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I'm a Pepper!

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The Wicked!

February 27th 2010 9:23 am
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Today Mom and Dad are going to see something called the Wicked. Hope they don't come back too mean and nasty! I r scared!


The Wicked?

February 27th 2010 1:10 pm
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Strange things goin' on around here today. Furst I herd strange sounds comin' frum the batroom. I ran in there to see what it was. Mom had some strange contraption pointed at her head. She sez she was stylin' her hair. Then she pointed the thing at me and I felt warm air come from it. I wagged my tail but I didn't want to get too close to it. I seen someting similar to it at the groomer and I don't like it too much there, either.

Next she smeared a bunch of stuff the same color as her skin all over her face. Then she put powder on top of that! There was also some goopy stuff she put on her eyelashes. After she was all done in there she still looked like my mom but a little diffurent.

She then put on clothes like I haven't seen her wear since New Year's Eve and Dad is dressed in clothes that I haven't ever seen him wear befure.

I am thinking this all has something to do with the Wicked thing. See? They are diffurent already and they haven't even left the house yet! Oh, Woh is me!


Not Wicked!

February 28th 2010 8:41 am
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So Mom and Dad came home last night real late. And they're not any meaner or nastier than they already were. Oops, didn't quite mean it like that! They are still relatively nice people.

Turns out Wicked is a show about some people other than Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz story. I don't know who Dorothy or the Wizard is but they must be quite famous and important to cause a whole extra story. Apparently there were no doggies in the Wicked show, hmpf!

Mom and Dad had a nice time in a town called San Francisco. Now drivin' and parkin' in this town can be a little daunting. And Dad heard there was going to be a Chinese New Year's Day parade on the same day. So Mom and Dad left real early fur their 8 o'clock show. It was rainin' in Boulder Creek when they left but it was a real nice day in SF when they arrived. So they walked around a bit and even got to see a little bit of the parade! Then they had a nice dinner and went to see the show. No problem killin' time in SF!

Meanwhile, me and the boy stayed at home. He thought he was in charge and I let him think that. But I KNOW I was protecting him!

I am glad my mom and dad came home alright and not wicked!


Da Bling Bling!

March 2nd 2010 7:27 pm
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Mom and I walk alot both early in the mornin' and in the evenin'. It can be pretty dark at both times. So Mom noticed our little local pet store had some pretty shinys that would light us up in the dark. She saw them awoof ago but was thinkin' about buyin' a light up collar & leash she saw in a catalog. She finally decided on the Bling Blings at the local pet store. First she likes to buy local, but also the collars and leashes in the catalog were a bit pricey. The Bling Blings are just little, tiny flashlights that are 2 different colors that flicker and strobe and are attached to a little clip. She got one to clip to my collar and one for her end of the leash. So far they are working out pretty well. Guess we'll go use them now!


Li'l Girl!

March 4th 2010 8:09 pm
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My new li'l skin cousin has arrived! Woo hoo!

Mom's excited because this is her younger brother's first child and the only grandchild other than my boy on her side of the fambily. Since my boy is well, a boy, both mom and grandma were secretly wishing for this baby to be a girl. Now there's one grandchild of each!

Talk about drama! First Uncle and Auntie did not find out boy or girl while baby was still in Auntie's belly. Then li'l baby went past the due date of 2/23. Then the hospital was too busy to induce on 3/2. Finally Auntie was admitted at 7:00 am on 3/3. We live many hours away so we had to call to find out all the haps. Mom called at 12:00 on 3/3 no contractions underway yet. Then again at 4:30 still not much happening. Then Uncle called Mom at 7:00 pm with an eta of 10:00 pm. But did that baby come out on 3/3? NO WAY! She was not ready! She finally made her grand entrance at 6:17 am on 3/4. She is 8 lbs 5 oz so she was definitely ripe. She just liked that cozy little womb. Smart girl!

Aw, li'l baby girl fingers and toes to lick! I will be happy to meet her!


A Fetchin' Good Day!

March 6th 2010 8:59 pm
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Today was a WONDERFUL day! I got to spend pretty much the whole day outside running around loose.

The last few weekends have been wet, rainy and cold. And the forecast was kind of the same for this weekend. But guess they was wrong 'cause it was BEAUTIFUL!

Mom spent the day outside planting some pretty flowers in the garden. Dad cut up and piled a bunch of brush in the truck and later hauled it off. My boy was outside pulling weeds. So all of the fambily were outside together fur much of the day. I LUV that! Cause then I can run around and I got lotsa ball throwers.

To top things off when we went for my evenin' walk I found my glow in the dark ball I left down the culdesac awoof back. And Mom even let me bring it in the house wit me. Isn't that great?!


Yappy St. Pawtrick's Day!

March 17th 2010 6:50 am
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Yappy St. Pawtrick's Day to everypup! Thanks to my pals who exchanged gifts and paw mails with me. That's always fun! Enjoy the wearing o' the green and Irish luck today!


Spring Ahead!

March 20th 2010 8:28 pm
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Mom's been wakin' up crazy early this week! She says it's because the time changed. I don't know what that's about. I been snoozing away while she's getting ready fur work. Now she's been leavin fur work so early I don't get my mornin' fetch. It's too dark to see the ball! But Mom and Dad come home from work earlier so I do get more fetchin in the evening. Apparently this is daylight savings.

Also been workin' on sumptin called taxes. Don't know what that is but it sure makes Mom and Dad grouchy.

So it's been a bit of a tough week. But the sun has been shining and the weather warm. Mom filled my pool up fur me fur the furst time this year. I've been havin' a good time splashin' and playin' in there. Happy Spring everypup!


Our Path to Dogster

March 31st 2010 6:36 am
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About 2 months befure I was born, a fur girl named Jamaica went to the Rainbow. She was a 12 year old chow/aussie mix. Strangely, Mom was surprised at how quiet, sad and lifeless the house felt after saying goodbye to Jamaica. There was such a doggy void in her family and her life.

The next week or so she and the boy (her son) were at the library. She found herself in the animals section. She figured if she can’t have a dog right now she can at least read about them. She checked out Dogs for Dummies.

Dogs for Dummies had a small section on grief. This was not why she checked out the book but she was drawn to this section. It suggested internet sites that might have grief support. Mom found the Dogster memorials/goodbye forum. So many folks there feeling what she was feeling. She didn’t quite feel up to posting herself. So she was grateful for the strength and courage of those who did post and for the understanding and kindness of the responders.

There was some home improvement the family had delayed during Jamaica’s life. It would have involved displacing Jamaica from where she was used to lounging during the day. They did not feel it was right to do that to her in her senior years. So now that Jamaica was gone construction began but this postponed getting a new fur baby.

Almost 3 months after I was born dad announced he wanted to go see some lab puppies he heard about in Manteca. Mom was surprised, the work on the house wasn’t yet finished. Dad didn’t care. The family had gone long enough with no fur baby.

This is where I come into the story! I was about 11 weeks old when I joined the family. Mom did not start a Dogster profile for me right away but she visited Dogster fur information and training tips quite a bit.

Today is my one year annifursary on Dogster. During this furst Dogster year I have made pup pals and started my diary. We (mom and me) have laughed and cried at blogs, forum postings and diary entries. We have figured out how to read and appreciate dog speak. We now understand some of the Dogster short speak such as OMD, BOL & PPR. We have given and received rosettes, stars and special gifts. We have learned and grown through Dogster.

I am a Dogster dog. BOL!


Hoppy Easter!

April 2nd 2010 1:28 pm
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Early wishes to everypup for a nice Easter. I will not be able to access Dogster on Sunday. My fambily is taking me somewhere called Yosemite. They have been there many times and say it is very beautiful. This is my first time. I hope I like it! We'll be there for the next week.

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