I was a quiet girl.

The next night I slept in mom and dad’s room in a laundry basket lined with blankets. This was better. I wasn’t as scared. Why didn’t they have me in here with them in the furst place?

I soon was bigger and figured out how to tip over the laundry basket. From then on I was pretty much free in the house.

I really liked a little stuffed koala bear that sat on the floor in one of the rooms. There was a mama koala holding a little baby koala. It was the little baby that I liked. I didn’t hurt the little baby. I just liked carrying him around. This was the only stuffed animal I ever played with.

My aunt came to visit with her dog, Mandy. Mandy and I got along great! She was a sweet, big, black lab mix and by this time I was about a 7 month old puppy. The pawrents decided to take us for a drive and go for a walk at a place in California called Monterey. There were lots of other people walking in Monterey, too. It was a beautiful sunny day.

A little boy came up and wanted to pet me. Iguess because I was the cute puppy. I moved away. I did not know this little boy. I did not want him to touch me. He followed me over the other side of my mom. I moved away again. He followed me again! He was not getting my signals! So I nipped in the air toward his hand. Dad told me that was really bad! He was mad at me! :o(

The little boy was not much fazed by my nipping. But I got my point across and he did not mess with me anymore. Mom told him to pet Mandy and she, Mandy, took over entertaining this kid. Whew! Thank you, Mandy!

Another time, Mom and Dad thought I would enjoy a walk through the woods. Problem was we had to pass thru a creek. It was a hot day and they wanted to get to a water hole they heard about. This is when we all learned I REALLY HATE WATER(not just baths)! Then the crazy people let me off lead. I really wanted to run away after they practically drowneded me! But they were the only people I knew and so I stuck around. But I had to go thru that creek again to get back to the car. This was the one and only time we took that walk!

My bestest friend was our good neighbor lady. She had a Scottish terrier and a German Shepherd dog when we furst met her. The German Shepherd’s name was Savannah. Savannah was old. She had not had the best life and spent much time on the end of a chain, outdoors, always. But neighborfriend lady rescued her and made her last months the best times of her life. Savannah was my teacher.

Savannah taught me to run off with her when we were off lead while walking in the woods with our humoms. We always came back but pretty much in our own good time. Savannah also taught me to be polite. She didn’t take a lot of guff from Arnie, the Scottish terrier. But she was pretty tolerant of me, puppy that I was. But one day I was getting to be bigger and there were treats being handed out and somehow I ticked her off. She held me down with her paw. This time I was scared but I DID scream and cry. I was so surprised! I never ticked her off again. She was old and did not live too long after that. But I learned my lesson and always waited politely for my treat after that.(My dear sisfur, Pepper, is still pretty rude in this regard)

My best doggy friend was a Golden Retriever named Sadie. Sadie was only a year or so older than me. We had the best of times romping around together.

When I was about a year old Mom and Dad brought home a small, loud, strange skin creature. I was scared. But I didn’t cry. I was a quiet girl. Fur the furst and only time in my life I chewed up something, a blanket.

The previous month, I was really enjoying that Mom was staying home with me and not going off to work. It was just the two of us all day. But boy, Mom’s stomach was sure getting big! Time to lay off the Cheetos, Mom! Then a couple days before the weird skin creature came Mom announced that her water had broke. Mom and Dad hurried out of the house that morning. Dad came back to check on me that night and the next morning but I didn’t see Mom. When she finally came home the next day after that, she had the weird skin creature.

I soon figured out the creature was a human baby and he was here to stay. I was a very good big sister. I was not overly interested in the baby but as he grew I tolerated his interest in me. Once when he was about two he fell (or jumped) on me when I was in a deep sleep. I growled and jumped up, I was MAD (anyone would be, too!), but I just trotted away and found another place to sleep. Mom told the kid off for doing that to me and it did NOT happen again.

Me and the boy found our peace. He was not really a tormenting kid and when he tried to hug me or whatever I would just lick his face. That gave him some attention from me and he would be satisfied and stop bugging me.

When I was about two neighborfriend lady got a German Shepherd puppy. She named him Thor. Thor was pretty big even as a puppy. He liked tennis balls. He would carry one around with him all the time. I had NO interest in tennis balls. But I loved to take his when the opportunity came up. Gentleman that he was he would wait for me to drop it so he could get it back. I LOVED tormenting him! But he tormented me by attacking me in greeting every time I came out of the house. So I think we were pretty much even.

When I was about 8 something happened to my knee and I was only using 3 legs to walk. Mom waited a day or two to see if it would get better. It did not. Mom took me to the vet.

I ALWAYS HATED going to the vet. HATED IT! Anywoof, the vet said they needed to take x-rays. Mom left me with those horrible vet people for a day. Can you believe it?! After the x-rays they said I need something called surgery.

A week later Mom dragged me back to the vet for the surgery. I stayed there all day and all night. When I came outta there my leg hurt even worse! I think they cut it up or sumptin! I was not too happy with the human race at that time. I WOULD NOT LOOK AT MOM THE WHOLE RIDE HOME!

Mom said I couldn’t go on my normal walks for several weeks! WEEKS! Also she put me in a crate fur the furst time in my life! Plus I had to go back to the vet every coupla weeks fur check ups. Luckily these times I never got left there.

Well, eventually I started using all of my legs again. About a year later I was pretty much all better. Thankfurly I never went thru anything like that again. But I was getting to be an old girl and this pretty much aged me faster.

By the time I was 11 I was the last of the original dogs on my street. My friends were all gone, even Thor, though he was younger than me. Life gets lonely and well, I was not one to make new furiends easily. Life was winding down in me and I was getting tired. About 3 months after my 12th barkday I followed my furiends to the Rainbow. I was scared. But I didn't cry. I was a quiet girl.

This is one long entry, but hey, much of my life is in it! Pepper has the luxury of chronicling each event as it happens to her.

This will be my one and only entry in Pepper’s diary. I thank her fur letting me speak befure it all gets too fuzzy. I think I taught my humans a thing or two about dogs and I am glad Pepper is benefiting from that. Now is her time and I wish her a long, tail waggin life.

Wags from the Rainbow,



April 24th 2010 9:57 pm
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Jamaica was our first dog as a married couple. And, yes, learn from her we did.

We had been married for a year and had just moved into our house a month before Jamaica came into our lives. Mistakes, indeed, were made with her upbringing pretty much from day one. Jamaica was not socialized. Jamaica was not trained. Jamaica had issues. Since we had her from 8 weeks old, there is no one to blame but ourselves.

We learned from Jamaica that not all dogs are born friendly. Jamaica was born to an Australian Shepherd mom. Her dad was a neighbor’s Chow Chow. So basically she was part of an oopsie litter. I did have a little nagging of doubt when checking out this litter of pups. Not one of them wanted to come investigate the humans. So, we picked a pup by choosing the one who broke from the pack to chase a cat. In essence, the one with the highest prey drive!

But think about it, Aussie/Chow mixes, they were THE CUTEST pups one will ever find. Pepper has NOTHING on Jamaica in the puppy cuteness department.

Jamaica did a pretty good job relaying her life in the last diary entry. I am just going to fill in a couple of gaps, as Jamaica said, before the details get too fuzzy.

Jamaica was a sweet, funny, loving, gentle girl. She was also aloof, protective, insecure, skittish and downright aggressive to strange dogs and people. Basically if she didn’t know you as a pup you weren’t part of her pack and she didn’t like or trust non pack members.

Jamaica was very stoic. She never whimpered, she never cried in fear or sadness. She was deathly afraid of thunder, and most loud noises, but she never whined or reacted destructively. Instead she would hide and cower. She was a quiet girl especially when she was scared.

If I had known I would end up pregnant a month after getting this pup we would probably not have taken her on. The prior year we had a pregnancy that ended due to lack of a fetal heartbeat. I thought we were in for some tough fertility times ahead. It turned out we had a new pup on our hands and a new baby on the way.

Looking back I think Jamaica was a good dog for this stage of our life. She did stress a bit when we first brought our son home. But once she got used to him she had a certain calm, gentle disinterest in him. The boy had to come first and her aloof stoicism made it easier on all of us, I think, I hope.

Jamaica, hope I’m not embarrassing her there at the Bridge, had a special fondness for dryer sheets. We called her our static free dog. If there was a basket of clean laundry sitting around she would manage to find the dryer sheet and get it out. She would then roll on it like it was a dead moose carcass. She did all this very discreetly. As though it was bad and she would get in trouble. Or maybe she just did not like us laughing at her. We learned to watch her out of the corner of our eye so as to not stop her fun, and ours.

She would bark in happiness when asked, in an excited voice, if she was “ready to go for a walk!?” She would then prance and dance in anticipation. These days, Pepper just looks at me like I am nuts. A walk is nice enough but nothing to get excited about. Fetchin’ is Pepper’s thing.

Jamaica was a very dignified, ethical dog. She never dumpster dived. She never took food off the table or counter. She never drank out of the toilet. She always waited her turn for a treat.

She had her issues. I was disappointed to have a dog children could not pet. That was not something I expected. There were times I wondered if we had made a mistake picking out one of those timid, unfriendly pups. But now I know the real mistake was in not helping her to be a more confident, socialized dog. The mistake was in not even knowing we could help her. The mistake was ignorance.

Jamaica was a dog we needed at a time we needed her. She was our stand in child before our son was born and a big fur sister to him after. She was our living, loving family member for 12 years.

Sweet Jamaica, we love you dearly and we miss you greatly.
Mom & Dad

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