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I'm a Pepper!

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Whew! Sunshine, Dogpark

January 28th 2010 8:04 pm
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I am happy again! Made it to the dog park yesterday & today. Yesterday I made friends with a cattle dog. Well, he made friends with me. He was having a great time herding me while I ignored him and fetched my ball. Then a little bull terrier pup came up to play with me too. I was fine with that until I couldn't find my ball. Even though there's lots of balls laying around I always pick one then will not play with any other ball. Between the cattle dog herding me and the bull pup jumping on me I got a bit flustered. I went up to mom and she tried to help me find my ball but we couldn't figure out which one it was! Anywoof, when it was pretty clear I was getting distressed about all the attention we decided it was time to go. Those guys wore me out!

Today I got to go to 3 parks! In the morning we do the Covered Bridge park. This is just a short little 30 minute jaunt before work. Then at lunch we walked to the dog park. I started my fetchin thing and a border collie who was bigger than me wasn't too happy about it. Mom thought he would just herd me like the little cattle dog did yesterday, so she told the collie's dad not to worry about it. But the collie kind of intimidated me so I couldn't even get to my ball. I think we would have worked things out and I would have asserted myself eventually. But border collie's dad felt bad about how he, border collie, was treatin me and they decided to go. I felt bad I caused border collie's park time to be shortened:( Then tonight we went to another park across the street from my boy's martial arts studio. We go there when we're waiting for my boy to get done with his lessons. Yay! 3 parks today! After lots of days with NO parks!


Now I have a teenager!

January 29th 2010 6:28 pm
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My boy became a teenager earlier this month. It's funny, a year and a half ago (when I was born) he was shorter than mom and had a sweet, high pitched kid voice. Now he's taller than mom (watch out dad you're next!) and has a sort of manly voice. Time goes by fast for the skin pups too!


Dock diving, whoo hoo!

January 30th 2010 9:40 pm
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After all the rainy days with less walks and less fetchin, my family took me dock divin today. I had a blast! Last time I went, back in October, I only got to do one practice dive. Today mom entered me in 2 competitive waves. In the 1st wave I came in 1st place for my division! Not sure about the results on the 2nd wave yet. We did not stick around to find out. After all the practicin and competin I was pretty pooped. But I had a barking good time! Can't wait to do that agin!


Dock divin' - 2nd wave results

January 31st 2010 5:52 pm
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I just found out I came in 9th in the Junior division on the 2nd wave. Not so good, huh? But it is good because I got promoted in divisions! I went from Splash division (under 10 feet) in the 1st wave to Junior division (>10 but < 15) in the 2nd wave.

I did 8' 8" on my 1st jump in the 1st wave and 9' 10" on the 2nd jump. In the 2nd wave I did 10' 1" on my 1st jump and 11 ft on the 2nd. My family are pretty proud of me and happy because I improved on each jump. I don't care how far I jumped. I just wanted to get my toy and had great fun doing so.


Happy Groundhog Day!

February 2nd 2010 7:28 pm
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There's no Groundhog rosettes! I would think the think tank at Dogster would exploit every conceivable holiday for dogs to use their zealies. But it's good the Valentines gifts are available. Anywoof, Happy Groundhog Day!


New bed!

February 10th 2010 7:40 pm
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Mom brought home a new doggy bed for me today! Now, I know some of my pals get to sleep on the people bed. I am not so lucky.

This is a nice big bed from a place called Costco. Apparently Costco sells lots of big things. It is a round bed so there are no corners for me chew. In the last round of stormy weather I ate one of my other beds. I started with the corners. That's why mom got me this new one.

Well, I really like it alot. Dad, devious guy that he is, tried to weasle his way onto it. He was going to tease me! But I was enjoying it so much he felt bad and left me alone.

Mom's glad I like the new bed. She doesn't have to take it back.


Secret Admirer

February 13th 2010 9:56 pm
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I got a secret admirer who sez that I’m cute
And it was anonymous, oh, what a beaute!

But I have my suspicions
I think I know who it be
A little, white dog whose name starts with a Z

This little, white dog is so debonair and so suave
That you just might think him the double oh seven dog

Just like Mr. Bond this little dog be
But don’t you forget his name starts with a Z

Kitty cats like him and so do the pups
No one is likely to give him up

So I’ll just say thank you whoever you are
And hope you know in my heart I think you’re a star


A pretty gud Valentine's Day

February 15th 2010 3:48 pm
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I had a pretty nice Valentine's day yesfurday. 3 guests came to my house. Oh boy! I luv guests!

Furst was one of my boy's friends. He came wif his sleepin bag and other stuffs. I could tell he has a dog. I could smell his dog on his jeans. I gave him a very nice, excited welcome.

Next came our good neighborfriend lady and her doggy, Milo. I was very happy to see them both. But extra happy to have another doggy in my house.

We all had a nice dinner. Then our neighborfriend lady and Milo went home. Mom and me walked them home.

But my boy's friend stayed the night! My boy and his friend stayed up real late. They were playing games and laughing and talking. I tried to stay up wif them but I was too tired. All this excitement takes a lot out of a pup.


No Fetchin'

February 20th 2010 10:41 am
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Yesterfurday I got NO fetchin! Was I sick or injured wit broken bones? NO! Was all of my fambily sick or injured wit broken bones? NO! Thankfurly we are all healthy and fit as fiddles, thank you furry much. We (or should I say Mom) just did not get around to it. We (Mom) did not make it a priority! Can you believe that, fetchin' not a priority this day?!

Anywoof, it started out an ordinary day. We took my boy to school. That's normal, that's fine. But then wait, no, we passed the Covered Bridge Park! Mom, you missed your turn! What's goin' on here?! "It's too wet today, Pep." That was her excuse. TOO WET?! Wetness is great! I LUV wetness!

Instead we walked around the Kmart parking lot. Now walkin' is fine and dandy. I LIKE walkin'. But it has NOTHING on the joy I get from fetchin'. Ok, guess I have to wait fur lunch time at the doggy park.

But, get this, at lunch time we went walkin' again! First we walked to the bank. Mom had some checks to deposit. Fine, I like to have furpose and destinations. Then we walked to the UPS store to drop off an envelope. Ok, that's acceptable too. NOW let's go to the dog park!? But, NO, then we walked back to the office! What's goin' on here?!

Mom said she's meeting a girlfriend fur dinner and didn't want to get her pants all dirty at the dog park. Mom has dog park shoes but apparently did not tink to bring dog park pants.

Afterfur, dinner we came home and Mom got down my sponge that I like to fetch in the hallway. This is a real fun sponge that has all kinds of fuzzies all over it. I like it a lot. So much so that I cannot be left unsupervised with it. It is supposed to be a fetch toy NOT a chew toy. Anywoof, this made things a little better and I was able to get a good night's sleep.

And this mornin' I had fetchin to my heart's delight right here at the ole homestead. Whew! Now I'm not gunna explode!


Li'l Baby

February 25th 2010 7:28 pm
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I have a new skin cousin arrivin' soon. Mom was motivated by my poem back at Valentine's Day. She said "Pep, if you can do poetry about your secret admirer, I should be able to write a poem for this little baby." We realize this is not really doggy related but since Dogster inspired me and I inspired Mom we thought it might not be too out of line to share Mom's poetry writin' debute. So here goes:

Li'l babies are cute
Li'l babies are cool
Li'l babies are creatures who do tend to drool

Li'l babies are cherished
Li'l babies are loved
Li'l babies are gifts sent from above

Li'l baby, your parents are so very stubborn
They refuse to find out while you're still in the oven

Li'l babe, are you girl?
Li'l babe, are you boy?
Li'l babe, either way there'll be plenty of joy!

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